If you question Vince Carter as a Hall of Famer, get out of here - Jay Williams | Get Up

Jay Williams joins Ryan Smith to reflect on the NBA career of Vince Carter, who spent 22 seasons in the league with the Toronto Raptors, New Jersey Nets, Orlando Magic and more; whose 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest performance is considered one of the best of all time; and who will soon be a candidate for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.
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100+ komento:

pan af
pan af:
What y'all need to do is put Ben Wallace in the Hall of Fame. It's long overdue
Amaan A
Amaan A:
VC became a hall of famer during the 2000 All-Star Weekend.. IT'S OVER!
Mindful Attraction 2.0
Mindful Attraction 2.0:
Nothing nothing but the NBA Hall of Fame isn't worth a dime when everybody gets in
Loc T
Loc T:
Finally Jay Will says something that makes sense
Wesley Gosey
Wesley Gosey:
That's why I am a V.C Fan, he jumped over dude in the Olympics
If he's not a hall of famer than something is seriously wrong
Taylor De Leon
Taylor De Leon:
That’s a fact he’s a Hall of Famer
ManOf1005Holds ArmBar
ManOf1005Holds ArmBar:
Tmac got in so Vince gets in aswell
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself:
I was at that game when he dunked on Zo that was the craziest thing I ever seen in person.
Adolph Cyril Adolfo
Adolph Cyril Adolfo:
You just can’t talk about dunks without mentioning vince. He’s a HOF, for sure.
Ronnie Ochero
Ronnie Ochero:
forget the dunk contest - who could forget that dunk at the Olympics!
killa bubbs25
killa bubbs25:
He's the best dunker the NBA has seen
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers:
I'm sad VC had to go out like that. He deserved a full retirement season.
Noah K
Noah K:
The first time Jay Williams has been right about anything
john beardshall
john beardshall:
l would love to see his raptors jersey retired
happy ride
happy ride:
Other then the 7 footer dunk
The ben Wallace was my fav. I was watching that game live at my boys house and we all jumped and went nuts.
Dude almost dunked from the free throw line over ben Wallace one of the biggest meanest nba beasts we ever saw
bro, my boy Yao ming made it so VC should have a spot as well
Steve Lambert
Steve Lambert:
I definitely think Vince Carter is going to be a Hall of Famer and it insane that he played for 4 different decades
He a HOF’r Bro hands down
Angelo Cadena
Angelo Cadena:
"It's over"
2 Legit
2 Legit:
Thanks for the memories vinsanity .21 years now that's what I call longevity.and that dunk of death over that 7 footer .incredible .next stop hall of fame
rugrat kamaal
rugrat kamaal:
vince top 19 all time in scoring that alone proves he a hall famer
G M.
G M.:
Bro he’s a hall of famer hands down he s a legend
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez:
The King of Dunks
Tahir Jaan
Tahir Jaan:
Stopped listening Jay, after he called Kawhi’s change of pivot a travel... lol smh
He's the greatest Raptor of all time. No one had a larger effect on an entire nation than Vince. He kept the Raptors in Toronto and kept them relevant in the NBA. No one was as electrifying and as athletic as him. Thank you for all the memories Vince. Now I don't know how to watch the NBA again. RETIRE HIS NO. 15 IN TORONTO NOW!!!!!!
Randy Moss
Randy Moss:
Best dunker of all time
Damon Player
Damon Player:
They might as well put u in hall of fame u played one and almost half year
it Sad he Never Got His Championship Rings I Really Miss Those Early Day of Vince Carter NBA Career in late 90 & Early 2000 hope he got Hall of Fame
Jaime Cano
Jaime Cano:
Always rooted for VC
Every time he took the court
Tremendous talent
Devin Bridges
Devin Bridges:
Raptors and Nets should retire his Jersey, no question he's as hall of famer, this guy played in 4 different decades.
Dirk Burns
Dirk Burns:
The ultimate professional... much respect
Logan Metcalf
Logan Metcalf:
Finally, something about sports!
princess The
princess The:
John D
John D:
Human Highlight we going to miss you your a LEGEND one of the greatest ever
B mac
B mac:
Of course vinsanity is a HOF one of the most exciting players to watch growing up!!! That dunk in the USA game on dude from France was epic!!
Who's questioning Vince as a hall of famer? lol
Nardo Harold
Nardo Harold:
I know they dug deep to find that footage of jay I loved him at Duke and was mad when he got hurt in that accident
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson:
When have different kats give their talents in many ways just like we have growing up only so many make it to the league tho... No matter what sport...
Michael N.
Michael N.:
His on-off is one of the most impressive that I've seen since the stat was created, especially when he was in his prime.
ESPN stirring up controversy for a known answer to a question no one asked.

Next up, "If you question Lebron James as a Hall of Famer, get out of here"
He becomes HOF once you look at how much he gave to the game.
Great players that love the game and extend their careers until they are no longer a starter or even a rotational player leave themselves open for the HOF argument. VC is a HOF level player and as a basketball fan I thank him for playing and loving the game at an elite level.
Dante Butler
Dante Butler:
He be so emotional 😂
He is a HOF'er on the First Ballot
Yes he’s a hof. He played with my Mavs for Christ sake.
Daniel Deborin
Daniel Deborin:
VC averaged 23 in his first 10 seasons. Do you understand how great that it? If tmac got in, so will VC
kilo bishop
kilo bishop:
He was just one title away from being great 😢
He’s EASILY a HOF’er!!! VinSanity was a MONSTER in his prime! Dude could score from ANYWHERE on the court at any time. Growing up Paul Pierce was my guy (Local Team) but I also love Vince Carter as a player.
Gerard Evans
Gerard Evans:
Should of had a better career it went down when we was in Orlando
You Tube
You Tube:
This was never a debate. ESPN trying to make its own news now😅😅
Son Caster
Son Caster:
No questions, He's absolutely a HALL OF FAMER!
clehooda northside
clehooda northside:
Jay willams you get outta here my favorite player Luka got more all nba teams than Vince Carter
Aziz Yussuf
Aziz Yussuf:
Man said Omari spellmen...
Coco Buff
Coco Buff:
He's on the edge
Too much emphasis has been placed on winning a ring in these discussions. Vince Carter is clearly a Hall of Famer! The most natural dunker the game has EVER seen, 8-time all star, Team USA Olympic champion and played in 4 different decades! Come on. He's in the Hall of Fame.
YC Anthony
YC Anthony:
Half Man Half Amazing. He definitely a HOF
leroy barnett
leroy barnett:
Anybody questioning vince carter being a hall of famer go get your head check
Biasly Unbiased
Biasly Unbiased:
Well as a couch potato keyboard warrior. I question Carter becoming a HOFer.

Like When I can't wait 🤣 Humble Guy
Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball:
I do question it and I'm out of here
Andre Mcdonald
Andre Mcdonald:
Guess I'm getting out of here..
Slim Chain
Slim Chain:
Tim Hardaway and Chris Webber should be in the Hall of Fame
It is truly end of an era, wow.
L D:
If Divac can be in there so can he;)
If t-mac is a hall of famer, then VC should be automatic
Jordan Kennedy
Jordan Kennedy:
He has a rating of 99 on 2k lol
19th points all timer. if tmac, reggie miller, etc make it in. he easily does
Mega Man
Mega Man:
This guy said Vince was more athletic! What does he have against Jordan?
Jay Williams looks like Anderson Silva in the thumbnail
Ronald C.R. de Jong
Ronald C.R. de Jong:
You tell em Jay !!
Jason Hall
Jason Hall:
LEGEND!! You cannot tell the story of basketball without VC!
Ari Kashton
Ari Kashton:
If Vince makes the HOF, would he go in as a Raptor?
Um? You get out of here if you think he is a HOF, tf?
Arnold May II
Arnold May II:
Definitely a Hall of Famer!!
Bruh Vard
Bruh Vard:
This man inspired a whole generation of dunkers.... his contribution to basketball is 1st ballot easy LEGENDARY with no rings
Milarepa Baba
Milarepa Baba:
He is half men half amazing that name itself is hall of fame
Steve Visa
Steve Visa:
Because its his actual CONTRIBUTION to game as a whole which supersedes his accolades you can book it as 2nd Ballot sure.. ☝️☝️
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316:
After reading the title I hope he's saying there's no question he shouldn't
Trevor C
Trevor C:
I guess I’ll get out of here
Michael Patrick Miskulin
Michael Patrick Miskulin:
Vince Carter was on of my favorite players and was so much fun to watch but ultimately he’s your 4-5th best player on a championship team.
daniel kim
daniel kim:
By the Basketball HoF standards there’s absolutely no doubt VC belongs there.

By NFL and MLB standards, it’s debatable.
Buli Chew
Buli Chew:
Vince Carter was cold blooded in his prime!
Imagine if vince played to close up his career at the Raptors! That would be something!!!
GOAT dunker since his second year in the league.
Jon Indiana salsa
Jon Indiana salsa:
who in this hearth doesn't respect Vince talent?
Yes he is indeniably an HOF.
Did a great job of tipping off opponents of team plays as well. A plus.
Jerry West
Jerry West:
0:05 four different decades, what?
Marcus James
Marcus James:
He is a hall of famer off his first 8 years, but after that he declined quickly. He never developed his game to the next level, but based off the 8 years he was an All Star, he will get in.
Rodney Williams
Rodney Williams:
People question Dwight Howard and he has way more accolades than Vince.
I had this conversation 7 or 8 years ago and I said no. Having lasted this long in the league I'd definitely have to change that to DEFINITELY
The NBA needs it’s own Hall of Fame because there’s no way that TMac ( who is already in or Vince who may get in ) should be in the Hall of Fame.
Ogie Fernando
Ogie Fernando:
Hall of famer for a person who playrd in two decayed playing 22 yers in nba. No other tban that. Not for his dunk.
Keith Richards
Keith Richards:
Glory to God,hey vince! thank you for bringing joy to us basketball fans, and 22 years of playing,Vince you do and will make the NBA Hall of fame!!!,but God,be the glory!To all players that play with you and again you,I (kr)says thank you,Vince, Tracey, and all players for the joy of seeing great players play! ty
B D:
277th comment 🐜🐜🐜
Pearl's World
Pearl's World:
Vince was a great dunker and a good player especially in his prime but he’s no hall of famer.
Clay Turner
Clay Turner:
Hof without question geeeez
Mike D.
Mike D.:
16pt, 4rbd, 3ast a game. Nah
Hanz C
Hanz C:
i finally know the name of the european center that got dunked on
Danny Milk
Danny Milk:
if his cousin TMac is a HOFer, then Vince is certainly one. most played seasons in 4 decades, that alone gives it to him!