iPad Pro 2020 Review 11 & 12.9 Inch | ALMOST a Laptop

iPad Pro 2020 review -- should you buy one? Is it worth the upgrade?!
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Brad Cowboy
Brad Cowboy:
Great review. I loved how you reached out to other illustrators to show off how they use the iPad Pro. It's amazing how it's taking over so many aspects of the creative industry.
Damon Dominique
Damon Dominique:
I know this video is about the iPad Pro 2020 but I just want those trees in the background...
On the Road with Ralph
On the Road with Ralph:
I wasn't going to watch all 25 minutes of this video... then I did.
Alex Jan
Alex Jan:
Am I the only one that was sad when the video ended. I could listen to her talk for hours about this. You can feel the passion
Alyana Pascual
Alyana Pascual:
I’m a student and I have been using the 11” for two weeks now. I haven’t used it AT school, because you know...corona. But with online school and stuff, it’s just so freaking good. When were in Google meets and had to do kahoots, having two apps in one screen is such a headache saver! I’m also using notability for my notes (the main reason why I bought this) using it as like my notebook with the apple pencil and man I think I’d never get another paper notebook again for school in my life! I got the 11” because I think the 12.9” is just too big for me. I know it could be a little bit cramped when using two apps but I could live with that!

Btw this video is the only genuine vid I’ve seen on YouTube about which iPad should people buy. Because Sara is not literally just making you buy the biggest and the best, she’s telling you the stuff you have to consider first like your current setup and all that before buying. So two thumbs up for me!! Well done!
yeah the ipad is cool but can we talk about that SICK kitchen tho.
I literally just bought the 11” and it should be here next week. I’m super excited to be able to doodle again!
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones:
I ended up just sticking with the iPad as my main computing decice. I used to have an xps 13 2015 but,... I made a poor mistake and forgot it in my car for 3 days in the hot summer and it no longer works. Since then I just kept an iPad air 2 as my main. Switched to pro 10.5 in fall of 2017. And just sold that one for the pro 11 and purchased the magic keyboard. If you're not a person who requires specific apps or does video editing professionally, this thing is perfect. I dabble in art with my Apple pencil, and use safari to get the desktop experience I desire in roll20, tabletop gaming with friends. I love the thing. Its a fun device, that you can occasionally use for work flow. But it's more about fun apple is aiming for with this. At least that's the vibe I got from the ad campaigns with magic keyboard
Look Its Took
Look Its Took:
"I'm an off the grid guy"
Toy Barreiros
Toy Barreiros:
18:11 you can screen share actually. Open the control centre, long press on the screen record, select the app you're using and tap start
pls like to get her attention
John: he has no social media, he's a ghost
Also John: "hello, it's me, John Dietschy"
Mr. Dan Grande
Mr. Dan Grande:
You’re a riot to watch! In these Covid times, we need a chance to sit back and enjoy some informative videos that entertain as well. Thanks. Energy!
prince chalco
prince chalco:
The part with your brother made me laugh so hard my head hurt especially when he look in the camera
Dsc Rac
Dsc Rac:
2:54 "Its a nice to have. You got some money to spend.." Exactly!! .. a proud owner of 3 older models and now wondering, if it is time to upgrade!
Ernesto Aguirre
Ernesto Aguirre:
I’m going for the 12.9 inch for sheet music! Perfect size for reading it and score studying
Carlos Fowler
Carlos Fowler:
6:17 Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of purchasing it.
I can't believe i watched the whole thing, it's interesting to watch, good job 👍
Daryl Quevada
Daryl Quevada:
John “The Off The Grid Guy” Dietschy.
Sourav Swastik
Sourav Swastik:
Sara Dietschy, you beautiful soul with a lovely voice.
Make more long videos. We'll watch it. No problem.
P.S. : You really touched some points that i have not seen anyone consider but are essential in trying to decide between a lot of things. ✌🏽
Reza Rezaei
Reza Rezaei:
1984 is amazing I listened to this book through Audible last year.
Matt Marusic
Matt Marusic:
21:00 pretty sure you’ll switch the macbook for the new dell xps that just came out

(can’t wait for your video about the dell 17 cause it looks amazing)
Sam M
Sam M:
this vid helped me heaps with deciding what I'm choosing with regards to size as an artist! So thank you 😁
I had the same dilemma with 11" / 12.9" iPad Pro size choice...I was using the 2018 12.9" iPad Pro but it just felt too big to carry around, so I decided to go with the 2020 MacBook Air (i5/16GB RAM/512GB SSD) as my main computer & have the iPad Pro 11" 2020 model for normal stuff...

regarding the sizes of both, in regards to which size is best for you...you have to ask the following question: (1) Will you use the iPad Pro as your main laptop/ computer & on occasions as a tablet or (2) will you use it only a tablet mainly & sometimes as a computer? if the choice is 1, then get the 12.9" model & if the answer is 2, then grab the 11" (Wifi/cellular - depends on individual work requirement).....
Einzel Stein
Einzel Stein:
Finally somebody who talks about the important things. Thank you! Hopefully Apple will see this and do something. I knew that if Steve is gone it will go down for creative users...
This is probably the best review I've seen on Ipad, going through all use cases instead of praising the ipad too much like other youtubers.
I have an ipad now and I kinda wish I didn't buy it
Levin Soh
Levin Soh:
Question: what do you think about the Microsoft Surface Pro X?
SeriTeri Art
SeriTeri Art:
I wasn't planning to watch the whole thing, but you're so genuine, I just couldn't resist. Fantastic review, you covered alot so time well spent. Thank you!
Finally! So excited about this video...now I’m contemplating to actually get the Macbook Pro 16 since my dying 2015 Macbook Pro doesn’t support sidecar anyway..the iPad Pro looks like a fun device though if you got the extra $$..thanks Sara!!
Sahiba Sheikh
Sahiba Sheikh:
Okay so after legitttt almost 3 months i got my ipad pro.. i was rlly confused btw the 11 inch & the 12.9 inch.. i was first planning on to get the 12.9 inch one as art is my passion & i could use that extra space.. but then i thght its too big & i’ll be fine w the 11” one.. but it wasnt available in my country & the 12.9 came in stock after soooooo damn long that i finally bought it today in space grey colour.. its rlly sleek & i already love it.. not heavy as people say.. its just fine! I love the 12.9 one❤️
Survivor Docuseries
Survivor Docuseries:
If you’re strapped for cash and recommends expensive gear.

Great energy though
Melvin Freeman
Melvin Freeman:
Thanks for preserving through these strange days. Strange as they are , I’ve been forced to spend more quality time with family. You are helping me to know, which I really need to have - a laptop 💻 or tablet as my daily driver. Stay Peachy Sara🍑👍🏾!
Iyare Umweni
Iyare Umweni:
One of the best videos of yours I have watched ever and one of the best, most engaging and informational dense yet 'can't look away'-funny videos I have watched on youtube ever. You have such a wonderful way of delivering content and scripts without them seeming like 'content' or 'scripts' at all - it feels a little like we just hung out. Even though there are many similarities and many significant differences between us in how we see things - we have different likes and opinions and but I could listen to you all day long - which I wouldn't 'cos - stuff to do and world to conquer - but I feel inspired after watching..... evidenced by the fact that I had no choice but to let you know how awesome this experience, you just gave me, was. You pitch your delivery so right - you are completely engaging!! Preachy (see what I did there) without the need to convert, I love it. You should do THIS ... Exactly what you are doing now - do that. Job done. Self-actualisation achieved!.
Thanks for the vid. I am not even an iPad owner - I am a surface user who doesn't have a need or space for an iPad currently - but I am curious about how they fit into any workflow and you have answered that question on multiple fronts. You also answered the question on 2-in-1s really well. On that our opinions converge in so many ways.
Thanks for doing the video and for being the creative campaigner you are - you remind me that we are all creatives in some way and it would be said that our mediums are the things that are different. That creative life! ... Be well and stay safe. All the very best to you and yours. Looking forward to the next one! FIRE 🔥
I have a question for everyone that have the 2018 version: Am I the only one that feels that the resolution is kinda trashy? Netflix, YouTube (1440p videos), etc. Looks a little blurry... Even my Galaxy S9+ looks better I know because It's a smaller screen it may be a reason to look better but still. Someone knows how to look hd stuff on hd??
solution: a 12" macios
By Me
By Me:
She’s suited for endorsing Apple products in Apple’s events 🤷🏼‍♀️
Surface for the win. Combines form and function the best.
Irwin Rodriguez Jr
Irwin Rodriguez Jr:
i actually really liked that this video was on the longer side...perfect to have Picture in Picture while doing some work. btw music choices were awesome!
Where’s the link to Duet app that works with Windows and iPads?
Elis Fsharri
Elis Fsharri:
"I'm off the grid"
I feel you bro !
Patrick Rambles
Patrick Rambles:
Absolutely love mine. I reviewed the 12.9 inch version. Sadly, I didn’t get my hands on the 11 inch - does it take a lot of getting used to in terms of typing on the smaller keyboard?
Well damn, this might be honestly the best ipad pro review on youtube.
Flu Mist
Flu Mist:
I’ve been getting into starting businesses online and I’m currently only using my iPhone XS. Would you recommend the this iPad Pro over other products in the same family(not just apple products) to be my next upgrade as far as working on it goes?
Gym Halpert
Gym Halpert:
This is what the 26min long vid was all about
Andrew Tran-Chung
Andrew Tran-Chung:
I keep watching videos trying to justify why I should move from to a 12.9" from an 11".
Kyle Boucher
Kyle Boucher:
You can do screen sharing on iPad I have had no issues with it on Zoom at least
Hussan Chambers
Hussan Chambers:
You remind me why I love redheads so cute.
Callum Fergusson
Callum Fergusson:
This is really high quality content, you have helped me to make my decision to purchase the 12.9 iPad Pro :)
This is worth 25 minutes even if you aren't plnning on getting an iPad.
Edward Ethridge
Edward Ethridge:
So much info in this video! It really helped me to make a decision more than any other video! I enjoyed every second, Thank you!!😊
Hahahaha “I lost it”, girl you made me laugh at 4am. Watched the whole video, np 🙏
MarioPalma 5647
MarioPalma 5647:
Thinking of getting the 12.9 inch Pro for College, with the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. Super excited for it!
Paul Kapischka
Paul Kapischka:
It´s been a while that I´ve seen so much content in a single youtube video. Thanks a lot :)
Greetings from Germany.!
Gym Halpert
Gym Halpert:
So.... you’re using Asana, Notion, Onenote, and Things 3 to be organized...
That’s very interesting combination, especially the fact that you use 4 different apps.. 🤔

Have you thought of sharing your productivity workflow with us?
Glenn Moye
Glenn Moye:
You said “versus.” 👍
Kutis Pwet
Kutis Pwet:
I watched this video twice, WHY?
1st time: latched my attention to Sara's beautiful face
2nd time: I just repeat what I did the 1st time
so I lied I had to watch 3-times
Dominic Tadena
Dominic Tadena:
honestly this video didn’t even feel 25 mins long. I enjoyed every moment of it. Great insightful review!
I'm rocking the Amazon Fire 8" :-D
I am confused I have a iPad Pro 2019 and was thinking of getting the bigger 12.9 2020 I love my iPad Pro and was thinking of going bigger what do you think
? Thank you.
Aidan Schneider
Aidan Schneider:
Literally the only helpful review I’ve seen
Franco Mozo
Franco Mozo:
3 dislikes??? Who dislikes??? I dont get it!! Hoping to see the new XPS reviews Sara😁😁
As usual, watched this one from start to finish and I have no regrets, even though I have a Surface Pro 6 as my main workstation and am not in the market for an iPad Pro anytime soon.

I think it's going to be really difficult for any one OS to be as optimized for touch as it's optimized for the mouse & keyboard. I think the superior precision of the mouse, even in 2020, also contributes to slimmer toolbars, buttons, etc., all of which are the exact opposite in a touch-centric UI; while a touch-centric UI may be intuitive on a 6-inch device but almost loses its practicality on a 30-inch screen. This is also why I'm a fan of the Surface line (and 2-in-1s in general): yes, Windows 10 isn't as optimized for touch as iPad OS, or has a comparable app store; however, I'm OK with that because it's superior when it comes to productivity that relies on the mouse, which is how I use the OS 80% of the time, the times that I use touch on Windows 10 mostly involve entertainment consumption, e.g., Netflix in Tablet Mode.

Windows 8 was probably the version of any OS that came the closest to being equally optimized for touch and the mouse, but even then, it wasn't enough.

Anyways, thanks for another great video, Sara 😊
Diego Alí Zúñiga Mora
Diego Alí Zúñiga Mora:
I love the LLT style, recorded in the kitchen
Adalie Landa
Adalie Landa:
Sara. Thank You so much for all the details. It’s helped so much in making our decision, appreciate it. Be safe
For illustrators, it’s the best. And you have clip studio paint exactly as the desktop version. Super powerful. I’m a professional illustrator and I’ve been working in the iPad and iPad alone since the first iPad Pro. The screen and the pencil are the best!!!
20:05 scared the shit outta me girl xD
P Hook
P Hook:
Lovely as always dear. I knew you would come through. So this means I must follow the Windows Path and trust that I made the right decision. So.... which flagship phone is next? Coming from an i-Phone XS. As long as its Android 10 out of the box but Pixel 4 Bezel is terrible. I am ranting now... great job dear.
dallion 435
dallion 435:
2018: IPad Pro: not a computer

2020: Adds 1 more camera: NOW ITS A COMPUTER
Daniel Yurganov
Daniel Yurganov:
Sara, you can share your screen using video conferencing apps on iPad.
Just add the Screen recording toggle in control center. Long press the screen recorder toggle and apps that support screen broadcasting will appear under the camera option.
Keith Edwin Smith
Keith Edwin Smith:
I think that if you’re going to use a keyboard most of the time then get a desktop (if you are always going to work at a desk), or a laptop if you need to work in different locations.
If you’re only going to use a keyboard occasionally then get a tablet.
Or, you can get all three.
I started out with a 2012 MacBook Air then added a first gen iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Recently I got an iMac as I found I was using the MacBook Air at home, couldn’t upgrade to Catalina, and needed more processing umph.
The point is adding different types of “computer” devices to what you already have is more practical and realistic than waiting for that one single device that “rules them all” - IMHO.
Tech Guy
Tech Guy:
I feel your pain about apps that lack multitasking


Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
I was the same, I thought 25 minutes was way too long, however, it was a great tutorial and Sara was easy to listen to, fun, with a bubbly personality and being very informative about the IPad. It kept me watching. This iPad is for my granddaughters Birthday, and was not sure what iPad to buy. But Listening to the Video the Decision was easy, the IPad pro 12.9. Thank you for a great video
Adam Cohn
Adam Cohn:
I am in love with you! Best YT personality ever.
Harry Crowley
Harry Crowley:
I am SO excited to use the iPad as a second display when traveling! Such a great compact setup.
Mostafa Thabet
Mostafa Thabet:
Sara, have you seen the new XPS 15 and 17? They are still not released but a lot of YouTubers have hand one review. The trackpad is HUGE! :) I remember that was one of your complaints.
kevin mcmorrow
kevin mcmorrow:
When you come back, lol how high are you!!
Alex the Brewmage
Alex the Brewmage:
Loved every second and I'm not even a Mac guy! Thanks for keep making videos even during this weird time they're a joy to watch and a welcome break of lockdown.
Can you compare your XPS to what Dell just got announced? I'm looking for something to replace my 2014 Surface to do video editing with and don't know if I should bite the bullet and futureproof with the new Dell XPS15 or get a refurbished 9570/7590. Thank you!
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy:
Long-winded, sure, but I have no questions! lol I feel like I really have a grasp on what’s good here cuz you touched on just about everything. Thanks!!
Joseph Oluf
Joseph Oluf:
Omg she way cute than the iPad 😩
12:08 Programmer: I use Arch Linux by the way. =D
Michael Latta
Michael Latta:
Apple is requiring all apps to handle all sizes, presumably to support multitasking in all apps.
Roxxy Vega
Roxxy Vega:
I use my iPad as my laptop replacement or everyday carry and for YouTube but it does get limiting with the iOS but I do love it lol I plan to use the MacBook Pro 16 as my main squeeze
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal:
I always laugh when Sara does her intro and says rhymes with peachy 😂
Les Wong
Les Wong:
"OFF THE GRID" That is the wisdom right there
Darrin at NYC Strong
Darrin at NYC Strong:
When do you think Microsoft will finally make Excel & other Office apps will get full supported on any iOS device & especially any Apple Pro device?
There’s no header/footer feature on iPad.
No way to manipulate large spreadsheets on an iPad like their full desktop version.
No way to print specific named range or specific areas of you spreadsheets and other tabbed spreadsheets like how easy it works with full desktop version.
Plugins and other major financial capabilities. Like stock market refresh, etc...
I would be really interested to see what you think of the new XPS 15 and 17!
Ang Li
Ang Li:
I love how people speak alone with hand gestures, simply genius! Guess genius was born with it!
Janice Oey
Janice Oey:
I got myself the iPad pro for illustrating and to be honest, I'm excited for it to be my on the go set up all around with all these updates happening with it! I think the iPad becoming the new laptop is not that far away from us anymore and this is just so exciting!
Roberto Rosales
Roberto Rosales:
I’m in love with this iPad Pro thanks to you girl!
For some reason I managed to watch this video till the end. I really like your honest review of the iPad. I was going to buy them as my laptop replacement but I guess I’m just gonna buy the cheaper iPad for Netflix.
Monty Gaming
Monty Gaming:
is it worth buying for college student?
Jamie Oo
Jamie Oo:
This video is the ONLY video that shows an extremely in-depth review of the iPad Pro and i LOVE it. Still not sure whether or not to buy a Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, or an MX Master 3 to either replace or work with my smart keyboard folio after watching this video though haha! What do you guys think?
How about iPad Pro "desktop setup" with a docking station connected to external display, keyboard, mouse, etc?
Would you mind to try that one? 😊
Katie Cameron
Katie Cameron:
I’ve got the 12.9” and it completely replaces my laptop and more, I’m so happy 😁 great video too, I did debate buying the 11”
Don Warrington
Don Warrington:
Hi Sarah, I just got the 11" 2020 pro & Magic Keyboard (love it) , would have gone for the 12.9" pro but its main purpose was as a flight monitor atached to Mavic 2 Zoom, the Samsung note 10 just doesn't cut it with my eye sight lol. Anyway its other purpose is Luma Touch, I'm by no means a pro when it comes to editing but after trying on Resolve on my XPS 13" 2 in 1 ice lake it just wasn't happening (may be me) but for my use Luma is just so silky smooth and no rendering it just works. Although i only have 256Gb on the iPad i also got a 500 Gb Samsung T7 Touch SSD for working storage . Ill never be a pro at editing as these videos are just really for my own pleasure but it seems have everything i want, and so easy to use. Anyway LOVE your videos and always look forward to the next, keep up the terrific work your a Diamond👍😘 From across the pond in Devon UK👏
12:33 Yes! The Surface is really a laptop with a side of tablet, and the iPad is a tablet with a side of laptop.
Honestly though, it appears stuff like UWP on the Windows side never really took off, and I'd argue the "tablet" experience is pretty subpar still, and probably has gotten worse since Windows 8...
Edit: I've also heard rumours of XCode coming to the iPad, that might be interesting to me. *But* what's really exciting is this app called UTM. It's basically a Virtual Machine app that lets you run Windows and Linux on the iPad. I've messed around with it bit, and it's pretty sweet. The only problem is it's quite slow. Windows XP works pretty well (even some older late 90s early 2000's games), and Windows 7 does work. It's an interesting concept though!
Jordan Pritchard
Jordan Pritchard:
These IPads are getting better and better as the years go buy! Great review Sara 😀😀
Chris King
Chris King:
My first time seeing you! What a joy, AND I LEARNED SO MUCH!!! Keep up the great work.
Matt Marusic
Matt Marusic:
waited for this vid for so long!
Abdul Ghani
Abdul Ghani:
Outstanding tablet but too expensive at the same time i love this tablet but i am struggling to buy it because it's expensive
Katie Wilkinson
Katie Wilkinson:
I literally just bought the 12.9 inch iPad pro; just for updating my illustration skills. I mean I could do most things with my 10.9inch. But I needed the larger screen. Thanks for your input Sara, I'm learning so much from this video 😊