HOUSE TOUR | Rhian Ramos

Will miss my very first "second" home! Really got to appreciate this space more during this quarantine--it became my hangout place, my workspace, my gym! Lots of good memories here so here's a sentimental me in this vlog!

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Cobe Bryan Guevarra
Cobe Bryan Guevarra:
"I was happier having less, because I appreciated what I had more"
Prince zedrick
Prince zedrick:

arok toysi
arok toysi:
love minimalist concept :) i love what your mom has taught you!
ronalee taala
ronalee taala:
The less I have, the happier I am.
I love how articulate you are. I thought maarte ka. And I love how simple and relatable your closet size is, well, except for the part of the shoes, LOL! All the best in your next place.
Lendy San
Lendy San:
So proud of you Ate Rhian co’z you can live independently ❤️
Imissyouuuu jody/jade/rhian 😁😍❤
Fine Life PH
Fine Life PH:
I like how she utters her words and speaks up her mind. Thanks for sharing this.😀❤
Oliver Alegrado
Oliver Alegrado:
"tambox" tambakan ng box 😂 an epic word for the day. i just love the she speaks elegantly, w/a humble personality.
Paulo Ilogon
Paulo Ilogon:
Who’s here after watching How She Left Me 😭💚
There is a striking resemblance between her and gal gadot.
Mary Elizabeth Castillanes
Mary Elizabeth Castillanes:
havent seen her for a long time. shes aging but still pretty.
Feliceigh Cepiz
Feliceigh Cepiz:
"The less I have, the happier I am" ❤
Rhian, thank you for a great reminder- we’re freer with less. If you’d experienced loss and had to live without something or someone you once thought was essential, you’d discover you don’t really need them after all. All we need is actually within us.

Being a successful artist exposed to materialistic world of the entertainment industry, it takes wisdom, intelligence, and courage to live your truth and stay grounded. We’re grateful for your Mom to have produced a wonderful Rhian who can help us to find peace by just being Rhian:) Wish you peace and joy always!!
Jaycel Pineda
Jaycel Pineda:
"Sakanya na yung buong closet pero saakin yung buong kwarto." HAHAHAHA girl power tayooo.
Angielique Materiano
Angielique Materiano:
I guess c ate rachelle ang taga video ni miss rhian,💕right? 🤗🥰
Arian Escosio
Arian Escosio:
You are indeed a minimalist because you own the things that put or add value to your life. Minimalism is not about how much you have, but it is more on what makes your life easier because you clean less and appreciate more of what you have. Regardless, great video!
I like the way you said, “I was happier having less, because I appreciated what I had more!” Nice one, it does makes sense!
gabrielle cruz
gabrielle cruz:
i love her humor "TAMbox"
Krisel Manuel
Krisel Manuel:
“Tambox” hehehe 😂
Jess Arabejo
Jess Arabejo:
Ang humble talaga ng idol ko ❤ unlike ng ibang artist. Contented na sa mga maliliit na bagay. I admire you Rhi. Love you!
Consolacion, Byron F.
Consolacion, Byron F.:
Ako lang ba o talagang hawig ni Rhian si Gal Gadot at Kendall?? Alltime crush ko talaga to ❤
Ysabella Bernaldez
Ysabella Bernaldez:
YEYYYY I FINALLY GOT MY TREAT HEHEZZZ i always wait for a notification that's something to do with RHIAN'S VLOG or anything about rhiannnn!!! it just gives me a calming vibe and a curve smile on my face especially listening to her talking agghhhh THANKYOUUUUU MS RHIANNN TO MORE VIDS!!!
John David Hernandez
John David Hernandez:
Starting to love Rhian Ramos. More vlogs please! 🤗
Leilanie. Quinlat
Leilanie. Quinlat:
Very Humble , Kahit super sikat na , Humble parin mukha ngang mabait Si Ms. Rhian , , More Blessings To Come Rhian , , , Hope To See You In Person , , God Bless !
Veza Atuel
Veza Atuel:
I'm wondering, who's filming you Rhi? 😅
Nicole Ramos
Nicole Ramos:
Wow first time kong maging early bird hahaha ❤️
Rej Aguilar
Rej Aguilar:
I love cleaning the bathroom, too. It makes me happy too whenever the bowl turns white. I'm not a paid endorser of anything but I've experienced using Tuff from Personal Collections, and Mr. Muscle spray (the no scrub formula) which helps me whiten the inner part of the water closet. Just spray, and leave it there like overnight then wash it the next morning. In cleaning other areas, try Kurin ;) You can use it with your stuff, too. :)
suzee abdelrahman
suzee abdelrahman:
Cant wait for the next condo tour 💗
Gael Gael
Gael Gael:
I love her since RMD ♡♡♡
Janelle Bartolome
Janelle Bartolome:
Hi whian mamimiss ko yung Stairway to heaven ❤️💋
Nadjeha Hadji Amer
Nadjeha Hadji Amer:
I love how you explain each. Im hoping you show to us your skin care routine❤️🙏😇
jack jack
jack jack:
I really loved your voice ms. rhian...ang dami kong iyak sa stairway to heaven...
ricjun almacen
ricjun almacen:
i love how you put so much value on what you have especially when you do it on your own. your mom raised you so well. love you Rhian ♡♡♡♡
Kimberly Bagaporo
Kimberly Bagaporo:
Waaaaaah yaaaay my loveee!! always waiting for your vlog 💕
Ky Palisoc
Ky Palisoc:
One of the best house tour videos I have watched so far!
June Lyn
June Lyn:
TRMD part 2 plsss . 😭 .. 9times kong pina nuod pero di talaga ako na satisfied sa ending .. 😔😔
This is what i've been waiting for. Finally ate Rhian! Keep safe alwayssssss! Labyowww❤
Alpha Golf
Alpha Golf:
We're about to retire in the Philippines and one of my concerns is getting professional cleaning instead of house help since we've been so used to living by ourselves. We're very particular about our privacy so this tip ( takes off that worry. Thanks💋
P.S. Why don't you make vlogs that could help expatriates since you go back and forth to the US😁
Jem Batucan
Jem Batucan:
Sobrang Mahal Ng Rent pag condo nag rent din kami dati 50k a month. Maya Ang ginawa nmin bumili nlng kami Ng Bago
Kathleen Jean Laurete
Kathleen Jean Laurete:
We love you , Be strong ❤
Jayvee Mayor
Jayvee Mayor:
Hi miss rhian so beautiful 😍 stay safe also god bless 🙏
Crush kona sya after watching how she left me.
Diolaine Joyce Dionela
Diolaine Joyce Dionela:
Congrats whian for your new movie How She Left Me 👏💗
Dale Singson
Dale Singson:
You're so gorgeous. I love just the way you are. Stay safe my one and only idol❤️😘😊🙏
jimmy love song
jimmy love song: love.. I miss you so much ^^¶
eron Lamanilao
eron Lamanilao:
more vlogs HOW SHE LEFT ME is great!!! idol
Allexis Santiago
Allexis Santiago:
Yeyy im early ❤️❤️
Ryan Remigio
Ryan Remigio:
now I like her after watching how she left me
Blink XC
Blink XC:
I wonder ano yung brand ng mic niya?
Bherly Shell
Bherly Shell:
u r so pretty i wanna cri :<
Nice housetour. Your beautiful especially your voice😍
Kraize Anne Valdes
Kraize Anne Valdes:
My dream theme ❤
joseph repato
joseph repato:
I love her the moment I saw her,, basta mukha syang mabuting tao. I always watch your shows on GMA KAPUSO STATION! MORE POWER RHIAN!!!
Marygrace Ysug
Marygrace Ysug:
You don't aged at all. Namiss ko si Jodi 🤗 so nice your arms naman po. Arm werkout soon pls?🤗
Unica Lean
Unica Lean:
Dahil love ko si Whian, hindi ako nagskip ng ads. I love everything about you. 😢😍
Samantha Galvez
Samantha Galvez:
Image getting a heart 💓 from ate Rhian ramos
sarah sapungan
sarah sapungan:
Thanks for the tour @whianwamos 🥰❤️
Sherynel Rendoque
Sherynel Rendoque:
Thank You Rhiri I'm enjoying Watching You 😍💕
Madelyn Hammonds
Madelyn Hammonds:
I love her simplicity and she looks happy and content on what she have... Still beautiful even without make up! ☺☺
Merj Ayson
Merj Ayson:
Bakit last 3 weeks? Hmm..
Kenneth Dalit
Kenneth Dalit:
Thanks for the learning.god blessed
ur the only celeb youtuber that i watch and your contents really help me this quarantine :)
Abc Def
Abc Def:
Kendall jenner talaga nakikita ko sayo mameeeey!! 😍❤️ Sobrang ganda 😍
It's Me Nobel
It's Me Nobel:
Love you Ate! Keepsafe ❤️
Ariane Marithe
Ariane Marithe:
eron Lamanilao
eron Lamanilao:
♥️✔️ collab agad agad Kay Ms. glaiza yieee
Meanne Camara
Meanne Camara:
The less I Have the happier I'am.. Very inspiring Rhi!! Thank you for sharing with us your second home.. Keep safe and god bless!! 😊
Julie Christie M. Evangelista
Julie Christie M. Evangelista:
Love it.. make a tour again to your new place after.
Rhem Buen
Rhem Buen:
Thank you for sharing this! I can't wait for your next condo tour pag nakalipat na kayo😊❤️
Abigail Mabansag
Abigail Mabansag:
nakahanap ako ng idea, by color yung mga clothes. thank you! ang linis tingnan. yung akin kasi mema lagay lang hahaha.
Shyrene Sandoval
Shyrene Sandoval:
Your so cute 🤩😍im so proud of you babygirl🤧😳iloveyousomuchhhh 💓💓💓🤭
Carlet Denese Ann Arellano
Carlet Denese Ann Arellano:
ang witty nung sa tambox HAHAHA love ü po 💗
Jezel Macaso
Jezel Macaso:
Collab with solenn soon❤
joseph repato
joseph repato:
Priscilla West
Priscilla West:
Now I know where I can message you, I have watching everydayStairway to Heaven you’re the Best Actress, so Gorgeous so sweet Classy everything is perfect is in You, You’re are so Blessed, God Is Good! You and Cholo are good match, ,perfect each other , especially Episode 59 to65so painful so depressing but Is so good to Watch once again I Congratulate the Whole Cast Stairways to Heaven. So excited you and Dingdong plan to work Again, You’re The BestI Love You Rhrian, please answer !!! Lastly how’s Badit??
Artemis Miller
Artemis Miller:
The Less I have, The Happier I am🤍
Angielique Materiano
Angielique Materiano:
Yes Simpliest is Beauty that is you my dear Rhian... 🥰💋💖
Me too, Im always happy when I see our toilet so clean and white!
Arianne Dizon
Arianne Dizon:
Love love be safe 💗
Ipoy Bustamante
Ipoy Bustamante:
Wow! I didn't expect that you're a simple living person behind of being elegant & kinda funny person. Its so nice your vid popped out to my yt feeds & watched it. IM LOVING YOU MORE NOW!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘💞💞💞

- jhana Seriosa Bughao 🤗😘💞
So beautiful. Thank you for sharing 😊
Bernalyn Aragon
Bernalyn Aragon:
I really admire you miss rhian 🥺
Cute nya talaga pag nagsasalita ng tagalog. Pero pag ako nag english ampangit😂 anyways stay safe rhian. More videos. Godbless😇🔥❤️
Angielique Materiano
Angielique Materiano:
Yes! Hi rhian stay safe always! 💋💖💕🥰
Shin Calalang
Shin Calalang:
Yeheeeeey!! We loveyou kapitana! ❤️💙
Kim Josh Tan
Kim Josh Tan:
So because of this vlog i've got an idea how to clean my condo.. Thank you my wab @whianwamos..
Jalyn Diche
Jalyn Diche:
The lesser you have, the more you appreciate them... 😊💕
Jamie Flores
Jamie Flores:
Haaaaay team reply nnmn ako sa the richman’s daughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sabrina Faye B.
Sabrina Faye B.:
I really appreciate your vlogs, and i really love your accent and your voice. I love you ate rhiiii❤
airam pen
airam pen:
yehey! got here early! watching now...😊
Reis Assure
Reis Assure:
Great Video Ms Rhian ❤️ God Bless You Po

Watching from The Land of The Rising Sun 🇯🇵
Gina Rose Catahum
Gina Rose Catahum:
Yeeehhhhh... I love it idol..
Choi Minjoung
Choi Minjoung:
Kelangan sa buhay: Maputing toilet.😅🤣 love rhian 😍
Julie Gabasa
Julie Gabasa:
Sana ako na lang yung wall. 😁. Stay safe miss Rhi. God bless.
Trix Picar
Trix Picar:
where u got ur drawers in ur closet 🥺
AAAAAAAAA i'm your biggest fan♥️
Yvielle bermudez
Yvielle bermudez:
Step By Tep
Step By Tep:
she could be the Filipino version of Chloe Decker!!!
Ersof Rescht
Ersof Rescht:
Nainspire ako everytime I watch her