How PUTIN Created Russia’s OLIGARCHS

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In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
What is an oligarch?
Who is Vladimir Putin?
Who are the Russian oligarchs?
Are oligarchs Russians?
Are oligarchs only found in Russia?
Where can you find oligarchs?
Are oligarchs rich?
Who are the richest men in Russia?
Is an oligarch rich?!
Are oligarchs friends of Putin?
What country has an oligarchy?
What are the types of oligarchy?
Is oligarch a word?
What does oligarchy government mean?
What is oligarchic management?
Who started oligarchy?
When did the first oligachs appeared?
Who was the first oligarch?
How did oligarchs become rich?
How to become an oligarch?
How to be rich as an oligarch?
Is Putin an oligarch?

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Camilo Gomez Keep
Camilo Gomez Keep:
To be honest, got distracted with the images of russian landscape and did not pay attention to the video... Russia is beautiful.
Dank PuTin
Dank PuTin:
James bond is fake,
Putin is real 😎👌
mena seven
mena seven:
I think countries and kingdoms are secretly run by rich families and not by the citizen, politicians and elections. In Russia there are the oligarchs. In the USA there are the Forbes 400 families, In Europe there is the Royal and noble families and in China there are the red families. Communism wasn't in the world because it is against human nature that is selfish and competitive. Capitalism is base on human nature. Only primitive and underdeveloped society in prehistory were truly communist.
The One Above All
The One Above All:
"I want your unquestionable loyalty "-Frank Underwood (house of cards) 😂
kiril K
kiril K:
So, Putin eliminated the most powerful oligarchs ( who were there long before him and have engulfed the whole country's policy and economy like an octopus) and created a system with his trustees where the gov. took control of the strategic spheres in the economy and military. And this is how he " created the oligarchs"? Well...And he suppresses democracy.. Why should anybody even think that the western political systems are even remotely applicable to Russia? The best the "democracy" and the rapid transformation of the economy did was exactly the creation of the oligarchs!
I'm glad to see that not many people are falling for this propaganda.
They are not oligarches...All the oligarchs where either arrested or exiled...These men have no influence in politics and most media sources are nationalised...Most of the so called Putin oligarches are just managers of Nationalised Companies...
Just The Facts
Just The Facts:
Its like the Mafia, the Bosses get a piece of the Action. Russia is a Franchise and Putin is the Head.
Will yall release the sources you for this video? i studied russia in college and some things in this video arent accurate.
Errk Jalvortsen
Errk Jalvortsen:
The USA is also an oligarchy
More of the "Russians changed the US election" conspiracy theory... un-sub time
Well if the Russian People what him in Power it a true Democracy.
Namana Bogdan
Namana Bogdan:
If you are gonna be billionarie give a like⚖⚖⚖
Peter Downey
Peter Downey:
Russia's actually had oligarchs since the 15th century. Even during the Soviet period, there was an oligarchy.

The oligarchy has survived because attempts to change the way things are in Russia *do not go down well!*
Liam Jackson
Liam Jackson:
love this channel I run an events company and everything down to artist management to marketing I get mostly inspired from here
BIG love from South Africa
Nilesh Yadav
Nilesh Yadav:
Grt work dear team, i m very happy to be a subscriber of Alux., 💐💐👍
Nilesh Yadav
Nilesh Yadav:
Grt work dear team, i m very happy to be a subscriber of Alux., 💐💐👍
Meet Maniya
Meet Maniya:
Hii ,can you make a video on best country to live.
Lilia Mckenzie
Lilia Mckenzie:
Wow this is an interesting video. I was actually born in Russia and then adopted when I was young and this is definitely a part of Russia people don’t talk about too often I feel.
Black Vito - Moneyology
Black Vito - Moneyology:
*This is what I tell my friends and family, you have to understand the system that your in and use that system to build wealth and power. Or you can complain and remain a powerless pauper* 💪
Kandarp Vyas
Kandarp Vyas:
11:33 Fuhrer (on left)
Nilesh Yadav
Nilesh Yadav:
Grt work dear team, i m very happy to be a subscriber of Alux., 💐💐👍
Amogh Vastrad
Amogh Vastrad:
I feel Rich whenever I watch ur videos...😍
Xicohténcatl Carro
Xicohténcatl Carro:
Enanna Manal Yacoubian
Enanna Manal Yacoubian:
What kind of missteps?!
"Moved away from communism"? no no
مهدی مهدی
مهدی مهدی:
Putin you not God Rassiya ☀️👁👁🔼💤⚡💲🌍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❄❄
Saava Willex Salvatore
Saava Willex Salvatore:
Putin must be an Aluxer, everything u preach he is already doing. being an Oligarch is good and beneficial, just make the right choices and know your place
Curtis Carpenter
Curtis Carpenter:
What happens if or when russain oligarchs come to the UK? How does that affect their status in Russia and the status on Russia within the people their dependent on?
Prem Sharma
Prem Sharma:
I am not begging I am applying law of attraction
Total BS. ITS ELSTIN that cteayed them. What a load of BS !!!!
TitoMarkOfManila Ocampo
TitoMarkOfManila Ocampo:
Putin knows how to take care of his people. Good job!
sergio rosado
sergio rosado:
If you know something about history...this title is enough to pass this one.
Eastern countries = socialistic oligarchies
In Europe = post monarchistic technocracies
The USA = obviously a plutocracy
Atem S.
Atem S.:
Absolutely as long as the government is not too corrupt! Follow the rules, use the system to our advantage and you will rise to the top!
Nikita Dyaconov
Nikita Dyaconov:
Kinda interesting to take a closer look on the situation in your country and find out something new 🤔
Sathya y
Sathya y:
💐 Putin powerful person.
Sushil Pednekar
Sushil Pednekar:
Hi First view, lucky
Satyajit7777 Herma
Satyajit7777 Herma:
This is happening in India today 😅😅😅
minx liberal
minx liberal:
I get the narrator is supposed to be impartial, but did she have to describe this corruption so positively
putin did not create russias oligarchs they were created before him by americans ... they were given excess to the ritched and power for being americans puppets.... putin took away their power and became independent working for his country thats why he is so hated by the west..
Umakant Mahamuni
Umakant Mahamuni:
I'm no 100 viewer
Anti russian troll...Putin didn't create them, Putin put them in their place.
You forgot to mention the "Wests" part in robbing Russia
Clem Fandango
Clem Fandango:
Yeltsin created them....Putin is knocking them off.
Saurabh Kapri
Saurabh Kapri:
Face reveal.....quick
Joe Ferreira
Joe Ferreira:
Greed,why does one need so much money.insane
rupreht rupreht
rupreht rupreht:
Dia Mond
Dia Mond:
Prem Sharma
Prem Sharma:
Can Putin make me rich to
Shreyan Jain
Shreyan Jain:
First one here
Mentality > ideology
Oligarchy is gaining influence, and countries like India are emerging as new oligarchies
You should have defined OLIGARCH at the begining of the vid. You'd have less peeps leaving the vid. Just a suggestion.
Teyim Pila
Teyim Pila:
Western propaganda!
aziz alz
aziz alz:
شتلهُم شتل ابو التين ⛏
Pedro Campos
Pedro Campos:
So you whant to be a oligarch ?
Gabriel Villa
Gabriel Villa:
Still better than Latin America!
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh:
putin found anastasia's children
Mostaque Ali
Mostaque Ali:
You lost me when you stated with certainty about the fake Russian collusion delusion that Russia SOMEHOW meddled in the 2016 Presidential elections. This implies that the WILL of the American people to choose their leader was missing for the first time in American history--EXCEPTIONALLY, even though Russia is a defensive power generally not known for meddling in other nations unlike the USA.....THAT in this specific case Russia one-upped the premier meddling super-power in the world.(COLOUR CODED REVOLUTIONS....NED national endowment for Democracy....CIA run front that trains young wealthy, stupid, naive people to betray their country via social media revolutions)
It denies ISRAEL'S patently obvious role in meddling in American elections.
It denies the role of American state agencies such as the CIA DOJ FBI and Deep State attempting coup's against Trump.
IT denies the sheer revulsion many Americans have with Globalist Hilary......she is unpopular full stop.
It denies the Mueller probe conclusions which state that no CLEAR conclusive evidence of Russian meddling
It implies that the DEMOCRATS should have won a 3rd consecutive election in a a imperial dictatorship.
Maluta Sabalo
Maluta Sabalo:
I see the same thing in US so why don't you do the same video for American's Oligarch
Chris Snyder
Chris Snyder:
They have been around a lot longer than Putin. [email protected]
Home Business University
Home Business University:
Once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack. – Germany Kent
Russian gave up communism for a market based economy, i.e. capitalism.
Chanda Katotobwe III
Chanda Katotobwe III:
1st comment
Solveg Rasmus
Solveg Rasmus:
I wonder if you can see that the putin in the time ofBoris yeltcin ,is not the same men as we know as putin today.the original putin is dead long time ego
Nick Sofialakis
Nick Sofialakis:
This has to be the most uninformed video here. This channel is the best, but leaving out Harvard's guys running Russia into the financial ground after communism (the implemented SHOCK THERAPY), depleting it and it's people of at least $1 trillion per year for 9 years to benefit the American oligarchs (yes, we have a US ruling class that goes back to the Pilgrims, Ie the Pilgrim Society, CFR, etc) and the fact that Boris Yeltsin worked for the US government as a drunk puppet is truly negligent. This bleeding and western theft is what PUTIN STOPPED. 1 of the reasons he is enemy #1 + using the natural resources to provide for his country, healthcare and education (we don't do that here at all. We pay taxes but get nothing from the earth of this country 🤔). Oh well, not everything can be perfect. Still love this channel.

FYI these people have no real power in Russia today; the ones that stole all the money are from a certain ethnic group that believe they are today's master race ironically, were arrested or ran away to either London or a colony the set up in the ME. All governments are sh** but if you are going to tell a story, tell it correctly and not omit inconvenient facts. We all can learn from truths, good or bad and understand their is no such things as circumstances in politics.

Keep up the great work, minus this video! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tony P
Tony P:
Western propaganda!
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin:
Your voice sounds dead
d obianuli
d obianuli:
Surely Yeltsin created them not putin
Randy C
Randy C:
News cycle=Bold Face lies!
Jonathon Miller
Jonathon Miller:
putin is such a savage
Mah homeboy Putin is the godfather of oligarchs.
Jānis Rišis
Jānis Rišis:
That what you get from country who only want to kill each other, create genocide, make there own rules, invade others, there economy is based on extracting resources.
Gabriel Villa
Gabriel Villa:
La La
La La:
He is not "Kuten", but Putin! :)))
Patricia Carreras J
Patricia Carreras J:
Frankly..... 🙄🙄🙄
Nabil Shalaby
Nabil Shalaby:
stupid loud background music
Matthew Burnsworth the Crypto Cowboy
Matthew Burnsworth the Crypto Cowboy:
Yeah but the poorest under Putin was less poor that had it been under Communist.
SM Tactical
SM Tactical:
Putin is a political puppet and ex-KGB
Youtube Freak
Youtube Freak:
Theses so called ‘oligarchs’ are just criminals who seized the opportunity, back in the early 90’s, to grab as much money and state infrastructure as possible for themselves. Putin is the one who is fighting all of these individual mafiosi, not the other way around. But we take their sides. Why? Because we want to keep Russia down, tank it’s economy again and hope that one day we will have another chance to rape it’s vast resources.
Donathan Kemp
Donathan Kemp:
The benefits off being a Russian Oligarch outweighs the risks because, wealth is power, and power is wealth.
Isabella jones
Isabella jones:
Western, Anglo Fascist Empire propanda rubbish. Putin had nothing to do with the Oligarchs, they came out of American influence. Putin stopped the Oligarchs, which are wealthy people who rule via their wealth. Putin told them, "you can be in business or leave it and go into Government, but you can't be both". Which means, ipso facto, no Oligarchs.
Gabriel Villa
Gabriel Villa:
Come on !! Alux you can do better than this!!
The Cma
The Cma:
Hi Alux, u should do Donald trump version and how he got success, maintain and grow his success
Lary page books
Putin created oligarchs?! They were already there before Putin appeared on the scene. Oligarchs were created by US advisers so that Russia could be easily controlled through small number of very rich people. Putin made oligarchs irrelevant in terms of their influence on politics so basically transforming them from being oligarchs to just very rich people who have no influence on politics. If he would have tried to nationalize everything back from them they would go to western courts and would win there pretty easily and Russia would be sanctioned over "bad Putin trying to rob honest businessmen", or they could simply assassinate him. So he just made them pay taxes and those who refused were convicted or escaped to the West.
Nasreen Hossain
Nasreen Hossain:
Democracy is the best way to rule otherwise same problem all the time
Raymond Spicer
Raymond Spicer:
let get this straight. Since this was upload on July 23. There as no evidence of Russia meddling. It was all just a something to chase to impeach trump but fail. Now Hillary calls Tusli a Russian asset really? So Alux you need to redo this or edit that out. This is false information.
Nityanand Sarkar
Nityanand Sarkar:
Hi alux ive read 20 self help books
Laurina Tsvacenko
Laurina Tsvacenko:
Putin is my top favourite politician. And it does not have to do with communism, democrats, liberals or whichever political idea/wave.
Max Melnikov
Max Melnikov:
Exactly as it is, True story. I used to live in Russia
Zsolt Papp
Zsolt Papp:
It was smart move from Putin, if he does not build his own oligarchs the country would be full of western spies and the regular people would be dirt poor now, just as they were under Yeltsin. Putyin is not an idiot or a traitor like all of the south and central american elites, that is why the globalists and the western MSM cant stand him.
ym j
ym j:
Super stretch out video
y t
y t:
Nasreen Hossain
Nasreen Hossain:
So every body slave
Илья Костерин
Илья Костерин:
Our Russian oligarchs have sold their souls to Putin in en exchange of an ability to rob their country. There is no honor in it. Moreover, in America richest men money are their money and they are safe under supervision of american government. They can't be taken from them just because some government official wanted them. In Russia oligarchs aren't owners of their money, they know, that they could loose everything in a moments notice. Nothing in this world belongs to them, even their life and lifes of their family members. They have no control over themselves - and it definitely doesnt worth oligarch money. No, thanks.
US has some oligarchs like the rest of the world. But it's not so easy in the US for them to take complete control because theres like 2,000 people in government and you cant bribe or control all of them.