Hereditary Official Trailer #1 (2018) Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne Horror Movie HD

Hereditary Trailer 1 (2018) Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne Horror Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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Zero Media
Zero Media:
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She looks like the girl version of Dustin from stranger things
All I can say is do not watch it alone.
saver menu cheeseburger at McDonalds
saver menu cheeseburger at McDonalds:
I really wanna watch it but the comments r scaring me
I Polaris I
I Polaris I:
I now live in a circular house with no corners... Yeh, you know why
God the trailer is so misleading but in a brilliant way. It comes across as another bland horror film, but the editing is hiding a WHOLE different story, like holy shit. Best horror film of 2018, don't let the trailer fool you. It is NOT what it seems
After watching this, I left the movie theater feeling...weird...
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez:
What had me scared af was when she was banging her head at the attic
I can’t even get through the trailer and yall are talking about how scary the movie is 😫
ins4n3pot4to3 XD
ins4n3pot4to3 XD:
If anyone sees this, I told a friend that I’d watch this movie alone at night if I got 500 likes, so I’m probably not safe 😂
TLR Sexuality
TLR Sexuality:
well that went from 0 to 100 real quick
Andreas Botha
Andreas Botha:
Most disturbing thing I have ever watched in my life.
Irma Nur Azizah
Irma Nur Azizah:
I came here after Midsommar's trailer just to confirm that Ari Aster loved to traumatized us with simply creepy annoying sounds. First one the "cluck" tounge. And in Midsommar we have "huh" breathing sound. Ari Aster you're an evil. 😑😑
I saw this in the theater on acid. When that one scene came up, I literally yelled out, "Holy shit there's a person in the corner." My wife told me to be quiet. She was sober.
De avontuurtjes van Henk
De avontuurtjes van Henk:
I wasn't really scared when it ended, I was confused..
hey about to watch this alone at night wish me luck
update: ha you thought
did i sleep? no
george eskiadis
george eskiadis:
The last 25 minutes of this movie should be the go-to for any director who wants to learn how to make a scary horror film.
Bijit Basumatary
Bijit Basumatary:
From the producer of Witch and Split ? Of course I'll watch it.
Mark Andersen
Mark Andersen:
I consider myself a pretty big headbanger, my favorite bands are Slayer and Cannibal Corpse, but when it comes to banging my head, I've got nothing on Toni Collette.
Roger Rabbits Gaming
Roger Rabbits Gaming:
This trailer have no idea about how scary the film is
Stefan Đokić
Stefan Đokić:
Starring: Alyssa Edwards' tongue pop
Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd:
This movie legit made me cry from sadness. Quality horror film.
Here From There
Here From There:
this was probably one of the most chaotic movies I have ever seen like I don't want to spoil it or anything but it went from a 1-100 REAL QUICK.. WHY WERE THEIR RANDOM NAKED PEOPLE AT THE END WHAT
Elnur Alibayli
Elnur Alibayli:
Poor dog. He had nothing to do with any of it...
I watched this and i can with out a doubt say i experienced true fear
Beans Cent
Beans Cent:
Damn that tongue clicking really.. like REALLY got me

After she clicks her tongue my head instantly thinks *NOICE*

Megan Gallivan
Megan Gallivan:
I’m so obsessed with this movie! It’s been over a decade since I’ve seen anything that truly scared me. I only wish I could rewatch it for the first time every time I watch it. You know what I mean?
Wesley Bain
Wesley Bain:
It looks like it should be called "The Things We Did to Our SIMS."
Nafisa Heart
Nafisa Heart:
why did I hear
at 1:41
Nathan Mears
Nathan Mears:
Before I watched this film I wasn’t expecting much. Films have scared me before films like The Shining or Rosemary’s Baby, they are both the scariest and best films in my opinion but no modern horror films scare me, I watched the conjuring and was left feeling very unfulfilled. I watched this thinking I’ll enjoy but it wouldn’t be that scary but oh boy did it rob me of sleep, I remember lying in bed wanting to get up and turn on the light but thinking if I did I’ll see some naked guy in the dark. It’s such a well round story with twist and turns with Toni Colette being the best part of the film, she was phenomenal and really got under my skin. Long story short the movie is one of the scariest films I’ve see but definitely worth watching, you can always skip one night of sleep.
peter richmond
peter richmond:
watched last night ,easily best horror movie in many years
Gilberto Torres
Gilberto Torres:
WTF GOING ON "were my last words when the movie ended
Martin Scorsese made me see Hereditary. I was not disappointed.
I left this movie's hard to describe lol. Like i needed a shower suddenly. I am a horror junky and I haven't had a movie bring out a feeling like this one did since Spoorloos. I just couldn't think of the right word to describe it. I went on twitter to see how other people were reacting and the word "Traumatized" kept coming up. Yeah, this movie low key traumatized me XD
It's so good. A slow burn horror masterpiece.
Alexandru Grecov
Alexandru Grecov:
Toni Collette deserve Oscar for her acting and the rare and special to not mention others things.
The movie is incredibly strong amazing absolutely phenomenal and masterpiece.
Haley Schwarz
Haley Schwarz:
This was probably the most unsettling and disturbing film I've seen to date.
This movie left a strange indescribable feeling way after the credits rolled. Just recalling scenes from the movie brings the same disturbing feeling back.
who’s here from tiktok but too scared to watch so they watch the trailer
Martin Nikolovski
Martin Nikolovski:
Give an oscar to Toni Collett, such a masterpiece
the scariest movie I’ve seen in recent memory and I watched this “early” in the morning
Thinks about watching movie so watches trailer on YouTube first
comes to conclusion.......Nope!
Movies like these, are scary because the idea of it is very Real.
Momo Lilo
Momo Lilo:
Toni Collete's crying deserves an oscar! shes an amazing actress
Samantha Bazan
Samantha Bazan:
I don’t get why everyone says this movie is scary I watched 3-4 times already and Like yeah I agree it’s a little creepy but that’s about it lol lil girl was pretty annoying too.
Looks interesting, but I'm still WAITING for a horror movie without *a little girl who sees things*.
the movie was straight ill
J Martin
J Martin:
Saw this a while back and was sharing it with someone else. I honestly give this a 10/10, it truly was a good watch. Movies like IT rely too heavily on the effects of jump scare and other effects but this movies layering of psychological effects of death, trauma, yadda yadda, is to the t, amazing. Great movie. Need moar, pls.
Inner Version
Inner Version:
This movie will haunt you for years after watching it. It's a mystery how Tony Colette didn't win the Oscar for this, instead of the puff movie actor that did.
Chiler Zammit
Chiler Zammit:
I would love to know where this house is. I fell in love with it #1!!!
#2, all actors were incredible! So believable. The image that haunts me is Toni on the ceiling and her son is in living room looking at his dad. CREEPY ALERT!! Loved every minute of this movie and saw it twice AND Googled some things.
Daniel Selk
Daniel Selk:
This movie was very unnerving! The acting was insanely good!
i watched this movie whew days ago at the cinema and me and my friend and some others were giggling there because of this movie. Some parts were really hilarious even tho they were supposed to be scary. This wasn't even scary like wtf XDD this was really hilarious to watch
Jeff Becerra
Jeff Becerra:
Best horror movie in a very long time. Finally, horror with an original plot rather than the same story over and over. This one and Mandy took the years best in my opinion.
Ohh. Saba
Ohh. Saba:
This movie was not scary I laughed hahahah 😂
Brock Stylies
Brock Stylies:
just saw it and omg this is worth watching 100%
You know it’s good when it makes that noise at the beginning
Gab Shiba
Gab Shiba:
I felt that we we not supposed to watch this
Anita Gammans
Anita Gammans:
Anne Dowd is amazing, love her <3
W T:
Can anyone just tell me are there any jumpscares in the movie?

Want to watch this, but might reconsider if there are any as i am a weak-hearted man lol
Beatrix Hiperkarma
Beatrix Hiperkarma:
I love Gabriel Byrne! !!♡♡♡♡
This movie really messed me up
Naulo Sanchar
Naulo Sanchar:
1:30 when you realize you are in classroom .. which is not less scary too
the thick atmosphere this movie develops is as soulcrushing as it is mesmerizing
after i finished watching this trailer, my head is really spinning right now.. certainly one of the most vague and dubious trailer for a movie ever!
Δανάη Αρσενίδου
Δανάη Αρσενίδου:
*it's so so unsettling. It gave me anxiety while watching and left me feeling weird and messed up in my stomach. Not really scary and not my favourite movie because it was kinda slow and the plot wasn't sooo interesting but it was so creepy and dark. Also INSANE acting & cinematography! Wow. I recommend it*
YouthTV 0009
YouthTV 0009:
Such a waste movie there is no scary and I wasted so much time to download the movie after see movie there is no scary scenes don't watch the movie😴😴😴🙏👎 but the climax was so😈😈 somee times it soo scary
Konstantinos Karagiannis
Konstantinos Karagiannis:
This masterpiece has the greatest conspiracy in history of horror cinema!
Hiroko Ascioti
Hiroko Ascioti:
When I first saw the trailer for this at the movie theater I was really freaked out.. and when I saw the field I actually was, but not in the way I expected. This was a really good movie and I'd like to see it again, even though there were like a good 3 times I felt like I was going to walk out. Very disturbing. And I'm a horror film lover!!!!
Abhay singh
Abhay singh:
Lol.. The whole movie is sooo freaking intense... Specialy when he came home without his sister..
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov:
Alfashiion Creary
Alfashiion Creary:
I love these slow burn slow to get to horror flicks. They r more scarier to me that those others that rely heavily too much on jumo scares.
Kyle Peterson
Kyle Peterson:
I watched it yesterday and let me just say that I like all horror movies.. campy, gory, jump scares, etc.. I just know what I'm watching and go into it with the right mindset.. however I believe that this movie is imo a true horror film to the core.. I mean the family tragedy that takes place in the film drowns you in dread and agony for the rest of the film and that's before the horror aspect of the movie really starts to kick in. It is a slow burn which never usually bothers me but this movie almost lost me at a certain point until it finally drug me back in which is my one and only complaint. Other than that though, the cinematography and imagery, the score, the fucking top tier acting, and just the skillful execution by the director make this not just a good horror movie but a good film in general.. I would say don't go into this movie with the mindset that you're gonna see "the scariest movie ever"... go in to this movie with an open mind set and be prepared for a good story and character development, do that and the horror will hit you at the right moments
Colson’s Comics
Colson’s Comics:
I gotta admit. One of the scariest movies I have watched in a long time. This movie just made me feel a different way at the end. Pretty evil
K I T K I T:
I watched this earlier. With kids. Imma watch it again.
Dear Cybelle
Dear Cybelle:

Mehzabin Mahasin
Mehzabin Mahasin:
wow muriel really changed after leaving porpoise spit
Black Needle
Black Needle:
1:55 sounds like arca
Ren Ellis
Ren Ellis:
Mi rasc! Im already scared of the trailer... its actually now that I have gotten older I'm being freaked out by horror movies! Smh... it's crazy
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson:
It was well filmed and with some good acting, lots of tension, good soundtrack... until the acting gets over the top, it descends into nonsense, with bad special effects (flies, chalk), predictability (woman at help group who turns out bad), and plenty of clichés. Got fed up after an hour. I'd give it 75%.

If this is the scariest movie of the year, then it's a poor year for horror.
meliodas sama
meliodas sama:
i love the song in the background ^^
Arabėlla Kvelbërj
Arabėlla Kvelbërj:
Legit had a hereditary trailer ad for the hereditary trailer
Quade Carter
Quade Carter:
Her head, it tear-y
I saw this movie and was literally on the ground on the verge of tears. 😂
Red hair Shanks
Red hair Shanks:
09.Happy Death Day
08.The Cabin In The Woods
07.It Follows
06.The Witch
05.A Quite Place
05.The Babadook
03.The Quanjuring
01.Get Out
Your all welcome
Have a nice day😉
Stacy Iniquez
Stacy Iniquez:
I just watched this alone, in the dark, at 2 am. My advice? Don’t
Pop Unicorns
Pop Unicorns:
I really like watching horror films, but this is the only one that has really made me feel true horror.
Aida Spires
Aida Spires:
Can we talk about how weird and confusing the ending was🤨🤣
Here From There
Here From There:
this was the coolest movie ever!!! just sat in bed at 1:00 am mesmerized by what ever the heck I just watched. I was not disappointed.
Just watched it today and tbh it was a good movie
The story line wasn't that long so the scenes kinda dragged but it was pretty decent non the less
Very graphic though

Definitely would recommend
The Dream
The Dream:
In my 38 years of life on this Earth...

That was by far the scariest horror flick I have seen.
It incited chills at every visual corner.

So well done.
I watched the movie with all my lights off and with a friend on Skype watching it too
Bruce S
Bruce S:
This movie is almost too intense !! My heart was pounding out of my chest way after it was over.
nbandi HD
nbandi HD:
this is one of the scariest movies ive seen in years
Manuel Nardin
Manuel Nardin:
I‘m so happy that I finally found a movie platform that is in my language! It is so cool. This Boxxy software service makes movie watching so much easier for me
Toni Collette should get an award for her acting - she just creeps into your soul. 😧
Lotte *
Lotte *:
This movie got me shook 🤷🏻‍♀️
Budget Savey Victoria
Budget Savey Victoria:
Oh my goodness I watched this movie this week it has been a really long time since I have jumped in a movie. Movie was super scary awesome absolutely loved it.
Charles P.
Charles P.:
That is the oddest looking young girl I think I’ve ever seen. I hope some of that is makeup.



This movie was really phenomenal in the first half and then devolved into stupidity by the end. The beheading car accident and lead up to it was extremely well done, the dinner table argument was some of the best acting I’ve seen in a long while and very intense, and the dream sequence with Peter and his mom telling him he was unwanted with her being drenched in lighter fluid at the end was trippy as fuck and was transitioned to beautifully.

By the end it was laughably dumb. Kneeling bowing headless bodies worshipping the resurrection of the demon in Peter? I couldn’t help but howl at the final scene in the tree house. The only scene I found remotely creepy was the mother doing the woodpecker with her noggin on the ceiling and some of the shadows of the deceased in dark corners.

Too bad too as this was a film with incredible potential.
Araht Nun
Araht Nun:
Toni collette Deserves Oscar nomination
Ozymandias Von Gimmiesome
Ozymandias Von Gimmiesome:
It’s been a while since celluloid left me so damn unsettled.