''I Apologize To Everyone': Seoul Mayor's Apparent Suicide Note Released | NBC News NOW

Before being found dead in the hills of Seoul early Friday, the city’s mayor, Park Won-soon, left a note saying sorry. Security cameras captured the mayor just hours before he was reported missing.
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''I Apologize To Everyone': Seoul Mayor's Apparent Suicide Note Released | NBC News NOW

52 komento:

Jong-Hee Park
Jong-Hee Park:
Ar the end of life to everyone: Virtuousness & Rewards vs. Crime & Punishment !!
I usually care about people committing suicide unless they are running from what they have done to innocent people without letting that person have justice.
Drangon Ryan
Drangon Ryan:
sexual harassment mayor
el cacahuete
el cacahuete:
sexual harassment mayor
Malik Ahmad
Malik Ahmad:
May his soul Rest In Peace—at least he showed and lived with his conscience.
Lam Lam
Lam Lam:
The head of the City of Hong Kong should take the same action.
Vivian Haugaard
Vivian Haugaard:
It's always a tragedy when a person sees no other option than to take their own life. My condolances go to those he left behind 🖤
At least in the end he's showed that he had a conscious..RIP Park...
Michline Al
Michline Al:
Whenever you feel helpless, look into the moon and the sky, there’s some force..that will bring light & positive, you just have to hold yourself from making bad decisions for 1 month. look around, how others had stayed strong even their life is hard, life must go on. You’re here for a purpose, to fulfil the meaning of life, to be there for someone whose life was far worsen than yours, you, can make a difference, as long as you stay alive, there’s always chances of changes. I love you, and you should love yourself too!
There goes our taxpayers money for his 5day memorial service... All the sexual predators come to korea! Oh and pedos too cuz one of ours only got one year in prison for having multiple sexual intercourse with minor and distributing the videos and now he is among the public!
Bourjois M
Bourjois M:
Bari Forever
Bari Forever:
He should have been punished by law instead of committing suicide...
Heidi Uridge
Heidi Uridge:
So sad...
I wish all politicians resort to this, after some scandals and corruption exposé.
But in my country, their faces are as thick as a water dam wall.
If Park does prove to have killed himself he would be the highest-profile South Korean politician to do so since former president Roh Moo-hyun, who jumped off a cliff in 2009 after being questioned over corruption allegations involving family members.Mountains, cliffs, sounds a bit weird to me
James Tobin
James Tobin:
You can tell in the video he was a man defeated. There is something more to this.
Meme Maker
Meme Maker:
These accusations are very damaging to the ego. I dont know what yet.
Elaine Ireland
Elaine Ireland:
So sad
Why would a man whos decided to commit a suicide dress full clothes and wear full equipments like that? As if he was genuinely going for hiking... Very suspicious.
The suicide rate in Korea is so high. They need to work on getting people more counseling and therapy. I know he was faced with sexual misconduct allegations, but just saying that overall the suicide rate is embarrassing for Korea.
skoob dread
skoob dread:
Still wearing a mask even to go off himself, that's honorable
leb nikon
leb nikon:
Condolences to the family for their loss.
Yi Sun
Yi Sun:
Allegation made on Wednesday night, suicide in the next day, knowing its hard to collect evidences for sexual misconduct? He must be a very cowardly but efficient fool. Fishy
les antoine
les antoine:
Rest in paradise Seoul mayor 💐💐
Myung-Ho Lee
Myung-Ho Lee:
Before this, he was sued for his sexual misconduct while working as a mayor. "Me Too" movement in Korean society went into effect that one young lady who was his secretary, stood up and sued him. I can't believe his irresponsibility and cowardice. He had left without specifying any apologies to his victim(s). How despicable he is! No thought about the damage of the life he inflicted on his victim(s). He is but a criminal villain, in my view.
After The former secretary reported to police for all sexual harassment from the mayor, he commited suicide.
성추행 범죄자 아닌가?? 국민세금들여서 분향소까지;;; 의로운 죽음도 아닌데;;
왜? 5일장에 분향소까지 하는건지??
Such a shame. He must have been hurting badly. RIP
Strong Man
Strong Man:
He was forced to write that, can't fool me, DUH!!!
ddjdd wfgggb
ddjdd wfgggb:
Can’t blame the dude
joshua traman
joshua traman:
....... paying respect to fallen comrade...... is that it ????
matt thomas
matt thomas:
if only trump was this honorable....
Does anyone else think that it has to do with Ghislane Maxwell arrest?
Daniel Kahawaii
Daniel Kahawaii:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- "Na Honi Mai Ka Lani Me Ke Aloha. Kisses from Heaven. To whom it may concern. From Hawaii island with love and Aloha."

Thank You NBC for bringing the honest Truth, that is SO RECOGNIZABLE AND RELEVANT all across the globe. As HARD A TOPIC this is TO BEAR; the ALTERNATIVE leaves one DEVOID of understanding, WONDERING WHAT they DID WRONG.

*Jeremiah 17:17 be not a terror unto me: THOU ART MY HOPE in the evil day. *
Henry Niemi
Henry Niemi:
that's suspicious as heck. I mean that note is not even in his handwriting! But hey, the local cops are so bent, they will never get to the bottom of this obvious murder case.
Skeptic Spartan
Skeptic Spartan:
Poor guy, should of come here in the US. Would of fit in perfectly in politics somewhere, sexual harassment the norm.
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz:
If trump had any honor what so ever he'd do the same
죽음으로 도망을
가다니 말이 않되요
살아서 회개 했어야

예수님의 십자가를
깨닫지 못한 사람
아닌가 말 입니다
He is feminist. What a contradiction
You'll never see Trump do this.
Leo Sun
Leo Sun:
This must be incomprehensible to Trump.......someone with “honour, integrity, decency, remorse “
Trump is the last person on the planet to contemplate taking his own life, SADLY!!!
why some women don't file sexual harassment immediately, but after years?
The Captain
The Captain:
Another corrupt official sees the walls closing in and offs himself before getting exposed. Bye bye elite.
omi god
omi god:
There's too many people in the world anyway.
. . . ✨✨🕊 *BELIEVE BIDEN* 3o33o 🕊✨✨ . . .
All politicians are evil anyway
Don S
Don S:
Typical hypocrite. He gained political fame as a human rights lawyer defending a college girl who was allegedly a victim of sexual torture back in 80s during the politically unstable era in South Korea. What a shame.
asdfg qqq
asdfg qqq:
He is one of the corrupt leftists
But why did he commit suicide?What was going wrong in his life?
Destiny tran
Destiny tran:
what a shame. That survellance did not prove that it's him. It could be any men.
Dee Dee Winfrey
Dee Dee Winfrey:
Suicide is the ultimate form of self pity.