HIGHLIGHTS | Avery Bradley (24 pts, 2 stl, 6-12 3PT) vs. LA Clippers

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99 komento:

God Thoughts
God Thoughts:
He's better than Bev.
The one that showed up today ready is this man right here... providing support to the best duo in the league today
King Of The Ring
King Of The Ring:
Avery Bradley is a Problem Defense Juggernaut and three point hitter smh BAD MAN
Cooking With Lou
Cooking With Lou:
Yo that technical at the beginning of the game got me heated. Beverley can bump into anyone and yell at anyone but as soon as Bradley barks at bev he gets T’d up lmao. Refs were bad.
ronny lopez
ronny lopez:
Casuals thought we didn't have any dogs on our team ...
Sonny Dee
Sonny Dee:
This guy was harassing Beverley all night..
Bradley made 6 3’s man.
xtian xtian
xtian xtian:
Avery bradley is the silent assassin and sharp sniper in lakers squad
Kyle James Parreño
Kyle James Parreño:
i always like bradley he doent play lazy
LAker Chisme
LAker Chisme:
Clippers have been squatting at Staples Center for 2 decades. Time to go.
Brother Nature
Brother Nature:
What a dog✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿💛💜
Justin Sumstine
Justin Sumstine:
Patrick Beverly seeing Bradley flexin on him after getting picked in the open floor and scored on...he wanted none of that with both hands up....lol
Victor Vasquez
Victor Vasquez:
Brian Chapa
Brian Chapa:
I tried to tell em, this man comes alive close to playoff time 💪
emman compayan
emman compayan:
I remember him hitting big games furing his boston times..
Michael T
Michael T:
Very underrated performance by AB! Played a huge X-factor this game!
Yung cobe
Yung cobe:
Was a baller on the Celtics ! One of the best two way guards in the league
Cold Blood
Cold Blood:
AB got the tech after this play 0:19. Refs are soft! Let them have their trash talk! BS refs!
anastasia hanoba
anastasia hanoba:
Avery Bradley waooooo u were super superb great. King Lebron James and Greatest Anthony Davies and we all Laker fans love and so proud of u. Keep it up baby and 💪💪😘😘😘
Tubol Ariba
Tubol Ariba:
Bradley wayyy better than Bev man no talk for Bradley he’s just humble and a decent player
James DeCastro
James DeCastro:
My man went to another level this game.. Super impressed. Mamba Mentality!
In 2020 AB has been the Lakers 3rd best player. Over the past month and a half have been their best perimeter shooter surprisingly
elias fresquez
elias fresquez:
So underrated
It's funny when Lebron was with the Cavs, you see the same play but the wide open shooter would brick over and over again. All the momentum killed
Jurry Razon
Jurry Razon:
I missed AB 😔 hope to see him soon in LA next season.
sammy davis
sammy davis:
Bradley deserves a ton of credit. Great game by him
Giana Patricia Copias
Giana Patricia Copias:
He's my fav player in LAKERS but sadly he cant play this playoffs due to his kids health problem.:'((
Akshat Maheshwari
Akshat Maheshwari:
First team all defense 💪
Jose Montes
Jose Montes:
That’s my dawwwg AB11
David Lee
David Lee:
Let's keep it up Bradley
Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos:
This man & all the Roll players stepped up today 💯🔥💜💛
Gintoki Sakata
Gintoki Sakata:
Beast as always
He put Bev on his pocket...👌🏻
Carbon Atom · 12 years ago
Carbon Atom · 12 years ago:
id rather have bradley on my team than beverly, no cap
K A:
Please bring Avery back this upcoming season 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Duff Man187
Duff Man187:
Still waiting for the greatest defence we've seen since Uncle Mike n em boys to show up😴
Samuzzwal Shrestha
Samuzzwal Shrestha:
0:49 how clever is Bron ? He knew defense would focus on him so he moved abit and the whole defense was fixed on bron while bradley just got ton of space to hit the 3.
Yaremka Steeler
Yaremka Steeler:
Greatting, awesome avery bradley....excelent!!!
A big congratulations to Avery Bradley he is now an nba champion
He's soooo underrated. Great 3&D player
chadramil ramil
chadramil ramil:
I remember the healthy beast AB when he carry the Boston celtics
Marco Enrique
Marco Enrique:
I loved that steal.😂
Edward Rivers
Edward Rivers:
One of my favorite players wish Boston have kept him
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie:
⭐️ moves as Star player! 💫
Dimple Cantor
Dimple Cantor:
Beverly find his match!
Marcus B
Marcus B:
Yo I wonder how it going to feel with dion waiters and Avery Bradley on the court together
Wait til Talen link up IZZA WRAP!
Thorsten Porsche
Thorsten Porsche:
Really reminds me of prime Gary Payton
Avery always on his toes man, literally all hustle.
Heey uuh anyone know bradleys acct number??im wiring dude my whole savings for this laker win..my soul needed it..he deserves it purely for defense on Beverly n punking his ho ho ho aszzz !😂😂😂
b0rge VIPER
b0rge VIPER:
Imagine if AB is 6'6 or 6'8 geez.
Tonny Otieno
Tonny Otieno:
Avery Bradley played great ...!
Gerald Buncum
Gerald Buncum:
Y’all losing a good one
Frigid Tsunami
Frigid Tsunami:
Avery Bradley went ham on Bev. 00:24
HiCity Jay
HiCity Jay:
Lebron makes everybody he plays with relevant that’s how good he is
d a r r e l
d a r r e l:
2k gave this man a 74 🤦‍♂️
Lewis Oriyomi
Lewis Oriyomi:
0:10 Pat Beverly is very clueless at offence. Why go back again without attacking the paint?
Dude has been a great defender ever since he came into the league, and he had Rondo to mentor him on defense, Rondo was pest back then.
Sirk Skywalker
Sirk Skywalker:
Since the beginning of the season the lakers would say Bradley surprised them the most in the practices
The most consistent 3 pt shooter we have on the team, Danny Green is nowhere to be found.
Ernie Simms
Ernie Simms:
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie:
Avery, give us more dunk!?☝️
Michael G
Michael G:
I was excited when I heard we got Bradley because of what he did for Boston. I thought he was like 32-33. When I found out he was only 28/29 I was even more excited. Still some elite play and defense in his tank
Blk the don X exodus
Blk the don X exodus:
Avery Bradley is a baddddd mannnnn💯💯💯👌🏿
Go LAKERS forget what people say this season is for Kobe and Gigi shining on us guiding us to success . These IS OUR CITY . Can’t spell LAkers without LA baby rock purple and gold for life Laker for life Mamba for life
Garrison Armand
Garrison Armand:
Man I miss Bradley a lot here in Boston that jumpshot is still consistent I model my game after him a lot he plays hard and very coachable doesn’t complain or anything just works hard and a killer on the court 😭☘️
Arthur Hami Morgan
Arthur Hami Morgan:
Bradley OUT
Mr Blue
Mr Blue:
I hope Lakers retire 23 3 and 11
Better re sign him next year
Nomar Maniulit
Nomar Maniulit:
OOOOOO you see that stare at 0:27? hes the BETTER defensive player without the gimmicks
#EyesDontLie Chosen 1
#EyesDontLie Chosen 1:
They all forgot Bradley played for the clippers way before all of them new clippers. So he knows this clippers crowd is some new bandwagons. They said 65% of the attendance was lakers fans. He drop kobe lastnight
He shot 50% from 3, those are curry numbers. If he can do that vs the Clippers, imagine what he could do to other teams
Man was a dog! Reason the Lakers won.
Parak Crizaldo
Parak Crizaldo:
AB was our unsung hero today
Nacho MD
Nacho MD:
Te lo mercias Bradley
Anthony Caballes
Anthony Caballes:
Pacquiao - Bradley 4
TJ Goat
TJ Goat:
bye bye bradley
Shikas Thoughts
Shikas Thoughts:
He deserves a ring
Tom Beats
Tom Beats:
Been a fan since he hit Boston don’t sleep on him
it's funny cause he used to be teammates with Pat
Ziare william
Ziare william:
Biggest takeaway from the game? Lebron is good for one or 2 games but still looses the series against a high basketball IQ team.

The clippers still winning the season series thus far. 2 games to 1. Nothing has changed. The clippers still winning the season series.

Winning one game does not make you a NBA champion. The clippers are a overall better team in all three categories.

Basketball IQ ✔
Talent ✔
Leadership ✔

Nothing the lakers have done in one dam game is gonna convince me that they can beat the clippers in a 7 game series.

History has shown that LeBron in a 7 game series against a high basketball IQ team is good for one or 2 games but ultimately looses the series.

Takes more than one game to win a NBA championship. This ant the NFL.

Lebron is 3 and 8 or 7 in the NBA finals. Kawi is 2 and 1 in the nba finals. Until I see it the clippers are the best team in the NBA and match up wise the lakers don't have enough to beat them in a 7 game series
Connor C
Connor C:
Bradley is everything Pat Bev thinks he is
Josh Lee Dawiguey
Josh Lee Dawiguey:
he abused the guy who said the next five years was his.
Benjamin Hechler
Benjamin Hechler:
If we only approached social progress with the commitment of Avery Bradley playing defense - especially prime Celtics years when he's right with Tony Allen for all time great defenders - we'd be in a solid place in a few years
James Wang
James Wang:
Lakers should keep him in the next season.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
Avery Bradley think he a Samsung battery
xtian xtian
xtian xtian:
Beverly will eat his words against Lebron
Sherwin Mallari
Sherwin Mallari:
1:26-1:30 nice read AB
TJ Goat
TJ Goat:
yall not gone have this in the playoffs lakers only win was cause of avery bradley
suraj k c
suraj k c:
thnank u bradley, win was not possible without u
AB punked Beverly and absolutely destroyed him on the court. AB Hit like 6 threes and took the ball away from Beverly at half court like he was a disobedient child. 😂😂😂
Nacho MD
Nacho MD:
Que partidito hiciste Averito Bradley
Alexander McDonald
Alexander McDonald:
Pat didn't want nun to do with Avery that night
red red
red red:
Boy bad
Problemm Childd
Problemm Childd:
Clippers traded the wrong defender
Way better than Patricia Beverly
chadramil ramil
chadramil ramil:
Patrick beverly taking his own poison against another defender taking better than him