I Took a Picture of SATURN Through my Telescope

Taking a Picture of Saturn Through my Telescope.

Telscope Used: https://bit.ly/2Bx23rQ
Camera Used: https://bit.ly/3eywFY6

I connect a camera to my Celestron Edge HD 11 telescope to take a close-up picture of the planet Saturn from my backyard.

The final image is a stack of the best 200 frames of 1500 taken with the ZWO ASI290mm Mini. It's still pretty blurry (and black and white), but my best photo of this planet to date!

A special thank you to Dylan O'Donnell for the helpful tips;)

Thank you for watching, and clear skies!

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Natural Portraits
Natural Portraits:
A barlow lens X2 would be ideal for this kind of imaging. I love planetary imaging and I've enjoyed al lot this video.
Some one Random
Some one Random:
People thought I was weird for asking for a telescope for my birthday but this type of stuff is so cool to me
Jason Cano
Jason Cano:
Couple months before my dad passed I was able to show him Saturn through the telescope he looked at me and said wow with a smile on his face he was 89 years old you do wonderful things man thank you
Trevor, I got a shyshed pod, you should get one too they are in Canada also. Makes things much easier
The first time I saw Saturn was from my rooftop at home. I just couldn't believe that I was seeing another world from my house, it's an amazing experience, and an unforgettable view.
I know the picture isn't the greatest - but it's my best yet! More importantly - I've caught the planetary imaging bug!! Thanks again to Dylan O'Donnell for the help - you should probably go subscribe to his channel! ;)
Live Tahoe
Live Tahoe:
Congratulations on being NASA’s photo of the day!
13:33 Goosebumps all over man! Your reaction to your own images is priceless, keep doing what you're doing Trev!
Just started and can already tell this is gonna be a good vid
Philipp Müller
Philipp Müller:
Trevor, I still remember having 8 years and hunting the Halley Comet with my dad in the countryside of Brazil through his Newtonian (maybe 6"?). We saw Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and etc, by current standards it was very bad with eyepieces that today we would laugh about.
After following for a handful of months you, Dylan, Chuck, Antoine and Dalia, and Wido Oerlemans - to name a few - I decided today to pull the trigger and get a rig, want to learn in the next few years while my kid grows and pass the passion to science/astronomy/photography to him just like my dad did to me. Thanks for you guys now I will go broke :D
Congrats on APOD, well deserved.
Kevin Gilchrist
Kevin Gilchrist:
Don’t we all have those “this is not the best pic” but we can still feel gooey inside knowing we did it! It’s a lovely image. I still show my image of Mars that I made in July, 2018 with the dust storm raging at opposition. I used a borrowed Takahashi 130, my ASI178 monochrome and a near-IR filter. I still get “WOW, you got that?” Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.
Un Named Channel
Un Named Channel:
It’s humbling to see pictures like this. I was lucky enough as a child to visit the local observatory and they showed us Saturn
Diego Gravinese
Diego Gravinese:
Congrats on the APOD, Trevor! You and Chuck were my unknowing mentors when I started out in 2018. Makes me happy for you
I. DE:
Here’s the thing: If you go to AstroBackyard, you get only first class instructions.
Valentino Tera
Valentino Tera:
Yeah, is very good. Definetely. Saturn beside Mars are the toughest.
Saturn is what got me hooked on astronomy. When I was 11 or 12, I was looking at random stars through my Tasco 3" reflector I got for Christmas.
I accidentally pointed it at Saturn one night, got focus and saw the rings. Boy was I super stoked! I had the entire neighborhood in our driveway whenever I brought it out. I soon learned my way around the night sky after that.
Hammod Elbatal
Hammod Elbatal:
just watching your dog standing.. and then your wife smiling made me realizing the world is still good and safe <3
Piotr Jakuc
Piotr Jakuc:
Trevor, you should really start a gaming channel with that XBOX. I’ll totally follow you!! You’re also convincing me to take some pics of Saturn with my 8” Dob! Great video!
What the heck!! First shot of Saturn in years!?! That’s amazing!! And congrats for the APOD. You really deserve it! I hope to get one too someday
Pika Chu
Pika Chu:
I also want to gift my Father ( a telescope ) becoz here in Bihar( INDIA) maximum common people does't know about planet etc . I want to show him all the planets which is seen from earth ( then they will realise that yesss planetes really exist in our universe ) . I don't know why but here's 50 percent people are not so educated .
I must will change this .
Bihar is the place where lord Buddha get their knowledge but opposite of this here's people are not ..........
Congrats on the APOD, you deserved it from that amazing image!
This reminded me of the time I pointed my new lens towards a realy bright star.
The first pictures were a bit of a let down because of the quality of the lens. Even on the preview screen I could see some kind of smearing around that "star"...
Until I opened it in capture One and zoomed in to 200%, there it was: My first picture of saturn, totaly by accident and even in a whopping 12 x 12 pixel resolution 😃
Glad I found this channel, to see how it's done properly.
Sithris Arkuro
Sithris Arkuro:
This has always been a dream hobbies of mine. Could you recommend a starter telescope to get images with. I have an Orion Skyquest 8' .
Fabien Prox-Trm
Fabien Prox-Trm:
Soooo happy you’re venturing into planetary imaging! Have fun 🪐 !!!
Samuel Polden
Samuel Polden:
I got my first telescope about a month ago astro master 130eq, and seen Saturn first the first time last week. Was amazing something I'll never forget.. outta a small down in hunter valley Australia
Jordan Wiscombe
Jordan Wiscombe:
Mr APOD back at it!
Galactic Hunter
Galactic Hunter:
I've always been too afraid to dig my feet into planetary imaging (besides with a DSLR and just random shots), it was nice to see that you got such a good image with no prior experience as well :)
I just opened the video, ima go and make some popcorn because i know ALL your videos are intresting :)
Charlie Cobra
Charlie Cobra:
Man!!! I felt your emotion looking at the Heavens. I'm getting a telescope. 😊
Why do you have to throw that loud music in
11:30 i definitely agree, a truly humbling experience and really puts things in perspective...
Welcome to the bright side!!! One of the main reasons why I love outreach with my club is showing someone Saturn for the first time. Their reaction is priceless.
James Bates
James Bates:
Congratulations! The planetary imaging bug is very strong! I've had it for 3 years already, and it isn't waning at all :)
The uncertainty around focus is a fact of life of planetary imaging. Especially when you'll start using a barlow. I find it helps to use a slightly higher exposure time (say 30ms) and lower gain to get the focus as good as you can. A Bahtinov mask is honestly not precise enough.
However, when imaging, I've found that shorter exposures at higher gain (which means you can record MORE frames in the same time) always wins compared to longer exposure at lower gain. It looks worse when recording, because of the higher gain, but the end result is consistently better with shorter, more numerous high gain exposures. I'd have gone with 5-6ms in your case (w/o Barlow).
Oh, and .SER is fine. Autostakkert opens them no problem. And if you want an .AVI, you can use PIPP to convert your raw .SER file. I think of .SER as the planetary video equivalent of .FITS.
nag p
nag p:
It is always a different feeling when we watch distant objects in the deep space through the telescope.Long live consciousness.bleesed to be a Human being among all living beings.
Mohammed Al Bayat
Mohammed Al Bayat:
Trevor, I've been following you for 3 years now and this is probably one of my favorite videos.

You're always so knowledgeable on all things astrophotography but seeing you out of your element and trying to figure out what to do brought a joy to my face because it reminded me that we can always learn new techniques.

You've literally inspired me to go out and buy a telescope so please don't ever stop doing what you do!

All the best from Saudi Arabia!
Tom Fournier
Tom Fournier:
"After dinner" in Canada can mean "lunch" , "supper" or basically any time from noon till midnight 🙄🤣🤣🤣
Michael Chauvin
Michael Chauvin:
I told my neighbor "I took a picture of Uranus with my telescope." Now I have a restraining order.
Miha Dajcman
Miha Dajcman:
Finally! I was looking forward to this ever since you showed us the telescope. Thanks for another great video! 👌

Side note: Why aren't you verified yet? I see Dylan's verified at 20k subs. 🤔
Pretty cool that you can even see the moons of Saturn despite the extremely tiny angular diameter, something like 0.1 arcseconds.
Dr. Z
Dr. Z:
Professional fine art medium & large format film photographer here. I just want to say that not only is your astrophotography amazing, but your videography and editing is too. I’ve learned a lot from watching your videos and reading articles on your site. Even with experience in night & low light photography, astrophotography really is a different animal all together. Really looking forward to the day that I can start shooting DSO’s. Thanks for your all your inspiration.
Will Hartsell
Will Hartsell:
I would love to see a vlog series about “my journey learning planetary imaging”
It’s amazing!! To see something millions of miles away, it’s almost magical as mind blowing telescopes can be that good
CJ Holmes
CJ Holmes:
That video, with your heartfelt awe and enthusiasm, the glorious images and ethereal music was downright SPIRITUAL! You have gained one more loyal subscriber. Thank you so much for your contributions to the community!
God's work is beautiful!
Colin Mc
Colin Mc:
That final image of Saturn, just brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. Amazing job...
Krunchy The Clown
Krunchy The Clown:
I'm really interested in zooming in on distant stars lol
Joseph Mccafferty
Joseph Mccafferty:
I was wondering what those planets were that rose to the south east of me a couple of weeks ago. I did google it so perhaps that's why I've been getting a few astrophotography suggestions lately.

I saw both the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn through my Opticron birdwatching telescope about ten years ago now. It's hard to describe that feeling you get observing those details live. Nothing we've been presented with through the media prepares you for it.
I cried just moments you started crying 😭 what a beautiful sight!! I hope I have all the means to afford one just to see how beautiful the sky is 😭😭😭
Helena's Astrophotography
Helena's Astrophotography:
Fantastic work Trevor. That ending really got me going! Clear skies
mr donk
mr donk:
I remember seeing Saturn for the first time. I was speechless. So beautiful and mysterious. Just awesome...
Vatsalya Singh
Vatsalya Singh:
I just want to watch these world's through a telescope atleast once in my life
Mohammed Saidul
Mohammed Saidul:
When I saw saturn first time with my telescope I felt like cry, feeling was so intense !!
Window to the Universe
Window to the Universe:
I cried at the end. Keep doing this forever. You're the reason I'm doing astrophotography.
Bob Perrone
Bob Perrone:
Trevor, the look on your face at the end of this video is exactly the look I have when I produce a picture of only half the quality of the images that you produce. You are the reason that I have dived head over feet into this amazing hobby. I cannot thank you enough for starting me on this amazing journey.... Although my wife may have a few complaints with the amounts of money I have spent to try to reproduce your results. Thank you for your inspiration!
You said it well, 'an unnnnbelievable reality, seeing Saturn with it's rings".
I remember the first time I saw Saturn, changed my life!!!
Mike P
Mike P:
he loves saying "planetary astro-photography"
Andrew Singleton
Andrew Singleton:
Thanks for this, when this rainy patch clears in england I'll be trying this allbeit with no where near as much aperture as you. I had a go a few years back using sharpcap and registak but going to try with your software recomendations. I'm very please to have the same camera as you used here. Fingers crossed for some clear skies!
Kedar Deshmukh
Kedar Deshmukh:
Wow really nice video( I didn't even watch the whole video lol) now try taking pictures of Jupiter and/or mars
Tom Butts
Tom Butts:
Nice man. I've had a few gos with planetary lately.. definitely more challenging than I anticipated
I wish my dream to buy a good telescope to watch those lovely planets with my eyes will true soon😍😍
Johnny 5 sticks Williams
Johnny 5 sticks Williams:
I have a celestron 8se and I live in southern Thailand no light pollution as well. I’ve captured Saturn once and seeing the rings is an amazing sight.i might invest in a mono camera in the future thanks for your video it was awesome 👏.
Passing Through
Passing Through:
For me, this takes the fun and being in the moment when star gazing. It was the same when I got into photography. Each to their own. The constant analysis takes some how gets in the way. I'm thinking of returning to star gazing with a basic telescope and binos, but that will be it for me. That said, I can see how others may thrive with such tools. Been there and done it.
Grant Brown
Grant Brown:
6:07 you can see scorpius in the background with the red giant antares.
Francesco P.
Francesco P.:
I perfectly remember the first thing I saw with my Celestron C8 and manual mount. I had placed the telescope on the balcony of my house, in those days I was still going to university. I decided to aim the telescope at random, I saw what looked like a "rice grain" in the sky. I centered this object on the finder, and looking through the telescope's eyepiece I was so excited that I almost had tears. The first thing I ever saw was him ... Saturn!
And that memory will remain etched in my mind forever
!I thank those who put that gas giant right there that evening ...
Jose Mendez
Jose Mendez:
I just got my first telescope 🔭 and when I saw Jupiter and Jupiter s moons I was like a little kid Wao amazing
I can appreciate your passion for the cosmos... Anyone know of a decent starter telescope for a decent price? Thx for any info 👍✨✨✨✨
Ishan Sheikh
Ishan Sheikh:
I am a Physicist. What makes me love this is the fact that some time back it was one of us(Astronomers) who gave Einstein the proof of his theory. Keep up the work dude.😊
Ben Ranson
Ben Ranson:
I remember when and where I was exactly in that moment. When I first saw the rings of Saturn. In my backyard with my older brother's telescope in 1982.
Michael McFadden
Michael McFadden:
I bought a telescope a month ago while waiting for lockdown to end, and the image of Saturn is burned in mine and my girlfriends mind. Astronomy will be a hobby for us for years to come after that!
Skyriiiim ^_^ ! Also I have the 8" Edge HD, wondering if I can do some planetary imaging with it with the right camera and a barlow or my zoom? Wonderful video, man, brought a tear to my eye ^_^
I came to see some astrophysics stuffs, and what I saw was a guy playing Skyrim. LMAO
Sons of Chivalry
Sons of Chivalry:
Love the nod to to APOD at the end of the video! Congratulations, that is a beautiful image!
Brian Malik
Brian Malik:
13:54 mins of my life i want back.
D Guitar
D Guitar:
Great video! A few years ago I saw Saturn through a friend’s bird watching Swarovski telescope, in a clear southern Spanish sky. I will never forget it! We could even see the rings, although it was on band of white. I couldn’t believe how fast it moved across the view finder! Incredible. Thanks for your videos 👍👍
Bruce Nunn
Bruce Nunn:
Yess.!! Yess..!! Finally, Some Planet 🪐 Action..!!!

Awesome Capture Trevor..!!! 👊😎
Mateusz M
Mateusz M:
I can so relate to the last part of the video.. I know how it feels when for the first time I have seen Jupiter's largest moons through my Grandpa military binoculars.. spectacular and it makes you feel so small :)
Adventures of an Amateur Astronomer
Adventures of an Amateur Astronomer:
You got me Trevor on that last 45 seconds, really shows that you have a genuine passion for what you do. 9 out of 10 people don't understand. I try to talk to them about our solar system and universe but they're too caught up what's what's going on down here all I can think about is what they are missing. Keep fighting the good fight & God bless
Nik P
Nik P:
Thanks for making these vids, especially the ones on the C11. My dad and I recently picked a C11 XLT up for pretty cheap from a relative since we already had an EQ mount, and we were beginning to think it would never work out, some of your older vids on the 11in model helped us out a lot and learn quite a bit as we’re used to smaller apertures as well. Hope to see more vids on the C11!!
Gareth Kelley
Gareth Kelley:
That's awesome man! I personally am a fan of the deep sky stuff, but seeing Saturn like that was really cool!
The fact that you were playing Skyrim too just adds to the awesome.
Keep up the great work Trevor, take care.
Wow, that is beautiful image of Saturn!
My man is playing Skyrim while waiting for Saturn. What a night
James Bond
James Bond:
I have the 14" with the cool mount and tripod , just waiting for my celestron sensor alignment piece, got all the other cool shit, and all the cool software downloaded, just waiting for the right time to image and capture stuff. Just hope I make you all proud of the things I have learned from you all. I have a lot of tracking experience from AETE in Cold Lake and a lot of Imaging experience and professional photography experience, can't wait to get out there and capture some cool shit, cheers guys
Christoff Raath
Christoff Raath:
Congrats on the APOD. Such a big achievement. I was so excited when I saw your name pop up there yesterday. Well done.
Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan:
was such a humbling moment when at 11: 26 the Saturn rings appear.
Congrats on the APOD! Also the Saturn image looks really good :D
13:37 is exactly the same way I feel about all this. 🙏. Great video thank you. 💛
I'm completely new to sky observation. The other day I was just using my new mak 90 with a cheap photography tripod. I was trying to aim at Jupiter. I moved the scope a bit too far and saw a very bright dot which I thought it was a bright star. When I managed to get it into view there it was. It blew me away. It was very tiny but it was sharp and could make out the rings. Absolutely stunning, I'm so lucky Jupiter and Saturn were so close together, right next to the Moon too.
Andrew Thomas 73
Andrew Thomas 73:
Should have reached out to Damian peach is planetary imaging is absolutely the BEST.....
My humble request to all, please let me know how much this telescope costs with all the relevant accessories. Thank you all.
HMA Hisham
HMA Hisham:
2:15 "hoping you can give me 3 tips" wow that was either well rehearsed or very demanding and bossy
its like hey professor give me 5 reasons why we should attend your class😂
Congrats on the APOD! It would be great if you could add the atmospheric dispersion corrector to your setup for your next planetary shooting video tutorial👍
Belal Matter
Belal Matter:
I lost my telescope last year, man I missed the night sky
Demitri Grimm Official Luminaa
Demitri Grimm Official Luminaa:
Hey! that was your APOD at the end there! congrats on that man!
So jetzt erstmal ein Kommentar
So jetzt erstmal ein Kommentar:
Great video. You played some skyrim to kill time, like me 😂❤️
Slick Willie
Slick Willie:
I was 10 and saw it live through the telescope at the city planetarium where my dad took us....that was 50 years ago.
Praise M42
Praise M42:
Did I just see some good skyrim action? You're the best!
Ps: the last APOD bit of the video is incredible... Congrats!
Geoffrey Waldo
Geoffrey Waldo:
Saturn was the first planet I ever saw through a telescope. I was 8. I will never forget that moment.
Eric Rogue
Eric Rogue:
I bought the 8" dob because of your video on it. I got to see Saturn a few months ago for the first time and my stomach dropped. Jupiter was amazing too, but something about actually seeing Saturn got me. Thanks man!
Ken Segel
Ken Segel:
You always make the journey to the end result exciting, and the end result never disappoints, Thank you for another Stellar video.
You do beautiful work, my friend.