House Tour Part 1 | Bea Alonzo REACTION

House Tour Part 1 | Bea Alonzo

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meachy pooh
meachy pooh:
was just about to recommend this to you and now its already here
Jericho Ln
Jericho Ln:
I agree. Bea’s home 🏡 is absolutely stunning and she knows what she likes and all pieces jelled together.
teng escano
teng escano:
your reaction is authentic, i can feel that you really enjoy bea’s house tour compare with other house tour reaction you made, this video is a bit long but still you did not get bored. i am waiting for yani to say “this house makes me feel how poor we are” 😂😂😂 coz that’s also i feel seeing celebrity houses 😂😂😂😂
Rodel Guerrero Pineda
Rodel Guerrero Pineda:
I saw her house tour in YT and I said I want to watch it with Yani and Fabio😊😅 u guys really delivers. Good job!!
Tatinah Bels
Tatinah Bels:
I love how Fabio became extra geedy when he saw how organized Bea's pantry is. Organization skills on point! 😊😊
Clara Jane
Clara Jane:
You're early guys. Good job.❤️
Rudimer Bibih
Rudimer Bibih:
I just love how she appreciate local artists
Queenzyl Bejerano
Queenzyl Bejerano:
The way Fabio stares to Yani made me sooooo jealous.
Zhara Cabias
Zhara Cabias:
These is my best house tour ever,, because of green colours and its so organize, and very feminine...☺☺
Lets have a Coffee party🍵🍵🍵
Thank you Yani and Fabio for the Day....
Cel Galleguez
Cel Galleguez:
Part2 of Bea’s house tour is now out 😊
Arlito Solano Jr.
Arlito Solano Jr.:
"No, I wanna talk too." -Fabio
You're soo cute Fabi 😍
rai riego
rai riego:
saw this at bea's ig story!!
dylan wang
dylan wang:
Guys when will u react to Isabelle Daza's wedding??
Swet Maeganne
Swet Maeganne:
Please react to Kryz Uy's walk-in closet tour 💗
One of my fave too. Watched it this morning, glad that you reacted to it right away❤👍🏻
Please watch Bea's house tour Part 2.
R B 2019
R B 2019:
Bea co-owns a coffee shop
Mark Lorence Lobitaña Boóc
Mark Lorence Lobitaña Boóc:
When Bea told us that she loves going to museum. Girl she was not kidding❤😁
Sunshine Revano
Sunshine Revano:
Isabelle daza’s wedding please
Maria Prudente
Maria Prudente:
yape ocit
yape ocit:
Love it❤️❤️❤️
MaryAnn Uson
MaryAnn Uson:
Pls react to heart evangelista's walk in closet
The Krisha Channel
The Krisha Channel:
React to Kendall Jenner House
Dolores Del Mundo
Dolores Del Mundo:
The most beautiful house I've seen.
maeann dela cruz
maeann dela cruz:
You’re so fast! Haha! Nice 👍🏽♥️
Juvy Casalla
Juvy Casalla:
I so agree with you guys one of the best house tours if not the best. Very neat, nice , organized and very detailed. Classy and brainy done. 👍Bea👏
Timothy Yap
Timothy Yap:
She's all dolled up just for a house the look!...... oh and btw, Fabio and Yani looked good in this video...... Fabio is in a good mood in this video. .......👍👍👍
Aiza Loma
Aiza Loma:
this is by far the best house tour by a celebrity😍 very detailed👌
Maria Prudente
Maria Prudente:
Darling Santos
Darling Santos:
I've watched Bea's house tour once. I've watched Yani and Fabio's reaction video once a day since it was uploaded 🤣
Mia Renata
Mia Renata:
Watch AVS In Focus EP, the 1st song "Motive" 🌊
Lg Otacan21
Lg Otacan21:
Fabio is so funny the way he reacted the whole video😆I was thinking last night to recommend this to you, but now it's here.
willy ann concordia
willy ann concordia:
U can react now bea alonzo house tour part 2she just uploded 2hrs ago just saying☺and I miss the 2of u
Her pantry looks like a wardrobe. Amazing!
Irishclaire Tagaro
Irishclaire Tagaro:
Bea's home mygod ..😘
Marjorie Toralba
Marjorie Toralba:
i love it...😍😍😍 also waiting for part 2 ☺️☺️☺️
S P:
We had the same reaction when it ended! Hahaha. This is the first time i am watching her house tour too! Can’t wait to wathc part 2 and 3 with you yani and fabio ☺️
Just a Lass
Just a Lass:
Fabio's comment on acapulco chair 😂😂😂
Dennis Galabo
Dennis Galabo:
Yani, Coelho is Brazilian but lives in Europe. France or Italy I think, I forgot already. Lol
It has part 2 already. Please check that out
jovylene buenaobra
jovylene buenaobra:
Please react. Many pacquiao house tour in los angeles california.
Ryan Madrio
Ryan Madrio:
Hi guys, heads up Bea's house tour part 2 is up now..
Simply Silent
Simply Silent:
Such a stunning house. Best house tour. Awesome reactions, I really enjoyed watching.
Mette Louisse Dela Cruz
Mette Louisse Dela Cruz:
react to vhong navarro house tour part 1 & 2 please his house has full of stuff collections Godbless😇
Mylene Flores
Mylene Flores:
Hello yani and fabio😊
Love your honest comments and opinions❤
Check out vhong navarros house tour.
bitcher thanyou
bitcher thanyou:
Reacting kim chiu's room tour plzz!!
Joan Romero
Joan Romero:
Please watch the 21'st birthday of Daniel Padilla 😍😍😍
Angge Eagle
Angge Eagle:
I’ve watched that video already and just like you I’m waiting for the 2nd part.
maricel valdez
maricel valdez:
kris aquino hour tour please
Anjie Nandi
Anjie Nandi:
Just watch this last night Bea house tour vlog,,,then right away u guys reacted quickly,,,oh amazing....
willy ann concordia
willy ann concordia:
Pls react to Sarah Geronimo singing the beilli eilish medley song
Darlin Guerrera
Darlin Guerrera:
Best house pantry🤩🤩🤩
Ingrid Cossidi
Ingrid Cossidi:
Bea Inspired me a lot 🌹 the house was so beautiful and relaxing 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
imthelost starII
imthelost starII:
New content suggestion... reacting to kdramas scene. 🧡 much interesting mah dudes!
Jeanne Paula Salarda
Jeanne Paula Salarda:
Please react to Claudine Co's House Tour, she's also a YouTuber.
Love lots Yani & Fabio 😘🖤.
Michelle Bagtas
Michelle Bagtas:
Bea’s house tour is the best🥰
Nakakatawa po si Mr.Fabio the way he reacted😂
ken cha-na
ken cha-na:
Have you watched Beauty's Gonzales house in Manila? Please do a reaction
macky santos
macky santos:
You guys should follow her on Instagram..she thanks you guys there for reacting to her video..😊😊😊
willy ann concordia
willy ann concordia:
Wheres the house tour of derek ramsey part 2
Pearl Nepomuceno
Pearl Nepomuceno:
You should watch Nicole Caluag's House tour
Lady April
Lady April:
Tin Aguilar's house tour please 🙏
mark marcus
mark marcus:
Bea is really beautiful in person... Grabe!!!
Dj Olvido
Dj Olvido:
ang bahay ni bea ang may pinakaraming abobot pero parang everything are in place and properly coordinated. ang ganda!
gezelle gomez
gezelle gomez:
Hahaha...I will recommend plang sana nito sa inyo Pro heto ngayon nanunuod na aq... 😘
Jireh Valencia
Jireh Valencia:
I completely agree! It's very AD! ❤❤❤
Nestor Villarmino
Nestor Villarmino:
Guys, please react to Coco Martin's house tour.
Reyna Erezo
Reyna Erezo:
Derick ramsey house tour
Maria Algielyn Gomez
Maria Algielyn Gomez:
pls react katrina velarde sing reflection..he is best cover😊
Charilyn Ferolino
Charilyn Ferolino:
Its so funny how Fabio react beas pantry🤣🤣🤣..
Len Maldita
Len Maldita:
That Arturo Luz art work cost a fortune. Sana all can afford haha
Bie dl
Bie dl:
Her house tour is very informative.. 👊 best house tour❤
Bobby Esquibel
Bobby Esquibel:
andreck part 2
Vreanna Juliano
Vreanna Juliano:
Alden richards house tour
Argie Balobal
Argie Balobal:
Plss react maymay solo dance prod M.E and U concert
Nurse SM
Nurse SM:
I always love your reaction videos. Keep it up!
Rudimer Bibih
Rudimer Bibih:
Her pantry was more like a closet 😱
Aisa Virtudazo
Aisa Virtudazo:
Gabbi garcia house tour.
Alvin Monteza
Alvin Monteza:
How come you don't react to celebrities, lifestyles and weddings of Italian personalities?
America Singer
America Singer:
I love this reaction video! Same sentiments. Love the video editing also. Very architectural digest. Giving me Dakota Johnson's house tour vibes. And you guys are the coolest! 🌈💕
Abby Velasco
Abby Velasco:
Idol bea ❤️❤️more vedios please from bea alonzo
Mithz Talledo
Mithz Talledo:
Ohlalala haha I just done watching for her Beas channel and now I am here to watch ur reaction
Marecris Margate
Marecris Margate:
I've been waiting for your reaction on this house tour, thanks Yani and Fabio♥️♥️♥️
John Walter Bagos
John Walter Bagos:
Ok next kris Aquino house tour.
Kevin Johnson Basto
Kevin Johnson Basto:
I agree! This is my favorite house tour so far!
I so agree with you guys. I love what she did with the house. It's artistic, organized and elegant. A lot in it is practical and makes sense. I may noit be her actual fan, but I admire her now for her elegance and style.
Aisa Virtudazo
Aisa Virtudazo:
Sayoha uie 😂😂
Ryan Bilbao
Ryan Bilbao:
Mas nauna pa to kesa sa request ko 😭
Anjie Nandi
Anjie Nandi:
Hi yani & fabio...always watching ur vlogs u two so fun to see...i think a week since i subscribed ur channel,so know im watching 5+ vlogs a day or more to catched up....stay in love..
Fabio so funny when u guys react on ASHMATT
FABIO was mad,in a funny way...
Mary jane Balcita
Mary jane Balcita:
Yani and fabio part 2 is already out. Please react.
Abegail Bautista
Abegail Bautista:
u should react john estrada house too.. like similar to derek house
Mariel Omanito
Mariel Omanito:
Next engel lucsin house
Anne Kaladkarin
Anne Kaladkarin:
Love it! Ambilis ng reaction video 😂😂
beverly ann zapanta
beverly ann zapanta:
fun fact yani and fav she is really organized and OC that's her prob she said in one of her interview
Daily dose Sahlei
Daily dose Sahlei:
Sooooo bea😍😍😍
Pauline Dardo
Pauline Dardo:
plz reactbalso the house tour of vhong navaro part 1 and 2
aiden plazo
aiden plazo:
how about coco martin house tour? ☺️
willy ann concordia
willy ann concordia:
Wheres the part 2house tour of derek ramsey
Leniel Bueno
Leniel Bueno:
Wow thank you..I just suggested this last night coz while Im watching Bea Alonzon's House tour I knew that you will loved her house❤❤❤
J&J Beaded collections
J&J Beaded collections:
Please react to coco martin house tour!
lyn mendoza
lyn mendoza:
Do you guys have no other content aside from reacting to every video?