How Does Inflation ACTUALLY Work?

Why does a bag of oranges at the grocery store cost $2.50 one day, and then the next $5.00? In today's exciting video we're going to teach you something that will affect your entire life as you purchase food, gas, clothing, we're talking about inflation.

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Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access:
Luckily we bigfoots don't have to worry about economic stuff way out here in the wilderness
Aldrich Smith
Aldrich Smith:

Zimbabwe has entered the chat
Jonathan Carbonell
Jonathan Carbonell:
this episode is too wobbly its like watching on a rough seas. do you need to shake the video??? uggghhhh
Can I Log In
Can I Log In:
"Hey Jimmy, you know these balloons were really expensive. You wanna know why?"
"Because, Quidd paid for it"
*"No. The price went up due to inflation."*

- Chris 2017
Williams Leon
Williams Leon:
Hey Venezuela how many inflation do you want?

Venezuela: Yes
they over here buying houses for the price of a now a day can of coke bruhhhh
Do a Coronavirus video pls🙏🏻
CallMe Larry
CallMe Larry:
When you get to hear your favorite narrator again
desert stormer
desert stormer:
this is pratically a 6-9 hour lecture compressed in 10 monutes
mr Tree
mr Tree:
It's always funny how they talk about printing more money like it's just gonna be throw out of air planes for People to get and stimulate the economy
Nate Dellia
Nate Dellia:
Tension between Iran 🇮🇷 and USA 🇺🇸
Australia 🇦🇺 Fire 🔥
Volcano 🌋 eruption in Philippines
Deadly Coronavirus
Kobe Bryant Passed away
Jamaica hit by 7.7 Earthquake
WispInABottle 687
WispInABottle 687:
You guys should make a You Vs. Video called “You Vs. Cinema Sins,” where you try to create a movie plot with as little to no sins as possible. It could be a pretty cool collaboration with them possibility as well!!
Rekt Volcano
Rekt Volcano:
Inflation: * exists *
EA: i will take ur entire stock
You struggle like the Venezuelan citizens
when it says 42 seconds ago: :0
Evetchen Brown
Evetchen Brown:
I can't have been the only one who thought they were gonna talk about inflation as in inflating a balloon or a bike tire...
*can I?*
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Inflation is taxation without legislation.
The more you have of something, the less valuable its worth
Juan D
Juan D:
This is gonna have millions of views by the end of the year
Logan Belleque
Logan Belleque:
No views yet 33+ comments?
Man YouTube’s got some problems
David Anttila
David Anttila:
I'll give you the answer in a short one word reason!!!
I was just learning about infation today in class..
Dylon Villaruel
Dylon Villaruel:
The infograpics lowkey has a mean beat in the background.... Y'all do music too? Lol
latoya laville
latoya laville:
That’s crazy how money is given value because of us literally 🤦🏾‍♀️
Steven Burrell
Steven Burrell:
Regulations, goverment entitlements/spending, energy, and minimum wage are also causes of inflation.
Curt Christensen
Curt Christensen:
Well, your tires need a certain amount of air, and...
Brightness Man
Brightness Man:
3:11 “...wants a gooder service...”

Okay do you have like a microphone in my living room?! My partner and I were discussing this last night given the state of our countries dollar and the affect of inflation...
Elias Ziad
Elias Ziad:
Venezuela: Yay I have the most oil I am the best!!
*Inflation has joined the chat*
*Political instability has joined the chat*
*Corruption has joined the chat*
*Venezuela has left the chat*
Get me 169 subs and I will reveal something
Get me 169 subs and I will reveal something:
I can’t believe I have a degree in Macro Economics and I just watched a video explaining inflation.
3:11 "gooder service" lol
Chess Club Man
Chess Club Man:
an Austrian economist has entered the chat
Austen McNeal
Austen McNeal:
My grandpa just says "Back in my day I bought a sandwich with a playing card."

Then I remember my grandpa died 12 years ago.
Randy Ly
Randy Ly:
Imagine investing in stocks and seeing it go up 98% everyday
Professor X
Professor X:
when I first started this video, the views were at 14 and now it is at 3400
Stuntin Fahm
Stuntin Fahm:
This video gives me flashbacks to my economic lessons in secondary school
Rusito Kleimans
Rusito Kleimans:
Inflation is always and in every case a monetary fenomenon
Elias Ziad
Elias Ziad:
Inflation: *exists*
Hungary: ight I would like to order *41.9 quadrillion* percent of inflation
the last time I was this early my internet cu-
Devansh A
Devansh A:
No one:

Google: Zimbabwe Pizza Hut
Trevor Buchholz
Trevor Buchholz:
I have a curious question:

With inflation in mind, how do certain fast food restaurants maintain a “dollar menu” when other items on the menu, that contain mostly the same ingredients, raise in price?
Noah Brown
Noah Brown:
Literally just wrote my economics exam today...this is creepy
"trusty" masterminds?

This show was like propaganda
Ronald Barry
Ronald Barry:
3:27......goooo onnnn
Rony B
Rony B:
I've never been this early before
Carlos Javier Palacios
Carlos Javier Palacios:
saludos desde Argentina :(
Dejinn the djinn
Dejinn the djinn:
We watched the episode on Venezuela today in Geography class today.
this guy doesn't understand what inflation is lol. He's just regurgitating off a textbook but don't understand how inflation exist and what causes it to change.
Magically creating money or IOUs and handing them to banks seems like a very inefficient way to control monetary inflation
A Bored Person
A Bored Person:
I feel dizzy watching this, please don’t do that moving effect again.
N I G H T / Nightmare_001-II
N I G H T / Nightmare_001-II:
Well, it’s just an increase in something...
Joe Channon
Joe Channon:
I had an important viva on Inflation (worth 20% of my grades) 5 days ago, I wish this came a few days early lol
millzi matt
millzi matt:
I study economics at the University of Pennsylvania and I approve this message! Next talk about opportunity cost or elasticity of demand.
Michael Warman
Michael Warman:
I thought Weimar Germany was going to come up when talk of hyperinflation arose
Denzel Jedidiah
Denzel Jedidiah:
I'm seeing a pattern here 👀
In Su
In Su:
Thank you so much for posting this video! I have a economy exam coming up next week and this is saving my day!
kiara sabur
kiara sabur:
Where was u at when i needed help with my microeconomics class
Wisdom Pen
Wisdom Pen:
I remember when Freddos used to cost 10p NOW THEY COST A WHOLE QUID!!!!
The Guy Nobody Really Likes
The Guy Nobody Really Likes:
8:32 From white farmers to black ones.
What we expect: How to handle Corona Virus
Infographic Show: How does Inflation REALLY work 😂
Danial Abdullah
Danial Abdullah:
I will buy all the condoms so that the price of condoms increase. And when that comes, I will sell it.
I know a tip for youtube, SKIP to the end and click replay it gets rid of all the ADS.
A. Chin
A. Chin:
So given the yearly inflation rate between 2016 and 2019, it was 377% every year, meaning that prices increased 4.77-fold every year.
Yup inflation for food and everything else except how much you got paid. At the end of the day they said buy the same thing for more while staying with the same pay
Peter the Panda
Peter the Panda:
Venezuela: Suffers from hyperInflation

Germany and Zimbabwe (to Venezuela): First time?
How does inflation actually work???
Vote for yang and find out lol 😂
Egg McSavage
Egg McSavage:
There is a way to weaponize your money based on inflation but I genuinely forgot how inflation works, thanks for the brush up
I love your videos, dont know how you upload so many a day, but keep it up :)
Alejandro Guzman
Alejandro Guzman:
First time I already knew everything in an infographic video thanks to AP Macro ✊🏽✊🏽 shoutout Mr Clifford 😤
Ali Idris
Ali Idris:
Yes you have a girlfriend. We get it.

U didnt mention it at all? Am i on the right channel?
Aldrich Smith
Aldrich Smith:
How does inflation work? Well, you put the balloon up to your mouth, you blow out air from you lungs, and... boom! The balloon inflates! Magic!
David Chien
David Chien:
Just imagine being able to go to the movies for only a few cents. Now it cost basically you buying the entire first row in the theater.
Yebeu Jshehs
Yebeu Jshehs:
3:18 gooder?
Eye Am
Eye Am:
Being a Native of ZIMBABWE, I have never known, or heard of ZIMBABWE ever engaging in a war with Congo?!!!!😳

Whats the source behind some of these so called facts?!!!!
Christopher Sanders
Christopher Sanders:
Do a coronavirus video! about what could happen, what is happening, and maybe what we could do to make it better or worse! I like the style that you guys do... But yeah
Alondra Salazar magic
Alondra Salazar magic:
Thank you for talking about Venezuela, I feel like this needs more attention from all around the world and you are the perfect channel to talk about this. I’m from Venezuela and I’ve been in Florida for 5 years. You should talk about immigration issues with Latino people.
Road Kill
Road Kill:
Thanks for this great economy with absolutely no flaws boomers
Venezuela: "Heeeelllllooooooo"
Cringe Gaming 64
Cringe Gaming 64:
More money = less money
Germany after ww1: “nam flashbacks”
Michał Dolata
Michał Dolata:
3:58 what the f happend to Poland
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
3:11 gooder
Smooth resolution perfect
i arrived like SO EARLY!! yayayayay!
gac gac
gac gac:
Help I am inflating get my deflator!!!
DaREAL1 Buttercookie Cinnamini
DaREAL1 Buttercookie Cinnamini:
Too funny! I remember watching those movies of the week on Monday Nights...those women escape being battered with 8 kids. Become happy and successful, working as cashier at grocery store. Secretaries worked in the city, wore beautiful clothes.
Xeno Benoit
Xeno Benoit:
I need to investigate this further because I’m sure no one would notice if I printed myself a few million 😂
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus:
This doesn’t prove the fact that if you’re going to buy an apple device one year later it will be much more cheaper. And that’s why many people are excited to watch the Apple iPhone Keynote that is held annually in September .
I, Rivals, Friends
I, Rivals, Friends:
I've seen people guesstimate a currency's worth by looking at the prices of various things in historical documents from a specific period, but has someone made a concerted effort to figure this stuff out?
Reece Matulich
Reece Matulich:
Where does money go after being made or what happens to money after being made
Shanthal Comaling
Shanthal Comaling:
Venezuela: aww man
Thanks I was doing a school report on this
DJ Celeste PH
DJ Celeste PH:
Meanwhile in the Philippines region

Video: Inflation

 Marcos Era: Let me tell you about life in my presidency
Justin Castillo
Justin Castillo:
We are actually talking about this in highschool since it has some part to play in WWII and this is really helpful
liam hgd
liam hgd:
Sooooo banks are genuinely messing us about ? That's all I got from this video
Shadow WSK
Shadow WSK:
I knew inflation since i was 14 cuz my grandparents keep scolding me for not knowing inflation
0:00 Ok, Boomer
Task Force Torture
Task Force Torture:
seconds ago...
Grant Armbruster
Grant Armbruster:
I like how you glossed over the Zimbabwe Farm redistribution