How big is the Solar System?

The average science project doesn't do the Solar System justice. This video shows relative sizes of the planets and how far they really are from the Sun.

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Sad Otaibi
Sad Otaibi:
1 like - 1 love for pluto
Hanzala Nadeem
Hanzala Nadeem:
Just for your information :
Russia is bigger than pluto
AG Technologies
AG Technologies:
Saturn is without Ring 😂 how is it possible?
Sun: I have 9 sons.
Pluto : Daddy I'm going to make tiktok videos when I grow up.
Sun: I have 8 sons.
Planet Saturn
Planet Saturn:
Brain Loft
Brain Loft:
Who else is watch this video in 2020.
And who's the fan of science 👀😉
( ME )
Jupiter The gas giant
Jupiter The gas giant:
Saturn: where is my rings? I’m naked
Martin Dvlogs
Martin Dvlogs:
Anyone: can we bring this pluto to earth , why not.?

Jared says: the Pluto is bigger than you think
Zoro Uchiha
Zoro Uchiha:
Did Saturn get divorced or sum? Where's the ring!!??🤣
Mayur Dadhich
Mayur Dadhich:
And human ego is very big as compared to the sun.
Rafiq Saya
Rafiq Saya:
We all human travelling 24 hours without realizing it, Earth is our largest spaces shuttle, yet a tiny planet compare to others. But humans have the ego bigger than universe 🙄😏
Aaromal K . J
Aaromal K . J:
Pluto ( 4.6 billion year ago - 2009)
You will be in our hearts Pluto.
RIP as a dwarf planet. 😥😢
Bajid Khan
Bajid Khan:
Why can't we bring pluto to Earth.. it's so cute in size...
9A Prabhjot singh 29
9A Prabhjot singh 29:
In 10 years school can't teach it
Pluto is so cute...

Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper:
We are smaller than micro organisms for this planets🤣🤣
Padraig McMahon
Padraig McMahon:
Bartter ♂️su☀️n♈AIRES you LEO☀️ lies like that words Painful Hurtful harm you lol pain fat Fatigue KING Jupiter Stuped Voied Games
atomos peak
atomos peak:
We are the most intelligent & civilized organisms of solar system or even more than it, who knows. So why not to have ego 🙄
Krishna Gunjan
Krishna Gunjan:
Thanks Jared Owen to take Pluto in the planet too🥰🥰🥰😘🥺🥺🥺 one like and one cute , lovely comment for Pluto .....
《Electric Dragon》
《Electric Dragon》:
You shouldve been one of those people that said
Earth: 1× Earths Diameter
Aw dangit, I ate my rings again!
mircea tim
mircea tim:
Sun: 109 Earth's Diameter
Pluto: 0.18 Earths Diameter

Discussion: Sun + all planets 5%
Pluto 95%
Justine Edits
Justine Edits:
*saturn not having rings *

Me: *wait thats illegal*
Prasanth Kumar
Prasanth Kumar:
How many of you paused the video, and read what is written in the classroom board...😁😁😁😁
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar:
Pluto: Hi friends
Sun: Hey nuptune, where is that sound from?
Neptune: i don't know.
Rui Rebelo
Rui Rebelo:
Agora percebi, vivemos numa partícula de pó! Now i understand, we live in a dust particle!
Sheep Lamb
Sheep Lamb:
The title should be "How small are we"?
Oliver Emanuel
Oliver Emanuel:
We r just a bacteria in the universe
No, that's Ariana Grande.
KimAlvarado 73
KimAlvarado 73:
Sun: Meet my little friend
Pluto: wassup
Bloody Minded
Bloody Minded:
They look like my collection of creazyballs
Remember, the solar system is a mere dust particle when compared to the rest of the galaxy, and an invisible dot when compared to the observable universe
Pluto:*calls neptune* hey neptune Neptune:Uh who a i talking to Pluto: WHO AM I TALKING TO* aaaaaaaa neptune is too loud aaaaaaaaaah
Jeuming Mao
Jeuming Mao:
I want you to add the rings around the planet Saturn
Kenady Wright
Kenady Wright:
Pluto is so tiny

Who is watching is 2019 btw?
joseph jackson
joseph jackson:
The scale of distance from the sun (not counting the size of the planets) was actually pretty spot on before he zoomed out
Subhasish Choudhury
Subhasish Choudhury:
Crazy representation..!!
DanialPlays_ Gaming
DanialPlays_ Gaming:
**Sees pluto in the solar system list at start**

Me: *wait thats illegal*
The Cable club
The Cable club:
Good thing the creator of this video added pluto cause, who doesn't like pluto?
andrii r
andrii r:
When i looking for the sky and i think, people are micro-microbs in Universe!
Pluto is the best plant ever. ....1:09 minutes later.... Oh... never mind...
Lazzy Autist
Lazzy Autist:
The question is "why only on earth is there life"?
Ebon Collins
Ebon Collins:
It’s the biggest joke that man sells his concept of a universe that really has nothing to do with real life.
Sixty-five percent of the Sun's mass is in the outer atmosphere, with a fair bit in the main atmosphere as well. The Sun is even more luminous at this distance (76.5 percent of its total energy is in the visible part of the spectrum). How much energy is in that light?
Outer Solar System Mass: 52,800,000,000,000,000,000 (7.
TurokPt .
TurokPt .:
0:26 уран Нептун БОЛЬШЕ ЗЕМЛИ В НЕСКОЛЬКО РАЗ а так же земля с солнцем мелкая букашка Диз за неправильный пропорции
Manjhouli Sirdala
Manjhouli Sirdala:
Saturn have no ring ....😂😂😂
How is it possible.
Shruty Sakpal
Shruty Sakpal:
This gave me a heart attack!
*Steel Beam*
*Steel Beam*:
Think about how far is the Sun... and how can you still feel its warmth every morning.
Where the heck is saturns rings
Jan Petersson
Jan Petersson:

A globe without a curve nobody see, with boyancy and centrifugal force that was exchanged for gravity, humans evolved from fish to chimpanzees only because Darwin invented it in the theory of evolution, which is clearly proven that it absolutely cannot be so, but similar damn it is taught in schools today.

Lucky we came to a big bang from nothing it would have been fun to see the fireworks I like, it was when God flew to Blakulla on a broom and never came home again, because there were so many lovely women hours who so much wanted to have a man, so he had everything left over?

Black holes that eat stars and planets, or do these planets collide and turn into what?
Moon travel 50 years ago with computer technology comparable to what we have in our mobiles today, but to the moon, nothing has come despite technological developments, and Nixon's phone that he called Niel Armstrong when he was on the back of the moon and without significant time difference, that phone was auctioned off for $ 18 billion.

Satellites and space station where you do experiment with somersaults, wash their hair, play guitar, cook and eat, play with water to entertain our children through TV, then that staff at NASA announce that they can only work in our atmosphere, because no one can than pass Van Allen Belt, which is another name for the firmament.

The sun has clouds behind it as it passes, 150 million km from us and that according to science in vaccuum.
Stars probably disappear in the curve too, so the sailors can't follow the stars and therefore can't find their way home.

Light lighthouses on the sea are visible 30 km away on the sea although science claims that the globe curves 8 inches per 1600 m, so these light lighthouses can be seen because the waves cause these lighthouses to bounce up and down so you see them for that reason.

Lucky the flight has a globe brake so they can stop the globe so it can land safely on the runway so it does not spin away from them.
Cameras must have evolved constantly, which is why the globe has so many different colors and sizes on continents from one year another year.

Rockets that are launched that flare out and face down towards the Bermuda triangle, is it the shortcut to the moon and Mars?
Galaxies and milky way, although new telescopes will be showing stars that are around 200 km from us but as these telescopes show that they are millions of kilometers away, although they must have turned the lenses wrong, if they turn the telescope then they have the stars on their noses, if not even into their global brain.

Are you still enthusiastic and dream of becoming astronauts and settling on Venus or the Saturn carousel?
Good luck, I say, WHEN do you wake up from this nightmare that NASA and science present to you?
Steve Kim
Steve Kim:
I still dont get it that how come we see the Sun as big as moon. Ibunderstand Sun is way far away from us. However, I just cant imagine it..look at the size the Sun. We are like dust.
If Earth is some hundread km closer to the Sun than normal, we are cooked easily. I dont call this as coincidence, but God's creation precisely for human being
R S K:
Anyone waited for
Earth = 1× earth??
Your so pretty _
Your so pretty _:
Pluto will always be and will ever be forever a planet in our hearts
HRIDAY joshï
HRIDAY joshï:
Back when pluto was a planet.
Jhojan Danilo sANCHES
Jhojan Danilo sANCHES:
Luke si pensaste que Pluto era una manchita de mugre en tu pantalla :'v
Padraig McMahon
Padraig McMahon:
Fire Borthes♂️♐♂️☀️♌LEO leard lies Stinerss Fire Borthes Treadsy backstaber Destroyed humanity HOBIS🔴🌖AIRES♀️☀️✨♈us♂️☀️✨🌠♈AIRES DOMINDS🔴🌒feel good about LEO♂️☀️♌lies Starrassin♂️♐ Fire Borthes say lies aubot AIRES♂️☀️♈
I still like to think of Pluto as a planet.
Maria Angelica Asaytuno
Maria Angelica Asaytuno:
А я непонел где кольца у сатурна,Юпитера,урана и нептуна.
I'm looking for the saturn ring, is it gone? This time😂
Jimin Park
Jimin Park:
Pluto:Hi Friends
Sun: ???who is that?
Jupiter: idk .
Samuel Cho
Samuel Cho:
Makes you feel kinda lonely when he zooms out to show us...just how...far apart and big space is
British Husky Stray
British Husky Stray:
All planets and Sun: Idk.
Jan Petersson
Jan Petersson:
Dimi Fisher
Dimi Fisher:
If sun is a golf ball the nearest star is 1200 km away, considering that we are on this tiny piece of rock that we call earth then do the math 🤣
Radhika Naidu
Radhika Naidu:
I was like are they all planets on a table when I saw the display picture
Like who agree
Jan Petersson
Jan Petersson:
-How will you react the day you realize you have been fooled for 60 years by NASA spreading so others have also spread the lie that we live on a globe and played with you about an universe that does not exist and everything else fake stories that they told you to believe in, and that NASA has stolen $ 52 million dollars every day from your paid taxes and defrauded you for all this money you worked so hard for.
That day is coming, because the awareness that we live on a flat earth is growing very fast now
Samer Alsaadi
Samer Alsaadi:
You forgot saturn's rings
يسرى عبد الصمد
يسرى عبد الصمد:
even from the small size of Pluto I didnt even see this planet i thought it was dust on camera or by mistake
They even included Pluto 😚
awaz sabah
awaz sabah:
I just cried because of that video just sounds like a that story😭😭😭🥺😫😖😣🥺🥺
Tamim Awwad
Tamim Awwad:
Imagine the greatness of all mighty God who have created all these fine tuned universe in such a perfect and beautiful way.. Alhamdo lellah
Saturn's Rings were actually visiting the Andromeda Galaxy!
Alison Moirangthem
Alison Moirangthem:
This means that God is great....
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump:
Made 4 years ago, perfect time to be recommened
Abhishek Solanki
Abhishek Solanki:
Other planet muat used to tease pluto by calling him dwarf 😂😂
Seema Kumari
Seema Kumari:
Satrun -😭where is my ring
Sun-🤔I don't know
Pluto is so freaking cute ❤️
Tony Clarke Sr
Tony Clarke Sr:
Thought Pluto wasn't apart of the Solar System anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️
Jan Petersson
Jan Petersson:

We have explore and develop many things but there is two things we have not develop in 50 and in 100 Years.
1. They say we can't go back to the moon after 50 Years because they lost 13 000 telemetry data from 6 moon landings 1969 - 1972 weight one ton, okay it is SO easy to lose one ton of the most important thing they say they have done.

2. Car was invented for more than 100 Years, and they have not develop them at all, because we still drive on gasoline like we did then, so maybe they lost thousands of telemetry data from that to???

3. The funny thing is, that NASA tell us they can't even leave lower orbit today, but they can send up spacestation ISS, 40 000 satellites and land on Mars and drive a Rover there???

It is the same as to say;
-My car doesn't work there is some problems with it who must be fixed so I can't visit You in the next city, but I can drive my car and visit a friend in another country.


Follow the money and You find the answer.
I learned a lot of stuff, plus Pluto is still a planet to me!
Prabhat Bhartola
Prabhat Bhartola:
Watching the sun and comparing it to earth was fun
Libra J
Libra J:
People:Pluto is cute!It should be a planet

Me:I guess my cat is also a planet now
Arman Anand
Arman Anand:
Bro I just hate when you don't speak (you have a soothing voice Owen)
wald sill
wald sill:
Star trek infernal, até quando essa mentira vai rolar !
Singing Planets
Singing Planets:
Solar System falling down
Falling down
falling down
Solar System falling down
My good babies!

We don’t know who can us help?
Can us help?
Can us help?
We don’t know who can us help?
My good babies!

Let's think teamwise who can help?
Who can help?
Who can help?
Let's think teamwise who can help?
My good babies!

Super Hero can us help!
Can us Help!
Can us Help!
Super Hero can us help!
My good babies!

Super Hero helped us
Helped us
Helped us
Super hero helped us
My good babies!

Solar System is saved now!
Is saved now!
Is saved now!
Solar System is saved now!
My good babies!

All together we said: "Thanks!"
We said: "Thanks!"
We said: "Thanks!"
All together we said: "Thanks!"
My good babies.
Betelgeuse: You are small, Sun!
Sun: Say hello to my little friend!
Pluto: Hi..
The Raw
The Raw:
Hello I self mukul!!
And I'm nothing 🤣🤣🤘
Monir Salem
Monir Salem:
0:59 there is something wrong 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Robert Moore
Robert Moore:
im impressed i thought people were smart!
Android 21 Fangirl
Android 21 Fangirl:
The Sun be lookin’ dummy thicc!
Quenie ShaneB. Gupa-al
Quenie ShaneB. Gupa-al:
I'll use this of our project,and my report
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya:
Astrology: Pluto isn't planet we should determinate him.

Earth: I missed my brother Pluto.
Mars: Me too :(
Solar system: Don't worry Pluto is still our Family.
I expected ricardo milos
Fantasy Universe
Fantasy Universe:
Great, the simulation is particularly good.
Thanks for including Pluto, but you know Saturn is married, right?
We got a nice solar system :)
Jefferson Ruadil
Jefferson Ruadil:
Hi Mr. Jared Owen. Can you make an animation about the instruments and everything about the voyager 1 and 2. Thanks!
juan vargas
juan vargas:
Very intersting i dint really imagine the sun being that huge compared to planets
anna radical
anna radical:
Jupiter: eat my gas