Hyderabadi Mutton Recipes for Bakrid - Goat Curry - Festival of the Giving Eid al-Adha

Happy Bakrid Enjoy the festival of giving Festival of the sacrifice Eid al-Adha

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shahi tukda recipe is Eid ul Adha Special sweet Recipes are made and bakrid sweets include double ka meeta - Double ka meetha is a bread sweet made of fried bread slices

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Blue Orchid
Blue Orchid:
Your wife is so lucky to have a man like you. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND YOUR MARRIAGE
Shaik Ahmed
Shaik Ahmed:
You celebrate all festival in all the season.May Allah, Krishna, Jesus,Guru May Bless You And Your Family......
Your the Hyderabadi Role Model for rest of the world.
naga lakshmi
naga lakshmi:
All the girls out there r praying to get a husband like sanjay gaaru
Muslim Queen
Muslim Queen:
Chef can u adopt me plz 😭 I'm done with cooking but I love eating 🙄 I'm bigggggg foodie but I hate cooking how is this possible 😭
You are such a great person but the way you treat your wife is something really inspiring. More respect to you.
Life style
Life style:
Good morning
Stay safe
Stay sanitized
Stay healthy
Stay happy
Stay blessed
Stay connected
Welcome to my channel too
Have a great time ahead💮❤
faby ka kitchen
faby ka kitchen:
Love the way you both cook and enjoy at the same time❤❤❤how the chef u feed to mam just love it😍God bless u both with all the happiness in the world💞💞lovely couple
aejaz dar
aejaz dar:
She is really so lucky, to have a lovely man like you .God bless you.
Ruby Hazarika
Ruby Hazarika:
"Whatever is her fav, I gave up ,so that she can enjoy", oh this love ,she is one lucky wife God bless you both keep cooking, enjoying food together forever 💞 dhinchik dhinchik 😊
Pearl Geelal
Pearl Geelal:
This video is so nice. Y? Because Queen Victoria was the cook also.
Chennai Spices
Chennai Spices:
Chef you really care and love your wife too much.
God bless you botg
Mohammed Shaik
Mohammed Shaik:
Lovely couple may Allah shower his mercy on to your full family 🙏❤️♥️♥️♥️ love you akkka and bavaaa!
Joyce Coelho
Joyce Coelho:
more than the recipe I enjoyed seeing the way you took care of Ragini by feeding her and giving her the marrow bone she liked. God bless you both and your kids abundantly
Really we feel really blessed to have you and thank you so much for all the wonderful and beautiful entertaining recipes day by day,I Really Feel That You Should be Awarded for the Best Chef Of India.Really proud.And keep entertaining us with many more.We wish you may you continue cooking for many more years and our love is always with you..
Sirisha Amaram
Sirisha Amaram:
Can't believe I watched it in shravanam just to watch you guys 🤪
For a second got apna sa vibes when Mrs. Vahchef said she used to live in musheerabad..I used to stay nearby too 😍
edna james
edna james:
Wahoo , must be smelling awesome with dil leaves. Should try this on Sunday special.
Best wishes and thank you for Eid wishing and understanding the essence of giving. Again thank you.
Asma Hadher
Asma Hadher:
Greetings to both of you! Don't know how to start or express. This is my first experience i am commenting on a video because now i couldn't stop myself from doing it. I kept watching your videos since years from when you started posting cooking videos. I used to love your videos specially i wait for that last moment when you relish the dish is best one. I would be drooling & my parents & siblings would look at me & laugh. Now watching you & wife together is one of the most beautiful thing to watch. May God bless you people with more happiness & good health.
Sneha's Food Court
Sneha's Food Court:
The best ched ever i know..No one can replace u sir...Our family loves u soo much..We pray God bless u with good health,prosperity nd happy life..
Farheen Moulana
Farheen Moulana:
Chef and Ma'am, thnk you for lifting our bakrid spirits and getting us in festive mood in these isolated times. 🙏. Mutton recipe is super. Thnk u for sharing
Udi's Journal
Udi's Journal:
Best chef ever😊😊love ur way of explaining in detail and expressions while cooking,u won’t believe,have been watching ur recipes since 5 to 6 years 👍🏻👍🏻.... from Canada
Saradha Thekke potail
Saradha Thekke potail:
Beautiful when husband feeds wife, bakrid is festival of sharing n giving do people now a days keep it up?
Suzan OE
Suzan OE:
I go mad with your recepies. Feel like trying all.
I live your cooking and the way you are presenting . God bless you keep going
SD's Delicious Kitchen
SD's Delicious Kitchen:
After watching this video i feel like my family that is the impact of your recipes..
gladys mary
gladys mary:
Sir you r the best chef in the whole world, very easy n tasty recipes, thank you so much 😍😍😍 i m from DELHI got married in telugu family n your recipes r impressing my family they r also your big fans like me, i really want to meet u n touch your feet love from HYDERABAD ❤
Madhurima Dhauria
Madhurima Dhauria:
Sir, Plzz give measurements of each ingredients used.
Wow, husband feeding wife...very rare these days
Kezia Chebrolu
Kezia Chebrolu:
Good morning chef sir ❤️....
Amazing chef, amazing food , amazing wife , amazing life 🥰
aaa a
aaa a:
I can feel it sir ur recipe it's too gud....bt I must say ur love for each other that also it's gud 👍
Mehran Ayesha
Mehran Ayesha:
I dont necessarily try ur recipes but I just watch them lol enjoy watching you guys.. May you guys b one among those upon whom Eid blessings are showered by Almighty! Ameen
pinki bhatt
pinki bhatt:
Shiv bless your jori, keep eating, smiling and teach every one cook and love life partner.
V B:
Love your recipes. Stay blessed with Queen Victoria!
rajkumar mamidala
rajkumar mamidala:
Great couple. now a days both of u inspiration couple. Edi Em aina me wife chala chala lucky sir. Mutton curry super sir
Jaya Sagar Korlakanti
Jaya Sagar Korlakanti:
I would like to learn hotel management Sir. But now I can't. I am doing Job. Any way I am learning cooking seeing of your cooking.
I love goat curry, but I cant find any goat to cook! So instead I have to use lamb. When I watch you cook I get so hungry! lol
Nazzar Kamaldeen
Nazzar Kamaldeen:
A great human being . Hope the rest of the world enjoy the every moment of life like you truly respecting all religions . Have a blessed life. God bless you .
Helen Dhanaraj
Helen Dhanaraj:
Happy Eid. God bless you dears.Thanks for recipe.
Sohel Ali
Sohel Ali:
I have been watching all the videos of Bumba Bumba since 2017,I just love you both🥰
seshi mar
seshi mar:
I love your recipes so much very easy and simple for cooking...i really like the way you are feeding your wife, even my husband does that very often...God bless your pair!!
girisha gundaram
girisha gundaram:
It’s festival of “Sacrifice “
Shelley Pillay
Shelley Pillay:
Ravi I am u so lucky chef is so loving with u. Got bless u both 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤜🏼🤛🏼❣️
Reeja George
Reeja George:
Wow!! today, Queen talked first time with king!!! 🍡With delicious receipe super!! 🍡 🍡 🍡
He loves his wife. Amazing mutton curry. 👍
Yummy rose Channel
Yummy rose Channel:
Thank you for Eid wishing chef🥰🌸🥰
Zain Borkan
Zain Borkan:
I love this handsome chef wow💋💋he's my crush also😭😭😭😭😭
Godwyn Suguna Kumar
Godwyn Suguna Kumar:
Good morning sir, nice receipe in our house we my daughters are addicted to your recipes for any kind of variety thank you
Ami -
Ami -:
Thanks Mr & Mrs Vahchef. Blessings for your family on Bakra Eid :)
Minr things
Minr things:
Do you have any healthy breakfast recipes for toddlers. Finding it difficult everyday to cope up everyday with the ever-changing wants and likes of my toddler. Hope to get some or few recipes.
the ak
the ak:
Sir, appne dil loot liya !👍stay blessed
Tulika Gautam
Tulika Gautam:
I love you guys.

Vah chef o always loved your videos and it's so much more awesome since you added your family in it.

You guys are my new couple goals. 😘😘😘💕💕💕
Telugu Info World
Telugu Info World:
Amazing chef, amazing food , amazing wife , amazing life 🥰
holy cute
holy cute:
LCI: lovely couple of India
Subadhra Palasubramaniam
Subadhra Palasubramaniam:
Good morning Chef & Ragini, a nice aromatic recipe, try goat curry with dill seeds too, you may like it. Nice to see Ragini participate in your video's, as I used like to watch her video's too.
Jayashree Palliyil
Jayashree Palliyil:
Could you please upload the recipe of Hyderabadi kheema made with curd? Thank you in advance.
Satya Akula
Satya Akula:
Bhayya I just wanna ask you a big question How about adding Asafoetida in Mutton or Chicken Curry
kareem keyaan
kareem keyaan:
This couple is so inspiring!!!
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar:
Good and ideal couple,looks great you both cooking together ...👍❤️❤️😊
Vijayakumari Navaneethan
Vijayakumari Navaneethan:
Vow chef mouth watering good bless
Gopi Kishore
Gopi Kishore:
Dear Sanjeev ji you are an awesome Chef & Teacher. I treat you as my Guru & Your recipe NEVER fails me. Thanks a ton🥰🥰.
Johnny BeGood
Johnny BeGood:
Habeeb Muhammad
Habeeb Muhammad:
I pray to the Almighty for u & ur family sucess, health & happiness.
vindhya kumari
vindhya kumari:
Good to know i also brought up from musheerabad😉
Shiva Nand
Shiva Nand:
Kaka niku pinni competition vastundi. 😂🤣🤣
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar:
Good morning Gurugaru... Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe😊
Nath's kitchen
Nath's kitchen:
Kis kis ko Subscribers chahiye??
Comment please
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Archana Ravikumar
Archana Ravikumar:
Wow 👏 😮 so nice.. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Have a great day
Librarian Moushumi
Librarian Moushumi:
Abhishek Mukherjee
Abhishek Mukherjee:
Chef I Really Enjoy all of Your Vedios Keep It Up your dishes are Dam Tasty
Yummy Food Simplified
Yummy Food Simplified:
No matter what is the festival you are the first one to celebrate. 💖 💓 love your spirit
Rev. Anil Michael
Rev. Anil Michael:
wah wah wah ji wah Chef. no words. still I want some more Mutton recipes from. as your fan I am demanding.
Vanaja Rani mad hapla beylike niru eshtu hakbeku.
Vanaja Rani mad hapla beylike niru eshtu hakbeku.:
Y r very lucy couples. We r very happy to see y both while coocking and enjoing the recipe.
Bushra Bohjath
Bushra Bohjath:
Yummy recipe sir ,love your cooking,ragini mam enjoying food,good to see you both love birds....stay blessed....
Sreehari Badabagni
Sreehari Badabagni:
Hellow good morning sir&medam you are the inspiration couple to younger generation
shailaja kanimetti
shailaja kanimetti:
Awesome. E roje Bakrid laga undi anna. Nenu tinalenu hmm akalivestundi chustunte 😔. Sravanam kada🙈
Foodies Kitchen Recipe
Foodies Kitchen Recipe:
Wow delicious recipe. Thanks dear for sharing the nice recipe. Have great day.😍😍
charan kumar
charan kumar:
Nee sarasaluuu Kocham aapu ra seamyyy...virakthi denguthundhi
laya rao
laya rao:
Next jenmam lo milanti manchi bartha naaku dorakali sir.may god bless you both sir aishman bava
Shameem Taj
Shameem Taj:
God bless the couple ❤
Abhirami Muthuvelan
Abhirami Muthuvelan:
😍😍good morning chef.. Excellent recipe..yesterday I made your fish moilee.. With coconut milk that curry very tasty.. 👍👍
lela boodhoo
lela boodhoo:
Thanks for the amazing recipe love both you guys
Tamil Family kitchen
Tamil Family kitchen:
Woooow...nice recipe chef... Mouth watering 😋will definitely try this out👍
Gokila Arun Kumar
Gokila Arun Kumar:
You are super power chef that's y understand ur fans mind according to that u r posting recipes .I m going to prepare on this Friday for Eid. dinchik dingik dingik dingik from my daughter kanseya.
Kavita Pillai
Kavita Pillai:
Love the way you feed your wife.
sujatha rani
sujatha rani:
Paapm mee wife experments Anni avida meeda chesthunnaru
Shama Meerja
Shama Meerja:
Great role model couple.. but iam craving for pulihora 😉
Róhìťh đêvïllįęřš
Róhìťh đêvïllįęřš:
Musheerbad mana Area makkiii 🔥💥🔥💥
Aliya Abbas
Aliya Abbas:
Awww u guys are so sweet together ❤❤❤
Tabassum Shaikh
Tabassum Shaikh:
Touchwood stay blessed
# RIP gamer
# RIP gamer:
Your family is like WONDERWORLD sir 😍😍 that i miss in mine😭😭😭
Prasanth Narayanan
Prasanth Narayanan:
wow. wat a couple. love 🥰 forever
Tejo latha das
Tejo latha das:
We are missing your jokes in telugu..😂😂😂😂
Lakshmi Narayana
Lakshmi Narayana:
Sir ,madam lavu avutundemo jagratta
Solai Krishnaveni Vijaya Kumar
Solai Krishnaveni Vijaya Kumar:
Six days in advance you post this video of Eid there education +professional+family+democracy+fulfillment all together in a simple video for 6 minutes
blues ram
blues ram:
The beauty of the video is also the bond you both share 👌
Prasanna Kumari
Prasanna Kumari:
Wow amazing...mutton curry....so yummy..Eid mubatlrak to all...thank u for the wonderful recepi.must try ...👌👌🏼👍👍😍😍😄😄♥️♥️
Lata saravanan Lata
Lata saravanan Lata:
I think your wife is very luck to have a husband like you sir. God bless you both
Best couples best food pleasant to watch you guys great going
దొరసాని అలక తీరిందా chef గారు👍