Innovative Home Ideas

Everywhere you look, people are creating amazing new innovative designs. They are using technology to maximize space and save money. They are integrating nature into design like never before. People want to feel connected, unique and want to end up with a million views -let’s face it. From All-in_one living cube to Future doors, We found fifteen innovative home hacks and amazing designs that really knocked us for a loop. Take a look!

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Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott:
If you want to keep drinks cold, just put a piece of "Cast Iron" in the bottom of a draw, if they were cold when you put them in they will stay cool for day's.
That water bed reminded me of, "Hi I'm Troy Mcclure"
kishan chandra verma
kishan chandra verma:
Folding Kitchen.. impressed me a lot.. & that pelmet..with book shelves..& a bed at its top.. Gr8..
davis tado
davis tado:
Where do i get the "flexible love expanding chair"?
Find Country Homes
Find Country Homes:
Love the door that hinges from center; great idea for country style homes too! It would be nice to see more indoor green house designs for workplaces as well as homes! Super share of ideas here!
Lmao apparently that’s a cube 😂
Filthy Shrek
Filthy Shrek:
This amazing thing was toilet
Thomas Vetor
Thomas Vetor:
Love the creative ideas !!!
Naomi Johnson
Naomi Johnson:
9:09 Grizzly Bear. REALLY???
Who would want to say goodbye to their pool boy? That would be crazy!
Angela Marie
Angela Marie:
That face in the upper right corner at 2:14 lmao
Shirvi Mehta
Shirvi Mehta:
4:30 what the hell going with him 🤔🤣🤣😝
Would have pressed LIKE but decided not to bother if you can't bother with SOURCES and PRICES 😉
Chris Scott
Chris Scott:
1:55 does anyone know if/when I could buy this?
Loved everything!!! Cool Stuff!!!
0:44 imagine having a lizard in the glass roof
Stuart Ashbourne-Martin
Stuart Ashbourne-Martin:
whenever these programs take your home to the next level or marvellous designs nobody ever thinks of disabled People I'm a wheelchair user and none of these I will be able to use so why doesn't somebody somewhere actually so shut up something on YouTube where disabled people can actually use them these are stunning I would agree not all of them because I think the cube is ugly but that's beside the point but there's nothing on here and there there is to do we dislike people ever just thought out their YouTubers in the world yours a disabled person London England
Deanna Cauley
Deanna Cauley:
I am very impressed with that sink that shaped like the Fibonacci spiral
00:33 its unsafe to F>> very hard
And here I am struggling to hold my charger a certain way to keep my phone charging.
Judth Chrismon
Judth Chrismon:
Just stunning.!.☺👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😍
Gretchen Dupree
Gretchen Dupree:
those are all great! i love the doors and the fossil sink and the collapsing furntiture at the very end is brilliant.
Please add links to these products. Ty
Lester Reed
Lester Reed:
Excelent.where can i buy the door from?
Kc Giles
Kc Giles:
Sees the stuff that can’t be bought buys the buyable stuff. One week later has it all and more?

I made it bro!
jo Brown Smith
jo Brown Smith:
But I love having a pool boy, 😜
Really like that smart bedside table. That fold up kitchen is a great, inexpensive way to turn any room into a mini apartment.
Ei Epix
Ei Epix:
"Don't stay in your bed until you can make money by laying" - bed chill adds a whole new meaning to this quote
Davidson Vincent
Davidson Vincent:
Great ideas!
Phillippa Price
Phillippa Price:
yes i need a slide in my life x
N J S:
Can someone please add all the prices of these house,techs........i want to buy them now

*I have $1 with me*
imagine smashing your heaad into the aquarium when you wake up and drown by the water flushing down on yourself
Just Your Average Dude
Just Your Average Dude:
This guy sounds like those adds...
aaron jacques
aaron jacques:
it would be helpful if you had links to the stuff in your discriptions
Age of Peace
Age of Peace:
This gave me tons of inspiration. Thank's for sharing this content!
Robin Rountree
Robin Rountree:
Where is the innovative home in the picture? You get a dislike for click bait!
Luka Potocnik
Luka Potocnik:
2:13... that thing is staring into my soul
These commercial are too long and come to often.
The only ones I was really interested in was the two-element wall images starting at 7:23. I wish he would post source or purchase information in the description...
Teal Nour
Teal Nour:
The Bed Chill rolling desk. That needs to be in my life.
This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZ
This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZ:
I needed that turd catcher today I had the runs
Shirisha siri
Shirisha siri:
Wow amazing I'm impressed 😍
Rossana Bachiorri
Rossana Bachiorri:
Idee meravigliose ma chissà quanto costano.......😘
Scott P
Scott P:
If you were the slightest bit handy and had the tools you could probably build that living cube and have it even more customized. It doesnt look that difficult
the tessellater
the tessellater:
Wouldn't want to roll out of the bed on top of the Living Cube (its a three-dimensional rectangular object, but it aint a cube!) - a seven foot drop!
And not practical for most houses with 8 or 9 foot high ceilings! Doh!
Last thing I ever want is Alexa knowing every time I take a dump. In fact, I disabled it from my Kindle. Too bad Amazon won't let a person totally Delete it from the device.
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching:
熊熊,黑色的马桶 for you, your flavour color.
Love the living cube
Meghha Bengalli
Meghha Bengalli:
When ull come to India?? I'm in BOMBAY
oneill bryan
oneill bryan:
where do i find the wall 3d art i like that
C Mauro
C Mauro:
Links to each item would be a great addition to the description.
Wan Zul Irfan
Wan Zul Irfan:
I think these ideas are very interesting and awesome ideas. These ideas can take your home to the next level and marvellous design.
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink:
0:15 I DO
D C:
Slow it down
Charlotte White
Charlotte White:
I want a fishtank headboard!!!
I have a tree growing up against the outer wall of my childhood home. I am rebuilding much of it as it has to have a new foundation and roof. I decided not to cut the tree down, but to leave it as part of the bedroom. Should be nice. It will go up through the 3rd story.
Terri Croft
Terri Croft:
Kush FPV
Kush FPV:
Love from Kush. 🧀
Snow Bird
Snow Bird:
Where do we find the stick on wallpaper that lights up?
leeroy fondamiere
leeroy fondamiere:
Love the tree house.. Astonishing design
Jason Matthew
Jason Matthew:
pretty interesting items you show here :)
Botanica 2012
Botanica 2012:
They switch the pictures too fast!
Simon Ferndriger
Simon Ferndriger:
Where can I get that wall picture at 7:29?
M.M. C.
M.M. C.:
Have fun with the squirrels in your living room and spiders, bugs etc. :-D And poor fish that have to listen to your snorking each night... hahah
3:08 That door is a child death waiting to happen.
Die langlyn
Die langlyn:
What happen to your cover picture?
Japan already has a "smart toilet"
Heba A.R
Heba A.R:
Good 💡
Where I can get the stick on wall mural that glow in the dark? I have a perfect wall for one of those beautiful mural.
leon dillon
leon dillon:
3.42) Not new. There was one in a crime show about 20 years ago. It was either the Las Vegas CSI or "Diagnosis: Murder".
4.48) Bonsai.
John Girard
John Girard:
Everything looks very nice.Good job, well done. Thanks for sharing.
Christine Light
Christine Light:
where do I look for the beautiful wall murals?
I'm sorry, I needed to say this, please make note for future reference. The profession you are looking for is 'palaeontologist', not anthropologist. For a quick easy way to remember, 'anthro' = human (like anthropomorphic, or misanthrope). Paleo = ancient. An anthropologist studies humans, a palaeontologist studies fossils (ie very very old things).
DeShon T
DeShon T:
3:02.. Does Anyone Know, What is the name if that Door??, and Where Could I get one!??.
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott:
I'm pretty sure that none of these can be described as "Cheep"
ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ
ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ:
Nothing more irritating than when they don't list where some of the items can be found and purchased from!
G2A clips
G2A clips:
Where can tou buy that ting from aeound 4:40😁
chantelle asbury
chantelle asbury:
6:50 😍😍😍
Donald Smith
Donald Smith:
The Door is just to COOL!!!
so er
so er:
Can you give a name/ link for the glowing wall images? I mean, this is at least what you could do for the companies if you take their stuff to make videos.
U-tube editoR
U-tube editoR:
[device idea]: "speak the display number"...the farther you get without making a mistake, the more food/water your similar friends send you...THEN...
Drew Drew
Drew Drew:
The wall art where can you get that?
tengku nur aleeya
tengku nur aleeya:
we need such ideas.fantastic . And I really like thats smart bedside table
Meenakshi Lake
Meenakshi Lake:
Nature in bed room is wonderful thankyou so much
Beau Daughtry
Beau Daughtry:
Me want all!!!
Alpa Cino
Alpa Cino:
Stop faking enthusiasm bro
I really like the drawer
Jennifer Jennings
Jennifer Jennings:
Very cool
Hey if anybody likes that white light up night table. I got an old Xerox for you, I'm sure you could even put pop in the empty paper drawers. Has lights on it that blink and everything.
Mildred Diaz
Mildred Diaz:
There’s no way I want to glamorise taking a dump with a talking $9000 toilet, there are so many other things I could buy with that money and have the same old porcelain toilet I’m used to. The amonite sink is really cool but I’m sure it costs a fortune and you would have to remodel the whole bathroom to have it, I guess while you’re putting in your $9000 toilet you can afford it
Olga Zadig
Olga Zadig:
Most of those "ideas" are just stupid gadgets. The fish tank is specially idiotic and vulgar.
Čedomir Kocić
Čedomir Kocić:
love from Serbia
Re suspended bed at :30, just imagine having to get up in the night to pee.
Eni Roh
Eni Roh:
Wah luar biasa keren
toto now
toto now:
No more job for the poverty stricken pool boy.
Lol No
Lol No:
Those pool covers aren't exactly new
Catherine West
Catherine West:
Very, very, very cool stuff.