Idaho earthquake: Raw video from viewers of quake also felt in six other states

At 5:52 p.m. Tuesday, Idaho and states throughout the Northwest were rattled by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, according to the USGS. The earthquake was felt in six neighboring states - Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Montana.

The 6.5 earthquake's epicenter was north of Stanley, Idaho. It dramatically shook the inside of homes throughout southern Idaho, especially in Boise and elsewhere in the Treasure Valley. People across southern Idaho shared their video with KTVB.


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Stephanie Bell
Stephanie Bell:
I’m most impressed with that kid knowing it was an earthquake, knew what to do, then told her siblings what to do
Maria Weston
Maria Weston:
Did you see? The cat knew before anything moved!!
Relax World
Relax World:
“Hey everybody get under the table” that was the cutest part 🥰 even if she is a kid she is taking care of her sisters!
Cadger Christmas Light Show
Cadger Christmas Light Show:
Earthquake! Get under the table!

That was adorable
Qu AudioReact
Qu AudioReact:
"EARTHQUAKE, Everybody under the table!" *Superhero mode activated*
Amish Drug Lord
Amish Drug Lord:
CAT: I feel a disturbance in the force.
Q be braiding,
Q be braiding,:
When I heard that baby, say earthquake, everyone under the table, that was truly amazing 😉
Rain Man
Rain Man:
CATS - new early warning device - get yours today. ultimate in low tech precursor warning
Brittany sue
Brittany sue:
Not smart to have all kinds of old knives hanging in a store ceiling???? Reminded me of the movie twister in that barn
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores:
1:25 those girls knew exactly what to do
0:27 - when you realize you no longer want a pick ax over your head.....
knessi ng
knessi ng:
1:18 hahaha, those lil kids ... that kid is gonna make a great leader one day.
Roger Moore
Roger Moore:
I think Yellowstone is going to blow soon,
Just saying.....
super souler
super souler:
That swinging pick axe was a real doozy !
Brad Pate
Brad Pate:
The store with pick ax, I would recommend to possibly take down from the ceiling. It might hurt if it fell.
sabeans :D
sabeans :D:
0:15 was she recording from her ds or something?
Is he calling that septic tank a pool!?! 🤢
C's Gymnastics
C's Gymnastics:
1:22 wow that girl is trying to save their family
John M
John M:
It's good we got building codes, everyone's house seemed to hold up.
Exi Romero
Exi Romero:
Get under the table..Wow what a incredible and smart boy with all the kids around they was a real héroe.😘👏👏👏👏❤❤
bay area 510
bay area 510:
Welcome to shake, rattle and roll from Cali.
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper:
I felt this earthquake in Idaho. I wasn't scared or anything, I was just in awe, since I hadn't felt an earthquake before.
Sandra Whitlock
Sandra Whitlock:
First that kid did a fantastic job taking care of their siblings.

Second, out of curiosity, why was the pooI so brown?
Barclay Chantel
Barclay Chantel:
Yellowstone be like, my time has come
Ld Magnolia
Ld Magnolia:
Very impressed with the little girl directing her siblings to get under the table.Good job!! 👍
“Hurry, under the table!” Smart girl 🧠
Cathy Miller
Cathy Miller:
Smart little kids knew to get under the table! Great job, they handled it so well!🌞👍🏻
Timothy McClanahan
Timothy McClanahan:
that last pool shot looked like a sewage pond.
It's Me
It's Me:
That kid at 1:20 is amazing holy cow
Julie Castro
Julie Castro:
Boi:(callin to his sistas) earthquake everybody get under da table now there's an earthquake.
Sunny BlueSkies
Sunny BlueSkies:
I didn’t know Idaho could have earthquakes! Doin a search for your fault lines 🤔
This was so cool! I was in it and it was so awesome in Boise it was a fun experience for me!
When this happend, my dog knew it was coming because she was barking at the door
Life of sky the budgie
Life of sky the budgie:
1:20 the kid that said that is so smart
Sing Spud
Sing Spud:
felt it very clearly in Sandpoint. seemed like 30+ seconds.
Jazzy YT
Jazzy YT:
I feel bad for the cats. Sad that the cats have to experience that.
Ana Gonzale
Ana Gonzale:
1:19 those kids are so smart Lol😅
dark abiem
dark abiem:
I was sleeping when this was happened and I remember waking up to my bed shaking and for some reason I thought my mom was shaking me bed.
California: Hah, weak.

Chile and Japan: no u
Allan Smith
Allan Smith:
Luke 21:11 There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.
Kennur Larsson
Kennur Larsson:
"water moving around in the pool" looks more like Soup to me
Where I live the quake was a 6.8 We live in a remote area of the state so when it happened and my cousins felt it they called to check up on us. The nearest hospital is 1hr 45min away so if there had been a injury it would be awhile before it would get treated so they had every reason to be worried.
Johnathen Warner
Johnathen Warner:
We felt this in twin falls. At first I sat there and was just like confused. It wasn't as severe as most places but enough to feel it
Lori The Awesome Kid
Lori The Awesome Kid:
“I just worry about the BEANS”
Ideoform Sun
Ideoform Sun:
That antique store really shouldn't be hanging a pick axe from the ceiling. It's bad luck.
The hanging pitchfork was more scary seeing that swing around. I can just see the owners saying make sure it is secured up there just in case of what? An earthquake in Idaho?
smart child...God bless them all
Can I have 100 subscribers?
Can I have 100 subscribers?:
WOW if that was me I well cry😥😭
David ll
David ll:
My freaking table was moving
Trinity Smith
Trinity Smith:
I ran too my desk in my room I was crying
Rachel Olvera
Rachel Olvera:
Scary I saw an axe hanging from the ceiling
Sunny Sky
Sunny Sky:
*c r e e k s i d e*
Hippo lover
Hippo lover:
I hid in my bathroom when this happend
Scorpion AK
Scorpion AK:
We get these all the time in Alaska. The 7.2 one was a doozy in 11/2018 and the aftershocks seemed to go on for days and months. 😳
Spaceflight Orbital
Spaceflight Orbital:
Yeah I remember being upstairs and the everything started shaking!
Nate Dellia
Nate Dellia:
Dude that second video was recorded on a leapfrog tablet
Dora the Axe-plorer
Dora the Axe-plorer:
Earthquakes comes with two waves: faster P-waves & slower S-waves. P-waves are not felt by humans so maybe the animals detect em first before humans feel the destructive S-waves
"I just worry about the beans"
Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V:
That happened where I lived but me and my grandma didn’t notice because we were just goofing off 😂
Max Willson
Max Willson:
Those kids were smarter than most of us adults ahahaha! We were all like - "Mmmmmm the wind is very strong today?" ahahaha!
It was a crazy feeling. We felt like we were on a ship at sea. Still some smaller quakes sounding off but nothing much of anything comparatively. Idaho does not get Earthquakes very often. The last one of this size was in 1983.
Roberto DeLira
Roberto DeLira:
I felt that earthquake when I was eating dinner
Emile Zoe
Emile Zoe:
I love cats and I am scared for the cute 🐈🥺
Bam Bam
Bam Bam:
That pickaxe hanging off the ceiling sent my anxiety into a frenzy
Juan Tavares
Juan Tavares:
At first I thought the earthquake was my sister jumping (I felt it irl) then I saw the doors swinging I felt it was quite fun.
Tamara DoX
Tamara DoX:
The Cat knew ... I have 4... I am safe 😎
mike talas
mike talas:
You know when I was a little kid in Carson City Nevada, In the 2nd to the 4th grade they constantly drilled us on Earthquakes, Tsunami's (Like run the other way when the tide pulls out!!!) Don't ever go into the Mines!!! (Bad Air *& Cave in's will kill ya) Floods, Hurricanes, and Winter Blizzard Behaivior!!! It Amazed me how so many coastal people did not know any of this over 200 thousand died.
So that little kid was an anomally by today's standards!!! Yes it was cute, But in 1969 All of us kids would've known to duck & cover!!!
PotatoOo Gamess
PotatoOo Gamess:
I moved from Idaho a year and four months ago so my friends were in the earthquake and my bff's tree fell over
Eli Merrill
Eli Merrill:
This might be the Challas ( a city of Idaho ) I didn't feel but my dad, brother felt it
But, challas might be 130 miles away. That how powerful a 6.5 earthquake is.

Secret: I live in Idaho
Hj.LisaAmalia AnwarSaid
Hj.LisaAmalia AnwarSaid:
🏦🥀Semoga Idaho tabah dan kianRajin-berdoaSelama[.Amin.🏦🥀
O T:
At least it was a small one! 👍🏻
Yellowstone is ready to blow and they are covering it up
I love bacon
I love bacon:
With about 78 miles away from the epicenter, Boise probably felt a 4.5 and most likely won’t feel most of the aftershocks. Good thing it was in the mountains and away from the city.
Why post it on april 1st? :")
Zina Lane
Zina Lane:
Boost mobile check# boost mobile for life AHAHAHA T~T

They need new phones fr UwU
The second vid must have been on a Samsung.
Travis Brewer
Travis Brewer:
I felt this in Boise. I had heard rumblings from the apartment upstairs several times but when the rumbling didn’t stop and I began to feel like the apartment was on a boat in the sea, I ducked and covered. That was only the second time I genuinely felt an earthquake.
MisteeBreeze Haze
MisteeBreeze Haze:
Shift Lizard
Shift Lizard:
Welcome to the wild world of fracking!
This virus is just a fraction of the damage and mayhem when either Yellowstone or they have the" Big one" on the west coast.
Hippo lover
Hippo lover:
there was another one at 11:00 pm a month ago (june 24)
Zon't Zo it
Zon't Zo it:
I was very scared for the cat 😭😭😭😭
ryley hansen
ryley hansen:
amazes me that animals know when an earthquake is going to happen
It's the DJIA felt all the way to Idaho
Zoey Collins
Zoey Collins:
Yeah I'm in Lewiston Idaho and it was crazy
Reverse Universe
Reverse Universe:
@ 01:00 The only guy in the place that knows what he’s doing 😂
1WInDix FamIlY❾
1WInDix FamIlY❾:
That doggy there’s like iz d’ère gonna be a earthquake?!?
Carlos Krueger
Carlos Krueger:
...I Wonder How My Relative is Doing in Meridian ???
Might want to tie down the pick axes down from the ceiling! Just sayin!
Marcus Aguilar
Marcus Aguilar:
I was in this
BlueJazzWave Humming
BlueJazzWave Humming:
The cat know before hand. We needed that cat to let us know about the coroner virus. Before a pandemic. Wonder would that have help America? 🤔
Father Gabriel Stokes
Father Gabriel Stokes:
California: First time?
vik k
vik k:
Ninjago superfan
Ninjago superfan:
የመሬት መንቀጥቀጥ
Atolo Kecil
Atolo Kecil:
Julia Crawford
Julia Crawford:
In case anyone’s wondering why animals sense earthquakes before we do, there’s an initial shock wave caused by the tectonic plates shifting that is below our ability to hear, but animals cam hear it, and since it’s a vibration, it can be felt by them as well. It occurs almost immediately before the actual shifting of the ground does.
Paisley S
Paisley S:
Chile and Japan: Pfft
lelouch lamperouge
lelouch lamperouge:
Kids: Earthquake Under The table
Me: Yea babys take that a earthqake
Poor kitty ;c