Ice Yarns Giveaway - Open Worldwide - Ends July 31, 2020 - #ICEYARNS

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Giveaway is open world wide as long as your country has no restrictions.
Giveaway has retail vale of approx $36.00 US dollars.
Giveaway is sponsored by Creative Grandma and is NOT affiliated with Youtube in any manner
Winner will be picked via the youtube random comment picker.
Winner will be announced via a youtube video within 1-3 days from the end of the giveaway.
If you are an international winner, any custom fees or duties owed once it reaches your country is the winners responsibility.
One winner will be picked.
Giveaway ends July 31th, 2020 at midnight eastern standard time USA time.
Good Luck every one.

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Diane Westergard
Diane Westergard:
Answer: my favorite ice yarns is panda. I find when adding the shipping and averaging, their prices still beat even the sale prices of yarn sold here.
Saeyoung Choi
Saeyoung Choi:
Answer: I've never tried these, hopefully I'll be able to. I like Caron and red heart
Carl the Llama
Carl the Llama:
Answer: I've actually never used ice yarns but the colors are immaculate. They are incredible. I wish luck to everyone.
Donna Mongelli
Donna Mongelli:
You have raised my knowledge about yarn and piqued my interest in ICE Yarn..I love the rainbow colors- I loved how you explained how shipping really works for us- and I love how you went through the colors on your recent shipment..
ANSWER: My Favorite is the Picasso Rainbow:fnt2-64627 (multi- blues +fuschia)
I've never used Ice yarns, but I'd love to.Sending love all the way from Argentina
ANSWER: I have not tried them yet!!!!
Oh my gosh!!! This is so fun!!! Thank you. Every time I see your yarn-wall behind you, I start drooling, it’s beautiful. I think the yarn you’re giving away is stunning. The beautiful things 1 could create with those....
marites the duck
marites the duck:
Answer:I never tried using ice yarn before but I wanna try to use it for my crochet I lovs youf vids I alrefy tried making the headband u made youre the best like if u agree
maureen Goffin
maureen Goffin:
I’ve never tried ice yarn but it sounds lovely I would love to try it the sunshine yellow going

into orange
Marissa Michaelsen
Marissa Michaelsen:
Answer: I love using Ice Yarn. I haven’t been able to pic just one favorite. I have tried the fettuccine in a turquoise and made a shawl for my mother-in-law.
Norivick Takahashi
Norivick Takahashi:
ANSWER: I haven’t tried ice yarns. I want to try it now they all lovely. Thank you for giving us the chance. More power to your channel
Linda LLAP
Linda LLAP:
ANSWER: I love all the ice yarn colours, especially the ones you have shown, but my favourite is the rainbow Picasso.
L. E.
L. E.:
Answer: I’ve never used Ice Yarns but have been eyeing them for a while now as the colours are gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to join this giveaway. 😊
ANSWER: I've never used Ice yarns, would really like to try some.
Answer: I have never tried Ice Yarn before, however I would like to someday.
❤ Thank you, for having a Giveaway. 😃
Maria Kessler
Maria Kessler:
answer: I have never tried Ice Yarns. I just started to crochet in January. I would like to try Ice yarns, thank you for the opportunity to win some.
Answer: I Love the Magic Glitz yarn, it's a yarn that makes you feel like a child again, with the sparkles and the beautiful mix of bright colors.
Daisy Osborne
Daisy Osborne:
Answer: I have never tried Ice yarns. I would like to try them. The colors are gorgeous. I love the yarns behind you, they are all loving. Thank you for all the Give aways.
Answer: My favorite Ice Yarns so far is Lorena Worsted. I love the cotton/acrylic blend. It's a super squishy, soft, smooth yarn. I've ordered quite a bit of it and am designing a mosaic crochet pattern with it now.
Martina Singh
Martina Singh:
Answer: I haven't tried Ice yarns yet, but they seem to have a lot of beautiful yarns and I would like to try them.
Thank you Glenda for this great giveaway. Good luck to everybody
Brandy Raye
Brandy Raye:
Hello from Brooklyn NY! I love ICE YARNS! I am still new to ice yarns and haven't tried enough to say what is my favorite BUT so far I've tried Magic Light and Cotton Bamboo Light. I love both however the cotton bamboo light is really giving me a nice drape and I'm inlove with it so far. I have cotton Pastel coming in to do your watercolor blanket so I'm super excited for that!

TO EVERYONE- Check out Glendas Watercolor blanket. If you love color you'll love this blanket! Its a two part video and as always shes super helpful with how to order from ice yarns and how to achieve the blanket. Thank you Glenda!
Robin DeBie
Robin DeBie:
Answer: I have used Ice Yarns and really like them. Don’t have a favorite yet. I agree that it is frustrating that they don’t put enough information on the label.
Lauren Alter
Lauren Alter:
I have been ordering I've yarns for several years off and on. The shipping always gets to me but it's kind of like sticker shock. I love the cotton yarns that are variegated. It's called sky cotton. So, if I could be in the drawing for ice yarns, deal me in. Thank you.
PS. I'm a Philly native but live in NC now.
Jennifer Fowler
Jennifer Fowler:
ANSWER: I Love Ice Yarn. My favorite is cotton pastels.❤️❤️
I made your water color Afghan. I love it. It almost looks tie dyed. The colors in pictures does not do it justice. The yarn is nice deep bright colors. It took me a bit to actually order ice yarn due to the shipping. I agree with the dollar cost. If I figure out what I’m paying over all. It’s really not expensive. It’s pretty average. Love!
Answer: I love ice yarn! My favorite is Magic Glitz! Wish shipping wasn't so expensive, but it's so worth it!
Answer: I have never had Ice Yarns, but I would especially love the Glitz. I think the colors are beautiful & they would make great shawls. Thank you for this giveaway.
Marg Chabot
Marg Chabot:
ANSWER: I've never used Ice yarns, would really like to try some.
Cheryl Chandler
Cheryl Chandler:
Answer: I have never tried ice yarns. I've heard a lot about them and hopefully some day soon I'll get to order some of their beautiful yarns. Best of luck all!
Caroline Banning
Caroline Banning:
Answer : I have never used Ice yarns but would love to try this for the Christmas decoration pattern I've just bought. Thanks Grandma for a chance to try it!
S T:
Answer: I've never used Ice Yarns. I've never even hear do them before either. Thank you for introducing me to a new yarn company. :)
Mia moon
Mia moon:
My answer: The ice yarns are just gorgeous, I haven’t tried them yet but I think they would be great for a Christmas gift. Thanks for the giveaway by the way 💕
Marcia G Jenkins
Marcia G Jenkins:
I've never tried the of ice yarn. Good luck everyone. Thank you Creative Grandma
meyyappan meyyammai
meyyappan meyyammai:
I never used ice years, but I love to work with that yarn. Good luck for everyone!
Bem Me Quero! Mal Me Aguento!
Bem Me Quero! Mal Me Aguento!:
Answer: I also have never tried Ice Yarn, but I would love to!
Denise D
Denise D:
Answer: Ice yarns look amazing. I've never used them but would love to try some 🤩
Pam m
Pam m:
ANSWER: I've not tried "Ice Yarn" yet. Thank you for sharing all you do on your awesome channel. Thanks for the opportunity with your giveaways.
Lone Star Crochet with Leasa C
Lone Star Crochet with Leasa C:
Answer: I have used Ice Yarns. I love their yarn 🧶. I only have one that I haven’t tried because it is a ribbon type yarn and I have not found any patterns to use it with. My favorite Ice Yarn at the moment is their ‘Cake Cotton Fine.’ They make pretty shawls.
Angela LLoyd
Angela LLoyd:
ANSWER: Have ordered once from there love the mohair! love the yarns you have there though there lovely !
I've never tried Ice yarns. But my goodness, those are some pretty colors. I went to Ice Yarn website, and boy do they have some gorgeous colors!
Great idea about writing the color number on the package.
Thanks for the chance, Glenda. Whoever wins will definitely have a great time with the yarn.
Hazel Maxwell
Hazel Maxwell:
Answe: Looking forward to trying this beautiful yarn, thanks for sharing.
judy Blackie
judy Blackie:
I've never used Ice Yarn would be fun to try. I have watched many of your stitches and patterns.
Angela Kermack
Angela Kermack:
Answer: I have never tried Ice Yarns but I’d love to!
ANSWER: i havnt had a chance to use ice yarns yet.. ive been looking at them for a while but need to work out the value like you said xx
salam irini Awad
salam irini Awad:
Answer: I've never tried ice yarns but have always wanted to. I love the colors of ice yarn. That's a nice bundle of yarn, thanks Glenda.💙🤍💛💚💚💜
Shawna W
Shawna W:
Answer: I've never tried ice yarns before, mostly because I am somewhat new to crocheting and because of the high cost of shipping, but I would love to 💖 thanks for the giveaway 💖
EmArc Creations
EmArc Creations:
ANSWER: I never use the ice yarn but i want to try that kind of yarn.. When i watch the colors I love it and I have a project in mind.. Hope so I can win.. Thank you very much of this give.aways.. 😊
Sanju D
Sanju D:
Answer: I have never used the yarn before, but would love to create my thank you gifts for everyone who helped me feel welcome to Canada during the pandemic :)
Margarida Enxuga
Margarida Enxuga:
ANSWER: I never tried ice yarns ever... that's why is so important for me to win this giveaway!!! .😉👍👍👍💖💖💖
June Clifford
June Clifford:
Answer: I love the colours of magic bulky and have made blankets from that. I have also used saver 100.
Erika Chelzy Tarras
Erika Chelzy Tarras:
Answer: I've never used Ice yarn and I would really like to try some of it.
Yellow Ladybug
Yellow Ladybug:
Answer: I have never tried Ice Yarns, but that pink/lavender looks so lovely.
Ireland Amethyst
Ireland Amethyst:
Answer: I've never used ice yarns but the way you talk about it really makes me want to! I absolutely love bright colors and glitter ☺️ Thank you for the giveaway and good luck everyone!
Helen J Harris
Helen J Harris:
ANSWER: I have never tried Ice Yarns. Thank you Glenda.
Bridget Mansfield
Bridget Mansfield:
Answer: I have never tried Ice Yarns, but I would love to! The colors look gorgeous and would make beautiful shawls!
Kim Talbert
Kim Talbert:
I just love this giveaway, it's so nice I've been on a crochet kick for sure, an have been making tops.. I have some great yarn from ice yarn I love the cakes alpaca that's my favorite,,, thanks for the giveaways glenda
witchmom davis
witchmom davis:
Answer: I have never tried ice yarn but my have to after seeing those yarns.
P Woolard
P Woolard:
I’ve never tried ICE yarns. This would be a great opportunity to try my hand at a crocheted shawl. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
Tyrannosaurus Regina
Tyrannosaurus Regina:
Answer: I haven't tried ice yarns yet, I just started to learn how to crochet (being a leftie makes it harder to learn! ) but those are sooo pretty!
Connie's Crochet Couch
Connie's Crochet Couch:
Answer: Yes, I have used Ice Yarns. My favorite is DENIM.
ANSWER: My favorite Iced Yarn is the Rock Star Metallic Blue Black. I used it to crochet a throw for the bedroom of a teenage cousin in my family as a birthday present because she loved blue and had her room decked out in metallic blues and star patterns and it turned out so pretty I bought more of that yarn to make myself a throw blanket too!
Kerryn Parker
Kerryn Parker:
Answer: O i love ice yarns magic light! The magic glitz looks delish! This is very generous of you, thank you.
Len jborong
Len jborong:
ANSWER: I have never tried Ice Yarn, I am located at Philippines, and hoping that you can choose me as one of the lucky winner. Thank you and God Bless 😘
Sue Wood
Sue Wood:
Answer: I've never used Ice Yarn but I would love to give them a try!
Michelle Sanborn
Michelle Sanborn:
ANSWER: I've never tried ICE yarns!! Id love to try them , i have my first granddaughter arriving in october and id love some yarn to make her some things to keep her warm this winter
Answer: I love ice yarn it is my favorite type of going to work with especially when I’m making scarves and blankets my favorite type of yarn is the blue one from the ICE and I would love to win that one
Rosalinda Rivera
Rosalinda Rivera:
Never tried ice yarn but would like to try thanks for the great giveaway!!! Good luck everyone!!!
sericia hubbard
sericia hubbard:
Answer: Sorry, I've never used Ice Yarn, although, I have checked out their site. So so many beautiful yarns!
Dylan Dougal
Dylan Dougal:
Answer: I’ve never used ice yarns but would love to try them out!!
Answer: I don't think I've ever used Ice yarns before. They look lovely though. I love yarns with a little glitter to them. :)
Joan Bogart
Joan Bogart:
Answer: I just placed an order with ICE Yarns. Can't wait to get them. Thank you Glenda for an other giveaway.
Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown:
Answer: this is one yarn I've not used before and would love to try it. The wool display behind is lovely and tidy wish I had room for something like that
jackie armstrong
jackie armstrong:
Answer: I’ve never used Ice Yarn. Would love to try Ice Yarns. I have crochet ideas going through my mind using the ice yarn. A baby sweater would be cute in blue glitz. Thank you Creative Grandma for your videos and giveaways.
Elidia Lara
Elidia Lara:
Andswer: I haven't used ice yarn before. I am interested in trying it. Thank you.
Angela D
Angela D:
I’ve never tried Ice Yarns before but I’d love too! Especially the Rainbow Glitz 🌈✨
Nika Wiley
Nika Wiley:
Answer: I've never used ice yarn. However they are gorgeous. I would love to try these.
Katie Higgins
Katie Higgins:
I've never tried Ice Yarns but i really want to so i'm saving for a good size order. your yarn choices for the giveaway are beautiful.
Shirlene Maines
Shirlene Maines:
Answer: I have never tried ice yarn but it is something I would like to try,thank you for the give away
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson:
answer: I've never used ice yarns, but they all look beautiful and I'd love to try them! especially considering how affordable they seem to be for possible future purchases!
Sanju D
Sanju D:
Answer: I never used ice yarns but I love crochet and just makes my stress go away...
Hermione Belgrave
Hermione Belgrave:
Answer: I've never tried ice yarn
But i just ordered today! Im excited now!
Cindy Hearts Crochet
Cindy Hearts Crochet:
My favorite Ice Yarn is the Magic Light...was the first and only Ice Yarn I"ve ever tried. Thank you, Glenda!
Diana Rogler
Diana Rogler:
ANSWER: I just found out about Ice yarns, I would love to try them!
Kelly-Ann Provencal
Kelly-Ann Provencal:
Answer: I have never tried ice yarns before! It would be so fun to try some new yarn, especially as pretty as those!
Sonia Boyko
Sonia Boyko:
I’ve never tried Ice Yarns! They look so beautiful, I would love to win and try it! Love your tutorials!
Eva Tabanyi
Eva Tabanyi:
Answer: I've never used Iceyarn. Greatings from Italy🙂
Eva Tabanyi
Eva Tabanyi:
Answer: I've never used Iceyarn. Greatings from Italy🙂
Vineta Burkovska
Vineta Burkovska:
I've never used Ice yarns, or any other yarn with glitter in it. I'd love to try it though, especially as you say the festive season is approaching fast!
Kris Taylor
Kris Taylor:
I've never used Ice yarns but they look so gorgeous, I'd love to!
Susan Doney
Susan Doney:
Hello I'm in Western Australia🇦🇺
I've never had the chance or seen the ice range of yarn, it definitely looks lovely.
I'd love to try it!! 💗🌷🌷🌷
Hyekyung Moon
Hyekyung Moon:
Answer: I’ve never used Ice yarns but they look so festive and beautiful, and I’d love to use them to make gifts!
Danielle Ritchie
Danielle Ritchie:
ANSWER: I have never used Ice Yarns before. I would love to but I often forget about them, and their website is overwhelming. I do really want to try them though!!
Yolanda Perkins
Yolanda Perkins:
Answer:I've heard of ice yarns, they look awesome! I haven't gotten to try them yet tho, thanks for the opportunity to do so! ☺
Stephanie Buser
Stephanie Buser:
Answer: I've not had the pleasure of using Ice Yarns. They are very beautiful!!
Viviana Sandy
Viviana Sandy:
You are such a sweet heart for the giveaways,I am in love with this yarn,I never used ICE yarn before.
Answer: I have never tried Ice Yarns. But I see the beautiful colors and swirls of the ones behind you and when you unbox I swoon. I'd love to win.
Tammy Ellington
Tammy Ellington:
Answer: Never used Ice yarns, they look so lovely. Would love to give them a try.
Sharon Ford
Sharon Ford:
Answer: I have used them once or twice and love them!
Kim Obrien
Kim Obrien:
I've never used Ice Yarns but I know a few people who swear by them! The prize yarns look stunning. Thank you for this generous giveaway.
Andrea Ellis
Andrea Ellis:
Answer: I have never used Iced Yarn, but would love to try it.
Sara Smither
Sara Smither:
I haven't tried Ice yarns, but I would sure love to!! I always love finding and trying new yarns for new projects.
Louise Daley
Louise Daley:
Answer: I've never used Ice Yarns. They look so pretty