Horrors Behind the Scenes of the Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is possibly the singular most iconic American film of all time. The film was released in 1939, and it was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The film brought some much-needed light to the lives of Americans who were in the middle of the Great Depression. The use of Technicolor set the film apart from many other movies at the time, and the colorful cast, fun score, and beautiful set design all helped solidify this film in history.

While the film ultimately became a huge success, the budget of over two million dollars made it difficult for the studio to break even. It wasn't until the film was re-released ten years later that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer finally made a profit. Still, film critics recognized its genius the moment it was released. The Wizard of Oz was nominated for six Oscars, including Best Picture. While the film Gone with the Wind ultimately won the title of Best Picture for that year, The Wizard of Oz still took home the Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Original Song.

According to the Library of Congress, The Wizard of Oz is the most seen film in history, and for good reason. The filming process may have taken over a year, but every cast and crew member poured their heart and soul into their work. It was a grueling process, but it yielded wondrous results. Even though the film is decades old, it still holds up to the modern standards of a great film, and it can be easily enjoyed by people of all ages.

However, many trials and tribulations went into creating such a masterpiece of a film. Many of the cast members suffered during the filming process, and some were affected permanently. Because The Wizard of Oz was created so long ago, there weren't as many safety regulations on set, and the actors were subjected to dangerous and even deadly conditions. The crew members often used harmful chemicals and reckless pyrotechnics to create the film's special effects. Even though the special effects may have looked great in the final result, they were a huge source of stress for the actors.

Even worse was the fact that actors were not given the protection that they are today. Young Judy Garland was only 16 when she began filming The Wizard of Oz, but she was treated cruelly by the director. Make sure you stick around to find out when director Victor Fleming took things too far. We hope you like this video, and don't forget to subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

Horrors Behind the Scenes of the Wizard of Oz

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End The Lies Now
End The Lies Now:
Toto was not overpaid, Toto''s owner was overpaid.
I can’t count how many lawsuits there would have been if it would be made today........
GachaPotatoIzz Hall
GachaPotatoIzz Hall:
I went to Wamego Kansas and saw the Museum. I learned everything in that museum that I did in this Video
Hi Gorgie
Hi Gorgie:
This movie gave me nightmares still terrify me especially when those demon things are running after that little girl
Jessy Leppert
Jessy Leppert:
Shirley Temple was actually under contract with FOX which was why she didn't play Dorothy
Candice Perry
Candice Perry:
Judy Garland is my favorite actress in the wizard of Oz
l i t t l e _ s o u l _ 123
l i t t l e _ s o u l _ 123:
Man i feel bad for the actors.
Wait a second so she had to make sure the toxic make up is cleaned off of her skin each day. So we just forget about the make up that was on her skin all day that’s completely and utterly toxic. She’s working she sweating her pores are opening. Umm 😐 okay? No...🤔👎🏻
Horrible things they make these actors do.
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf:
To whom might be reading this

I hope ur having a wonderful day/Afternoon/Night

And are staying safe during this terrible pandemic 😊
Debbie Ochoa
Debbie Ochoa:
Love love love Wizard of Oz from over 50 years!💞 and Gone With the Wind!💞🥰🥰👏👏👏👏👏so sad of all the unlawful torment 😑
Renee Stevens
Renee Stevens:
This is very sad for these characters to be mistreated like that??? It's a disgrace on how these directors think it's ok to take advantage of these decent people. RIP
edwin valdivian
edwin valdivian:
wow that’s really humiliating for Judy ,One of the first woman in Hollywood as an actress to deal with This kind of victimization that sucks ,But hopefully she’s in peace with herself and that she’s in a better place and ,she’ll always be Dorothy and no one will ever take her place, from the documentary that I saw and some of the stuff I’ve read, wow mad respect to that Actress 👍
Mary Ann James
Mary Ann James:
I first saw The Wizard of Oz on a black & white television when I was just a small child in the early 60's. And even though the land of Oz was not in color, I was still mesmerized!
Mary Ann James
Mary Ann James:
Oz ranks among my most favorite films, along with To Kill A Mockingbird, The Right Stuff, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes, Driving Miss Daisy and The Magnificent Seven.
Donald Redline
Donald Redline:
That sucks
After seeing this video, I can understand why that rumor of the dwarf hanging themself in the forest got started, seems the entire staff of actors for the movie were mistreated!
Charlotte Miller
Charlotte Miller:
I always hated that movie, now I know why.
Paul The Cat
Paul The Cat:
Fun fact: Toto made more than Dorothy.
Jackie Edmondson
Jackie Edmondson:
I was aware of the abuse towards Judy Garland regarding her weight and strapping her chest so she appeared younger and also the drugs. I am not surprised by the toxic paint and other material because they were ignorant. The film is still amazing and stands up especially being made in the 1930s. It was a groundbreaker. I am also still amazed by Planet of the Apes and that had a very serious message
Hi Gorgie
Hi Gorgie:
This movie was scary ASF
John Gormley
John Gormley:
Unbelievable that sucks about that movie its a great movie when I was little and even now I still watch it thanks for the info!
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey:
SAD !!!!
Liz Crabtree
Liz Crabtree:
It was an absolute disgrace what Studio heads got away with. Just horrible results to all the cast for the sake of making a film!!
Paul Walker
Paul Walker:
Toto had the lead..
One of my favourite films
jennifer kearnes
jennifer kearnes:
My ultimate favorite 💓 😍 ❤
Marc Guidry
Marc Guidry:
I've watched this movie at least once per year. I have never missed it, and I'm 60 years old. It's still my favorite movie.
Reri Montgomery
Reri Montgomery:
I find the video very interesting
Denise Roe
Denise Roe:
They also bound her breasts and ruined them for her. The monkey’s scared me to death as a child. I ask my daddy why part was in black and white and the other in color...he told me they had just discovered color film. I believed him till I saw it as a adult. My son was obsessed with , as he’s called it “Wiz of Oz”. We wore out the 50th anniversary edition VHS.
Duolingo Owl
Duolingo Owl:
These look like more than 3 comments
Tami Joeris
Tami Joeris:
That's a load of crap to treat those actors/actresses like that,especially Judy. :(
shannon burns
shannon burns:
What a jerk louie b Mayer was and the director
Buddy Ebsen may have suffered from breathing in the aluminum powder in his makeup, but that effect was likely aggravated by his life-long smoking habit. He later made commercials for (I believe) Winston cigarettes while he was Jed Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies" comedy series. The spots were an integral part of the show during its original run on CBS, but were stopped in 1968 when the government no longer allowed tobacco ads to be shown on television. Cigarette ads were common during that period; Dick van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore made them for "The Dick van Dyke Show" (1961-1966), as well. All cigarette ads were removed from existing episodes of shows and the time filled by ads of other consumer products of the day (usually dish- or clothes-washing detergents, facial creams, etc.).
Scary stuff indeed,
The Kid Squad
The Kid Squad:
Poor actors and people
audrey Adkins
audrey Adkins:
I love that film but hearing how horrible they were to the younger girl that's really bad
BlueFire Drago
BlueFire Drago:
27 Comments and 1 view.. What is going on??
Nonso Nzelu
Nonso Nzelu:
This heartbreaking tho. I love the channel
Ron Duff
Ron Duff:
They had Judy and Micky Rooney taking speed to wake up and downers to sleep during their movies together . Sad.
Jason Irelan
Jason Irelan:
I wish there was at least one cast member from the movie was still living.
Elyse Hernandez
Elyse Hernandez:
Was it true that one of the munchkin actors committed suicide during filming?
JesusSaves NYC
JesusSaves NYC:
what about the little mushking that hunger him self in a tree in the back round
Liz L
Liz L:
Watch it every year💕
Facts CEO
Facts CEO:
This Channel is so inspiring
That even made me to start a New Channel regarding INTERESTING FACTS and TOP 10s 🥰
Denny Chen
Denny Chen:
well well well need someone tobe suffer the rest of their life for others to get profit is still valid till now, and no law can touch them.
anthony burns
anthony burns:
It is rather difficult to consider the mistreatment of the actors, but it is also why I didn't become an actor
I love you guys an subscribe.
I love you guys an subscribe.:
I love the wizard of oz I watch it every day!
bob wallace
bob wallace:
The first time I saw this as a little kid, the witch, the tornado and the flying monkeys scared the shit out of me.
Khalil Turner
Khalil Turner:
The producers should be arrested
Martha Ka
Martha Ka:
demz nice
demz nice:
Love this movie! My first celebrity crush was Dorothy (when I was 8 yrs old in 1993) I adopted a dog that looks EXACTLY like Toto 2 years ago.. This movie had a BIG impact on my life!
꧁ ・Galactic_Gacha _Empire・꧂
꧁ ・Galactic_Gacha _Empire・꧂:
Cast: 2500
Toto: 200
Toto now: 6500
:D better
Kim Todd
Kim Todd:
That is considered child abuse.
The overlook hotel
The overlook hotel:
My great great grandpa actually got Judy garlands autograph and to this day I still have it
Gary Carpenter
Gary Carpenter:
My favorite movie of all time, great music, great cast, great songs and great directing
angela fields
angela fields:
already knew all those facts,thought maybe you have new content.
maureen Nelsonmaud
maureen Nelsonmaud:
i read stories that the munckins were adults and used to grabbed dorethy under her dress a bunch of perves and in the background in on of the scenes someone hung themself can see in background way back
Akawaio Girl
Akawaio Girl:
dude, this is sad
george fulk
george fulk:
We were totally surprised!
Nick Oxenford.
Nick Oxenford.:
Hi everyone
•cool• •Sunglasses•
•cool• •Sunglasses•:
Gerald Johnson
Gerald Johnson:
I watch wizard of Oz
Dorayne Semik
Dorayne Semik:
This is why regulations and rules for safety are so important today. Sad that the US has a president that has gone about deregulating everything possible. I used to watch the "Wizard of Oz" faithfully every year until I left the US so it's been many years since I have had the opportunity to see it.
Courtney Bonnick2
Courtney Bonnick2:
Why does the narrator keep changing in different videos?
Margo Sparkle
Margo Sparkle:
Were the producers aware of the toxicity?
virginia njambi
virginia njambi:
Nolan Forsyth
Nolan Forsyth:
I heard all of those little midgets couldn't keep their hands off dorothy. They said they would get very drunk and rowdy. Probably things they probably wouldn't allow today for such a young girl. May dorothy ( Judy Garland) R.I.P
Sharon Pamula
Sharon Pamula:
I grew up with The wizard of Oz wonderful movie I cannot believe how they treated Judy Garland she was so beautiful! I know laws were different back then but she was still only 16 you don't treat something like that!
Random fact

Fossil evidence suggests that fish have been on Earth for about 530 million years.

-The Shades
Frances Welch
Frances Welch:
I also heard a man vomited suicide on set back stage?
Ms. Loving
Ms. Loving:
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(Psalm 139 : 1-4, Ephesians 2 : 13, 2 Corinthians 5 : 21).
Elysa Sanchez
Elysa Sanchez:
Pals 2.0 Hangout
Pals 2.0 Hangout:
Fact: you got one fact wrong the actor who played Dorothy committed because the directors gave her drugs to make her not sleep so she could work all hours so that caused a problem in her future so she killer herself
Karen D
Karen D:
I didn't know anything about this... I used to admire how twisted Alfred Hitchcock's movies. I found it very scary. I lost all admiration when I found out he forced the actors and actresses in those scenes... even if they got injured. Now, this show. He Slapped the 16 year old....
Sharon Pamula
Sharon Pamula:
And for Margaret and the n tin Man and the lion manda have I have to worry about the makeup University and that's just terrible and then on top of that they're all exposed to asbestos oh my God! All the actors the munchkins included were treated like crap
Ꮆ_ HꮎѕIꮖE
Ꮆ_ HꮎѕIꮖE:

....I just waisted your time:3
osha dawson
osha dawson:
I love your videos
Joanne Horton
Joanne Horton:
Audrey Collins
Audrey Collins:
Jack Hailys makeup was aluminum paste.
Gambler 4life
Gambler 4life:
Deannajoy Sabourin
Deannajoy Sabourin:
So she didn't commit suicide, my mother would be shocked, because when Judy Garland died that is how they put it. So she was basically murdered.
d a r k
d a r k:
To the 1% reading this :

I hope you are staying healthy and safe during COVID❤️

I’m so close to 4K, I’m struggling to get there ❤️
shannon burns
shannon burns:
Wizard of oz was ripped off by not winning best picture I can't stand gone with the wind sorry to those who do
JV Gelacio
JV Gelacio:
that face of victor fleming is very horrible and creepy that's why he can abuse to slap dorothy in the movie while filming damn
Channa Mation
Channa Mation:
What gets me is that Mickey Rooney denied it was Hollywood tha was responsible for Judy Garland's addiction.
carlos diaz
carlos diaz:
What happened to the original narrator of facts verse? He had a signature voice. I feel like unsubscribing now. All these narrators on these channels keep leaving.
Hzhseb Djhrjjdf
Hzhseb Djhrjjdf:
Corona go go corona
Yeah. Horrible Crap. The "Asbestos in Poppyifeld", that was new. But what ye don't or didn't know, is "The pyroeffects gone bad of The Wicked Witch".
No, the broom was not the thing that caught on fire, it was the copper make up. This is revealed if and when you hear Margarets interview. The hidden trap door worked as intended, but the pyrotechs was slightly misstimed, so it was the make up, what caught on fire. Luckily there was a stagehand available near the trap door at the time and they rush to studios ER.
If the burning and corrosive make up would have been even cuople more minutes on her face, her face would have been eroded beyond repair, threaten her life.
Baker Acted
Baker Acted:
I live on cigarettes and coffee.
8 bit Romania
8 bit Romania:
poor actors :(
Janeen Trujillo
Janeen Trujillo:
Its not shocking knowing that the movie,. music, actors are all Satanic and by alot of there own admissions.
Ya Mum
Ya Mum:
Imagine if she followed the red brick road
Hate this movie
Nautica Gibson
Nautica Gibson:
You forgot to mention the "Munchkin who committed suicide on set hanging from 1 of the trees in the background" ... 🙄ofcourse they edited him out with a blur like 40years later after the original film release
Joan Zame
Joan Zame:
I. Think. The. Wizard. Of. Oz. Was. And. Still. Is. A. Classic! I,m. Sorry. That. Judy. Passed. Away. At. A. Young. Age! 47! That,s. Young. If. You. Ask. Me. Judy. Should,ve. Known. Better. I. Never. Did. Drugs. Maybe. Weed. But. That. Was. Years. Ago. I. Never. Did. That. Again. I. Get. High. Off. Life! Life. Is. Wonderful. Why. Waste. Your. Life. On. Drugs? My. Exboyfriend Overdose. On. Heroin! He. Did. Weed. Acid. You. Name. It. He. Did. It. Coming. From. Me. I,m. Sorry. To. Say. I,m. Glad. He,s. Dead! No more Abuse. Verble. Mental Physical Abuse. For. 17. Years. He. Would. Defend. Me. When. His. Brothers. Weren’t Around. But. When. They. Came. To. House. He. Would. Downgrade Me. Talk. About. Me. Like. A. Dog! His. Name. Was. Gary. Luis. Binion. I. Love. All. His. Brother,s. They. All. Call. Me. Sister. In. Law. Because. I. Treated. Gary. Alright. But. Now. I,m. Glad. He,s. Gone. Even though. I. Had. His. Children If. You. Got. An. Hour. Or. So. I. Can. Tell. You. More. About. Gary. But. I,de. Rather. Not. My. Name. Is. Joan
I like drugs
Kyle Pifer
Kyle Pifer:
Horrible film I’ve never seen it all the way through because I hated the premise of the story. It’s ridiculous the treatment of humans toward other humans and that should never be rewarded!!!👎🏻👎🏻😡
Teri Soto
Teri Soto:
Gone with the wind was the waste of air. Didn't like it but THE WIZZARD OF OZ it is the best movie ever.