Horriblesubs is officially SHUT DOWN! [What now?!]

Horriblesubs has been the leader is anime subtitles for quite a while now and recently it decided to shut down... In this video I'll share my thoughts about what I think will happen next

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world war: hmmm okay
zombie outbreak: yea yea

*Horriblesubs Shut Down: NOOOO...*
Nuuuuu horriblesubs was one of the best also💔damn it
It’s time to go to ERAI and convince them that to be consistent!!! Donate to them to preserve subs for future generations!!
Anugrah Amriza
Anugrah Amriza:
Dude, I have several Gigs of HorribleSubs and they have been with me since 2011

*Rest in Peace HorribleSubs*
Ultimate mods
Ultimate mods:
*5K Lets Go*

Why is everything in the anime community getting shut down
Brjann Kearse jr
Brjann Kearse jr:
Shout out to the past sites like "Dattebayo", "Shinsen-Subs", "DeadFish" and many others that lasted a few years before shutting down.
Abhinav Raj Prince
Abhinav Raj Prince:
2nd comment
My One Piece subtitles 😭
ero sennin
ero sennin:
Man this is getting worse Razovy, First kissanime is gone and now horrible subs is stopping. 2020 is getting really bad isn't it. Though I rarely torrent anime, and usually only Torrent anime movies. Streaming sites will deffo be highly affected by this. Horrible subs is used a lot in sites like you said so some may have to change their source. Also my plans for the weekend is to finish Hai no gensou no Grimgar, complete god of high school and to prepare for the new anime to come for the new season, i made a bookmark in anyme x for the new anime I'll be watching, I'm gonna stay consistent and try not to get behind so I have notifications on for the new anime. The animes I will hopefully watch are: Akudama Drive, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020), 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru, Jujutsu Kaisen (TV), Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen and noblesse which is a webtoon adaptation. What are you gonna do?
Damn, I was so depressed when I see this and it was very very heartbreaking for all of us that this site shutdown and I check my discord and confirmed that they shutdown and currently I use the alternative website is called "nyaa.si" and pretty worth as an alternative for horriblesubs.
Horriblesubs subs are the best :<
When the day comes, Muse Asia will be our only light
JJ Graham
JJ Graham:
This year keeps getting worse
Potato Dude
Potato Dude:
Where To Now? Any Recommendations?
Kenneth Lolong
Kenneth Lolong:
Does Aniwatch or other sites depend on Horriblesubs beacause most of animes on Animepahe came from horriblesubs
It's sad but the community will never forget it. Thank's for the news @razovy - MIZU
Polo Juego
Polo Juego:
Btw, your road to 5k subs🔥 keep it up
Park Kim Lee
Park Kim Lee:
kissanime extension .omg .sad .ryt .now
Kalyan Ponthagiri
Kalyan Ponthagiri:
That's bad news
Idaero II
Idaero II:
Damn. 1 one of the major Anime sources
Sandeep Kumar Sahu
Sandeep Kumar Sahu:
will this affect aniwatch
The best thing about Horriblesubs was simply the website and how it presented the currently airing anime in an easy to read/use format.
and the discuss at the bottom of every page, linked to those anime, giving a great place to go for quick reviews by people who actually have a real opinion.

Horriblesubs over the last 10 years especially, primarily just RE-UPLOADED files that were already on nyaa.si they just made their own torrent trackers for them, and linked those trackers right to the website.

Anyone can do this, or something very similar, but somehow fail to do so? All of the other well-curated sites (like 9anime, anilinkz, etc) are STREAMING lists, not torrent lists. Which is "OK" but not ideal.

All we need is a website with a simple interface that lists the anime airing each day (just like how horriblesubs did it), and has a list of links pulled from the latest nyaa.si releases (instead of horriblesubs trackers).

its really that simple.

which is why their simply shutting down the website and not giving it to someone else to maintain, is really fucking irritating. how fucking selfish. "its my Brand! I dont want anyone else to have it!"
N O:
sienny Poole
sienny Poole:
DAMNNN! :(((
Sad Mann
Sad Mann:
No surprise. Anime companies and western leaches, I mean localizers hate them. But like a hydra others will show up to replace it.
ji ribu
ji ribu:
they move on. we move on too.

any good torrent page to download now ?
This really hurts😢😭
Rip horrible subs and congratulations for hitting 5k subs man wish u will go further and reach higher subs
Yay my man has finally got 5k subs.

I used to only download from horriblesubs some time ago. But now I usually just stream from aniwatch or animepahe due to only 500 gigs of disk space. But yeah horriblesubs were the only source for most of the streaming services. We will have to wait a lot longer now to watch the episodes that have aired (unless nyaa of course).
en tong
en tong:
Horriblesubs is my goto anime subs since 2007. I am so sad that this happened so quick
Ben PH
Ben PH:
i hope animepahe will not end
coldx hart
coldx hart:
It hurts 💔
amlan sahoo
amlan sahoo:
RIP HORRIBLE SUBS including Animepahe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
brotato 96
brotato 96:
I think a lot of streaming sites will switch to their own rips from simulcast.
Raydaniel Abenido
Raydaniel Abenido:
After covid 19
Ken Tsujigiri
Ken Tsujigiri:
A lot of anime reaction channels will get struck by this too.
Puck aNm
Puck aNm:
this is so so sad guys
Paul Martin Bucad
Paul Martin Bucad:
Black clover ...NOOOOOOOOOOO
Raydaniel Abenido
Raydaniel Abenido:
Do you have plan to comeback
Naruto uzumaki
Naruto uzumaki:
Verry sad my tradution
Jan Obst
Jan Obst:
xdcc is still running
Ambareesh Bommakanti
Ambareesh Bommakanti:
will aniwatch get effected???
Man. I've been with Horriblesubs ever since Naruto Fan stopped updating.
Another one bites the dust
Lazy JustGo
Lazy JustGo:
Omg, so sad!!!! Anime god site is gone! Horrible sub is the best!!!!!!!!! I hope they come back
so after covid goes away they wont make a comeback?
Paul Loma
Paul Loma:
Animepahe announced it aswell
Cățelu' de Usturoi
Cățelu' de Usturoi:
Thanks China
Sugi Motto
Sugi Motto:
Horrible subs was like the only one left. I would have even paid for horrible subs.
> Judas what... they just did mini-re-encodes of HorribleSubs.
Rhysha Leito
Rhysha Leito:
Wow this is bad 😑😑
Strawberry Curry
Strawberry Curry:
So you recommend Erai-Raws as the back up in this situation? At the moment i'm considering just streaming free anime legally moving forward from CR, Funi, etc. Obviously that would be the free version w/ ads and it wouldn't be available for days or weeks, how ever that works.