How to test electronic components in hindi/Urdu | utsource electronic components testing

How to test electronic components in hindi/Urdu | utsource electronic components
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Here is the video tutorial about basic electronic components testing or electronic components checking in which I practically explained and show how to test electronic components with digital multi meter or how to check electronic components with multimeter.

There are so many kinds of electrical and electronic components like Resistor (fixed resistor variable resistor carbon film resistor metal film resistor wire wound resistor) Capacitor ( polar capacitor
non polar capacitor electrolytic capacitor mica capacitor ceramic capacitor film capacitor ) Inductor (air core inductor iron core inductor ferrite core inductor ) transistor (bjt and fet means bipolar junction transistor and field effect transistor which can be npn or pnp and jfet or mosfet means metal oxide field effect transistors ) pn junction diode zener diode led (light emitting diode) heat sink thermistor ldr (light dependent resistor) bridge rectifier ICs (integratyed circuits) transformer and batteries etc.

So in this video I covered all basic electronic components testing methods like how to check resistor with digital multimeter how to test transistor with multimeter how to check electronic capacitor How to check electronic component in board and how to check mobile components with multimeter.

We know that for any electronics component testing there are two steps first is to find their value and second is checking their health good or bad working or in not working condition.So if you want to learn all about component testing procedures watch complete video and share it to your friends.

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