How to Make The Women Supporting Women Challenge Useful #womensupportingwomen #challengeaccepted

#womensupportingwomen #challengeaccepted

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Wanda P
Wanda P:
I agree, it’s rather juvenile. I have a friend who calls it taking a selfish. A black and white selfish in this case. We should encourage women to focus on supporting each other instead of focusing on ourselves and on looking good on instagram.
_- Lydia -_
_- Lydia -_:
Reminds me of the black square trend, just turned out to be a performative stunt like this new trend. Love your videos by the way!!💖🌷💗🌺
Blanca Morales
Blanca Morales:
I totally agree. I was tagged in this “challenge” by a woman who has been a mentor for a long time and I did post a selfie and wrote a heartfelt caption about how much her support and that of other women has helped me get to where I am in my career. I felt quite silly after posting though, because for one, I broke my personal rule about posting selfies ( I just don’t do that) and two, I started getting comments about how beautiful I look and I realized that all it was calling attention to was my appearance. Stopitrightnow used it to call attention to black women who deserve justice like Breonna Taylor, and I think that was a great use of the challenge. I’ll be thinking through my choices a lot more on social media moving forward.
Carol Wright
Carol Wright:
I'm really glad that you did this video. I've thought the same thing about these kind of things, but I don't usually speak up about them. I always admire when someone does though, and in a positive way too! :)
Water Bearer
Water Bearer:
Wise words, i agree with you and its something that needs to be said in this age of people constantly posting selfies and being on social media. Where is the substance?
Kory Millett
Kory Millett:
This challenge is ridiculous. I bet if men did the same thing they would call it sexist and exclusionary. Double standard.
Zipper Com
Zipper Com:
Great points in this video! Welcome back! Can’t wait to see more kibbe guidance vids though. Would you do any for more formal outfits?
Jinie Roses
Jinie Roses:
I agree. Something I have learned from celebrity attitudes is that if they do not agree with another woman's views, they do the complete opposite of supporting a woman. They have zero respect for ppl they do not agree with, so I see a bunch of hypocrisy when they're trying to act so "nice & supportive."
Just be yourself. Be honest.
You're better off being honest because honesty helps us analyze ourselves and do better. Not just analyze, but also do.
samkele myeni
samkele myeni:
It's basically masked narcassism with plausible deniability...hence challenge accepted. SMH. Just another opportunity for females to flaunt their physical attributes, only later to complain they don't like being objectified smh.