Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing and Camera Test

Huawei just announced their new P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+. Here is my unboxing of the Huawei P40 Pro in Matte Gray.

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy:
Come hang out on Lew Later some time -
That camera image is clearer than my real eyes
x •shy
x •shy:
Soon there will be a huawei "p90"
And its shooting bullets, be ready...
Alneezhar Ratag Abud
Alneezhar Ratag Abud:
I belong to those 2% of people who are thinking about "where those phone go after overview?"
Gun'z Pagun
Gun'z Pagun:
I'm going to buy this phone, about 3 years later..
Aron Mężyk
Aron Mężyk:
How about switching to it and then sharing how is it like to live without google apps? That would be anusual and for sure interesting, keep up the great work Lew and thank you for the vid :)
A R:
Whenever it's an Huawei conference I think is it a DSLR launch or Smartphone. Because am pretty sure it's DSLR with smartphone features. XD
ma trouve
ma trouve:
So basically, this P40 pro is a "Camera with a smartphone?"
Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films:
Who remembers when phones had no Camera at all..?
Mr Drip
Mr Drip:
Am I the only one who has the urge to call it “Hawaii”?
megat haszrul
megat haszrul:
I'm doing WillyDu's job, by listening to him, while sitting with my laptop, and nodding.
Harvey Registrado
Harvey Registrado:
Next video,
"I'm switching to Huawei P40 Pro"
When you're using the P30

Friend:Hey you can stop using your newly bought P30 phone because there's a new P40 huawei phone that they released.

Me: *Heart attack*
Whoever Whoever
Whoever Whoever:
"If I see another Huawei review, I will order YT to ban this channel." -Trump
Rafael Derencio
Rafael Derencio:
Fells like you work better "alone".
Lew:its got tremendous detail

Me watching this in 144p: WHAT?
Kevin Hodgson
Kevin Hodgson:
I just want a flagship phone without part of the screen missing, why is that so damn hard.
Melhem Hayek
Melhem Hayek:
Everything I can afford is watching
Mario M.
Mario M.:
P40 pro is brilliant smartphone, cameras are perfection! I like the design and tons of useful features
Rajdeep Kundu
Rajdeep Kundu:
"I understand the advantage of the two step thing" 😂
Geoff Berteau
Geoff Berteau:
This is an entirely different lighting setup. I feel like I'm on the dark web.
Willie L
Willie L:
Next video : *facepalm *
"I'm switching to Huawei P40"
Tori Z
Tori Z:
I absolutely love that color! I'm such a girl, lol, I said hey, that looks like a mermaid's tail!
HUAWEI P40 pro ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eamon Dan
Eamon Dan:
The image quality of selfie is industrial class.
Roberto Melchor
Roberto Melchor:
It's good to see Lew sitting down again. 😎
This huawei P40 Pro seems interesting I would like to have it for use,i guess it would work pretty good.
guys,yesterday I got my hands on the brand new p40+,it feels so good when I hold it.dont know if its because I have get used to big phone like iphone xs max.
Lakes J
Lakes J:
Niu Bi !
The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years:
7:19 who is that ghost like lady figure??
freshman twin
freshman twin:
Watching on my P30 Pro
... With Google services 😎
I am watching this on my Mate 30 pro. By the way, I met Lew in February and I was too excited to show him how I installed the Google on my Mate 30 pro.
Gameel The Second
Gameel The Second:
6:45 "it's crazy fast" *cuts out the clips when he uses Face ID* smh lol
Straight Outta Zambia
Straight Outta Zambia:
Huawei boxes: "Explore it on AppGallery"
Everybody else's boxes:...
Xiaomi boxes: "With all the google apps you need" 😂😂😂
barry gray
barry gray:
Watching this on my p20 pro still don't need to upgrade love this phone and I have Google play
Who remembers when people had one camera on their phones?
berna dette
berna dette:
watching with my p20 pro with google services🙃

"once u go huawei u never going back"
I love this phone i hope i can buy this in the Future i always watching all his video even in my old account;
..i'm nearsighted so, you can't imagine how RELATABLE that is. 😄
i just bought this the other day and still the OS not updated..
still waiting for the update to use the golden snap
I miss the earlier setup
Duy Khánh
Duy Khánh:
Everyone : nice water bottle pic
Me : that's a weird mannequin
Christian Acero
Christian Acero:
I thought i was watching lowest brightness on my phone. lol. good video though
Jaimin Patel
Jaimin Patel:
Thanks for sitting down, I got stressed up seeing you standing and walking around, just sit and chill ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame:
P50: zooms into mars
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
9:00 oh yeah. I vibe with that bgm. Dance of the sugar plum fairies I believe
Emile de Weerd
Emile de Weerd:
Really loving the Blue Danube background music. Here in France it was my grand-dad's best music choice, ever. I believe in his time the dancing was so much more important.
Alexandre Willame
Alexandre Willame:
Thanks for the video, very informative. Question: Are you in any way related to fiji (Any financial link to disclose)? All the best,
Still SO bad that huawei can´t use goole full out, really good phones and chips..:)
probs best
probs best:
Some apps and details on that phone are copying Apple
John kenneth Bitco
John kenneth Bitco:
Jessie C
Jessie C:
Can you load Tune in, on that phone? Because it is my favorite app to play music. If not, I will not be buying this phone.
BTY FlurberDerp
BTY FlurberDerp:
Review the Samsung Galaxy a10e, it is so forgotten and mysterious because almost nobody has anything about it plus the price can get as low as $80.
Mustafa Alfarhan
Mustafa Alfarhan:
jerryRigEverything : Glass is glass and glass can break!!
and everything will be so expensive from now on so chose wisely
killing field
killing field:
Why was there Xmas music in the background 🤔
Drago KK
Drago KK:
This is absolutely the best smartphone in the whole world ❤️📱™️ Good job Huawei
1:45 Xiaomi had this on their Mi 10 Pro
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia:
Wooooow I love the all aesthetic of outer appearance of this p40... I really impress and I really love it... I love all design and style of this phone love it... how I wish I can have that one beast
Scott Swain
Scott Swain:
For me, screen-to-body ratio is practical; meaning I want as much screen as I can get with the phone being small enough to fit in my pocket.
heer shaikh
heer shaikh:
Watching on my huawei nova 3i 😊
Huawei is best...... May be I'm in love with this phone but i don't have enough money to buy
Rayeem Morris
Rayeem Morris:
Would love to have this phone☹❤
Satin Lew, it's called SATIN. It's not "shiny matte" :)
Anyone else notice a change in Lews personality? Seems very subdued and calmer...
Phone Apps & Games - Tips and Tutorials
Phone Apps & Games - Tips and Tutorials:
The phone looks great! It has an amazing camera.
Mord Shu
Mord Shu:
Anyone like me loves its color?
It's so cooooooooool!
usman ebrahim
usman ebrahim:
where's your team mate?
lack of camera angles in this particular video.
Edward Grafton
Edward Grafton:
Hey Lew the Huawei P40 Pro looks really really cool and I love that colour too.
Samsung: we made the wierdest camera on a phone
Huawei: hold my p40
Lion Øüssāmä
Lion Øüssāmä:
When i look at this phone and look at my phone i feel sad😂💔
Tunisian Car Spotter
Tunisian Car Spotter:
We'll maybe need a video about how you dealt with the OS and the apps
ANA 01
ANA 01:
Watching on my Mate 20 pro. Great phone👌
Max Chiah Cape
Max Chiah Cape:
I noticed your audio went around me and made me turn my back as if someone was talking behind me. Wow!
Gameing screen
Gameing screen:
Finally he’s got his chair back
vlog for the change
vlog for the change:
This is my dream phone
Santosh vasa
Santosh vasa:
Hey lew! Iam waiting for your LG V60 video. Everyones skipping it but I request you to cover it! I really think If you are covering a phone that wont even get released in the us or canada.. You should even cover a phone that costs way less and also is comparable to expensive s20s. I always like LG but feel everyone dumps on it for no reason like what AA did this time.
Just offering that dual screen with the phone itself should make it a worthy phone to review it..
Thanks for reading.
Remus P.Drumia
Remus P.Drumia:
Hi, there! When we'll see the P40 Pro+ review???? Thanks!
Doctors' theory
Doctors' theory:
Watching a tech video and noone is talking about tech here in the comment ? C'mon man !
Everyone: huawei
Me: he back on dat chair, fam!
this colour looks great!
Hamad ALL
Hamad ALL:
I missed when they used to show us the picture on screen rather than reaching close to the camera..that's a huge downgrade
Alneezhar Ratag Abud
Alneezhar Ratag Abud:
seriously I didn't see this guy making unboxing videos without his cap.
That looks as Samsung's Galaxy S20 very much
Preet Amare
Preet Amare:
Finally he's back in the chair.... Love it
omer mziri
omer mziri:
Watching this with my p30 pro :(
Jong Tristesa
Jong Tristesa:
It's a dream come true if I'll get one of the Huawei's device. 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aditya More
Aditya More:
Back to old styled videos. I love this way than stand and move around. Lew man, stick to this please.
Reuben Chan
Reuben Chan:
I miss the team and their editing... And the camera angles... And crazy Lew when he still wore glasses...
I feel like the next smartphone is just going to have half of the backside just a wall of camera's.
Noob player
Noob player:
thanks for coming back to the table😁
Derren Deville
Derren Deville:
I feel like apple is just bumping up the price but keeping the quality the same.
Rizky Mahir
Rizky Mahir:
Samsung: S20 Ultra with a monster camera.
Huawei: Hold my beer!
I'm happy with my OnePlus 7T
Common Sense
Common Sense:
Zack is watching...
Zack is smiling...
Zack is cleaning his tools...

Zack: I bet the deeper grooves will show at level 8
Kujtim Zymeri
Kujtim Zymeri:
Your camera on this video is crap. I could borrow u my Xperia for perfect result.
he comes alive when theres his partners around. hes just like that guys chill
Fun Fact
Fun Fact:
The most part I like in any review on this channel are the beard test
it kinda looks like a fridge from the back
nash sanadiki
nash sanadiki:
Huawei: Hey apple, it's 2020 the standard storage isn't 64gb anymore
Apple: we're going back to 16gb and backing up everything to iCloud
sometimes I absorb what you're saying because of how handsome you are.
Fox Dope
Fox Dope:
His cap i almost mistaken his Bylt hat a Blyat text 😂😅hahah