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100+ komento:

Alkehsner Cadano
Alkehsner Cadano:
Me: "diko alam kung maganda lang ba talaga si Gab o magaling lang talaga si Kali"
Meanwhile: "Yung galing ni Khalil sa photography at yung ganda ni Gab is Lit 🔥" mapapasanaol kana lang ii 😍😍
Ruth Robles
Ruth Robles:
that kiss and hug. ❤ 6:02
Crissalhey Escaler
Crissalhey Escaler:
khalil: mura lang po charge ko, tumatanggap po ako ng.. ah—
gabbi: //in her cute & tiniest voice// ᵏⁱˢˢ ᵃᵗ ʰᵘᵍ ᵐʷᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃ

ang cütieeee!!!! 🥺❤️ #Gablil
Ferdinand Seminiano
Ferdinand Seminiano:
Khalil really sounds a educated and smart person.You know that he came from a good school you can tell from the way he talk so intellegent and natural in camera.🙏🙏
John Raven M
John Raven M:
Gabbi is really beautiful or gorgeous should be the ryt term. Im a fan.
liezl caballero
liezl caballero:
When her house can be a studio at the same time❤️❤️ I want to be a photographer too,, Khalil is such a good one❤️❤️
Sophia Grace Bagabay
Sophia Grace Bagabay:
Imagine getting a heart from Kuya Khalil❤❤
ash’s playlist
ash’s playlist:
When you have a boyfriend and a photographer at the same time 💞 kaliiiii you’re soooo talentedddd !! stay strong sa inyo 😊
Sherey Niña
Sherey Niña:
Yung kiss at hug yiee super kilig
Carmela Francisco
Carmela Francisco:
Grabe I'm a fan of Khalil since Princess and I and I remember how I was heartbroken with khalil's character there cause I thought that he deserve to be loved and happy. Kasi diba sya yung bff ni Kath dun tapos May gusto sya kay Kath pero nga si Enrique yung gusto nya if I wasn't wrong. Grabe heartbreak ko nun bata pa ako🤣 team Kiko ako nun eh. Naalala ko lng kasi ngayon He got the love he deserve in real life.💕💕
Alessandra Veneracion
Alessandra Veneracion:
You never know you'll saving someone's life and dream.
Leon Blessed
Leon Blessed:
This kind of relationship is really what i wanted to have
Keissha Mirabuna
Keissha Mirabuna:
6:03 that kiss and hug WAHHHH!!!
Julien Billones
Julien Billones:
more content like this pls huhuhu 😍😍😍
Fyzel Ann Cayabyab
Fyzel Ann Cayabyab:
I love how gab lets khalil alone in the frame when he's talking. She respects the things he says and she knows how devoted Khalil is in his hobby. ♥️♥️
Patrick Alansalon
Patrick Alansalon:
Your equipments are damn cool that was one of my dream set up for good quality pictures nice set up
Erica Baldivia
Erica Baldivia:
To Gabbi, you're the color yellow on the spectrum of visble light. Laging nakangiti. Ang sayang tingnan.
Alena Alena
Alena Alena:
All I can say is: “SANA ALL”
Lexa Chaz
Lexa Chaz:
Imagine having khalil as your photographer then gab’s beauty arghh!! songs bro!
dawn tristan peduca
dawn tristan peduca:
mala model na gf, photographer na bf. OMYYGUUSH
Thresh Bot
Thresh Bot:
If time comes Kathniel decides to get married alam nyu na sino ang busy from Pre nup until the actual wedding. 😊😊😊
Nicole Anne H.
Nicole Anne H.:
6:02 kiss and hug😩❤
When Gabbi said "You deserve a kiss and a hug"🙃
Renelyn Cordero
Renelyn Cordero:
perfect couple❤️ a model and a photographer!!! yieeeeeeee STAY STRONG MGA BIBI KO
Moen Linato
Moen Linato:
I tried the shots and the tips and I came up to a conclusion...

its the photographer not the camera 😉😂
Lee Bak Kho
Lee Bak Kho:
Can't wait for the next vlog 😍 stay safe and SS po char ❤
Angelique. a
Angelique. a:
Find someone who can make u a model for his photography uwu
Rosemarie Castillo
Rosemarie Castillo:
They meet halfway khalil the photog and gabbi as the model.😍
So much learning ideas from this video. I can see the passion in everything you do. Omg! So talented
More videos and different content ideas. good Luck you both💕
Christine Ocampo
Christine Ocampo:
when she kiss & hug him arghhHh they're so cute ♥️
Mark Joseph
Mark Joseph:
Khalil's laugh make him more attractive
Junelle Cabus
Junelle Cabus:
More like this pls! 💚 you inspire me a lot.
I am photographer too and I'm doing mobile phone photography coz i don't have dslr or fuji cam haha but that's ok. 💚
Itz Me Rr Mejos
Itz Me Rr Mejos:
Gabbi and Khalil are so meant for eachother,parang nagseselos ako kasi ang perfect ni Gabbi at Khalil😭😭😭❤❤❤
Joy ann Calumpita
Joy ann Calumpita:
Godbless ur relationship!! Fan here of ms.gabbi❤️and looking the 2 of u, it seems shes so happy in ur relationship! Stay inlove po❤️❤️ both talented and happy!😊
Nicole Anne H.
Nicole Anne H.:
Favorite Couple🥺❤
Miss mHao
Miss mHao:
Khalil is a good photographer 😍😍😍
Penge pong isang Khalil 😊😊😊
They lucky to have each other .
Perfect combi ❤
Beautiful Subject + Best Photographer = Perfect Product 🌻
Mabalot Loudy Ann
Mabalot Loudy Ann:
I stan! My ideal relationship ❤️ I'm speechless omaygash!!! Just wow✨❤️ I really love the vibe!
Kare Kare
Kare Kare:
Galiiing😍👏🏻 Cutiess
Rachel Giluano
Rachel Giluano:
You too really look so cute together. Pls make more vlogs together. ❤️❤️❤️
Irish Rivera
Irish Rivera:
You're so good at photography 😍 hope you be successful by doing that!!
dan de guzman
dan de guzman:
So talented young man!
Shari Duldulao
Shari Duldulao:
I love it when khalil's model is his girlll ❤
Marvin Aguilar
Marvin Aguilar:
Akala ko mag ina sila.
"Ako si khalil, anak ni alena at ybarro".
Eme lng hahaha
Ivy Endencio
Ivy Endencio:
Sweet namn ni gabbi...❤❤❤
Rance Photography
Rance Photography:
Great shots ang gaganda of course lalo na si ate Gabb. 😍
How I wish I could have the same cam cause I've been doing photoshoots using only my phone but the results are not bad at all. Nice ideas, definitely gonna use it some time. 😊
Jhanlloyd Bas
Jhanlloyd Bas:
I've been a fan of Khahlil since Princess and I. Same way, I've been admiring Gabbi too since the start of her carrer! I'm happy they end up together cause they're really cute and kind!

Ps. Anak ni Sanggre Alena si Khalil sa Enca.
ars seville
ars seville:
Keep strong to the both of you...
You're one of the best couple🙏❤️
Mariel Cayabyab
Mariel Cayabyab:
The photograph skills of Khalil 🔥👊🏼. The boyfriend material that I want❤️. Plus! The kilig factor you gave to me 😍. Perfect couple💘 together!!!👊🏼 I see you both as fraternal twins to me 😂☺️. (can’t wait for your future twins 😉😄)
Yung biglang kiss and hug nagdala haha Sana All! Anyway, I super like this couple. Just them as is :) More power
Lizylle Caccam
Lizylle Caccam:
want this kind of relationship 😩❤
Ning Carigma
Ning Carigma:
Liza Marie Cranfield
Liza Marie Cranfield:
Aaaahhhhhh I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY❤😍 GALING MO KHALI and so as GAB! Soon I will be having my very first own camera and not just using the camera of my phone. More Vlogs about Photography Khali please, Thank You😊😇 God Bless You Two always, and Stay Safe❤
Jirah Arce
Jirah Arce:
Kiss and Hug 😍😍😍😍
So sweet😍😍😍
Supremo 2.0
Supremo 2.0:
Charge: Kiss at hug 6:02
Bernalyn Blanco
Bernalyn Blanco:
Sooooo, cute
Karen Prence Malero
Karen Prence Malero:
6:02 RIP replay button. Sooo kiliiiggggg
lot garda
lot garda:
love this couple❤️
Mikay Balinas
Mikay Balinas:
that KISS AND HUG 💖🥺
Anne Amparo
Anne Amparo:
such a pretty girl and blessed to have a supportive partner
When Gabbi said "You deserve a hug and a kiss"
Miss Gullible
Miss Gullible:
they're really a good match💞
Who M i Gaming
Who M i Gaming:
Khalil. R. I've a question with your T-shirt its plane likee... Its so simple to wear. Can you please respond to me where did you buy that and what is the brand of the T shirts. I love that kind of plane t shirts. Somebody tell me where did I can buy that kind of t shirts and what is the brand of it🤔❤️ btw awesome photography📸
They're a perfect combination 💛
Ning Carigma
Ning Carigma:
When Gabby called Khalil "babs" 🥰
Ivy Clarisse Prado
Ivy Clarisse Prado:
imagine getting a heart from Kuya Khalil 😍❤
Banana Ana
Banana Ana:
Stay strong ❤❤


YAKAPAN tayo Guys 🤗🤗
shella polenio
shella polenio:
Sobrang fan ako nila gab and Khalil , Everytime na may mag pop up na notif about saknila mapa vlogs or anything about sa kanila pinapanood ko tlga grabe kse Ang mature nung contents and Kung pano sila sa isat isa nakaka tuwa at nakaka inspired. 😊😍
And actually simula nung nag audition pa Lang si khal Nung bago palang sya sa industry fan na talaga ko. Hihihi silent nga Lang 🙈😊 up until now napapahanga nya ko. Dami ko natutunan sa vids nya and lalo na pag magkasama sila. Waiting nako for more vlog and creative vids. Keep safe po sa inyo. 😘💕
Jalfenn Jereme
Jalfenn Jereme:
Their chemistry is superb ❤️
Rizza Cadiz
Rizza Cadiz:
I'll be adopting your techniques and if with enough money I might be buying the same cam. Keep it up.
Imagine getting a heart from kuya khalil?😍🥺
Gabbi is so morena. So pretty indeed. You're such a sweet couple❣️
Elijah Vamp
Elijah Vamp:

pernia marlon
pernia marlon:
I love this couple, and kahit anong angle sa photo shoot gabbi is so beautiful and gorgeous, I always watching vlog of Khalil and gab,

Am a huge fan
Emma Esponilla
Emma Esponilla:
Having khalil ramos huhu lucky gabbi! both actually fav couple ever!!!♥
Aniela Pangilinan
Aniela Pangilinan:
Iloveyou both!!!!!✊❤❤
V M.
V M.:
JA Sugabo
JA Sugabo:
I'm a fan! Welp, perfect talaga kayo together! Nice shots, the talent and skills of yours kuya khalil just wooow and so pretty ate gabbi!❤️
Princess Queen
Princess Queen:
Apaka appreciative ni gab. "Wow! it's nice"
FanGirls Heart
FanGirls Heart:
I love the one with the mirror with natural lighting 💚
Jam Paris
Jam Paris:
Soooo amazing! What a talent and creative mind.
Donna Balucio
Donna Balucio:
Why so pretty Gabbi? 🥺❤️
Carmela Francisco
Carmela Francisco:
Every shot got me w😮wed, I hope that my puhon in the future has this skill cause I also love photography and mag emote emote SA cam🤣
April Lyn Ann Batidor
April Lyn Ann Batidor:
Good heavens, give me a boyfriend like Khalil!!!! 😭❤
Dia Monde
Dia Monde:
U deserve million subs!!!! 😍
Chrezle Mhae Babila
Chrezle Mhae Babila:
I love thissss ❣️
Cha Odell
Cha Odell:
I'm soo gonna try this sa bday ng niece ko. More photoshoot ideas content please ✔️
Kimberly Cias
Kimberly Cias:
nice couple ever! 😊😊❤
Mark Geryme Distor
Mark Geryme Distor:
Tara hug to hug❤️
Anj Feels
Anj Feels:
New FAN ❤ What a lovely couple pleasing to see❤
Leslie Veral
Leslie Veral:
You're gorgeous💓
I really loved you❤
Arrah Loraine Rebosura
Arrah Loraine Rebosura:
Love this Couple 💖💕
Via Oros
Via Oros:
Huhu so sweet this couple 👫 😍
Marienith Singcolan
Marienith Singcolan:
its like I’m watching Erwan taking Photos of Anne Curtis.. Amazing! ❤️❤️❤️
Dee Jay BICOL:
That kiss and hug tho 🙈💛❣️
Janelle Vasquez
Janelle Vasquez:
The "Leaf wall" tho😂🤣
Vamos Braulio
Vamos Braulio:
me: checks XT30's price online
ayesha Mae
ayesha Mae:
i love the natural beauty of Gabi Garcia😍😘#KHABI'S❤FOREVER
kawaiifhenk 13
kawaiifhenk 13:
They're one of my fave couple in showbusiness. My gosh.. Khalil became sooo pogi and Gab became sooo ganda ,,, these two are so adorbs ... Love you to the moon and back!
Benjamin Joash
Benjamin Joash:
Im now a fan! ❤️
Jackie Mae Maramot
Jackie Mae Maramot:
kuya khali is so good in photography, very artistic and ate gab is so beautiful model perfect combination to shot a beautiful photo😍 i really love this couple🥰💋