Hyundai Santa Fe SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

This is the new Hyundai Santa Fe! While Hyundai may not always be synonymous with premium quality, there’s no denying that this roomy seven-seat SUV is well built! But when top-of-the-range models have prices that stretch beyond £40,000, does it offer good value for money? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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100+ komento:

I watch Mat’s reviews even though I’m not interested in buying them lmao
I thought Matt was about to grab his stick of truth in the beginning of the video.
Michael S.
Michael S.:
I think Matt is slowly turning into Jeremy Clarkson here lol
Ryan Angkasa
Ryan Angkasa:
Whoever thought that intro deserve a raise
Franko Mrkic
Franko Mrkic:
Been following you for about 6 years now, the humor has leveled up a lot since 2013 🤣🤣
That plate number, B16 HYU - BIG HYU-ndai 😂 Hyundai actually has a sense of humour 😂😂
No one:

*Mat: This Hyundai is similar to Viagra*
Nuhan Hidayat
Nuhan Hidayat:
That awkward moment when Mat took the bottle off his trousers but you still can see the bulge 😶😶😶
Darcy Wall
Darcy Wall:
He is using his old phone- this vid must be like 3 months old
Is this Jish
Is this Jish:
Nobody :
Matt : h o t a s s
I remember being a kid, waiting for Saturday to come around to watch Motorweek on PBS and waiting monthly for my issue of Car and Driver. Now, as an adult, I wait for carwow videos to drop. But I never have to wait long (even though it feels like an eternity). And I'm never disappointed.
karlo andraka
karlo andraka:
The joke about screwdrivers was hands down unexpected and hilarious 😂
Karan Parajia
Karan Parajia:
That car legit gives you so much for the money you spend. Really impressive!
Akairo Hoshi
Akairo Hoshi:
That was the strangest carwow intro ever
Kyle L
Kyle L:
5:00 "cause you might need to help your friends in their Land Rovers, Audis and BMWs..."

That shade. lmao. Cause everyone knows SUVs from those brands keep breaking down, even with regular maintenance. Simply unreliable.
Beetlejuice Fans
Beetlejuice Fans:
Who else love when the videos started with "THIS" and go straight up to the point
Sky Lagg
Sky Lagg:
I dont know what to comment
Khizr Amin
Khizr Amin:
Hyundai has worked pretty hard on this SUV
R4ZI _
R4ZI _:
This is a quite nice 👍 car 🚘

Well done 👏 Hyundai
Jordan Moloney
Jordan Moloney:
Love the vids from Australia keep up the good work guys
Ms. Aishatul Bushra
Ms. Aishatul Bushra:
No one :
Literally not a single soul:
Matt: “this Hyundai is like a viagra”
Me: so I will just drive the car to last long in bed
just played the video and saw viagra
10/10 car review lmao
Rex RiCo
Rex RiCo:
Wow. That intro. It’s just... errr 😂.
samira iqbal
samira iqbal:
This review was shot quite a while ago...
I noticed that Mat was using his OnePlus 5
At the time it was shot.
Spencer Mclaughlan
Spencer Mclaughlan:
I’m surprised this - of all vehicles - has a manual gearbox option! 😱👍👌
Really great vehicle and you know its going to be reliable given its a hyundai.
Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill:
I`ve had this car now for 3 months and I paused the review before I posted this review. Love this car so much very nice to drive and when you need speed the 200 bhp kicks in nice and goes like Apollo 11 leaving Earth orbit, I find sometimes there`s a 1000s lag on pulling off, ( Auto ) from junction if your trying to beat a Bus or other vehicle from a island but no major issues. Only other thing I don't like to safety stuff, like applying the car breaks unexpectedly when reversing from my drive and there`s a passing car on the other side of the road. ( but then a again it stopped me from hitting a post in Asda) All in all I very happy with this car.
Subscribe to me for no reason
Subscribe to me for no reason:
3:32 I’m going to pretend I just didn’t witness that
No Name
No Name:
viagra jokes? tone it down. i sometimes watch these with my kids
Ashley D
Ashley D:
I was not ready for the water bottle in the beginning🤣🤣🤣
Jack O'Neil
Jack O'Neil:
3:23 "Get the broom, that reviewer is on the roof again."
Daniel Fernandes
Daniel Fernandes:
I first thought it was an MG Hector
Richard Atha
Richard Atha:
the scratches on that phone screen protector :O
I really love your reviews, and I pretty much everyone. But I would like if you would say a little bit more about the Soundsystem in the Future.
Great review. I would definitely consider a Santa Fe as my next car :)
David Singleton
David Singleton:
Hyundai Santa Fe remains a true contender.
Kobe Morris
Kobe Morris:
3:32 I could've sworn you were American for a sec😂
Shubham A
Shubham A:
all that time i was unaware that stanfee looks like viagra thank you dude, informative video
Tomasz Kolowca
Tomasz Kolowca:
That kind of ,,agressive front end demonstrating im an agry, important newly rich person" is getting really cliché
Ray Boccino
Ray Boccino:
Why are you car journalists so obsessed with German build quality? We don't live in the 70s or the 80s, effin' nobody cares, man!
nele nele
nele nele:
Best suv for this price ;)
When will we see a Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid?
Juan Felipe Vieira Mendes
Juan Felipe Vieira Mendes:
That intro was just among the best 😂
Brian Lee
Brian Lee:
Loving my '20 Symphony Silver Metallic 2.0T! Also, first thing I do is I turn off that silly Intelligent Stop/Go system every time I get in the car, I don't need it. (I do like it, but my dad doesn't.)
jang won .p
jang won .p:
자랑 스럽습니다!(현대) (기아) (쌍용)!
Tommy Wilson
Tommy Wilson:
Matt.....youre all kinds of crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
M Hasan
M Hasan:
Matt you never fail to make me laugh.
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh:
Sad part, such good cars like this one don't make their way to India, if they will, all the great tech and features are stripped off and the prices are sky-top
JC Studios
JC Studios:
2:16 is it an image of a Toyota? XD
The first NSFW car review ever🤣🤣🤣
Fredrik Hansson
Fredrik Hansson:
Japanese car makers have to watch out for Korea.
Umbra says
Umbra says:
ESP: off
AWD: lock
Snow: Donuts for days
SJohn Pang
SJohn Pang:
Among cars reviewers I like Mat the most, complete yet concise ! OSV or Autogefuhl are way too lengthy 😪
Carl-Emil G. Andersen
Carl-Emil G. Andersen:
I’m fourteen i can’t even drive and have no intend to buy this Hyundai, I just watch them because of Matt😂
Finally Matt's review improved imo :P
Joel Serrao
Joel Serrao:
The best and funniest review ever Mat! Thanks! 💞✌
More like Viagra 😂😂
Best starting ever
Aakash Gaurav
Aakash Gaurav:
one of the funkiest car review I had ever seen...thanks
Somehow Matt made a very generic SUV review more interesting
Robert Ri
Robert Ri:
That intro is the best thing I've seen al day
Dave Harris
Dave Harris:
Best opening ever!
Kaptain Garden
Kaptain Garden:
I love that he says it like hinedie and high and die lmao. Love you matt
Hello! Will you do a review for Rexton 2019 and/or 2020? It seems a great SUV!
Giorgos Arkham
Giorgos Arkham:
I love this Car !!!!
Charles K
Charles K:
Wow. it's just like me all around perfect
Manu Kosmos
Manu Kosmos:
That intro tho lmao 😂
Great video, I would like to see some off-road action as well as this is an suv
reni rifat
reni rifat:
Dennis Cubillo
Dennis Cubillo:
Wow, really nice car 👏 I was not expecting that!!! I would buy it for sure
Agent piggles
Agent piggles:
That intro lmfao
Suhas Khandwe
Suhas Khandwe:
I loved your presentation Matt it is just amazing how you flows your explanation like canoe cutting the water silently. Love from India and Carwow is just Wow.......😳
Matt Moore
Matt Moore:
Been driving the se trim for months and it’s awesome. It’s so easy to drive and rides really smooth. Only complaint is the weaker engine.
The review is so good! I watch everyone.
Mads Ambjørner
Mads Ambjørner:
Can you review DS 3 crossback please?
omg he went there! XD
6:50 that face!
harry andrews
harry andrews:
Matt's never used it before apart from before the Mazda 3 review :) (go and check the Mazda 3 review when he's at the boot)
Nice video, funny, informative.
Still waiting for the Kia Proceed GT review tho'
Thanks Mat, keep on the good work. Peace
Daniel V
Daniel V:
Matt has to be the best reviewer ever...not just a review but also very entertaining one:)))
Mat, make me laugh but with review or drag the M8 competition please 😁
Howie Green
Howie Green:
Mat you and your team make my day. What a brilliant review keep up the good work
Younes Layachi
Younes Layachi:
Wait you film these in bulk ?
I've seen this santa fe parked during other videos
D.R Ravindran
D.R Ravindran:
Hyundai i20 review pleas
Ryan Frisby
Ryan Frisby:
Howdy, great and comical review as always!😸😻😸
Where's The lamb sauce?
Where's The lamb sauce?:
Watching reviews of cars I’m never going to buy kinda day
Vaggelis Charemis
Vaggelis Charemis:
At the end of every video, Mat says "you should shortlist...". It's been a while since he stated sth else. Damn promotions 🤔
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh:
Haha love the way you review. Keep it up bro!
Is that possible for Carwow to do??
Jonathan Sumbu Yoka
Jonathan Sumbu Yoka:
Good ! 6:06
Andrea Downing
Andrea Downing:
Mat I love your sense of humor 😂😂😂
Humayd Haider
Humayd Haider:
One of the best intros I’ve seen
Faubourg Lincoln
Faubourg Lincoln:
I like how you acted surprised by the interior as it was you first time in it. 🤣
Baka H
Baka H:
😂😂 4:56 I see what you did there
Jeez, pretty thirsty in this one, eh Mat? 🤣
Intro was pure gold.
Donald Tirkey
Donald Tirkey:
@matt plz do a comparison review of cx9 with others in this category plz...
Dilafrose Bashir
Dilafrose Bashir:
Loved the predecessor, hmm
Hahahaha. I love this guy. Love your vids!
That intro LMAO
Rui César
Rui César:
make a test of Ford Fusion/Mondeo