How Did Cory Monteith Save Lea Michele? | Life Stories | Goalcast

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were in love onscreen in Glee and in real life, until tragedy ripped them apart for good. How did Lea overcome her loss?
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Eva PE
Eva PE:
Lea and Cory were soulmates. You could see the chemistry and the love they had. She is a very strong woman and now I have no doubt that she is going to be a great mom.
Jennifer And Dutch
Jennifer And Dutch:
You don’t always find that person who is just your soulmate. Even though he was only there for a short time, Cory and Lea Had love that can’t be broken
bethany pryor
bethany pryor:
I can’t believe I did this to myself. I’m a mess.
Soffi espiritual
Soffi espiritual:
She is so strong and i can't wait to see that powerfull women as a powerfull Mother.
I can’t think of a name
I can’t think of a name:
It’s so sad because he was trying so hard to get better, and he was, but then when he returned home and went back to his old crowd, he relapsed
Ariel McBride
Ariel McBride:
With all the hate spiraling around lea rn you can’t deny she loved Cory. Losing someone you truly loved really damages you.
Am I the only one who thinks that Cory mellowed out Lea's diva behavior and her diva personality came back out after he passed?
Les Po
Les Po:
Why did I just do this to myself?
lu lu
lu lu:
I heard a phrase somewhere that was like this: your soulmate and the person you marry are two different types of person. And I think Cory was her soulmate.
jackie ry
jackie ry:
she was what inspired him and he was what inspired her :(. they are soulmates. im so happy she found zandy but it will always supposed to be cory. they brought out the best in each other. she saved him. she gave him something to believe in. they understood each other like no other. the chemistry that they shared on and off screen is undeniable. in the breakup episode of s4, when they’re in the auditorium crying and yelling, she has said that she was only able to break down like that because she pictured the conversation happening between her and cory in real life. right after they shot it, they shared a long hug. she is so strong and i am so happy that she has survived. i don’t know what i would’ve done if i was her. i love you lea.
Karol Ramos
Karol Ramos:
I refuse to think Lea is an awful person if Cory fell in love with her 💔
Sara Coutinho
Sara Coutinho:
I'm never going to be over Cory's death :(
Samantha Lorraine
Samantha Lorraine:
Even though she found love again, Cory is her real soulmate.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae:
I sat here crying my eyes out at this. 7 years later! Still can’t believe we lost such an amazing human
Thembi Phiri
Thembi Phiri:
I know she's receiving some back lash and all these stories about her are coming out, but damn, this hit me. Lea is flipping strong
Macy B
Macy B:
I always wonder if he was still alive would she be with him and start a family or go to her now husband?
Amanda Kerres
Amanda Kerres:
Only because someone dies doesn’t mean that he is not your soulmate.He is just not you lifemate anymore.
burcu gemici
burcu gemici:
He took the midnight train going anywhere.
Piper M
Piper M:
Cory’s gone...and now Naya. Rest in peace to the both of them💔
Surel Hilton
Surel Hilton:
People may not have liked her but she is such an inspiration, losing Cory must have been such a hard thing for her. But she managed to go on . She had a hard time getting over him but look at her now, happy, successful and in love again. She is going to be an amazing mother. I know if Cory can see her now he would be so so so happy for her because that is the type of person he was. He was always so considerate of other people, he didnt have the easiest life but he did incredible things... rest in peace Cory Monteith
Milly Purcell
Milly Purcell:
There are no words to describe how much I miss him. I'm just so happy Lea has somebody looking over her and her family - Cory would be so proud of how far she's come
Madelyn Deslaurier
Madelyn Deslaurier:
It is so sad I feel like if Cory had not died they would be together forever
Vicky Marques Molero
Vicky Marques Molero:
They were strong together, but Cory leave her the strength to hold on and become an incredible artist and a strong woman!! She's awesome!!
Kate Leigh Ann
Kate Leigh Ann:
I know all of this stuff came out about her but I still haven’t lost my respect for her and I’m still a really big fan. I just feel like she became famous over night and let it get to her head and she’s trying to make things right for some things she did 7 or more years ago. Idk for some reason I will always have respect and be a fan if lea
Total Gracie
Total Gracie:
Lea wasn't Cory's rock. Cory was hers. No matter how hard you deny it I think a lot of us agree that Lea was keeping her attitude at bay because Cory had such faith in her and now he is gone, she struggles to remember who believes in her. As much as I hate to side with a person who treats people poorly, lea is going to be an amazing mum and she was and still is in grief and as she says grief follows you. I have lots of sympathy. I want no hate. I have posted a comment like this and been threatened to be killed. Please no hate on my opinion!!! Have a nice day guys.
Annie Painter
Annie Painter:
Lea was such a strong person to go through a loss like this. I wish I was a bit more like that; I just lost my dog, Jack, recently and I tried keeping it together, but I couldn''s kind of hard to move forward. 😢
Sarah LaCroix
Sarah LaCroix:
Never realized how much like their characters they are
Ashley Goodridge
Ashley Goodridge:
The were really soulmates. It hurts seeing that they couldn’t get married or have kids & get their happy ending. Ik Cory is probably so happy for her rn tho
Aigerim Kudaibergenova
Aigerim Kudaibergenova:
Their characters on Glee resemble themselves quite a lot
Lex ? ! The Dork
Lex ? ! The Dork:
Some of my older cousins knew a friend of a friend kinda thing. They said he was such a kind-hearted person who could get along with just about anyone. R.I.P. Cory, you deserved so much better.
A little Weirdo
A little Weirdo:
That Ellen interview was literally so strong of her to talk and not become a mess
Cyna Bengg
Cyna Bengg:
And now people start hating her back after all those years. Yall are something🤨
anyone here after lea got cancelled on twitter for being racist?
no? just me..
Sueehhe !!
Sueehhe !!:
Here after naya passed away may both of them rest peacefully two beautiful souls took to soon❤️
It was actually Ryan Murphy who Cory's last words to were "I want to get better" & not Lea. Ryan wasnt letting Cory finish the season, when he came back from Canada he was going straight into rehab. He just didnt make it back from Canada. So, so sad 😥

Sometimes it's the brightest stars we see twinkling against the darkness, and if and when they fall, we should not curse the darkness, but remember the glow they left behind...
Brie Woznick
Brie Woznick:
this is a death that still hurts me... :-(
Amira Brown
Amira Brown:
they both inspired each other in a way we can’t understand and they were private for a while . she was his thing to look forward to everyday until it got too tough and he was her muse . she knew his trouble & addiction but outside of all that , he made sure she knew he wanted her happy no matter what .
I just watched glee’s last episode and this came up to me. I cried a river. Cory’s journey help me through my troubled teenage years and now I’m 24, a preschool teacher and I just want to give the same love he gave his fans to my beautiful students ❤️.
Olivia G
Olivia G:
I don’t even know why I torture myself like this. I feel like In a way Cory made Lea a better person. He was so sweet to everyone and always had a smile on his face. You know they were madly in love by the way Lea always looked at him.There were soulmates✨r.i.p Cory. We love you💜
Bold and Brash
Bold and Brash:
...And im crying again.
Amelie Lopez
Amelie Lopez:
Beautiful. Lea, please don't let the haters get to you. They're jealous and mean. You are an amazing woman who has been such an inspiration to people everywhere, including me. I'm half-Jewish/half-Latina, and I'm often told that I'm too "loud" or "ambitious" or "overbearing." Funny, my brother is never told these things, but his personality is very similar to mine. Whatever. The point is that you have a lot of supporters out there! Thank you for all you've given to us all. We love you, Lea!
Felicitas Parini
Felicitas Parini:
I can’t believe how she could go forward after loosing her soulmate. I think, despite of some behaviors, she’s a very strong woman and I really admire her. She will be such a wonderful mother, she inspires me
Carly Marie
Carly Marie:
It’s been 7 years sense he died and it still breaks my heart 🥺
It breaks my heart thinking if he maybe got better they could be married with kids
that 1grrl
that 1grrl:
Cory inspired and continues to inspire people everywhere. I don’t know why really but, I think about him everyday. And I just think of him as this guy who IS talented and IS kind and IS just amazing overall. He’s that story of someone who was lost and taking all of the wrong turns, but then found his way through acting and that resonates so much with me. Thank you Cory, for always looking at life as a fun rollercoaster and living everyday like it could be your last. You aren’t gone. You live in so many people. Some who knew you very well, and others who didn’t know you beyond Finn Hudson or even the random guy in the woods on an episode of Supernatural. I never met you, but I felt and feel connected to you. You just inspire the hell out of me, to chase my dreams and to just go for things because we don’t know what happens after this life. Thank you for being that star in our night sky that shines so bright, so whenever we feel alone, just like Rachel, we can look up, and there you are. We love you Cory❤️❤️❤️
Victoria Lucila Cuello
Victoria Lucila Cuello:
I'm crying.
Mary-Jane Frugé
Mary-Jane Frugé:
people still give her so much crap and it makes me so mad cause what she did was incredible i cant even imagine what she was going through but losing your soulmate not only but the feeling of not being enough tears you down
i love how we still remember cory to this day, even almost 7 years after his passing. ❤️ i’m so happy for lea, finding love, and perusing her dreams after all she’s gone through. i know cory would be so very proud of lea and her achievements. i love cory so much , and i wish him and lea were together and happy. they were true soulmates . and i am still deeply saddened that he’s not here. though i am also so proud of lea, for finding her smile again. i have no doubt that lea will be a great mom! ❤️
Diva Alfirman
Diva Alfirman:
Oh God, why now? It's been nearly 7 years and watching this just made me realize how much I'm not over his death :"(

*Rest In Peace Cory Alan Michael Monteith*
Gracie Greenfield
Gracie Greenfield:
Despite Lea being accused of being rude (which there’s a chance is true) she is probably still grieving even into her late pregnancy. She is amazing. Cory was Lea’s rock, lea tried to be Cory’s but he just lost. Her speech to Ellen include all my favourite quotes by anybody because she is so right. Nobody gets over grief, it follows you. You just find a power to accept it. Have a nice day :)
this and their live story is a movie worthy
"Find something that inspires you and that will become your new direction"

I want this on a poster 😥
Riley Marie
Riley Marie:
july 2020 update: balled my mf eyes out
Jordan Perez
Jordan Perez:
Lea is pretty but her nose doesn't go with her face tbh
Caipi & Jana
Caipi & Jana:
She’s so strong... I adore her and she deserves a wonderful family. Cory has to be so happy, that she found someone, who is there for her and give her life a new reason❤️
Aj Hoyles
Aj Hoyles:
Whoa this was so fucking beautiful 🥺🥺 Cory and Lea where soulmates NOTHING came between them but I’m just so happy Lea is happy again and starting a family soon and the fact that Lea is still doing music just to keep he’s memory alive is so beautiful i never knew that’s why lea did music I mean I always thought she was just a Broadway star/actress but Lea is doing what Cory always thought she do making music and having a family
Los Weekenderos
Los Weekenderos:
Life Stories By Goalcast, you guys have no heart, right!? 😢💔
Misty Bennett
Misty Bennett:
He was her "person". 😭 their love was beautiful.
I'm so happy she found love again and is now going to be an amazing mommy.
Nicole Stone
Nicole Stone:
its 5 in the morning and i’m crying like a baby. you can just tell lea & cory had something special that you can’t replicate. they had something special. i’m so happy that lea had found someone. cory will forever be looking down on here.
Ryanne Cayanan
Ryanne Cayanan:
It’s officially been 7 years and I’m still a mess 😓
hannah the gymnast11
hannah the gymnast11:
Am I the only one literally bawling
MisakaMisaka 398127
MisakaMisaka 398127:
Cory is like Lea’s rock even until now she’s still not forgetting him. Lea is really is strong and amazing woman!! I wish you keep having bright future and happiness!!
Chelsea Daley
Chelsea Daley:
Lea is such a great beautiful person and I feel for her personally of what she had to go through in her life without the man of her dreams who became her best friend and they were the best soulmates ever in the show glee and I will always miss Cory Monteith and his character Finn Hudson he was the best and I loved everything about his personality until he had changed his life to the fullest he will be missed and I will always finchel so much in my heart forever
Ellie Hunter
Ellie Hunter:
Can confirm, still crying
Lea michele was an AWFUL person but her personality had a glow up.
Nola Kra-Caskey
Nola Kra-Caskey:
Her and her husband have to name their baby Cory 🥺💕
Molly B
Molly B:
its 2am and im crying so hard. i love lea michele sm and she is going to be such an amazing mom.
Emelia H
Emelia H:
I’m new to watching glee and because I’ve gotten really into it I started watching interviews of the actors and things about their lives and I found how pure and good Cory’s heart was, I found this video and honestly I don’t know why I decided to watch it because now I can’t stop crying, but we need to be grateful for how many times he made us smile and overall he was an amazing person so he is most definitely worth staying up all night crying for not going to lie
ashton aldiva
ashton aldiva:
I'm only 12 and this started at 2009 when I was one and i love this show but I... Love Corey rip
I'm not crying, you are....i'm most definitely crying
alesha turner
alesha turner:
i cried so much and so hard during this that i have a headache but i dont even care
Sabrina Oliveri
Sabrina Oliveri:
She is such an inspiration to so many people. She has inspired me in more ways than I can admit and she really is the best role model. Say what you will about her, but she is so strong and just such a beautiful person, inside and out. I hope that she is really living her life to the fullest. I'm so glad that she is finally becoming a mother because I know she will be just amazing. She is just so inspiring to read about. I couldn't have found a better role model than her.
Kaylene Jantjes
Kaylene Jantjes:
Monchele/Finchel didn't have enough tiiiime!
Why am I hearing the same thing 10 freaking times?
Kiara Luciano
Kiara Luciano:
I told myself I wasn't gonna cry but guess who went and cried their eyes out
Khadijah Islam
Khadijah Islam:
I’m crying why am I doing this to myself😭 RIP Cory ❤️
Glee Forever
Glee Forever:
I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself. It’s 2020 and his death still gets me. He was such an amazing person. RIP Cory Monteith 1982-2013 you are so missed by so many people❤️
Abigail Arruda
Abigail Arruda:
It’s been 7 years today without him. He will always be missed ❤️
Lynette Moss
Lynette Moss:
Cory's last words to Lea were 'if you say so'. This was at the end of a phone call when he said I love you, she said I love you more then he replied if you say so. She got these words tattooed on her rib cage. His last words to Ryan Murphy however were 'I want to get better'.
Why did I click on this?!…it still hurts 😫🥺
Jeanne Bautista
Jeanne Bautista:
I can't imagine what she went through.... I lost a fiance in my life who died in front of me due to a heart attack in 2/21/16- your never the same!!!
Jose can you see
Jose can you see:
This would mean so much more if she wasn’t such a bully. Sadly your emotions mean nothing when you believe everyone is beneath you 😞
Simply Sush
Simply Sush:
Her face at 5:23 I'm so sorry ik this is ment to be emotional and about Cory but I had to...😇
yea no i still dont know why i did this to myself
Choco 111
Choco 111:
I'm full on crying here
XKookie's MilkX
XKookie's MilkX:
I’m literally Sobbing
Madison Freeman
Madison Freeman:
I love the way this is put, it’s not like most of the videos about Cory where it just focuses on the grief and pain, it shows how much Lea has grown as a person and it’s really beautiful :)
Glee and Cory were really her whole life at that point, at least from the public's point of view
Mia Murray
Mia Murray:
This is such a heartbreaking story. They truly loved each other and wanted what was best for each other. They helped each other through the hard times. Lea is so strong and she is going to make an amazing mother. RIP Cory, we love you so much. ❤️
KaNya T
KaNya T:
They literally are Finn and Rachel
Kathleen Sides
Kathleen Sides:
I have been a huge fan of Lea's since she started on broadway. When I first heard her sing at 8 years old I was so amazed! I admire her in so many ways. I loved Cory so much and will miss him 4ever! Lea has so much courage, love, and extremely talented and I just know that Cory is watching over her all the time. I just know that when their baby is born all the couragious, loving, strength that they have will be in their baby. Congraulations to you both and remember YOUR AWESOME!!!! Love Kathleen Sides
Catt Garcia
Catt Garcia:
I’m sitting here BALLING MY EYES OUT. 😭🥺
Emma Byrne
Emma Byrne:
The last few parts got me seeing her happy makes me so happy 😭🥰
brittin clark
brittin clark:
My favorite couple to this very day she is the strongest women ever and will be the best mother ever can’t wait 💙😭❤️💔
Cintss Cha
Cintss Cha:
They loved each other so much!!! :,( why did Cory did that to himself??? :,,,,((( I am happy Lea moved on and started a new chapter in her life, but I dont think she will ever forget him.
Esmeralda Walters
Esmeralda Walters:
What a Beautiful love story. With so much caring and no judgement😢❤️❤️❤️
Jayme Starr
Jayme Starr:
OMG. Cory Monteith was one of my favorite. he's a nother star that i wonted to meet him.
Triple Threat Performers
Triple Threat Performers:
You will find your new direction 😭