How Robert Pattinson Got Ripped For The Batman

Robert Pattinson, the world's newest Bruce Wayne, recently revealed that he's in the process of buffing up for The Batman. But what exactly does that training regimen entail? Here's how the English actor is getting ready for his next big role.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen but revealed in the gym, and Pattinson implemented a pretty particular method of eating to build a superhero physique.

In his own words, Pattinson is an extremist when it comes to his eating choices in that he'll go on a months-long junk food bender before it comes time for him to drop weight. Pattinson apparently took this approach for The Batman.

During an interview with Buzzfeed in October 2019, he claimed,

"I'll eat nothing but pizzas for months so by the time I have to diet, my body is like, 'Thank God. Please only healthy stuff from now.'"

He also mentioned that he had begun a process of bulking up for The Batman. For those unaware, bulking is a common dietary practice, and can be done by everyone from professional athletes to actors prepping for a role to an everyday person wanting to literally bulk up their body either in preparation for a muscle-defining weight cut or simply to keep extra pounds on their frame in general.

There's no one "right way" to bulk, though two of the most popular and well-known methods are clean bulking and dirty bulking. Those who practice a clean bulk gain mass by eating a caloric surplus — taking in more calories than their basal metabolic rate, or BMR. That's the total amount of energy one expends simply by being alive.

A clean bulk involves choosing healthier foods to chow down on. Think oatmeal and brown rice; almond and peanut butter; proteins like salmon, chicken, and lean beef; and healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and full-fat coconut milk.

Those who dirty bulk, on the other hand, smash in calories from all kinds of sources the denser, the better. And from his interviews, that sounds like the route Pattinson took. Keep watching the video to see how Robert Pattinson got ripped for The Batman.

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Bulking up | 0:13
Some sacrifices | 1:53
A new perspective | 2:31
Body and mind | 3:48
A learning experience | 4:33

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Who's the best actor to ever play Batman?
Brenden Selck
Brenden Selck:
He has a great jawline and chin which is key to pull off the bat EDIT: came back to see 500 likes😂😚
Binged Netflix, ate Cheeto’s and drank Code Red Mountain Dew.
I thought u guys released a video saying he said he wasn't doing anything at all
Cenabull McDank
Cenabull McDank:
This video is basically

“How Pattinson Got Ripped

Step 1: He Got Ripped”
This man really trolled everyone into thinking he refuse to workout for Batman

Got me too nlg

Excited to see him in Tenet
John Smith
John Smith:
Could have sworn you JUST made a video talking about how everyone was scared that he WASNT getting ripped for The Batman.
Adrian Wagner
Adrian Wagner:
Guys, he was training. The entire time. He's known for not being serious in interviews and this whole 'not training' thing was a joke. Don't believe everything you hear.
Alexander Lowe
Alexander Lowe:
If i got paid millions, private trainer and chef meals, think i would do a bit of exercise 🤣
J, Ludwig
J, Ludwig:
The funny thing is they only filmed 25% of the movie and they've been on a hiatus since the pandemic. Which means he has to maintain his Batman physique all this time so he doesn't look too fat or skinny when they go back to filming
this video contains no footage of Pattinson getting ripped
My god I feel so old when I saw him first in Harry potter and the Goblet of fire movie. 😥😙😫😫
Bishal Shakya
Bishal Shakya:
Seeing public opinions in internet change drastically over a matter in very short time, made me realize that internet opinion should not matter.
Most people just want to shout what they hear without doing any research. SHAME!!!

I love the idea of casting Robert btw.
he went to the gym and a had strict diet, just like Jackman, Pratt, Johnson, Vikander
Titan Alhamda
Titan Alhamda:
I think Robert Pattinson was a underated actors. Most people knows him only in Twillight series and Harry Potter. But if u watch him, he was tremendous actor when play in every movie
Jake Mcgowan
Jake Mcgowan:
He’s not ripped just in good shape
Em Bem
Em Bem:
Dude I am pretty sure everyone can see that he is slim normally and does not overeat. I am assuming he upped his intake using clean protein heavy foods and did heavy lifting.
Mister_ GrizzLee
Mister_ GrizzLee:
For those who say that this is lying, remember that Pattinson is a troll
Mark Schamber
Mark Schamber:
And yet nowhere in this video does it actually SHOW a "ripped" Pattinson. Hmm....
Looper must be joking, Pattinson Ripped??? 😂😂😂
Pattinson is now the scrawniest Batman in the history of Batman. Spongebob is more ripped 🧐🧐🧐
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan:
This will be a great batman movie and I am glad that he got healthier.
zim babwe
zim babwe:
Dude doesn't look like he's lifted a weight in his life.........
Thorne Pleiades
Thorne Pleiades:
The passing of the Batman torch is that of James Bond: no one wants to accept the change, but will eventually grow to like it.
jason fasthorse
jason fasthorse:
Didn’t he just recently say he’s not really working out during the break in production for the Batman?
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access:
We bigfoots just lift lots of boulders and uproot trees and stuff for exercise to get ripped
Trying to bulk up on ramen and tuna wish me luck yall
Honestly, I expected "HE DIDN'T" written on the screen when I played the video
Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon:
I’ll wait for Greg Doucette to tell us lol
Kid Phoenix
Kid Phoenix:
He don’t looked ripped at all & heard he had trouble bulking for the film.
John Carter
John Carter:
'tis a revolving door now when it comes to actors playing the caped crusader onscreen .....
Laura Caesar
Laura Caesar:
He’s cute and I think he should do well as Batman! Good luck to him!
Najmus Saqib
Najmus Saqib:
How Robert Pattinson got ripped for Batman.
HE DIDN'T 🤷‍♂️
Height + a good jawline + a great chin = Batman
I'm missing proof he actually got ripped.
Limes Itvo
Limes Itvo:
A month after release...

Producer: Hey Robert congrats for "The Batman"...Now we would like to cast you for "The Machinist II"
Edward Kanger
Edward Kanger:
abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen*
That's the problem....

Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart:
When you get bad press for us for not doing a workout leave it to looper to spin it.
Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way
Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way:
Hahaha 😂 you gotta have some type of bulk first in order to cut up. 🤣
Stephyfra 12
Stephyfra 12:
Omg People! Robert Pattinson has a very dry sense of humor. Relax 🙄
Milla Jean
Milla Jean:
I feel like i;m the only one who was excited form the get-go when I found out he was playing batman
Bats ArePeopleToo
Bats ArePeopleToo:
Dirty bulking. Tee hee. 🤓🃏❤️
fluffy cat
fluffy cat:
Aaaah maravilhoso, ótimo ator ❤ ansiosa!!
marco ramirez
marco ramirez:
Lol I can relate to rob so much at 0.45 😂😂😂
Tom G
Tom G:
So this the new batman???? What a wimp!!!
Sean Fenelon
Sean Fenelon:
This is the most informative Looper video in quite some time
Zooted Chimp
Zooted Chimp:
4:18 can someone tell me how that picture makes sense?
Donna Soleil
Donna Soleil:
He's soooo handsome, charming and talented
Danny Norton
Danny Norton:
so he does miss the junk food and is likely to go back to binging during the diet, no his body thanked him for a week and then wanted to eat it the week after
Manzo Jose
Manzo Jose:
He looks miserable for some reason
Joji Retro
Joji Retro:
not gonna lie he had us at the first half
Jack PT
Jack PT:
He didn’t get ripped
So after the great Batman from Bale, the fat Batman from Affleck we have not the tiny soy Batman from this girl...
Joey Toey
Joey Toey:
Answer: he didn't
He is the vampire Bat! get it? no need for any hard gym works :D
J C:
Really ripped?? Questioning Looper now....
taion o’connor
taion o’connor:
Was just thinking about Pattinson and searched him and this looper vid popped up , A+ timing
Llewell Crown
Llewell Crown:
Working out is about staying alive for a very long time
Looper makes the most unfocused videos i've ever watched.
Robert would be a perfect fit for green goblin tbh🤷‍♂️
I take this information with a grain of salt because Rob Pattinson is a NOTORIOUS TROLL haha
Space Pirate Jacen
Space Pirate Jacen:
Good Stuff! 👍🏻
Ii T
Ii T:
It's great to see dexter manning still here after the creatures.
World AccumElites
World AccumElites:
🤔QUESTION: Is it possible for a human to literally have no pigment/complexion/melanin to their skin whatsoever??!
Jacob Yonn
Jacob Yonn:
They say he having trouble buffing up
Al Bernard
Al Bernard:
I bet he can't pull a Jeep uphill like Brie Larson can😂
Vova U
Vova U:
You call that ripped ????!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ioan Bugheanu
Ioan Bugheanu:
Incorrect quote, it's actually "abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen"
Do females really have to prep their bodies?
He is just love.....
ZomBeeQT 4Ev3r
ZomBeeQT 4Ev3r:
Nope he refuses to workout.
swarup patil
swarup patil:
Why is looper giving me fitness advice?
A cat named Scamper
A cat named Scamper:
He needs more creatine and sets of FAAAIIVVEE
Bjorne McComb
Bjorne McComb:
October 2021!!! Oh 🤬 damn you corona 😩
Louis Hundred
Louis Hundred:
Love Robert 👑😙💫✊☝
Chris Pratt was the most impressive, he turned into a hot hunk...
Brandon DeBella
Brandon DeBella:
I'm excited
People who claim that he refused to work out is just stupid
Shaikh Sajib
Shaikh Sajib:
Waiting for TENET
Bryce Cheng
Bryce Cheng:
He is so lucky he gets to be with any blond Angel he ever wants to be with. And all I can do is look them up on the internet and cry.
alex joca
alex joca:
wat is name of the background music looper youtube from dis video
Idk who you guys love more Pattinson or Larson.
Obsidian_One1 The Obsidian
Obsidian_One1 The Obsidian:
Looper slowly losing me over the years. I'm about to quit watching this trash!
Udit Vedant Mishra
Udit Vedant Mishra:
did he get ripped ? huh
Jake Peralta
Jake Peralta:
but he didn't lol
Alan Soe
Alan Soe:
He is sparkling. Does he work out with glitter?
guys wake up ! look what hes saying !
tombstone Gaming
tombstone Gaming:
I am Excited for the Batman movie and the next for next Arkham game
Ah i see you included Brie Larson when there are literally hundreds of better actors and actresses who actually transform their bodies for roles. Enjoy your dislike
I don’t know why but the accent and pronunciation of the person who speaks makes me kind of angry or at least displeasured
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage:
Like all Hollywood actors, they will get him on a cycle for a few months so he can gain 30-40lbs of lean muscle tissue
Stefan Mangner
Stefan Mangner:
I remember his words: I don't hit the gym. When you get leen you are part of the problem today. Money talks.
Jameson Pieper
Jameson Pieper:
😐...until I see it, it didn't happen
You call that " Ripped "....go and look at Hugh Jackman.
Aaron Secrett
Aaron Secrett:
He didn’t
tom domagalski
tom domagalski:
Thought it was Dwight Schrute
All he needs is the right chin and the bruce wayne personality , the bulking is accomplished with the big ass suit. What's the big freaking deal?
Is this a joke?
Vignesh Arunachalam
Vignesh Arunachalam:
Is this a joke?
Leigh Watson
Leigh Watson:
Seen more meat on a butchers pencil