Heat vs Lakers Game 4 NBA Finals Post Game LIVE Show

The Heat have hung around for 3 quarters, but can LeBron James hit more tough shots to lead the lakers to a 3-1 lead?
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Spo isn’t going back to that zone. That would be music to LeBron & Rondo’s ears.
Kenny Le
Kenny Le:
Lakers must wear the Mamba jerseys for Game 5 since it’s a “home game” and potential championship celebration.
Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee:
Slight clarification: this was NOT a 6-point game. Herro made a meaningless last-sec 3.
Warren France
Warren France:
Glad he’s telling the truth about all of the wide open shots that the Lakers miss. It’s truly unbelievable
The coach is running out of excuses now lol
Danny Green makes me yell at the TV
Ass Ketchum
Ass Ketchum:
Ik coach sad as hell rn
Blippy 6182
Blippy 6182:
Imagine if the heat put on vice jerseys and la has mamba jerseys that would be sick
Brendow Cruz
Brendow Cruz:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
pat and spo we thank you for the hard work and job that you have done so far on friday we got your consolation prize mcdonalds ring waiting on ya 😀
Brad Thompson
Brad Thompson:
Also we can thank Rondo and Vogel for getting Lebron OFF the ball and keeping Jimmy out of help coverage late
Heloisa Rocha
Heloisa Rocha:
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
How would Ben SImmons and James Harden look on a team?
I looked for this guys channel the "JayTreyProdution" because I was interested in his video but he don't seem to exist lol
No Hate
No Hate:
You look like Sad as Hell Coach hahaha
whats in a name
whats in a name:
Still waiting for game4 breakdown...
Shared Knowledge
Shared Knowledge:
Great Video
Nick must be fuming.
Another game that vogel outcoached spoelstra. Wow.

Also, thank you coach, for giving vogel and the lakers defence their due credits 😁👍
king_has_no_cloths kul
king_has_no_cloths kul:
the discussions are biased. they dont tell how lakers won, they only tell how heat or other team lost.
Blippy 6182
Blippy 6182:
Lbj has now taken control of the fmvp award if the lakers win Friday expect lebron to be holding the mvp of the finals
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman:
Lebron should easily be averaging triple double and 11+ apg instead of 8apg if Danny Green and KCP could hit open 3s!
JRTom 10
JRTom 10:
Heat in 7
Wang Hung
Wang Hung:
Butler needs to stop passing so much
Alessandro Ceo
Alessandro Ceo:
Gallinari would be an incredible fit for the lakers
Iceberg Wilson
Iceberg Wilson:
Since the beginning of the season ,I knew the refs were gonna carry lebum to finals..ratings ain't ssd's hit because of lebum
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis:
Refs must be blind. To many call that are not fouls. And fouls that are not called. And guys like butler trying to drive sideways into players should not be called a foul unless it's offensive. People flopping and people crying when they don't get a call. NBA needs to change there bs rules or there ratings are going to get worse.
Kobe b
Kobe b:
Wow coach actually giving props to laker defence!!🙄
Carl Michael Rubia
Carl Michael Rubia:
Waiting for another.... Bias Breakdown.
Ahmad Baqqar
Ahmad Baqqar:
Imagine what would have happened if the heat didn’t play much zone in the first two games.
Why doesn’t spoelstra ask for many challenges? That olynk 3 Pt foul on Morris was not a foul. That was the most crucial shot in the game.
Devonte Heron
Devonte Heron:
Coach Nick, I'm a big fan and I usually agree with you, but your claims that LeBron is FMVP over AD and LeBron was better than AD in Game 4 MUST be the 2 worst takes I've heard from you. AD's defense (incl. rebounding & box-outs) was the single largest contributing factor to the Lakers win: he cleaned up so many mistakes and dissuaded Miami from taking A LOT of what would've been good shots if not for AD's presence. This article helps to illustrate that: https://www.nba.com/article/2020/10/06/finals-stat-lakers-heat

Beyond that, I find difficult to believe that LeBron was"clearly" the best player, even when only considering offense alone, given: 1,LeBron only had 6 more points. 2, AD's offensive contributions in the first half were outright more impactful (https://twitter.com/ESPNStatsInfo/status/1313668104908673024?s=20). 3, AD isn't a ball-handler. He doesn't control when he gets the ball. In my estimation, his hovering around the perimeter was more a reaction to how his team was running tht offense than it was the team's offense reacting to his play. 4, LeBron had more turnovers/wasted possessions. 5, They were about equally efficient.

Altogether, my arguments easily explain why AD had the FAR superior BPM, and why said BPM actually reflects the better, more impactful player for Game 4, and by extension, the FMVP.
Refs didn't help the heat, jesus. FT disparity doesn't necessarily mean ref help. Also, they called an offensive foul on Butler whereas they didn't call the exact same foul on James, against Herro.