How McLaren Racing managed mental health during Australia quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on the mental health of many of us. For support visit:

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Rachel Peacock
Rachel Peacock:
4 guys sitting and chatting about their mental health in a sporting environment. Thanks very much for this.🧡
Mclaren feels so special because they're more like a family than a team and that's very rare to see
Mad respect for these guys. Not only for enduring everything during quarantine but also speaking up about their experiences!
anna watts
anna watts:
really thankful to support a team like mclaren, who breaks the stigma of the strictness and overwhelming formality of f1. keep doing what you’re doing, it’s groundbreaking🧡
Dude, being raised a Ferrari fan, I HATED McLaren growing up, but y’all are becoming my favorite team very quickly. Thank you for this kind of open and honest content. Keep up the stellar work, on and off the track! 🧡
Yuxi Zhang
Yuxi Zhang:
What a team. They really did great around the whole Australia situation. So nice to see McLaren recognizing the mental side of effect COVID brought and helping each other out!
Pizza Douglas
Pizza Douglas:
We all love Carlos and Lando. They bring so much life, love and attention to McLaren. I'm glad we get to hear from these boys too. Glad that they are all well and safe now.
I'm watching this the day I get out of my 14-day quarantine in Malaysia. I understand the feeling of being trapped in a box, I haven't been allowed to leave my hotel room for 14 days and now I get out in 2 hours and 19 minutes, thanks for making me not feel alone
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson:
McLaren 🧡🧡🧡 What a team!!!
adventures of kerry
adventures of kerry:
Really interesting insight. As someone who lives alone these past few months have been really difficult but F1 is one of the things that's given me a lot of enjoyment. Thanks for sharing this.
Joseph Scherer
Joseph Scherer:
First off, so cool to talk about this. Secondly, everything on this channel is just the best. You guys have really made me a fan 👏🏻👏🏻
Alison Mehew
Alison Mehew:
Hands up to everyone involved in the making of this video. Mental health effects everyone differently and these guys show how theirs went during their quarantine journeys. Massive shout out to these guys for sharing. Stay safe all!
Nicola Visser
Nicola Visser:
I love that they shared their story
Manon Posthumus
Manon Posthumus:
So amazing to see how you managed to get through this difficult, insecure period. Stay safe and healthy and lets get it this weekend! :)
Chris Orr
Chris Orr:
Well done mclaren. You should carry on with this even after Covid. What its like to be away from home for long periods, the team rebuild mentality evt
lotte H
lotte H:
i'm really proud to support mclaren because they are so hardworking and just awesome dudes ( and girls ofc)
Avanish Adkar
Avanish Adkar:
I have been through the quarantine for 15 days completely alone! I understand what it feels to be confined to a small room! Never thought one of my favourite constructors making such kind of video! Thank you very very much! Lots of love to the whole McLaren team from India🇮🇳❤️❤️
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox:
When will ferrari ever do something like this 😭😭😭 theyre really missing out on the fans experience
Ziva j. rustam
Ziva j. rustam:
this is how i know that i stan and support the right team! x
Janbfor Ufibf
Janbfor Ufibf:
really cool that the crew is sitting in front of the camera and making a video for us. like the boys
Chloe Waddington
Chloe Waddington:
Love this, I cant imagine what these guys went through. Being in a room with a window that couldn’t open! Well done guys for talking about it 🧡🧡
Michelle Castillo
Michelle Castillo:
What a team, you guys are marvelous! This is quality content and we feel so proud and thankful for this! 🧡
Karina C
Karina C:
Such a good video, and really interesting to hear about it from your point of view rather than the press perspective. Thank you for filming and thank you to the team for sharing. An important message to everyone, as we are still in the same boat, months on.
Love mclaren. Thanks for sharing the experience, the whole world changed this year. Its good for people to talk like this.
Quinn Brubaker
Quinn Brubaker:
Lets get some good point at the ring this weekend Mclaren!!!
harshixt 7
harshixt 7:
other teams : using tyre very carefully
mclaren : sitting on them and giving interview
don't have a name
don't have a name:
Netflix editing standard.
Emily Cook
Emily Cook:
I love this team so much. Absolutely class 🧡
Pamela Galicia
Pamela Galicia:
I’m in Mexico and I can relate to them now, even they’re talking about months ago, because in my country COVID has not been controlled yet, but people need to continue with their lives. I feel really paranoid every time I have to walk out of my home. Thank you for sharing, this content is amazing. 👏🏻🧡
That’s an amazing group of guys right there. The epitome of a team mentality. Bravo boys.
Shaun Harrison
Shaun Harrison:
What a lovely, caring team Maclaren seem to be. Thank you for the video and highlighting the other issue this virus is causing.
Mari Hove
Mari Hove:
This was so interesting and a very cool but also really important video! Nice to know the team takes care of each other! <3
Mclarens PR is next level. This is my favourite team for a solid reason plus the legacy
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox:
This is amazing. 4 grown men talking about themselves 👏🏽everyone has people who look out for you 🙌🏽🧡🧡
I need to decorate my living room with one of those fancy f1 tire chairs !
Really appreciate how genuine the partnership with Mind is, it's amazing to see McLaren make mental health a topical issue
Kieran McCann
Kieran McCann:
Great video McLaren! I would love to see more team video content in the future. These insights are awesome.
Ryan Halle
Ryan Halle:
And uni students are having to do this everywhere this really highlights how horrible it is being stuck in your room for 14 days
Lori Cairns
Lori Cairns:
Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of going through quarantine in a hotel room so far from home. It helps to hear how others coped. I lost myself in music, as well.
Good luck in Germany and beyond. You have fully converted this life long Ferrari fan. Keep these awesome videos coming. ❤❤❤
David Kuhl
David Kuhl:
Amazing insight and glad to see you all came out of it healthy and maybe even stronger!
I really, really loved this video! Just regular guys (with amazing jobs, of course) talking about their difficulties during lockdown, being open and maybe showing just a bit of their soft side. So good. Great team, and great cause to support!
Fabrizio Provenzale
Fabrizio Provenzale:
Always McLaren!
Really beautiful to see McLaren helping remove the stigma around mental health with videos like this, especially in a male-dominated sporting environment. Massive props
Duarte Rodrigues
Duarte Rodrigues:
People really focus on drivers and forget the teams behind those role models. Mad respect for these lads
Emilien P
Emilien P:
Huge respect to them ! That was quite difficult moments...
And thanks for making this video, it's very interesting...
What I see here is 4 friends chatting but there are actually on their work place and I envy them so much, what a particular job of travelling around the world, preparing cars for each races and having a good work atmosphere with nice people.
Really nice !
Catherine Fenz
Catherine Fenz:
Saad Haque
Saad Haque:
That "can we actually get back home" must have been really scary
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
McLaren the best!!!!!! Hello from Ukraine
Romario Roach
Romario Roach:
This is highly encouraging for anyone going through a tough time...
Thanks alot for talking about your experiences, guys. Lots of love from Barbados 🇧🇧
Rishith Bhowmick
Rishith Bhowmick:
After listening to them, my mind has been put to ease. The fact that I'm not alone, gives me the energy to keep pushing
Its HuMark
Its HuMark:
I remember originally hearing that and it legit made me so sad lmao
Kristine Bellamy
Kristine Bellamy:
Funny how a face mask brings into focus how pretty some of these guys' eyes are lol
adam crawford
adam crawford:
all of you in quarantine I hope you know you have thoughts and prayers daily. overwhelmingly emotional
To Ba
To Ba:
I'm really digging this story, 4 guys talking about mental health is just so wonderful and I hope for the best to you and McLaren
Miss Mouse25
Miss Mouse25:
Thank you for sharing with us. It's so important to talk about these kinds of things, breaking stigmas and reassuring people that they aren't alone. You guys are awesome; good luck for this weekend!
Thank you so much for this. Conversations like this mean so much to the world right now. Thank you for bravely and generously sharing your experiences and thoughts with us. We truly appreciate it ❤️
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith:
Things are really really shit in Melbourne now. We’ve been in lockdown since March
Alice Shellie
Alice Shellie:
Such a good story on mental health especially what its like during quarantine.
This was fantastic. Keep up the good work.
Can't wait to work for McLaren, I love this enviorment
Alessia Orsini
Alessia Orsini:
It was very touching to hear one of the guys was talking about being the happiest just from seeing a postcard from his kids (9:06). Reminds you of all the little lives and things that revolve around this massive industry that is F1.
Grannie Annie
Grannie Annie:
A well timed video. So many places are going back into quarantine ironically including Melbourne (well hopefully they'll have restrictions eased more and more). It shows how different team members coped. From walking 20ks a day to learning how to play a keyboard to PlayStation. Mental health issues are huge right now, thank you McLaren for showing some coping strategies.
This is absolutely fantastic. We've had the conversation about mental health in the Covid situation. It's great to see a company as big as McLaren to get the word out. It seems to me that media in general does not talk about this issue.
Abel Ooi
Abel Ooi:
Thank you for bringing awareness to mental health during these trying times.
Anthony Boulus
Anthony Boulus:
Love the new invigorating attitude at McLaren.. hopefully 2021 we will see you back here in Australia
Giulia Mazzoleni
Giulia Mazzoleni:
Love this🧡🥺
Learn to Race
Learn to Race:
Bravo guys, well done for having the nerve to speak about it and address it
Sara Renwick
Sara Renwick:
Well done McLaren for giving these guys a chance to tell their story and supporting them through it.
This makes me more proud to be a McLaren fan than than the podiums.
Take care and stay safe.
Sarah Esterquest
Sarah Esterquest:
This is absolutely groundbreaking. Thank you so much for making this video. I’ve never been prouder to be a McLaren fan (since 2009!)
Eman Borg
Eman Borg:
Well done McLaren
Leading by example

Well done to these lads who faced it all and are talking about their experience.
Dale S
Dale S:
Inspired work Mclaren, well done for putting this together, good on you fellas
So did they test positive for corona or if not, what happened to the ones that had it ?how were they treated in Australia ?
Michelle Castillo
Michelle Castillo:
And the fact that Andrew got his hands on to the piano and did that, is just WOW! 👏
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for making this video! this is such a wonderful perspective and so necessary!
Juan Pajaro Velasquez
Juan Pajaro Velasquez:
For this kind of things is what we love McLaren. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.
I had tears in my eyes by the end of this film. Thank you so much guys, it really means a lot
Rajveer Singh Dhillon
Rajveer Singh Dhillon:
Ginger soda lemon pop Mclaren on the top 👊🔥
👍🏼 nice message guys for all the guys who've got the virus and in treatment
l S
l S:
Glad they pulled through well. The scariest part of it all at that time in March was there was not much detail about the pandemic, constantly thinking about that can be quite menacing indeed.
5:46 That's Aussie internet for ya
Absolutely brilliant segment guys, well done. It's great to hear from those behind the scenes as we spend so much time concentrating on the drivers, its sometimes easy to forget the human element of everyone else involved.
It's also amazing how different city's and countries have been affected by this pandemic. I'm a single father that lives in Melbourne and had tickets for myself and my 13 year old boy to attend this years Melbourne GP. The Wednesday leading up to the GP was my last shift at work and have not been able to work since, as my industry has been in shutdown and still hasn't been allowed to reopen and we have been in lockdown pretty much since that week also. This coming Monday will be the first day that my boy is actually allowed back to school, whilst this weekend will be the 11th round of the F1 calendar in this bizarre year that is 2020. Please don't take this as a sob story as it's not intended for that, as I've always taught my boy that there are so many people in the world that are far worse off than we are. And honestly having practice 1, 2 and 3, qualifying and a race to look forward to pretty much every week as well as F2 and F3 and channels like this has been a huge help to get us through this, and lets not forget that some of these guys and girls probably haven't been home to see there family's much or at all since the first race in Austria at the start of July, in which I truly thank you for.
Must be hard to Live through that situation, thankfully they are still here...
Jelo Feliciano
Jelo Feliciano:
can this be like a regular thing? just McLaren team members just having a chat about life in general? this is genuinely intreaguing
Caleb riley minoc
Caleb riley minoc:
Great content, team! This is why I love Mclaren 🧡
the kfc boss
the kfc boss:
Great video, amazing insights into what the team went through and great to see men, especially in a sports environment, talking openly about mental health issues, inspirational stuff with a great message for all of us.
this video is amazing as you get sense of perspective to how it is quarantining like luckily i don't believe i have had it yet i have been badly ill but i don't think it was covid but i believe my brother did have it as he was struggling to breath and couldn't do anything as he was so weak and it wasn't just a sore throat he was in a real state
Daniel Ching
Daniel Ching:
Was George Russell dubbing? Haha but seriously though, Great Work team!!!
love this team man
Tazief ahmed
Tazief ahmed:
Thanks for the regular uploads McLaren!!!
Irockit 247
Irockit 247:
LOVE u McLaren
Really glad you guys were/are ok :)

Good to hear your story.

Thank you :)
Love these vids! Much respect
Michal Lacki
Michal Lacki:
Huge respect for these legends !
katrina D
katrina D:
Well done Mclaren!! Keeping it real
Richard Keep
Richard Keep:
This was great, thank you for posting it 💪
this is so amazing thank you mclaren and thank you mind
Rhys Benjamin
Rhys Benjamin:
The point about the television is a very important point about the role of the media in the pandemic. All they have done is be incredibly negative the whole way through. You need to look for the positives in the figures to keep your sanity in check and the TV doesn’t let you do that.