Hyper Scape: Gameplay Overview Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Want to become a champion of the Hyper Scape? Be sure to watch for an overview of how to compete and achieve victory in the virtual city of Neo-Arcadia. Join the Technical Test by watching Twitch streams and earning Drops!

For more details, visit the official website: HyperScape.com

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Hyper Scape is an urban futuristic free-to-play Battle Royale where 100 Contenders engage in FPS close-quarters and fast-paced matches to become the next global superstar.

Fight your way through the 7 unique districts of Neo Arcadia, a virtual city featuring imposing landmarks that bring verticality to the next level. From sky-scraping towers to open plazas, from streets to rooftops, Neo Arcadia will push you to constantly adapt to your surroundings.

Hyper Scape is a brand new and intense First-Person multiplayer game that lets you define your playstyle to dominate the battleground. Dive into tense and vertical matches, where you (double) jump from streets to rooftops using unique weapons and unleashing powerful Hacks that bend the rules to your advantage.

Learn to avoid the Blight that progressively dissolves Neo Arcadia’s districts in varied patterns throughout each match. Maximize the Effects Cards played by the AI Game Master during the match, changing the game on the fly for all contenders. If you are skilled enough to make it to the final remaining players, you will enter the Showdown where you can choose your path to victory: will you eliminate all opposition or choose a more tactical approach and go for the Crown? Intense, surprising and spectacular, Hyper Scape brings Battle Royale to new heights.

Map changes, a steady flow of new customization options, thrilling gameplay opportunities… Be ready for an ever-evolving experience following your favorite 2054 Contenders in their quest to unveil the mysteries and secrets of the Hyper Scape.

Follow HyperScape:
Website: https://www.hyperscape.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hyperscapegame
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/hyperscapegame
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Hyper Scape: Gameplay Overview Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Gina Darling
Gina Darling:
The sector decay is sick. Very creative.
Hey, being able to use copies of weapons to upgrade instead of ignoring copies? Damn good idea
Cesar The Salad
Cesar The Salad:
This is the kind of innovation Battle Royales need. Upgrading weapons looks awesome, the post-death mechanic sounds intriguing, and the Events look like a fun time. You have my attention Ubi. I'll give it a try.
Mandalore the Hunter
Mandalore the Hunter:
Okay that’s actually cool, even if you die you still have a purpose
Oh yes!
Emmanuel salako
Emmanuel salako:
I feel like the skill cap for this game will be through the roof.
I guess there will be a Mosambique here
Al Malone
Al Malone:
This game so far sounds like apex legends/realm royale but everyone is octane
Marcus Smithereens-Smitherton
Marcus Smithereens-Smitherton:
Battle royale + double jump = I'm sold.
Not a big fan of Battle Royales, but this actually looks like a good one! Love some of the decision making, such as fusion of weapons.
*4:19** That voice crack though.* 😬
Wait... Twitch viewers can influence what happens in the game?
That reminds me of The Hunger Games...
That's pretty awesome.
J B:
Restore points idea is sickkkkk
The movement and streamlined loot and large map is good. Will try it out.
Brandon P.
Brandon P.:
NGL I was watching a stream earlier and this looks pretty cool. I loved the look of the gunplay and the arena shooter level of TTK
R Hoogewerf
R Hoogewerf:
Everything is better than fortnite, but this looks really nice
Carlos Shannon
Carlos Shannon:
Broooo coming from Tf2 this is right up my alley
Imagine hacking a game that you can already hack in...
1:01 this is literally just the L-star from the Titanfall franchise and Apex Legends
I was really unsure about this but you did get my attention of the fusion and respawn-on-wipe mechanics. Will keep an eye on this one :o
Daniel Deluxe - Territory

You're welcome, I feel like the synthwave is getting more popular by the years, it's about time...
Arjun Bhat
Arjun Bhat:
Ubi: gives me key to TTS.

Killed my hype in seconds, all because I live in South east Asia.

Pls ubi.....let me play!
Darn Alice
Darn Alice:
I was about to jump into the hype train until I heard "battle royal" I wish game developers would consider developing FPS Arena/objective games we have enough BR I'm not interested in a new one
Actually doesn't look that bad, seems unique
Sensei Senseix
Sensei Senseix:
Call of Apex: Unknown Overwatcher Counter Arena GO [[[Infinite Royale]]]
Can't wait to see how ubisoft will ruin this with monetization. I don't know how yet but I'm sure it's coming. Loot boxes are a given though.
Dang, that’s a pretty interesting “Thing the player does after he does” mechanic rather than just another version of ‘Oh hey just, bring this sticker to this bender and bring your lad back into the game’
Huh. Looks like I won’t be playing a game that starts with A- and ends with -pex legends as much anymore
Neil Z.
Neil Z.:
This looks really nice, never been excited for a battle royal until now.
The story behind this is essentially Ready Player One.
Finally, another game that is actually trying to change the trending meta
Average FPS Gaming
Average FPS Gaming:
Looks like you're a bit late in the party.
Typical Movie
Typical Movie:
Looks good and it looks inspired by Darwin project. I'm looking forward to it
Muhammad Fahad
Muhammad Fahad:
it feels like cyberpunk 2077 had a BR mode
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones:
I have a feeling that every squad is going to tell the noob on their team to die so that they can then scout for them.
Easily the coolest looking BR game, can't wait!
Looks really interesting, but I fear this could become essentialy the lawbreakers of BR.
This so looks like Unreal Tournament and Titanfall mix, but with an Overwatch look, but they also add a new level and that makes it interesting
Tony Payne
Tony Payne:
This looks like a really innovative and interesting take on battle royale, but as someone who doesn’t watch Twitch I wonder how the battle events will work for normal players
Sean Hall
Sean Hall:
This looks so awesome, I cant wait 2 play
Electricity Wave
Electricity Wave:
Love the style of gameplay, upgrading system, movement style feels so smooth and the combination of hacks and weapons make this a totally new and interesting game that we haven't had in Battle Royale as well! Love the twitch integration with streamers as well, so awesome!
"our new fast paced battle royale" aaaannd you lost me.
Rise Of Rome
Rise Of Rome:
The twitch battle events remind me a lot of the Darwin Project, probably where they got the idea from.
Abody Tarek
Abody Tarek:
can't wait to see EZIO in this game :D
Mick Ross
Mick Ross:
The thought of having to hear that voice drone on for any longer then this trailer does not make me want to play this.
Theo Gillan
Theo Gillan:
There are so many interesting and unique features and ideas and I love all of them!
Lonewolfz 153
Lonewolfz 153:
why does this looks so amazing
Apex legends + warzone = hyperscape made by ubisoft hmm not fun
Sasquatch Saterday
Sasquatch Saterday:
Alright I lost my faith in battle royale, but this looks freaking AWESOME!
Interesting, good thing they're trying new things.
Hmm, this actually looks really good. Getting sick and tired of being beamed from miles away in Warzone, this looks like a nice change of pace. Art style/aesthetics are really cool too
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez:
You see Microsoft. That’s how gameplay when you asked Ubisoft to show “gameplay” at your Xbox event.
Vlad Sînge
Vlad Sînge:
just typed hyper scape cause i seen a news that this shot just exploded, and i've just realized it's made by Ubisoft, and i'm like...ok...i aint gonna buy that
Lunaatic Productions
Lunaatic Productions:
Wow, that actually sounds amazing. Let me know when it's out of beta and actually playable, thx
Kentaro Nauval
Kentaro Nauval:
I feel like these weapons are inspired by titanfall's weapon design. Some looks and work the same, some just looks the same, but works different.
I really hope they hurry up the console release, there hasn’t been a new good multiplayer game in a minute
The map and futuristic setting looks really nice. The graphics and damn those animations when the weapons get upgraded.
jester photos, vlogs and gaming
jester photos, vlogs and gaming:
This looks so good! Good job Ubisoft, I hope you can manage it well!!! I'm really excited for it!

Btw can console get a pre-release download? Since it'll take us a while to download it?
Buy “hunt showdown”

is my review of this game
Newchannel haha
Newchannel haha:
This is looks so dope.
Green Sharp
Green Sharp:
Too bad it's another br, it's got a banging soundtrack from the trailer and good gameplay, love to play it as a singleplayer or co-op survival
4:17 the hand gestures said it gonna be very nice Italian style
Kristóf Váradi
Kristóf Váradi:
Everytime any character in a Ubisoft game says "loot" i'm satisfied.
Veman Jadhav
Veman Jadhav:
The coolest part is that those watching streamers streaming the game can choose an event to ensue more chaos. This is something no one had thought about. Damn.
Paul Mielcarz
Paul Mielcarz:
Finally a shooter with some style and innovations.
This is so aesthetically pleasing and creative that I already know this is gonna be a hit.
Aussie Gordon
Aussie Gordon:
I really like this new take on respawns, incredibly creative imo.
Skrt_ Kurt
Skrt_ Kurt:
Besides that it's another BR. It actually looks really interesting. I might play it.
PLayyboi Andrew
PLayyboi Andrew:
dude this is a masterpiece it reminds me of crackdown 3,apex, overwatch if *overwatch was good*,and the graphics are so good and the way you can upgrade weapons OOF thats a real game
Antious Manious
Antious Manious:
Great to see a new arena fps game coming out!! Looking forward to trying this out - just hoping there will be servers in Australia
Damn... This Apex Legends DLC looks amazing. Oh wait
J McDonald
J McDonald:
Fortnite will find some way to steal something.
Bro I can’t wait to play this 😍
So we gonna forget how some of this is like Darwin project...I'm still coppin cuz it look fire
Idk if people will like the fact you can see the opponents health.
I'm not that huge of a BR fan, but I'm loving this. I can't wait!
Aditya Sidharth
Aditya Sidharth:
This is pretty cool!! Can't wait to try this game out!!
robojnmasterhand X
robojnmasterhand X:
Nice to see such a flowing movement system Im interested
Jcraft Gaming
Jcraft Gaming:
1:14 In the gameplay they’re using a controller so hopefully us controller players can play soon!
lowiedebroer ➊
lowiedebroer ➊:
This is what you get when you put COD, valorant and overwatch in 1 game
Unique Hunter
Unique Hunter:
If this is the next famous game I’m dropping straight in 😂😂
This screams "LIVE SERVICE" like an opera singer, and lord knows Ubi loves to bank in on MTs.
Another game going to dominated by Twitch kids and heavy meta abuse.
lol i kinda feel bad now for warzone... like man, ive been playing that since day 1 and got really bored with those snipers always camping on roofs of building. This looks like hella fun... that scouting system looks dope as well... the BR system is fast paced, always rushing, hope this gets to be a real success cuz it looks promising!
Gaming High Priest
Gaming High Priest:
I like how u borrowed concepts from other games and modified them with ur own ideas..... also what i like the most, is that, u dont need to open doors, u just need to break em(lol)
ParaBellum _
ParaBellum _:
Ferb, I know what we're gonna play for the next 5 years
This is what I expected when I heard Respawn was doing a Battle Royale.
avery donsilva
avery donsilva:
I love the way you upgrade weapons, inspires weapon loyalty.
Subhankar Baral
Subhankar Baral:
So, while I am waiting for CP2077, I am gonna jump right on this. Innovation at peak.
This looks really neat, once it fully realeses its gonna be real compeititve with apex imo.
Marko Vuckovic
Marko Vuckovic:
It looks really good, I just hope it's going to run on my PC
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with:
Great, another Battle Royale among hundreds of them, all made in the same year...You played one of them, you've played them all. What happened to good old multiple game-modes? If this game had other modes except BR, i would give it a try. It's boring as hell, literally no different than Apex Legends mixed with Overwatch, same stuff in a different package.
2:24 There it is! That’s the game changer.
I saw a streamer playing this and it looked sick af, then i watch this and hearing that its another battle royale its just an instant turnoff.
Æsthetic God
Æsthetic God:
Honestly one of my favorite things about the game is being able to affect people playing it without being on the game yourself. That twitch integration thing they did is absolutely genius
Amir Rehan
Amir Rehan:
Excited to try this. Woah!
Finally a storm that I can actually see out of.
APEX Legends: Overwatch
I always wanted to know how it feels like to be the first one to die in battle royale games.

This is too fast for me so am going to be the first one to die.
N S:
This is literally a copy of the Apex Legends gameplay trailer lmao