How to Survive High School: The First Day

You finally made it – high school. And chances are, you’re feeling nervous, excited, and, let’s admit it, pretty scared! It’s ok, breathe, you got this! And if you’re looking for tips on how to kick your Freshman Year off right and keep it that way, this video is right what you need!

In fact, your first year of high school is the best time to step out of your comfort zone because nobody is comfortable. That dude you see high-fiving everyone in the hallway between classes may seem like he has his stuff together, but he is probably overcompensating for his insecurity. If you hear a conversation you can chime in on, speak up! But there are many other things you better pay attention to.

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Go to orientation 0:22
Learn your schedule 1:00
Don’t go crazy with the school supplies 1:24
Get a planner 1:51
Learn your teachers’ names 2:25
Sit upfront 2:42
Ask questions 3:24
Talk to your classmates 3:46
Choose electives wisely 4:16
Don’t be afraid to ask for a schedule change 4:41
Structure your time when you’re not in school 5:10
Don’t let a bad day or week turn into a bad semester 5:40
Remember, grades aren’t everything 6:06
Keep a private journal 6:36
Don’t document everything on social media 7:10
Make some goals 7:43
Don’t fall into Freshman mentality 8:11

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- Most schools have an Orientation Day for incoming freshies. Don’t make it worse by annoying the teacher on the first day because you showed up late after getting lost.
- If you learn your schedule, you’ll know how early or late your lunch period is, and plan accordingly.
- Your teachers will let you know exactly what you’re going to need for each class on Day 1.
- Here’s one school supply you’ll want to have on hand right away. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a simple notebook with a calendar will do.
- Unless your class has specific assigned seats, try to sit near the front. Be particularly diligent about this tip if it’s a subject you struggle with.
- Chances are this is the first time you’ll have an opportunity to choose from classes that interest you, so do just that!
- Make sure you not only include time for after-school activities and homework but also time to relax, hang out with friends, and catch up on your favorite shows!
- A lousy grade on a test or an argument with a friend can really weigh on you, even if you refuse to think that it will. What’s important here is to not let those negative feelings spiral out of control.
- If you have a choice between getting extra credit that you don’t even need and going to a show with some friends, go out with your pals!
- Taking 5 minutes at the end of each day to jot down your thoughts, feelings, and the stuff you did will help you slow it all down just enough to keep you focused on your experiences along the way.
- Bad days or great days, it can be tempting to put it all out there as you’re feeling it. But when it comes to posting it all online, use some discretion.
- Take a moment to ask yourself what you want out of your first year of high school.
- Freshman year is the easiest it’s going to get. Know this ahead of time, and you’ll be glad you worked so hard to beef up your GPA early on!

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Hey there, BrightSiders! Do u know all of your teacher’s names?
John Bonilla
John Bonilla:
I need a “how to survive school all year” vid
*How to spend your days in High School:*
1. Enjoy it...while it lasts
T D.O.T:
Good luck Friends wish you get higher marks in exams A+
Omario Vassell
Omario Vassell:
Who is going in 9th grade september? Leave a like☺
roblox _tea
roblox _tea:
Thumbnail: oh so I have to wear a green shirt to be right
50k subs with 3 videos?
50k subs with 3 videos?:
If you reading this…

*Have a good day!❤️😇*
Online classes be like:

I'll sit in the back people uwu
Stephanie Stepanyan
Stephanie Stepanyan:
*Clicks on the vid*

First few seconds of the vid:
“Go to orientation”

*Cries in doesn’t know if school is even going to reopen*
The Ficho
The Ficho:
5 years of high school? In my country we are going to high school only 4 years.
Go to orientation 0:22
Learn your schedule 1:00
Don’t go crazy with the school supplies 1:24
Get a planner 1:51
Learn your teachers’ names 2:25
Sit upfront 2:42
Ask questions 3:24
Talk to your classmates 3:46
Choose electives wisely 4:16
Don’t be afraid to ask for a schedule change 4:41
Structure your time when you’re not in school 5:10
Don’t let a bad day or week turn into a bad semester 5:40
Remember, grades aren’t everything 6:06
Keep a private journal 6:36
Don’t document everything on social media 7:10
Make some goals 7:43
Don’t fall into Freshman mentality 8:11
Just a peace of cake
Just a peace of cake:
Kid: wow thks, really gonna help this year

People that graduated: *HEHE*
Who else is not going to high school but just wanted to know some high school tips
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad:
My freshman year just started and I'm already going mentally insane
The Ace Clan
The Ace Clan:
I don’t think bright side knows how lit the first day of school is
"Avoid seats near the window"
Weebs: I don't think I will
Secret Chef
Secret Chef:
This would've been nice to have on my first day of highschool yesterday
If i said "no idea" the teacher always replys with
Teacher: You're Not Listening Are You! Or You Weren't Paying Attention Were You?!

Even if i listened.. T^T
Kemari Ray
Kemari Ray:
I’m going to high school after this summer 😱
My first day of highschool is in one hour and moved to a new city wish me luck ...
Update:It was ok
Update no2:Its better than middle school lol
Christopher Samuel
Christopher Samuel:
Bright Side: Don't go crazy with school supplies

Me: Brings a single pen
Ornate Orator
Ornate Orator:
Here’s how: Don’t worry about it.

Legit 6 months after you graduate you won’t even care or remember 95% of the things you worried so much about.

Please ask out your crush, take those classes you want, participate in your events not so much cuz they’re memorable although they can be but so you don’t end up regretting not doing so.

O and stop trying to act ghetto please
46 M
46 M:
Brightside: High school is the best "5 years" of my life!

Me: somebody failed a grade.
Lol highschool seems like such a big deal while you're ther. Then later in life you relize how irrellivant it really was.
Lightning Dust
Lightning Dust:
How to survive the first day of school: Sit quietly.
Only speak if you are spoken to. Correct the Teachers and Students STRAIGHT AWAY if they get your pronouns wrong.
Write a quote on your wrist, I usually write song quotes from TwentyOnePilots or MyChemicalRomance, or just a small '|-/' on my wrist.
Sit at the back.
Get a binder/note book with Gerard Way (or anyother singer/band) on the front of it and some song lyrics. Find other emos to chill with.
Quote (MyChem) a band constantly, thats how you find frens.
Try listen to Teachers in classes.
|-/ any more and I'll update!
Yeow Yap
Yeow Yap:
My first year of high schools starting soon.. I’m so nervous

Shifted to Earth
Shifted to Earth:
This is the last year of my high school 😭😭🏫🚸
Just a peace of cake
Just a peace of cake:
Who else chew gum in high school and get away with it
Antonio Aoun
Antonio Aoun:
I will never go to school...

Because i am now in the university!!! Hahahaha
The Legend
The Legend:
I have completed my school last year....
Miss my school... 🙁😔 And those days.🕯️
I'm still in elementary school but the this is good help for when I'm in high school
Adi World
Adi World:
I just was crying because I have boys and girls drama,my mom said “your starting middle school nows all the drama”
Surabhi Kumari
Surabhi Kumari:
Why I'm watching this lol when I have already graduated from high school 2 years back , well anyways it reminded me of all the bittersweet memories of my school life , I wish you guys the best for highschool although at certain times you would think that it sucks 😂 but you will miss it once it is over .
We literally have only two rows in our class 😂😂😂😂

So everyone gets ATTENTION😭😭😭😭😭😃😃😂😭😭😁😁😭😭
Starlight_ Builds
Starlight_ Builds:
Bright side:
Talk to your classmates

1:07 if my Monday schedule are all gonna be maths I'm TOTALLY gonna skip schools on Monday
Tamar Tiela
Tamar Tiela:
That one sentence: do not annoy teachers by ariving late on first day.

Nope. No one will get annoyed. Trust me. No one cares if you are late. Everyone expects you to be late.
Who else clicked as soon as they got the notification??🥰

- love from a small youtuber!
Javi 12042005
Javi 12042005:
I’m entering high this year
Haris Tariq
Haris Tariq:
5:26 Monday will be a nightmare .so speak up mad changed the schedule
School haven't ended and summer didn't start, I don't want to go to high school
Keep scrollingツ
Keep scrollingツ:
6:08 “Grades aren’t everything”
Me: **laughs in Asian**
Pickle Juice
Pickle Juice:
My high school is so big they made another one just for freshmans. I’m going to have classes at like 2 or 3 different schools. 😭
I just saw this video and just started 10th grade 🤦🏻‍♂️
beautiful sunlight
beautiful sunlight:
Its my last year in high school. I am really excited about my future and last year is very tough but we have to work hard
Who tf is Todd? Never heard anyone by that name while passing the virus with his high fives 😐
Gummy bear 2000
Gummy bear 2000:
I’m eleven but I didn’t get my letter from hogwarts so I’m going to a normal high school instead 😂
None of this applies to me... my dad is my principal..
Christian Music Rocks Official
Christian Music Rocks Official:
I went back to school on August 14, 2019 I'm a Sophomore in Highschool which is 10th grade
i am a freshman and high school isn't the paradise people make it out to be... to me any way
My big sister just started high school like a few months ago it doesn’t seem that deep
viviana villarreal
viviana villarreal:
Elementary: 127 glitter pens in bag and literally everything cute looking
Middle school:a pencil and one sheet of paper in bag
Highschool:nothing. In bah
L J:
3:10 every anime main character: nani what
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen:
The thing that kids forget is THEIR PENCILS
Melody The Demon
Melody The Demon:
"Memorize your schedule and where the classes are"

**Laughs in bad memory**
Rainbow Marc Galactic Wisard
Rainbow Marc Galactic Wisard:
Soo Americans don't have agenda s and it's just us Asians wow I feel weird
Also I thought survive by literally survive like social or bullying •_•
Tech Wizard
Tech Wizard:
3:20 That sounds like my math teacher, droning on for a whole hour about trigonometry and SOHCAHTOA while I daydream.

Is there really a person called SOHCAHTOA?
Ahmed Hossam The Copywriter
Ahmed Hossam The Copywriter:
Atleast everything is online now
We always just say "Miss?" and never the names. I know the names but they're really not that necessary to know.
Jamie the Awesome
Jamie the Awesome:
all the kids watching this: *SHOW US A FULL YEAR GUIDE*
Ida Rothschild
Ida Rothschild:
I’m going to high school in the fall 😬😬
And I’m scared
Thanks Bright Side!!!!!!
Anouk Macarthur Mitchell
Anouk Macarthur Mitchell:
Thx, this really helped, I feel less nervous for high school now 😊
One think you have to remember as an assignment is(remember to check your planner)
Shay mercury
Shay mercury:
Yall acting like school is hunger games and u have to "survive" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SYS mixy
SYS mixy:
When u get advice on how to make friends but then u notice that advice was outdated long before zoom meetings were about to become a thing. Tbh I have no clue how people are going to meet and make friends this year of freshman 😅
Abbie Rizzo
Abbie Rizzo:
Bright side: teachers will most likely engage with the people in the front and the back

Me: sits in the middle 👉🏻👈🏻 💀🤫
I'm a Junior and this video still helped me 😂
Someone I don’t know
Someone I don’t know:
I'm starting high school in September and I'm a nervous wreck! Any other tips, anyone?
Clarisce love
Clarisce love:
The 21st of September is my first day of High school I'm so nervous,my sister is in her 4th year
Emily Calderwood
Emily Calderwood:
I’m going into my second year of high school after the lockdown, but I feel I messed up year one so I’m going to pretend it’s my first year when we go back. It’ll be like making New Years resolutions real, but ...not New Years.
ShadowBosS TSG
ShadowBosS TSG:
Me: engage the phone with sound on
My brain: Current objective: Survival
•Moonlight •Gacha•wolf•
•Moonlight •Gacha•wolf•:
I just passed 5 grade (I know I’m shook too) why am I watching this -.-
Aimee Rijnart
Aimee Rijnart:
Brightside: sit upfront and avoid windows
Me: sits in the back staring out of the window while talking to my best friend
Awesome Person
Awesome Person:
My first day of highschool starts tomorrow... Year 7, here I come!
Fatema Amiri
Fatema Amiri:
My lord Its gonna be tough specially when ure a shy girl and just moved to the new neighborhood.
That s me
Jocelyn L B
Jocelyn L B:
Wow thanks for uploading this a month after I started 🥴🤦‍♀️
G-ana Gacha
G-ana Gacha:
0:08 Just minus the excited and replace it with dread because I know it’s gonna be the end of me,
Janko Berić
Janko Berić:
1:06 oh god that monday delete that immediately
Kurapika Kurta
Kurapika Kurta:
“Don’t go crazy with school supplies”
Me and my sis: *n o*
Why did I click on this when I’m gonna be a senior next school year O-o
my first day of high school was 3 days ago lol

also the orientation was 2 weeks long rip
Rob Benji
Rob Benji:
This video is about 2 years late for me😥
hmmm lemme see
hmmm lemme see:
Im high school now
and i almost died
Because i failed english class so i need help
Sadiksha Ghimire
Sadiksha Ghimire:
after like 3 months I will go to high school 😭
megan roland
megan roland:
freshman year is not the easiest its going to be! LIAR!!!
Hardest to Easiest=
Junior, freshman, sophomore, and your senior year is going to be a breeze
and school survival tip, don't be hanging out with your friends when you've got school.
Also, pay attention in phones/no friends/no talking/no sleeping.....and take a lot of notes, help out your teacher whenever you can, get to know them as individuals outside of class, follow their direction

so just use some basic common sense & simple manners
and if you get the chance, take GED courses its what I'm doing and it's so much easier
Teresa Eskra
Teresa Eskra:
Thanks for the video, I go to an online school and this is going to be my first year of high school, I am really excited to be finally in high school, and this video really helped on things to do and not do.
Alpha Star
Alpha Star:
2:43-2:47 “let me make a story out of that scene”
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo:
Me looking at the thumbnail:
*confused donkey noises*
“Highschool was the best 5 years of my life!” I’m sorry sir, since when is highschool 5 years and not 4..
Leticia Odeh
Leticia Odeh:
I start highschool in a year
Pine tree :T Is ugly
Pine tree :T Is ugly:
I’m going in to high school after the next School year, but, I’m excited to make the swim team, and restart back to 5th grade life when I asked questions and had awesome grades :D
Snoopy 123
Snoopy 123:
3:38 I would get suspended!😅😅
The first day of high school was was a living nightmare. Distance learning 😒
Every time I go school shopping I end up some how losing all the pencils
The Solar
The Solar:
Why am I watching this I’ve been in high school for 3 years now
Artem Arzumanyan
Artem Arzumanyan:
Believe me, that's impossible!
Polydefkis Kyrlidis
Polydefkis Kyrlidis:
I'm going to hight school tomorrow 😐
me having social anxiety gives me an idea of asking myself "how can i survive my senior high school?"
first of all i have a few favorite videos to watch on this and this is just a "how to be a nerd and embarrass yourself" like what child thats is in there RIGHT mind plans smh
ProBro Aaron
ProBro Aaron:
6:12 tell that to our parents, not us
Asians can understand what I mean