How to Install a COMPLETELY New Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

Learn how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of your car in this two episode series. Here I will show you how to install a brand new wheel bearing, ball joints, control arms, tie rod, strut, and axle.

The ball joint and wheel bearing has to be pressed into the knuckle and I have a bunch of tips and tricks to make that easy. I show how to properly install a tie rod (safely) and get an accurate measurement so you can get the car aligned. I also show you how to properly torque down bolts with bushings so you don't tear them. The rest of the suspension parts are pretty simple to install and then we go for a ride to see how much better the car handles!


How to Replace Sway Bar End Links:
How to Replace Wheel Bearing:

Tools and Products:
Mevotech Suspension Parts:
Rust Paint:
Impact gun:
Torque Wrench:
Bearing Press:
Ball Joint Press:
Silicone Paste:
Grease Gun:
Chassis Grease:

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I am pumped now that the suspension is all good and the surprise at the end of the video! We are gonna have some fun with this car!
PS I will have a car meetup in Toronto Canada this Tuesday. Check my stories on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook page for more info!!!
Can you imagine having ChrisFix as your neighbour?

...doorbell rings

"HEY GUY, ChrisFix here, and I need about a cup of sugar to make some medium strength cupcakes"
Daily ScatPack
Daily ScatPack:
Thread locker companies love him..

Mechanic shops hate him!
Dayton Babcook
Dayton Babcook:
Who's watching this video in 2020
Joe Montes
Joe Montes:
Parts guy: how much threadlocker do you need?

ChrisFix: Yes
Digitalports Argentina
Digitalports Argentina:
Thanks to ChrisFix, I started hating all vehicle repair shops that don't use medium strength threadlocker in my country :P haha
Nice I've been waiting to put my car back together since the last video
Markman Dave
Markman Dave:
"There's one more thing we need to do."

Me: The other side?
"So that when we push this in it doesn't go in dry"

- Chris Fix
Man i love watching these kind of videos. 3 months ago i knew nothing about cars, and now i'm working on my car every weekend, replacing this and that, it's awesome!
Jakeshow 67
Jakeshow 67:
School: Alright kids put your stuff in your lockers.
Chris: I'm sorry are these lockers medium strength?
Teacher :No?
Chris: I'm sorry I don't think I can use these lockers.
Shawnfri 12
Shawnfri 12:
I find it funny that you buy your mom a car and you’re not allowed to put a balljoint in the freezer lol. Great Vid!👍🏼
Jon M.
Jon M.:
Me at 4:21 AM: Oh boy, I need to get some sleep!

My brain: Let's watch this vid real quick on how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of a car!
Imagine Chris doing a cooking show.
Chris: We need to grease the chicken and some thread locker
Nicholas Mortell
Nicholas Mortell:
I’m going to buy all the parts and tools to do this with my stimulus check lmao
Charles wood
Charles wood:
Everytime i do bearings its one horrible job. Chris, you make it look easy
Brocky's world
Brocky's world:
What Chris loves:
-his family
-soapy wooder
-blinker fluid
-medium strength thread locker
Love how this guys makes everything simple and organized makes me want to build an repair cars for a living
Im Done
Im Done:
This guys is seriously amazing, I’ve watched so many videos from him. Honestly so easy to follow and understand. I’m glad he has such a great channel.
Matthew Boyer
Matthew Boyer:
Hey Chris! Where’s a great place to find a complete suspension rebuild kit?
Daniel Carl
Daniel Carl:
This is why I love Chris fix. He does every job using tools readily available to just about anyone. Keep up the good work Chris 👍
Javi Vlogz
Javi Vlogz:
who else is still waiting for him to put on the turbo kit?? cause am!
Has he installed the turbo yet I can’t find the vid anywhere?
Hide and Tweak
Hide and Tweak:
0:45 watching this for the 3rd or 4th time, I noticed some bug walking on the snap ring
Jonas Pettersson
Jonas Pettersson:
Chrizz! When are we gonna see the "Turbo kit" installed in the Honda?
Greg Grimer
Greg Grimer:
When you do this to an old car, I did it to a Mark 1 Golf GTI years ago, the difference is amazing. It does feel like a brand new one.
Adam Kessler
Adam Kessler:
Who else will not be replacing their suspension anytime soon, and it’s just that chrisfix is god and we must watch every video lolol
James Limon
James Limon:
You help me a lot I am in the process of doing front end on my Toyota , thank you for your hard work
El Cuervito
El Cuervito:
Chris Fix, this is inspiration at it's finest. I love the content, thank you n keep up the amazing work!
MoBaiL pLaYeR
MoBaiL pLaYeR:
1:18 Mustang takes on crow lmao
Private Poggers
Private Poggers:
And so the YouTube algorithm has reunited us once more
Me at auto zone: hey Chrisfix said I can rent bearing installer

Auto zone employee: who tf is Chrisfix
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez:
I don't know why but I want to hug you man! You are saving me so much! I have to do my lower control arm on my mazda 3. Now I want to change everything
Pancit Canton
Pancit Canton:
I pause at 15:08 and was like, that boy that boy sus! 😂
Moiz Siddiki
Moiz Siddiki:
1:19 all the cool upcoming videos!
T.L. Everett
T.L. Everett:
25:42 I appreciate the Might Car Mods shoutout! Lol
Chrisfix: "Let's put on some medium strength thread locker."
Phoenix Goss
Phoenix Goss:
When Chris says "grab an adapter", my brain heads "grab a hammer"
Rubicon B
Rubicon B:
"And here we grab our bolt, add a little bit of thread locker to it"

*tack welds bolt in place*
Irfan Fadhiel
Irfan Fadhiel:
“Will this fit in my honda” lol nice mcm reference, moog will be thrilled 😂
I fell asleep watching this. ChrisFix is so chill.
"Always lubricate the shaft so it doesn't go in dry"

- Chrisfix 2019
Chrisfix needs to start manufacturing his own brand of cars, who cares about Ford/GM/Toyota/Etc when you have a Chrisfix brand?
Příslušník VB
Příslušník VB:
I believe you should always preload the bearing at some torque spec while in the air...
Benoît Dubuc
Benoît Dubuc:
"Hey Guys!!!!" is your trademark? lol ;) Chris, i really love looking your video, u are awersome. continue, you really do very good usefull stuff.
Brett Beardslee
Brett Beardslee:
1:20 driftstang takes on crowd😂 (bottom right of video)
Barrett Stewart
Barrett Stewart:
Chris: *Uses common hand tools*
Me: "I could do this"
Chris: "Now get out your grease gun"
Me: "oof"

Love you tho <3
big daddy
big daddy:
I want to thank you ..... I would have never thought of trying to redo my suspension, but you made it look so easy I am going to do it.... i bet is saved me hundreds of dollars ..... great content please show me more
austin hill
austin hill:
i love how you do all this by hand and all the nut come right off everthing i work on take me forever because there always one nut that need to get torched to come off 😂😂
Bo JanGleZ
Bo JanGleZ:
Dang dude. Do you lube up your keys before you start everything🤣
Myself X2
Myself X2:
Chris makes me wanna build my own car from scratch.

And 2 days ago I knew nothing about cars except their color lol
Romeo's Relics
Romeo's Relics:
The best thing on youtube will be... A Chrisfix Ebay Turbo install video.... I promise you, it'll be the best install video ever!!!
Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll:
Love the MCM shout out "Will this fit in my Honda?"
omar contreras
omar contreras:
Is no one going to talk about " DriftStang Takes on CROWD !!!" On 1:14 lol.
Gavesh Nimsara
Gavesh Nimsara:
1:23 Chrixfix hasn't subscribed to his channel ..and asks us to do so .. like whaaaaat?😂😂
Your vids are incredible BUT what they really highlight is the true engineering genius that's in every car.
Yigithan D.
Yigithan D.:
Still cant understand who would dislike Chris' videos...
Sorry Chris but you failed: you DID NOT use threadlock on the grease fitting on the tie rod
Devontae Weatherspoon
Devontae Weatherspoon:
Come on Chris my guy where’s the turbo installation. Been waiting my dude 💪🏿
19:39 Wouldn't half-moon wrenches solve that issue?
Hide and Tweak
Hide and Tweak:
I kinda have to replace my 4 struts, but if I go with OEM parts, that will cost way more than the entire price I paid the car. And somehow, it could still be a good investment... I'm just poor
Ralph Murillo
Ralph Murillo:
I get in trouble for that 😂😂 I laughed so hard Cuzz my mom would be like yo wtf you doing 😂
The Royal Crowned Tiger
The Royal Crowned Tiger:
Chrisfix basically rebuilt the front end, steering, suspension and brakes on his car, by replacing those parts.
Kristofer Brown
Kristofer Brown:
Amazing video, almost makes me feel like I could attempt this. Just curious, how much did all of the parts cost to do half of the front suspension?
Stian Abbedissen
Stian Abbedissen:
This was just... purrrrfect ;)
Nobody :
ChrisFix : "Out with the old, in with the new"
My WIFI is down
My WIFI is down:
Driftstang takes on CROWD in the recommended 😂
Huan Razboinic
Huan Razboinic:
This dude makes it look so easy.
AJ Conti
AJ Conti:
15:54 “you don’t wanna hit this outside seal”......*ding*
Marko Batarilo
Marko Batarilo:
When is the turbo kit getting instaled on that car i caaaant wait any more man!😝
konner obe
konner obe:
25:21 casually has turbo kit on the ground
Taylor Nguyen
Taylor Nguyen:
Chrisfix: Always lubricate the shaft so it doesn’t go in dry.
thanuja ranasinghe
thanuja ranasinghe:
Addie caldwell
Addie caldwell:
1:15 look at the up next bar on the right... I wanna see those!
Charles .A
Charles .A:
Great video. I really loved it. Omg your reaction when test driving it toward the end.
EJO Auto Videos
EJO Auto Videos:
Chrifix probably puts threadlocker on the lid of his milk jugs 🤣
Jokes aside, awesome video as usual!
Tristan Leger
Tristan Leger:
do you need to replace all of these parts at once I recently bought a 1996 corolla and just thought about putting a new strut quick assembly in the front end for now
Thank you Chrisfix, this helps me with alot of information and a lot of saving
TopHat Videos Inc.
TopHat Videos Inc.:
Was wondering when you'd try to put a turbo on a four cylinder like every other immature rice monkey.
Daut Molahasanov
Daut Molahasanov:
7:42 don't you want the adaptor to be on the inside of the bearing?
All the stress is on the inner side when you press something inside the bearing.
Edgar Ortiz
Edgar Ortiz:
Feeling cute. Might change my whole suspension. Idk
Hamzah Ahmad
Hamzah Ahmad:
Ive been waiting for this vid for while
I know its late but when it came out i watched it 4-6 times a day
Aw, was trying to find that budget turbo build. I wanted to have some fun with my mk4 jetta wagon
@1:21 look at the left side... nice chris, nice
Μάριος Έμινάς
Μάριος Έμινάς:
That satisfying click 13:10
ChrisFix adds medium strength thread locker to his pancakes.
Matty Mills
Matty Mills:
"And I'm not afraid to drive it" 😂
Wizard Of Ounces
Wizard Of Ounces:
chris fix as a marriage counselor: Woah! not even locktite could hold this family together!
Phi Nguyen
Phi Nguyen:
great job!! looks so good after you repainted everything
David Smalldridge
David Smalldridge:
ChrisFix, Awesome Work With Your Car!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
Anyone else just watch the videos for satisfaction rather then actully doing what he’s doing 😂
Adam SK /EN
Adam SK /EN:
24:57 Isn't the rear right wheel misaligned?
Super hacks
Super hacks:
Is there any big difference between the front and rear suspension or can this video be used for changing them both?
Real 919
Real 919:
Till this day I’m still waiting for that del sol turbo video 😔
How do you know when you're tightening something to X F-Lbs
"Lightly tap it with a hammer" *WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP* Perfect! XDXDXDXDXDXD
Gamin Redneck
Gamin Redneck:
Chris fix is gonna have "Medium strength thread locker" on his grave hahaha
yeremy cuevas
yeremy cuevas:
I wonder who actually did this entire tutorial?
I'll give it a try.
Nice video
lilcarcrash 21
lilcarcrash 21:
This video was very entertaining to watch!
Aiden Mckenney
Aiden Mckenney:
install with everyday tools..."ok then pull out your grease gun and fill it up"