Hereditary (2018) Scene 1/6 Severed Head

Hereditary 2018 Car accident Charlie loses head.

Hereditary is a 2018 American supernatural psychological horror drama film written and directed by Ari Aster, in his feature directorial debut. It stars Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro and Gabriel Byrne as a family haunted by a mysterious presence after the death of their secretive grandmother.

Hereditary premiered on January 21, 2018, in the Midnight section at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and was theatrically released in the United States on June 8, 2018. It was acclaimed by critics, with Collette's performance receiving particular praise, and was a commercial success, making over $79 million on a $10 million budget to become A24's highest-grossing film worldwide

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frankie jay ponds
frankie jay ponds:
He said, "i'ma just let future me deal with this"
Tom Ripley
Tom Ripley:
I slammed the car door shut on my sister's fingers about ten years ago. The number of times she guilt trips me about it, you'd think I'd done this.
Madeleine Johansen
Madeleine Johansen:
This whole scene was so disgusting and sad and realistic. The way he can’t get himself to look in the back and how he just drives home completely overwhelmed and how Annie’s reaction is when she finds the body. Ugh just horrifying
「 Chaotic Smiles 」
「 Chaotic Smiles 」:
Put her in rice.
Imagine going into this movie for the first time seeing the girl on almost all the promotional material, trailers and that weird cluck sound she makes and convincing urself that she's the main character. That was a HELL of a sucker punch
Uncreative username
Uncreative username:
How would you explain that you did this your parents? I would just kms.
Callum Taylor
Callum Taylor:
The most traumatizing part of this film was the party host putting nuts in the chocolate cake.
Loli CIA
Loli CIA:
No one:

Her: *Aight, Imma head out*
Kakyoin’s Behind
Kakyoin’s Behind:
just the silence of her death was heart wrenching
It's her screams and wailing. It's so guttural and....Theres something about her screaming that so completely different from the normal scream queen screams, THIS screaming is exactly what I imagine a mothers reaction to discovering her deceased child would be... She needs an oscar.
I can't watch this scene and not laugh because I watched it with some friends, and when it happened, one said "bonk".
Timothy Alan
Timothy Alan:
Yeah, this is one of those feel-like-shit-after-finishing type movies
Smug Cat
Smug Cat:
Hey kid heads up
Natura Z Polski
Natura Z Polski:
This movie is great example of how you should make trailers: may the people think they know about what it is and then show them they don't know anything
Marshall Singer
Marshall Singer:
Comments are either extremely serious or completely hilarious
Abdallah Itani
Abdallah Itani:
The mom saying "Okay good they're home" is so sad
Ismael Rosales
Ismael Rosales:
Charlie simply did not pass the vibe check RIP🙏
I think part of what made this movie so effective was that, yeah, it had the creepy supernatural cult stuff going on. But it also had really plausible, realistic emotional horror like this scene. I can't begin to imagine how I would feel if I accidentally killed my little brother like this. The horror and guilt of it. I can't imagine how I would face my parents. But accidents like this can and do happen in real life.

It's frightening and disturbing because something like this so obviously COULD happen to you and that gets to you.
Always found it so incredibly weird that the mom would want Charlie to hang out with teenagers, barbecue or not.
He should have called an ambulance. Emergency responders would have arrived more quickly and they carry epinephrine injectors which would have opened up her airways. He probably didn't want to get his friends in trouble though by bringing attention to their party...Such a tragic scene.
Mason Stahl
Mason Stahl:
The ants crawling on the head at the end... just... jesus christ, how did they come up with this? Must've been one twisted but brilliant mind to write this
kjan jusz
kjan jusz:
Peter: It's OK, Charly! We're almost at the hospital!
Pole: I'm about the end this man's whole career...
artsy rat
artsy rat:
When they were at the party, and the guy was hanging out with his friends, as he walked into the room upstairs you could see his friends watching a video of someone being decapitated by a guillotine, which I’m guessing was foreshadowing
_ Mel _
_ Mel _:
Peter: We’re almost at the hospital Charlie!
The deer carcass:👁👄👁
The pole:👁👄👁
The cult purposely did this to kill Charlie, you can see their symbol on the telephone pole.
The way the mom screams just makes me heartbroken. This movie hits very hard. Especially after she first screams, for like a whole minute she's just screaming and crying.
carsyn ainsley
carsyn ainsley:
the silence after it happens is so agonizing
Michelle Price
Michelle Price:
Good luck Charlie
J H:
Obviously this is the absolute EXTREME but has anyone else ever stayed up till morning with a similar sense of dread before?
I like gymnastics 107
I like gymnastics 107:
This was probably the most realistic movie ever. When the mum, sees her mum she doesnt walk towards her, she freezes that would be like most people. When Charlie died, peter was scared to get out the car to look (like wouldnt anybody nobody wants to see a family member dead. When he tries to say ‘are u ok’ he stops himself because he knew she was dead. That would be horrifying for him.
Justin Zarian
Justin Zarian:
My theater did a collective audible gasp and then fell into deathly silence when this scene happened. It was so effective that it left us all speechless.
Madison Hendrickson
Madison Hendrickson:
This is the saddest movie scene omg
This makes me absolutely terrified and sad because I’m the oldest of 3 and if this happened to me I wouldn’t know how to live with myself
-Mom, dad! I did something terrible!
- You crashed the car?
- No...
- You decapitated your sister?
- Yes...
- But the car is fine?
- Yes
- Well all right then
Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson:
She needs some milk
He didn’t even check her pulse to see if she was alive smh
Lili F
Lili F:
Something like this happened in Georgia. 2 friends were at the bar & one felt sick so they left. Passenger is vomiting out the window when suddenly he hits a telephone pole decapitating his head. driver was too drunk to notice & drove home, fell asleep. Leaving the body in his car. A man & his son found the body. Officers had to go back & find the head.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross:
Who would win?
A girl who's put all over the promotional material
One poley boi
laci miller
laci miller:
when her head fell off i said “bonk”
lmao that telephone pole was like "yoink"
Michael Federowicz
Michael Federowicz:
I was disturbed after seeing this in theaters. I was not expecting this at all.
This is one of those horrible things that’s like SO horrible that you just can’t stop looking at it
Victory Reviews
Victory Reviews:
Peter's acting during that scene was simply phenomenal! An incredible and real performance
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say:
“Mom.... Dad..... I.....”

“Nothing’s wrong with the car is it?”
Gastani Frizzolino
Gastani Frizzolino:
"Are you oka..."

This is so sad... he's not realizing yet his sister is dead...
Liam Beers
Liam Beers:
The saddest part in my opinion is that at 5:11 for the last time you hear Toni Colletes character happy and in a regular state. The audience knows what she will see in the car but she doesn’t. When she sees it, it literally breaks her down to the point that the family as a whole is broken. This is as much of a sad movie as it is horrifying and that’s why it’s so great imo
Wear your seat belt & never stick your head out a window from a car going 100 mph. Even dogs are smarter than this
Landry Taylor
Landry Taylor:
Why am I watching this at 1 in the morning
Bruh “her-head-it-tearied”
Boots and Cats
Boots and Cats:
Has she tried cbd
Natalie Arch
Natalie Arch:
i saw this movie 8 months ago and still think about this all the time
For me, Annie wailing was the most disturbing. Almost like a witch screaming in pain.
El esquimal
El esquimal:
Well at least she stopped choking
Javier Rivas
Javier Rivas:
This was his parents fault, I mean how they allow a 11 yo girl to go a teenage party I mean, weird parents🤔
Le Quack
Le Quack:
props to the special effects crew, that's a damn good severed head.
I just watched this movie for the first time a few days ago.. but I still can’t get over the fact that he just DROVE AWAY
—orphic !!
—orphic !!:
this was one of the most heart stopping scenes i’ve ever watched. I can’t explain the feelings that I had watching this. I literally can’t put into words. this scarred me terribly.
i’d like to keep it on please
i’d like to keep it on please:
All she needed was a bandaid and she good
King Toasty
King Toasty:
okay that was messed up but good and the sound directors for that pop
All you had to do was to follow the damn hospital CJ.
The Comedy Bros
The Comedy Bros:
Definitely one of the biggest "jaw drop" moments I've come to see in cinema.
Not a good time to lose one’s head.
I watched this last night. Had to come back to see this scene, once more..
Eddie Hjalmarsson
Eddie Hjalmarsson:
The most terrifying scene in horror in a long time.
Ethan F
Ethan F:
This is an absolutely horrifying, incredibly well-made sequence

At the same time, I would LOVE to hear what the actress’ reaction was to being told “so you’re gonna be decapitated early in the movie”

I can only hope it was something like “THAT’S SO COOL!!!”
this was definitely inspired by the shining. the scene where the head suddenly just appears
It sounds like when you click your tounge
Chris Hargreaves
Chris Hargreaves:
One question about this whole situation: I get that the guy was stoned so wasn't thinking straight, and probably thought paramedics would tell his parents he was smoking pot while his sister was dying, but why didn't he ring an ambulance instead of driving a car and having his little sister in a horrific situation? Paramedics have to abide by strict confidentiality laws, everyone knows this.
David Tabor
David Tabor:
This movie is incredible. A gem amount countless turds in the horror genre. My girlfriend was in tears at this bit.
wAh! •
wAh! •:
having a peanut allergy, this movie gave me major anxiety- like- the whole scene where she’s gasping for breath- I cannot- it’s too much, ha
Kekoa Joaquin
Kekoa Joaquin:
It’s fine, just put some ramen on it.
God i never noticed the noises after she hits the pole, im guessing thats her dying? Omg that makes it so much worse, like it wasn't super instant
I went into this in the movie theatre when it came out and didnt see 1 trailer or knowing what it was about and it was something i wont forget
Madison Brown
Madison Brown:
Ari Aster really knows how to creep us out with things like this
Gianni Van den Bosch
Gianni Van den Bosch:
My girlfriend didnt wanna watch the movie bc she has an allergic reaction to milk much like this one. So i watched it by myself, i must say, i am deeply disturbed...
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido:
This was the scene that had me and my whole family shaken to the CORE
tash eve
tash eve:
school nurses: “just put a wet paper towel on it”
Dalton Moen
Dalton Moen:
This scene is forever burned into my brain,I can never forget this scene. Toni Collettes screaming and crying is so realistic. I wasn’t sure if I should cry or just be in shock
Its scary cuz this feels so realistic like his actions his behaviours and expressions like it made think like yo this maybe how id be and it terrifies me
I seriously sometimes wonder if I am damaging my human soul by watching stuff like this
Kya Roderick
Kya Roderick:
The realness of this scene was the best part of the movie. The fact that somehow in his eyes the actor managed to convey the fact that he’d just done something so incredibly irreversible that he knew he would be unable to ever undo or forgot was... GOD I wish this was a fucking book
I guess she should have been looking aHead
Brandon Zepol
Brandon Zepol:
This is another type of horror this is a slow creeping horror that lingers after. no need for jump scares it’s just unsettling imagery
Dad: Where's your sister?
Me: Oh her head fell off
Dad: WHAT?!!?

Me: She stuck her head out the window
Dad: Oh ive tolder multiple times on the motorway not to do that.
The fact that she doesn't have an EpiPen. Smh.
midnight cowboy
midnight cowboy:
I remember seeing this in theaters for the first showing of the day and literally being the only one who attended. This particular scene really shook me to the core
Joe Brito
Joe Brito:
so was that popping sound she made foreshadowing?
Isabella Boghi
Isabella Boghi:
this whole scene looks like a fever dream
Cap'n Bubbles
Cap'n Bubbles:
They were ahead of the current horror scene in this movie.
boneless books
boneless books:
My lil sisters name is charley so this scene is even scarier😳
Chelsey Lin
Chelsey Lin:
Just the sound of her head hitting the pole just makes my skin crawl! 😥
Leslie M
Leslie M:
Just rub some Vick’s and she’ll be good as new
That long and sorrowful chord mixed with annie's screams is pure nightmare fuel
*knock knock*
"Who's there?"
"It's the police ma'am, your daughter has been hit by a pole, she's dead xD"
kamela kadar
kamela kadar:
Just put her in rice
Timo Volkmann
Timo Volkmann:
Pole was like: get nae naed
I wish the guy at least finished the rip lol. The smoke left in there's gonna be stale as shit. xD
Darren Young
Darren Young:
Saves him having to spend all night in the ER with her. 😁
too bad that the scene does not contain the first conversation with the parents after they found his sisters body