I Became A Network TV Show Host

In this episode, I audition, book, and pursue my first hosting job for a network reality show. Stream the full first season of Karma on HBO Max with a free 7-day trial! http://hbomax.com/



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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare:
If you’re looking for more behind the scenes, Be sure to check out our full interview with Karma’s creator JD Roth on our podcast! https://youtu.be/B72yEypmsHQ
myrlene naidoo
myrlene naidoo:
This is a woman who can say she's lived life to the fullest.
Francesca Golden
Francesca Golden:
Next video:

I became the first female US president
kiRan g
kiRan g:
At this point she can literally do anything. *literallly indestructible*
Celia R
Celia R:
Person: Oh Michelle, what’s your job?

Michelle: Well I’ve been a policeman, ballerina, fashion model, voice actress, pageant queen, firefighter, wrote produced and directed a musical, pop singer, ice skater, etc.

Person: what?
She hosted this show AND trained to be a figure skater at the same time. What an aspiring person.
michelles parents: what job do u want to have when your older?

michelle: *yes*
Traditional BD
Traditional BD:
Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Michelle: Yes
Rrhian Blade
Rrhian Blade:
I like that the main host was passionate about the kids actually coming away having grown personally
Riley Pickles
Riley Pickles:
Michelle’s resume has got to have so many things on it.
Maria Eisman
Maria Eisman:
I know a lot of people have said this but I’ll say it again. This girl needs to have a Netflix show called Challenge accepted!
Yeeter McSkeeter
Yeeter McSkeeter:
Normal youtubers: Try not to laugh challenge

Michelle: Try to be a tv host challenge 😂😂
K Papi
K Papi:
Michelle is literally the definition of "nothing is impossible." Everytime I see her on my recommendations she's always doing something new.
This is one that's a real mental challenge vs a physical one. She's already got host chops (as proven by the fact that she nailed the audition) but this one seemed like it was about getting out of her own head and her own way in terms of trying to be the person she looks up to. I think she's doing a great job and I hope the show does well.
toddy 07
toddy 07:
i love how she's actually making a name for herself and she is constantly trying out new things
Mackenzie Kang
Mackenzie Kang:
“the stakes are high, the prize is big, but how do you want to be remembered?” 👏👏👏👏
Halley May Ferrancullo
Halley May Ferrancullo:
I love her personality. She cries when she know she's tired but then she continue what she's doing. She's so strong, I wanna be like her.
Fried Panda
Fried Panda:
I wanna see her train to be a pro gamer

Alexandra Dubites
Alexandra Dubites:
imagine walking up to this set as a contestant and seEING MICHELLE KHARE OMG I WOULD'VE DIED
Pammie Lavery
Pammie Lavery:
Next challenge accepted- being a part of the Avatar: the last airbender live action cast
Caroline Brett
Caroline Brett:
Blonde girl “SHOCKing, I woNdER WhY!?!”

Me: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit my friend
Sinéad Boehme
Sinéad Boehme:
OK wait but that kid who said 'no the worst thing that could happen is I hit my head on that thing and I drown' that was actually really funny
averie c
averie c:
“the worst that happens, you fall into the water and climb up the ladder”

*”OR i fall backwards, hit my head on that, and DROWN”*
Al C
Al C:
She’s honestly like Barbie, she has done every job on earth.
The Aesthetic Trash Girls
The Aesthetic Trash Girls:
Next on Michelle Khare: “I learn how to be a mom. Challenge Accepted”
Seb Bat
Seb Bat:
Michelle low-key having to parent/teacher in that one argument and diffuse the situation was really admirable. Like, I know teens are hard to deal with, and I am one
iiPeqch sundqssii
iiPeqch sundqssii:
new challenge: I trained like a flight attendant
Nuzki Abib
Nuzki Abib:
HR: How many Jobs you had in the past and now?
Michelle: YES
Interviewer: “So, do you have any past job experiences?”

Michelle: “Uh yeah! A couple.”

Interviewer: “Can you list them off?”

Michelle: **clears throat** “I’ve been a Victoria’s Secret model, a Pop Star, A Professional Chef, Miss America, a Marine, a Runway Model, a Professional Ballerina, a NASA Astronaut, a Policewoman, an FBI agent, a Disney Princess, an Olympic Ice Skater, a Broadway Star, a Fireman, oh and recently I became a TV Host :)”

Interviewer: “...”
A White Person
A White Person:
I wouldn’t be able to remember any of their names let alone update the entire audience on what’s happening
Mitchie Miller
Mitchie Miller:
I normally don't comment on You-tubers videos but I just want to take a minute to say how grateful I am to have found Michelle on YouTube. You have made such an impact on me and have really encouraged me to be a strong independent women. You have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and to reach for my goals. You obliterate any challenge that comes your way and you are such a strong role model. Your doing such a great job on YouTube! Keep it up I believe in you.
Fun Art with Srithi !
Fun Art with Srithi !:
I never thought that being a host was this hard I thought it was an easy job !! Michelle you are great!
Erica Wilson
Erica Wilson:
I loved the show but she led me in when she said “different sexualities” like where are my fellow lesbians?
Francesca Grignon
Francesca Grignon:
Michelle is so underrated. She doesn’t just follow trends that the YouTube algorithm likes. She is original and inspirational in every video she makes.
Samantha’s Doodles
Samantha’s Doodles:
Can you do an “I trained like an Olympic swimmer” I’m a swimmer and some times I feel like people don’t take me seriously and they think swimming is a joke it would be awesome for you to show them what it’s really like!!! Love you Michelle <3
Galilea Cardenas
Galilea Cardenas:
Michelle: I tried being a tv host

Me: but you are one for you’re own show🤔
Abbey Starling
Abbey Starling:
I saw the trailer was posted, didn't think much of it so I didn't watch it. Heard Michelle and Garret talking about it on the podcast. Came back to see the trailer: WHAT?? ENDURANCE IS BACK BUT UPGRADED?!?!?!?! I'M SO PUMPED!!!! Michelle seems like a great fit for a show like this, super excited for her.
Julia Barklem
Julia Barklem:
Somehow I find it really weird how the producer tries to get the stuff "he needs" out of the children. Do we really need created drama reality TV with children?
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown:
I would’ve watched a 3 hour special of your experience being a host.
ok but like i kinda fell in love with huck during only this video.
At dis point, Netflix needs a series called “Challenge Accepted”😎😎😎
roxi m
roxi m:
“she’s got it man, I can send ma girl to college” favorite line hands down 😤
Maria G Ferro
Maria G Ferro:
14:11 that's Ariana Pettit from the Crazy Pieces on YouTube!
Alva johansson
Alva johansson:
PLS! Do a “i trains like a professional swimmer” and then do a race

I’m not a American or British but I hope you understand what I am saying
Muffin Man {Cosmos}
Muffin Man {Cosmos}:
Interviewer: How many previous jobs have you had?


Teacher: what do you wanna be when you grow up

Michelle: _everything_
Prue G
Prue G:
michelle is really well spoken. She did amazing on this show!
“I’m not gonna keep talking if you’re gonna keep talking” Michelle went full on teacher mode.
wow. i never thought about how hard and stressful this actually was
Jeffery Beecher
Jeffery Beecher:
Now she has had the same amount of jobs as Barbie.
So basically she’s some type of goddess cause she can do ANYTHING
Iva P
Iva P:
I just realised something, do you remember when Michelle was doing the video "training as an Olympic ice skater" and she had to do a project in the mountains? Well I think that was making this video and the show, because the article she showed in that video said that she was going to film a show for kids for HBO max
Lili Puente
Lili Puente:
Michelle: “Do you think it’s because no one like you?”
Lexes O'Hara
Lexes O'Hara:
I want more behind the scenes of being a TV show host. This was probably one of my favorites - I loved the kids and JD!
john stollsteimer
john stollsteimer:
i’d enjoy to see michelle on every tv show as a host tbh, she was incredible.
Isambard builds
Isambard builds:
"Lets see if he can do this blind"
I burst out laughing
Maria Auroora
Maria Auroora:
At this point is there literally anything that she can’t do ?!?!😂🤭😍
Michelle needs her own Netflix series. So much talent and potential there!!!
Rosalie Gutierrez
Rosalie Gutierrez:
You nervous
Michele: I'm not doing it

Literally a host mood
Karima Reyes
Karima Reyes:
MICHELLE!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I love that you’ve given us an insight on how reality shows and hosting works. The production quality of your videos just keep getting increasing. You’ve made so many things relateable despite being seemingly daunting challenges and what kind of person you need to be in order to face them. You’re such a badass and I love it! Congratulations on being a show host and thank you for still keeping up with your YouTube fans
“More emotions “- a teenager’S advice . Ya right.

“ grow up”
Dakshita Mishra
Dakshita Mishra:

hehe sorry I'm way too hyper
Willliam Paschall
Willliam Paschall:
Please do I tried being a pilot or flight attendant
Jimins H03
Jimins H03:
My anxiety when I think shes gonna say something that JD doesn't want 😂
Michelle could get into Harvard with that long-ass resume
17:50 I saw you get a 9/10 yelp review, my man trippin'
honestly, michelle is like kim possible: she can do anything!
she’s everything.
She is so inspiring and I love her so much how she try’s new things and is just amazing!
Guro Kleppe Høibo
Guro Kleppe Høibo:
When you live in a country that isn’t supported på HBO max😔😩
JD: "She's got it, man. I can send MY girl to college." I love that statement by JD. You can hear the pride he has for Michelle in his voice. That was an awesome moment.
Kaylee Shanks
Kaylee Shanks:
I love how Michelle isn't being fake and just reading the scripts they give her word for word she's switching it up and going deeper into the words and making it mean more. Heck she became such good friends with her contestants that they all made friendship bracelets and gave her one. That's awesome. Kudos to you Michelle you did an amazing job!
no one:

Ski Mask The Meme G0D
Ski Mask The Meme G0D:
Does this remind anyone else of total drama island 😂
Is this show available internationally? I can't access HBO where I'm from 🤗
Kimb Nguy
Kimb Nguy:
Bro the kid at 17:56 knows what he’s talking about let him be the host he knows what he’s saying 😂😂
Morgan_ t0
Morgan_ t0:
Michelle, you should persue this as a full time career! You made this so entertaining and fun!
Heather O Connell
Heather O Connell:
I’m only like half way through but this is incredible
nolo moussy
nolo moussy:
"because nobody likes you". woow that must have been hard to say to teens
Kristin Beecher
Kristin Beecher:
“Welcome... To the middle of nowhere!!”
Omg lol 😂
Michelle please train to become a Charlie's Angel! It has been a long request of mine and I think it perfectly suits you! I hope you see this comment!


"Hit my head on there and drown"
Andrea Abraham
Andrea Abraham:
honestly Michelle did such a good job! I would love to see her continue this!
Manisha Asrani
Manisha Asrani:
michelle should have so much more subscribers for everything she does
Deshara Love
Deshara Love:
There is literally nothing this woman cannot do
P F:
Thanks for sharing how this show, and so many others, manipulate both the viewer and the participant by how "drama" is accentuated and heightened.
Petition to get Michelle her own Netflix show?
Simply Adventure
Simply Adventure:
She is turning into Barbie with all these jobs
20:57 I know y’all seen dude trip 😭
[ Izzy ]
[ Izzy ]:
Dude, this woman can get a job anywhere. She knows or can figure out how to do anything 😂
Next challenge: Be a highschool teacher for a day or so.
Ufa Dania
Ufa Dania:
Who else loves the teen in purple giving her advice on being a better tv host from 18:01!!! 😹😹😹😹
Katya Moskvina
Katya Moskvina:
She’s is like Barbie, she had a million jobs ( no hate, I actually love it)
weliton da silva santos
weliton da silva santos:
"i tought that she was just another social midea influencer... " dayum... look at her firefight training!
Michelle is literally such an attractive and appealing person to be so down to earth one, compassionate, enthusiastic and open minded among other things. Garrett is a lucky dude
Nat Nat
Nat Nat:
This girl is like a real life Barbie job wise
Limey lemon
Limey lemon:
I will never know how she has the strength to do these things. I'm having anxiety and sweating buckets just watching this, I cant imagine having that pressure suddenly thrown on her. And she does it so often.. Is she even human?
finally another episode! love these videos!!

question: is Challenge accepted still going to continue after this pandemic??
Angel G
Angel G:
How are you so talented I don’t get it you’re physically, mentally and emotionally strong, charismatic, kind, caring, entertaining and so much more. Wow amazing ❤️
guys, stop saying she is like barbie...

Barbie couldn't compete with her.
Edit: i appreciate your likes.