How to change Instagram icon (EASTER EGG)

It's the 10 year anniversary of Instagram and because of this, they gave us ICONS!!! It's a very cool easter egg that you can try out now!

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96 komento:

not melvin
not melvin:
I swipe all the way up and there is just white and I’m on iOS 14
It doesn’t work for me :(
Elus S. Effendi
Elus S. Effendi:
im an android user and it work but i have to change to my 2nd account it doesnt work on my first acc and idk why lol, well the icon still change so it doesnt matter tho
Mr Difficult
Mr Difficult:
I have iOS iPhone but it doesn’t work
Its only for this month ._.
Bablu Mali
Bablu Mali:
Thank You So Much For Making efforts for sending this videos
What is the point of changing it if it still has a mini current day icon in the bottom right side over top of the original one it doesn't make sense
Mohamed Hisham
Mohamed Hisham:
Does it will make on android (sorry for my English )
Michael Decosta
Michael Decosta:
H1t1 told me about this and I was confused lok
Katy Angeles
Katy Angeles:
Mine doesnt works its still the same color as it used to, it only changed in the notification center
Niels Art
Niels Art:
Can u also change the igtv app icon, great vid btw 😁
Omar Alrifaie
Omar Alrifaie:
The classic ones!
Maria Tucker
Maria Tucker:
It doesn't work. I try scrolling in every direction, but it refuses to bring it up
Jonathan Edward
Jonathan Edward:
i changed the icon but it wont show in my homescreen
Samuel Baca
Samuel Baca:
Classic 2 hits hard
Mohsen Yazdani
Mohsen Yazdani:
Hi pal I have android phone it show icon but I can't change it do you know how can fix it
Creates GR
Creates GR:
I cant do it :(
Sári Szalay
Sári Szalay:
Is it works on se or 6s?
Βασίλης Παπαδόπουλος
Βασίλης Παπαδόπουλος:
It didnt work to me and i have updated the app
adam aref
adam aref:
Does it work on android?
On Android Galaxy S9, doesn't work. Even after updating the app this morning and restarting phone
JC Rivera
JC Rivera:
Does it have to be the ios 14 i have a galaxy A51
Just update the new Instagram update ...should work
RIP Android users, I’m iOS user
Mr Music
Mr Music:
Nice! It worked!
Oliver Ahrens
Oliver Ahrens:
When I swipe up nothing happens
Min Tycos
Min Tycos:
i have new update and ios 14 on a iphone 7 doesnt work
My app is updated but it doesnt work 🤨
Shihab Mannath
Shihab Mannath:
I try this so I didn’t get 😩
Son Typ
Son Typ:
I cant select Something... Does it only works for iOS?
Tessa's Pixels
Tessa's Pixels:
I cant do that...
James Town
James Town:
It doesn’t work with my iPhone 11😐
I Have Fallen
I Have Fallen:
Does this work on ios 14.2 Beta?
Roblox Queen
Roblox Queen:
It won't let me select any of them :(
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez:
does it work for android?
thot slayer rob
thot slayer rob:
It doesnt work for me
Kasady Shaye
Kasady Shaye:
It won’t work for me and everything is updated
666 999
666 999:
Dont work with android
Black boy
Black boy:
Guys I solve the problem, if this steps don’t work just change your location into USA and then it works perfectly
It is on android?
Faze I
Faze I:
I found it 8 hours ago
it’s not working for me
Richard matthew Straus
Richard matthew Straus:
It wont work 😠
Luxembourg 001
Luxembourg 001:
That’s literally amazing 🤩
HUN TheSpace
HUN TheSpace:
Dont working iPhone 8
Shyla Majumdar
Shyla Majumdar:
is this only for ios?
archie Wilson
archie Wilson:
Does it work with iPhone 7
emily hütterer
emily hütterer:
it doesnt work on my samsung galaxy s10 :/
Will we be able to do this forever?
Kovászos Uborka
Kovászos Uborka:
Interesting 🧐
Sean McKimmey
Sean McKimmey:
it won’t let me 😔
Dylan J Arias
Dylan J Arias:
i did it but when i go to homescreen it doesn’t change why?
Jonas Kastl
Jonas Kastl:
If you do it on android is there any chance to get rid of the little icon in the bottem right corner (the old one)?
jashan jaash
jashan jaash:
I cant see
It is a shortcut icon so if you only have only HOMESCREEN you cannot have that fancy icon on your homescreen 😂
Gsm Tips
Gsm Tips:
adriana bojic
adriana bojic:
It does not work for me😭😭😭
Not working for me iOS 14 the newest update of ig
Alyana Ballard
Alyana Ballard:
I did it but it didn’t change the icon tho
me me
me me:
It doesn’t change when I chose a icon
Barnabás Masa
Barnabás Masa:
N Arun
N Arun:
Is this work in india?
I have an iPhone 7 but it doesn’t work for me, I’ve updated the app to 162.0
Tan Qiaoqian
Tan Qiaoqian:
I can't swipe
Layla Bennett
Layla Bennett:
It's not workinggggg
Its only for iPhone i think 😢
Specht Smaragd
Specht Smaragd:
I have a Android Handy...
Adi EV
Adi EV:
On my iPads I can only see this icons but I can’t choose them
Max McLeod
Max McLeod:
doesn't work
Richard L. Böhm
Richard L. Böhm:
And Android? 👀
How do I do it an Android
Doesn’t work anymore, rip
Ich will in dein clan
Ich will in dein clan:
Ist still dont work 😂
jody spears
jody spears:
Noo, it doesnt work on android, but its cool tho
I wish they would leave it more than only this month
viktória banán
viktória banán:
Megjelenik és azt írja, hogy megváltozott, de még mindig ugyanaz☹️
Yall need to be a creator on instagram to do that
Dani Devito
Dani Devito:
Mine doesn't do that
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro:
It doesn’t in ipad
Karina Cstorena
Karina Cstorena:
Only in apple
Hun Honcraft
Hun Honcraft:
Intro: Apple Pie 🍎🥧
Nyisdkiatelot Gidai
Nyisdkiatelot Gidai:
Does it work for Android too
Csongor Rádai
Csongor Rádai:
És ez örök, vagy csak ideiglenes?
Sissa Sissa
Sissa Sissa:
Ca marche pour android ??
So is this only for Apple phones? My son has it on his iphone, but I don't have it on my Samsung android.
Nekem a beállításoknál be se adja
Art Gamer
Art Gamer:
It even works on IOS 13. I’m never gonna upgrade to IOS 14 due to horrible battery life.
Its not wirking
Andre Kiss
Andre Kiss:
Samsung don’t accept that. We can’t do this on a Galaxy
Enya 0001
Enya 0001:
Will this Easter egg last for ever or just this month?
Sayan Kundu
Sayan Kundu:
Only for iOS?
N Arun
N Arun:
It is not working in india
Galax Color
Galax Color:
Doesn't work for me, i have a S20
Renyboy Gurango
Renyboy Gurango:
It works in android and ios but why not samsung?
I hate ios