Hereditary | Official Trailer HD | A24


From Ari Aster and starring Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, and Milly Shapiro – Now available for rent or purchase (links below).

RELEASE DATE: June 8, 2018
CAST: Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, and Milly Shapiro

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100+ komento:

106 CM
106 CM:
Whoever says this film is boring or not good does not understand true horror. Jump scares are not horror.
Levi Trap
Levi Trap:
If your feeling lonely I recommend this, you won’t feel alone anymore.
Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner:
A couple of years ago an Australian cinema accidentally showed this trailer during a screening of Peter Rabbit...poor kids lol
Lashonda Williams
Lashonda Williams:
I wanna see this but you all comments are scarying the crap out of me lmbo
yosi boi
yosi boi:
Best anti-marijuana ad ever.
The girl lowkey looks like Dustin from stranger things
M S:
The headbanging against the attic door gets me every time. What a nightmare!
Harsha Shinde
Harsha Shinde:
This movie didn't scare me.

It traumatized me.
_ Mel _
_ Mel _:

Not showing Charlie’s death in the trailer was SUCH a good decision. I feel like other studios might’ve done that, and it would’ve ruined it.
Dean Marino
Dean Marino:
Wow this trailer is phenomenal because it makes it seem like an entirely different movie that what it actually is.

Very very very clever.
Karin Allen
Karin Allen:
This is one of the best horror movies movies I've ever seen. It's gory and scary, but it's also *extremely* smart, twisty, and brilliantly acted. I wish it would get the attention it deserves.
Nitin Rawat
Nitin Rawat:
The mother of little girl deserves a seperate Oscar for her acting she did.
Secret Killer
Secret Killer:
Me before the video:
Nothing can scare me, nothing
Me after the video:
Yep, I need a bible, a blanket, a teddy bear, a priest, a bunker, and some spongebob videos
Edit:tysm so much for the likes ❤️
Jose Voltaire Sagles
Jose Voltaire Sagles:
This movie gave the word “disturbing” a new definition in the dictionary.
I regret watching this. In a positive way.
Toni Collette deserves as oscar for her scream in 'that' scene alone.
"The movie audiences are loosing their heads over"
Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith:
This is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, my skin was literally crawling throughout the whole thing. UGH.
whos here after watching the midsommar trailer?
Thanas Goga
Thanas Goga:
Just saw the movie

Came here to the comments to feel safe
Alpa Chinos
Alpa Chinos:
Feels like when they were halfway through writing this script, someone stood up and went; “You know what? How bout we all get high as shit before we finish today?”
Life of OmaiRida
Life of OmaiRida:
I watch almost every horror movie but trust me this movie left impact on me for several days, it is really scary.
Allyn Christian Quiamjot
Allyn Christian Quiamjot:
this is a lovely romantic comedy.. recommended will order again 5 star
If you see the A24 logo in a horror movie
You’ll know you won’t come out of the theater as the same person
Dad made one hell of a dinner though, fit for a king. That looked amazing.
Elisabeth Larsen
Elisabeth Larsen:
Okay, watching this tonight.
Edit: .... That was the best and worst decision ever. Oh... My... God.
Mahmoud Abulaban
Mahmoud Abulaban:
one of the worst movies i've ever seen

so boring stupid and pointless>>0/10
Legit the scariest movie I've ever seen. I'm scared of the dark now.
Joe Snaffer
Joe Snaffer:
Never watching it again
Sunny Scott
Sunny Scott:
Unbelievable film. Almost hard to believe it’s a modern day horror with all the crap that’s being released now in the horror genre.

Acting, shots, plot all fantastic.
Unfortunate not to get any oscar recognition and Toni Collette yet again with a top performance
daniel vargas
daniel vargas:
for me is one of the best horror films in history, and I see a lot
Eren Yılmaz
Eren Yılmaz:
This movie still haunts me and gives me goosebumps even when i think about it. I know that most of you disagree with me but imo Hereditary is the best horror movie ever.
Sarah Zahir
Sarah Zahir:
This movie made me scared of the corners in my room in dark.
24 Frames Of Nick
24 Frames Of Nick:
This looks absolutely stunning
EmiCubed [GD]
EmiCubed [GD]:
Im really grateful for this movie, Ive watched so many horror movies in my entire life that nothing was able to scare me or surprise me on a movie anymore, then, I saw this movie and it was like a restart button, ive never been so FUCKING terrified with a movie in YEARS, I was alive again, lol
Thanks, A24.
itzbabyface . k
itzbabyface . k:
Am I the only one that was really confused watching this movie and when it ended😭?
Thomas Finn
Thomas Finn:
I just watched this today and I don't think I am ever going to be the same again. This is a really disturbing movie.
Rocky Gurung
Rocky Gurung:
"Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?"
sorry just committed a sin.
Mark Joey Lavapie
Mark Joey Lavapie:
After watching this movie, i never slept in a normal position for three days. I was afraid to look at the ceiling.
Lona EL
Lona EL:
One of the best horror movies of all time, the twists in this movie are mind blowing
Connor Haddad
Connor Haddad:
anyone gonna talk about how this is like the masterpiece of all trailers
King Paimon approves of this trailer!
am I watching a Nintendo Switch press conference?
just watchced this movie, i had to take a smoke break after watching this
Jill Browning
Jill Browning:
I was gonna watch this movie because everyone was saying it's scary but I was like nothing scares me in movies and now after coming to the comments....i don't know if I wanna watch it now
I lost my appetite and need to sleep with lights on for several days after watching this
Can't believe Ari Aster has directed two movies and both were masterpieces
The Great Hawk
The Great Hawk:
This is the kind of movie that gets scarier and scarier the more you think about it. It's not so much the watching it that gets you, it's the _idea_ of it.
vicky andrian
vicky andrian:
This is one of the best horror movie i've ever seen.
Sarah Zahir
Sarah Zahir:
Tori Collet's cry after finding out that Charlie was dead alone was Oscar worthy.
This movie took the throne from The Exorcist in being the best horror and scariest movie of all time
Sejun's Girl STANSB19
Sejun's Girl STANSB19:
They say its boring..but damn they are wrong!
Toni Collette needs to win something for this performance.
Tamz Tamz
Tamz Tamz:
Charlies tongue cluck... that literally made me feel nauseous! This movie was terrifying
Just watched this for the first time. Now I need therapy.
Shoib Mishrikoti
Shoib Mishrikoti:
This movie just ruined my day...I'm not feeling lonely anymore 😢
i just finished this film two minutes ago and i can confidently say it is the strangest thing i have ever seen in my entire life
Andrea Kirby
Andrea Kirby:
I finally watched this movie yesterday and I’ve never felt so disturbed
Brandon Gaming
Brandon Gaming:
*Youtube: Let's just recommend A24's Hereditary more than 2 years later*
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia:
This is the best horror film I´ve ever seen for sure
roger kle
roger kle:
This is one of the scariest and also best horror movies iv seen in my entire life and i have weatched all of them and i never get scared, but this...left me sleep bad at night and was also preety entertaining.......for a similiar scary movie watch atterados on netflix, thats the scariest shit i ever seen, scarier then this film
Adhaar Chor
Adhaar Chor:
I need to watch SpongeBob to clear the fear.
edit:-5.9 k likes.Damn.Thanks Guys.
scariest movie that still makes me feel uncomfortable today
Matt The Awesomer
Matt The Awesomer:
This trailer doesn't compare to the pure agony of this movie
Ester L.
Ester L.:
After watching this, I never saw the electricity pole in the same way ever again.
abu bakr
abu bakr:
The funeral at 0:12 is not the funeral of the person you think it is.
Konstantinos Karagiannis
Konstantinos Karagiannis:
This is the best 10's horror movie, and one of the best horror movies of all time! This movie is very insidious and evil!
Sittie Madale
Sittie Madale:
This is the only horror movie that scared the shit out of me! I just realized that the main actress is the same actress in "The sixth sense" who played the mother of Haley Joel Osment.
Janet Snakehole-Macklin
Janet Snakehole-Macklin:

But I had a feeling Charlie wasn’t going to survive, but I did not expect it to happen in the first 40 minutes. Great movie. Shows not all horror movies need to have jump scares
Mary Dragonee
Mary Dragonee:
the school scene is still one of the freakiest things ive ever seen
and all because he just had to hit that bong
Derek McCumber
Derek McCumber:
This is one of my top 5 films of the last ten year. Every other favorite film of mine I've seen dozens of times - this one I've only watched 3 times. It's that good.
This looks like the scariest of scary films, I’m too scared to watch. And believe me nothing really scares me
This movie was so good I was actually scared watching it😂🤟🏽classic in my book
Amanda Roy
Amanda Roy:
and here I thought when first seeing the trailer, that it'd be something about grandma haunting the house and the family getting spooked every now and then. like every other jumpscary movie. lol.

I love ari aster.
Tristan miles
Tristan miles:
“She was a very diffi CULT woman”
BlackShark Motorcycle
BlackShark Motorcycle:
This film hit me bc I too have food allergies and had an allergic reaction just like Charlie, except i was 10 years old. Shit's no joke and it's truly scary.
Great movie tho
Eshaa Asad
Eshaa Asad:
The ending was extremely bad, just so stupid the ending was
maddi jane
maddi jane:
I've been watching this movie, but for me conjuring is still scaries movie
Edwin Moro Otero
Edwin Moro Otero:
Hii, I just watched this movie, I think I'll give it a 11/10 but I don't think I'll watch it again.......... 😐
Jack Gould
Jack Gould:
I hated how it was too good. Now other horrors just seem so lame I can't watch them.
Carnal Vader
Carnal Vader:
Absolute masterpiece when it comes to horror movies. The best Horror in last 20 years
6enny 6oy
6enny 6oy:
Honestly I prefer the autopsy of jane doe more than this garbage. I literally smiled at like every scene. It wasn't scary for me. The ending was trash
V.N. Chary
V.N. Chary:
One of the best underrated movie..... watch it...
I literally just finished watching this movie and I'm HELLA TERRIFIED

I feel like the most traumatizing part was when someone was sawing off their head at the end
Brett Carter
Brett Carter:
If you ever find yourself constipated, watch this movie.
thanks for 20 subscribers
thanks for 20 subscribers:
Yet so far this is the only horror movie that scared me, and I'm glad that Ari Aster is giving the modern horror movies another chance to shine
Girlversion of Dustin from Stranger Things
The Gaming Fish
The Gaming Fish:
11/10 this movie gets a bonus point because of the the fact that me and my fiancé saw this movie over a year ago, and we still to this day try and scare each other at completely random times by clicking our tongues
psycho stormtrooper
psycho stormtrooper:
This had the wackiest, most unnerving, most terrifying ending in any movie ever
Megs Donnelly
Megs Donnelly:
this movie left me with this gross, uneasy feeling in my stomach for hours after i saw it. its just wrong on so many levels, it really gets in deep under your skin and just sits. these are all compliments to the movie, btw, it being a horror movie and all. not many movies have ever left me feeling that way before.
One of the very few horror movies that actually scare me.
PJB Rown
PJB Rown:
Easily one of the best truly terrifying films I've seen.
It Be Like That Sometimes
It Be Like That Sometimes:
The first time I saw this movie it shook me to my core and I had to rewatch it with my friends to see if they had a similar reaction and every one of them cracked jokes the entire time and disliked it by the end of it now I saw it on mushrooms the first time but the second time I almost convinced myself it wasn’t as good as I thought it was but sitting in a well lit room listening to music out of my speakers and watching this trailer it gave me chills like the first time ari aster is brilliant I loved midsommar just as much and I’m starving to see what he creates next
Brent Aiken
Brent Aiken:
I love this movie! One of my favorites of all time, (horror or otherwise.) My only regret is that I didn’t watch it when it came out. It must have been an amazing experience watching this on the big screen with a theater full of people.
Sam Chiang
Sam Chiang:
I feel like those people who don't get why this movie is one of the scariest and best horror movies of modern cinema aren't at the same level of wavelength as those who get it. The eerie, dreadful, uneasiness, and depressing depictions throughout the whole movie was something I havent seen in a LONG time. Not one point of the movie was there any sense of happiness. Nothing but guilt. Scenes were disturbing: from the sounds in the backround to the strange movements of the characters. Not only that, the reactions of each character to their inexplicable and terrifying environment was so realistic. For example, the still shot of Peter sitting in his car after the accident, too tramautized to move, was incredible. The slow pans, the still and silent shots, the amazing cinematography of this film was perfect and captured the moments in the best way. 10/10.
Lazarus Zodge
Lazarus Zodge:
Just watched it and for sure I'll recommend it . I've seen many horror stuffs but this one stands on its own level of fear and creepy demonic vibes. You gotta watch this
XxNightEaglesxX GAMING
XxNightEaglesxX GAMING:
this movie was just messed up
Nitin Rawat
Nitin Rawat:
My two fav movies:
The hereditary
The witch
jesus christ
jesus christ:
I literally felt paralysed during the last 30 minutes or so of watching and I can count off on one hand the amounts of times I've blinked