I Wrote a Song for Trisha Paytas!

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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna:
I just kinda wanna remind people- I am a human being. If someone talks to or about me, I'm allowed to respond. I DON'T like drama, and I don't look at this as drama. But I also don't like the idea that someone/people can talk about me as much or however they like, and I'm supposed to just shut up and let them. I'm not being mean, I'm not trying to hurt anybody... I'm just talking about something that I went through in the context of my music :) Trust me, I don't like being asked about it either, I wish there was nothing to ask about! But unfortunately, this IS a huge piece of my life the last year+. So please enjoy the art for what it is... and be kind to others <3 CALL ME CRAZY, out Sept 25!
POV: you go straight to the comments...
I liked Gabbie from like 5 years ago...
jenn clayton
jenn clayton:
I wish you would stop over explaining your art. It kills it.
This is also the most passive aggressive thing I have ever seen.
Mr. Worldwide
Mr. Worldwide:
"the only person on the internet more embarrassing then me, is you. and that's low."
- trisha paytas 💋💋💋
Megan Pippen
Megan Pippen:
It’s crazy how gabbie is able to analyze someone else’s “issues” or personality but isn’t able to look at her own.
Watch her make another 10+ videos responding to this one now lol.
Jack Shirley
Jack Shirley:
“I’m not a licensed therapist” then stop acting like you are one
“i’M a WRiteR”
*writes the worst poetry book ever known to man kind*
Jenna Mingacci
Jenna Mingacci:
16 mins of Gabbie Hanna obsessing over Trisha claiming she isn’t obsessed with Trisha
iliasbananasuit zoe
iliasbananasuit zoe:
the “woah”s and the “bullies” are so horrible- the second hand embarrassment i cant
iridium weeb
iridium weeb:
“i don’t like drama.” continues to create drama
Jade Broomfield
Jade Broomfield:
Rarely comment on YouTube vids. Gabbie I’ve been watching you for years, this is the weirdest video I’ve ever seen you do. You’re coming off as obsessive, this behavior is really immature and unhealthy :/

Really want you to succeed, not trying to bully and bash. This type of content just seems like a major regression, something that would’ve been *acceptable* years ago and you weren’t even participating in this kind of drama back then.
C m
C m:
The aloe plant behind her is cringing with us
It is kind of creepy how you talk about her, its like you studied her or smthn
Eva Masterton
Eva Masterton:
I've literally never heard anyone talk so self obsessed as this. Imagine hearing an established artist talk for several minutes at a time about how fucking amazing their songs are. Like sure I hear people talk highly of their music but this is next level.
Kayla Fields
Kayla Fields:
Gabbie repeatedly: "Trisha ASKED ME to write a song for her"
Also Gabbie: shows dm's where she literally writes "let me write a song for you".
Ummmm........ not the same thing. Even if trisha says yes, it wasn't her idea and she could easily have been just trying to be nice.
Sasha Kurz
Sasha Kurz:
One of the most toxic, dark, and manipulating human being I have ever witnessed.. I am shocked how far this has come. She put THAT MUCH effort into someone she literally despises. This is dangerous.
OMG Yanil
OMG Yanil:
This is disturbing Gabby! Like, seriously disgusting. The gaslighting, the shade, the drama that you say that you don’t like but here you are again stirring the pot. Wow
Tahirih McLean
Tahirih McLean:
I'm paraphrasing here... but, the only thing more embarrassing on the internet than Trisha - is you.
Katie Duthie
Katie Duthie:
The line between confidence and narcissism has officially been crossed
Sarah No
Sarah No:
*Ma'am, nobody cares that Trisha was polite to your offers, or if she was fake nice to you. She clearly never said yes to the song. She politely replied without committing. Get a gripppp.*
Jaznee J
Jaznee J:
I don’t even know who you are as an artist but this song better be the best song of 2020 all this damn explaining
She reminds me of sid the sloth in the ice age.
Sonna Solo D.
Sonna Solo D.:
This is some serious fkn gaslighting.
It’s like calculated. The passive aggressiveness. She sprinkles insults with compliments back to back.
It’s pretty interesting to watch. 🤦🏽‍♀️😬.
I don’t even care for Trisha Paytos..
If you guys don’t see threw this shit.
I don’t even know. Lol.
Camila Andrea
Camila Andrea:
THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE... and wrong this girl needs help.
meg holzknecht
meg holzknecht:
she’s giving me really bad vibes, and lately i’ve started to really not like her. she keeps coming up with excuses for obsessing over the drama. just let it go. she reminds me of someone i used to be friends with. key word “used”. she seems so fake. also, stop talking about your music!!! it’s not as good as your making it out to be.

Aysha Bee
Aysha Bee:
Listen, I'm a psychologist and this is unsettling. This is clear gaslighting and manipulation, not just of Trisha but the audience watching you.

Psychoanalysing her "flaws" and behaviour with a smile, STILL doesn't make it okay. Very unsettling.
Drama Sesh
Drama Sesh:
Gaslighting, poorly veiled insults ,bad lyrics, and you’re just obsessed with Trisha at this point.
Kristen Reid
Kristen Reid:
When you have to spend 15+ minutes justifying something... it is not justifiable. Drop. it.
Syahira Baharudin
Syahira Baharudin:
I hate how she explaining her musics like she is John Mayer or something..
The most egocentric/Psychopath youtuber I’ve ever seen!!!! SHE REALLY THINKS SHE HAS A MUSIC CAREER!! 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Sue Am
Sue Am:
Gabbie: “I don’t like drama”
Gabbie: posts more drama
Taylor Reising
Taylor Reising:
I can’t believe she actually thinks her songs are this deep
b. goth
b. goth:
why is this video making my skin crawl? what is this...there's something so off about this whole thing, why do i feel like i'm being manipulated. no thanks, i'm out.
Dev x
Dev x:
You are uncomfortably invasive and overly involved in this woman’s life, please listen to what the majority of your viewers are saying right now!!!
Bri Cali
Bri Cali:
If she quit being a YouTuber she'd probably be more successful.
Lauren Sparks
Lauren Sparks:
I used to get really nauseated when I was around my husband, (way before he began abusing me). I didn't understand it at the time, but my body sure did. Since my divorce 3 years ago, I haven't felt that intense nausea out of nowhere again... until now. Soon as I turned on this video I got hit with another wave of nausea and cold chills. Something's not right about you, girl. Something bad.
Kya Ambrose
Kya Ambrose:
“I was so hungry for inspiration”
Umm I think it’s more like hungry for attention
April Vice
April Vice:
Gabbie: “call me crazy”
Trisha: “you’re a psychopath”
Girl you’re so obsessed with her it’s scary, u need to leave her alone and stop talking about her
Jessie Art
Jessie Art:
why are the likes higher than dislikes im confused
Sami Everhart
Sami Everhart:
Gabbie "Trisha asked me to write a song for her"
When in reality, she asked Trisha to write a song for her. No one was asking....
Oh Gabbie. It’s time to retire, honey. Yikes lol 😂
Trisha: “Leave me alone”
Gabbie: “Here’s a song about Trisha”
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne:
Maybe you shouldn't gossip about people having STDs or hang out with a rapist's friends and then you wouldn't "have" to make disstracks.
This gives off the vibe that her therapist told her all these things about her and she’s just deflecting onto Trisha to sound intelligent lmao
"I've never made a video bashing Trisha and never will..."
1 sec later: the entire video is about Trisha. dafuq....
Meg M
Meg M:
“I’m not about drama...” continues to talk about Trisha
Casie Silverman
Casie Silverman:
"I'm nOt gReAt wItH aTtEnTiOn, i'M aCtUaLlY rEaLlY sHy" "iM nOt StArTiNg AnY dRaMa" 😂😂 okay!!!!!
I really don't like Trisha or Gabbie, but like Gabbie is literally a narcissistic psychopath. And I mean the literal definition of it. The way she talks about Trisha and everyone else is so creepy. Her bf is probs trapped tbh 👀
Sis, you need to get a life.
Udo Ka
Udo Ka:
The fact this video is still up makes me sick. After everything you’ve done this is the last straw. Unsubscribe.
casually cruel
casually cruel:
Hey, just wanted to say that using the "woah" thing to censor isn't a great idea. It gets real annoying after the first couple times and I can't focus on what you say for the next few seconds. I didn't want to, but I had to click off. Please find an alternate edit or just try to swear less ❤️
Tamra Grace
Tamra Grace:
Nobody is as impressed by Gabbie’s writing as Gabbie.
What's Up Mr.Stark
What's Up Mr.Stark:
How many times is she gonna mention that she's an "artist" and that this is her song.... She's a wholeass creep rn
Queen Eliane
Queen Eliane:
I don’t wanna sound harsh but “I’m honored sincerely” didn’t really sound like a “yes write a song for me”. It’s sounds like something someone who’s too nice to reject it would say as a thanks.
Cassidy Copeland
Cassidy Copeland:
plot twist the psychoanalysis is of Gabbie and she’s the one deflecting
Oh Sarcasm
Oh Sarcasm:
You literally started saying she has an STD.....your weird
Terminal Love
Terminal Love:
When she tried to be a psychologist for Trisha she literally was speaking about herself.
“I can either get mad or inspired, so I got inspired”

Girl you sure about that?
Semarah Lafi
Semarah Lafi:
"I've never made a video trashing Trisha" *makes a video trashing Trisha*
Whitney Mitchell
Whitney Mitchell:
I feel like gabbie has dug her grave so far that now with anything she does, she can’t win. Engaging with drama- she loses. Disengaging with drama- she loses. I do understand and sympathize with how much of a struggle that must be, since everybody makes mistakes, but gabbie’s happens to be in the public eye. However, using the “woah” sound as a way to censor the bad words is so cringey and awful I’m getting second hand embarrassment. You can’t reclaim everything. You gotta let some things go
E. Buller
E. Buller:
I completely lost it at "Trisha if you would like to be added to PR..." 😂😂😂 Damn the pettiness and gaslighting is too real I can't handle it 😂
Emily Benjamin
Emily Benjamin:
Gabbie: “So anyways Trisha let me know if you want to be added to my PR list! 😊”
"I don't like drama." -Everyone who lives for drama.
Leighanna M
Leighanna M:
If you don’t like being asked about it and “HaTE drama” why did you go on drama alert to literally do just that?
Carter Gavet
Carter Gavet:
her story isnt yours to tell
just count the times she says "me", "mine", "my".

self obsessed lady.
actually sad.
Kaylee britt
Kaylee britt:
when she says “ive never made a video bashing trisha” i started laughing my ass off
trisha is problematic but she’s just a troll. gabbie however is a full on manipulator.
Henrietta Shalansky
Henrietta Shalansky:
Gabbie doing this acting like its favour to Trisha is beyond psychopathic
Eleya Joy
Eleya Joy:
Does anyone else think this seems a little obsessive?
Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie:
“I’ve never made a video bashing Trisha and I will not”
Talks about her constantly in podcasts and claims she has herpes.
Erin Johnson
Erin Johnson:
This is literally you starting more drama and I don’t understand how you don’t see that. You’re honestly delusional
Yo Hey
Yo Hey:
"Im playing a character so outside of myself" 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 you can't actually believe that bs
Jen Lynn
Jen Lynn:
You know you caught a low & should just stop when Trisha Paytas herself says "the only person more embarrassing than me on the internet, is you"
Tihana Penava
Tihana Penava:
just quit youtube already.

she literally responded to the only positive comment she got, wow.
Kayla Fitch
Kayla Fitch:
What scares me about Gabbie is that she always has to have an answer to people. It's not healthy and she always plugs herself and talks about herself.
k kik
k kik:
This is so tiring xd You are so obsessed with her,lmao.
No one cares about you overexplaining this is wHoaH.
Also if your art is good you dont have to constantly reassure yourself and everone like:believe me guys my art is f good,its f amazing,its sooooooooo good
Ashlee Xx
Ashlee Xx:
What’s with the random inserts of “woah” wasn’t funny the first time not funny now 🤣
Claudia Castillo
Claudia Castillo:
i'm mad at you for making me agree with trisha paytas :(
A good written song should never have to be explained to be understood.
Krishma Kahol
Krishma Kahol:
You’re such a sad human being, stop trying to be funny, stop making music and stop trying to be relevant.
Samantha Pond
Samantha Pond:
You gaslight Trisha so much I’m surprised she hasn’t caught on fire yet
Christine Ryan
Christine Ryan:
9:17 sounds like the the other songs of yours I have heard. Literally like the same.
I think Gabbie is trying way to hard to stay relevant. Honestly distasteful. Sorry Gabbie can’t support you anymore.
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes:
The amount of times that she uses "I, me, myself" and talks about herself... it's terrifying
Sydney Folds
Sydney Folds:
This entire video is Gabbie trolling Trisha. Side note: I’m so bored, how did I make it to this side of YouTube?
I can't wait for Trisha's video.
Brittany Newton
Brittany Newton:
Gabbie Hanna trying to convince us she doesn't want drama with Trisha is the same as Gabbie Hanna trying to convince us her poetry isn't garbage.
“You can get mad, or you can get inspired”

Or you can learn to handle it maturely like any other 29 year old.
Okay Why
Okay Why:
She’s like the girl who brands herself as toxic and petty and thinks it’s cute. The second hand embarrassment i get from gabbie is insane.
you're delusional, sweetie.
Agata Bean
Agata Bean:
official petition for her to leave again
Amanda Brumbaugh
Amanda Brumbaugh:
Your sign off should be “I’m sooo not into drama” in the worlds most sarcastic tone
zin- vadar
zin- vadar:
I'm actually suprised with the amount of hate Gabbie is getting. Suprised but it's deserved
Irregular Naomi
Irregular Naomi:
I don't really see the problem here. Artists write songs about other people all the time 🤷‍♀️
I love how we can all collectively agree that Gabbie is completely obsessed with Trisha
Phenix Breckel
Phenix Breckel:
It’s crazy how everyone will defend Trisha but... She’s the most toxic person, you go Gabbie. You shine beautiful 💜