Heat vs Lakers Game 3 NBA Finals Post Game LIVE Show

The Heat have battled in the first half, Jimmy Butler has been superb while Anthony Davis battled foul trouble. Can LeBron lead the Lakers back to essentially end this series? Or can the Heat get one and make this a series? Coach Nick offers real time analysis and answers your questions.
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Hannson chen
Hannson chen:
Danny Green and KCP were out there building houses tonight, not basketball....
As a Laker fan I would like to congratulate the Heat for extending the series. Believe it or not, we are also happy we will get at least 1 more game than expected. See you in game 4 🍀
Bam will likely return game 4 this win by the Heat without 2 starters could easily be a series turn around W
Serious Aleks
Serious Aleks:
So instead of 4 breakdowns we will get 5-6 Breakdowns ?
I'm cool with that as a LA fan :D
GG, Jimmy
steven whiters
steven whiters:
Lol the Caruso hype train need to die down he’s a liability late in games How can u be a guard Thant can’t shoot or playmake
Loud Pack
Loud Pack:
True laker fan reactions when every team got 1 game in the playoffs......🙄😁😂🤣🤣
Eric Dannug
Eric Dannug:
Jimmy Buckets carried his own team last night in order to win it. 😉
jackson v1ll
jackson v1ll:
igodala is the lucky charm of 🔥🔥🔥
Gabriel Gomes
Gabriel Gomes:
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
a fellow Vancouverite!
Go Miami 🇱🇹❤️👌
This series depends on AD
and LeBron's Depends®
Shinobi J
Shinobi J:
LeBron with 2 travels in 4th quarter....
JRTom 10
JRTom 10:
Lakers fans all scared. This year's NBA playoffs are the "turn around playoffs". Always said it, lakers ain't solid, not ring material
Vent Deux
Vent Deux:
Ben Ben
Ben Ben:
You were always pretty tough on kobe who barely had weaknesses and a higher iq than your boy lebron.. you're way too soft on him. Good game offensively??
As a Laker fan and a Lebron fan, I give props to Jimmy and the Heat for simply outplaying the Lakers.

The way they adjusted defensively by hedging on Lebron PnRs, allowing AD to get the ball in very uncomfortable positions or doubling him right away once he got the ball, and forcing the other players to shoot and make plays. Offensively, Butler just made big play after big play. Shoutout to Olynyk for contributing off the bench. The Heat just played freely and loose, at the same time aggressive and hustled.

As for the Lakers... man, that was a tough game to watch. But you could see from their body language and how they came out in the 1st qtr that they were sloppy as hell! No excuses for Lebron on this one, wasn't aggressive enough, offense dies when he gets the ball and wastes time holding it (credit morris though for making the shots off of Lebron's passes though), and just his demeanor during this game was just negative man. Just gotta be better next game Bron...

AD was in foul trouble entire game. Then frustration hit, pretty much done.

KCP and DG gotta make shots and play better D.

Morris and Kuzma played well.

Frank Vogel needs to check his rotations... Riding your normal rotations won't work when Miami is figuring shit out about how you play.

Overall, the Lakers lost to a hungrier team. But imo, they also lost to themselves. I believe that the best team that can beat the Lakers are themselves.
Antonio León
Antonio León:
You cant look at 4 teams without considering that all of them would have preferred to keep him
Elvin Yetyet
Elvin Yetyet:
check the box score all starters of Lakers are Negatives
Денис Малинка
Денис Малинка:
if Lakers play like this, they are losing this series - omg it was such an embarrassing performance. especially from AD
Lakers fans big mad
Wow a team up 2-0 lost in the nba finals, if you thought it was going to be a sweep you are kidding yourselves of course heat would come out do or die and of course lakers will come out lazy and thinking it was in the bag.

Every lose by the lakers this post season has been followed by lakers are shit, it is like a team has to sweep everyone.
How bout those ratings tho? Yikes!
Strkeet Jesus A
Strkeet Jesus A:
Kyrie was right 🤣🤣🤣
Chinua Phinn-Archer
Chinua Phinn-Archer:
I can understand why Vogal was hesitant to double Jimmy, the Heat are extremely good at moving the rock on and off ball. furthermore you can't risk giving guys like duncan and tyler open shots if they get hot its game over. I know kelly isn't a great play maker however he doesn't really have to find the open man he just needs to find a safe pass to someone who can swing quickly to the open man.
mrbluu 824
mrbluu 824:
Coach L36ron has been trash on man to man defence all series. Butler has been feasting anytime L36rick switched into him.

End of game 2 about 3m45s left Herro burnt L36lop and he yelled at his teammates for not switching 10s earlier...
Dick Loco
Dick Loco:
Liar wasn’t a lot scores on Bron
Strkeet Jesus A
Strkeet Jesus A:


Veres alpar
Veres alpar:
NO POINT....20 advertisements in a 1hour video... Better to not watch this Breakdown. :(
D wade had some great finals performances in the same convo as MJ IMO
It's funny how people bashed the lakers after 1 game..just save your mouth after this series
Lakers are in big trouble...
Lebron with that negative energy walking off the court before the game was even over.
I think mcgee will be used next game, to be able to run out to contest olynk 3s.
it's worth remarking the lack of sportsmanship in the Lakers, specially James. What a bunch of whiny kids. Walking off the floor like that was pathetic.
2nd BIGGEST NBA Finals upset in past 30 seasons. Give Butler and Heat credit for making this happen.
Ankit Sarkar
Ankit Sarkar:
Lakers deserved to lose this game flat out. Poor energy, no adjustments, no agression from AD and Bron when needed. They got outschemed and otherwise didn't take advanatage. Robinson played 40 freakin minutes and they couldn't figure out how to make Miami pay. Thoroughly frustrating game to watch.
Midwest Mall
Midwest Mall:
Morris waves off Lebron too much rondo and KCP as we’ll because they believe AD’s the best player not Lebron #disgusting
Gamma knifeee
Gamma knifeee:
steven whiters
steven whiters:
Also Lebron singlehandedly lost this game with his lack of aggressiveness
Midwest Mall
Midwest Mall:
Vogel’s not a top 5 coach at all Lebron and AD make him look good he’s above average though. He makes dumb decisions and spoelstra our coached him bad. He didn’t use any challenges he could’ve won.
Carl Michael Rubia
Carl Michael Rubia:
Waiting for another bias breakdown. 🙂✌️
on one hand, the heat played hard and played with heart. plus Butler was huge. you like seeing them rewarded for that. at the same time, I'm not sure they win this game if not for the refs. a lot of really bad calls. still, I don't really have a dog in this fight, so glad to see one more game
Dogra the Mt Corvo Bandit
Dogra the Mt Corvo Bandit:
don't be surprised it's the NBA via the Refs who handed the Heat this game coz the ratings are historicaly low
Laker fans whining like always. Gotta "go through proper channels" again so the referees will call more fouls on Miami. Lebron should be given 30 free throws every game.
Dick Loco
Dick Loco:
Kelly Olynic is better for this series
Courage Man Helmet
Courage Man Helmet:
LAKERS just purposely dropped the game, they did it the past 1st 2nd and 3rd rounds. I see AD will berserk in next game!.
Damn vogel is so bad. I mean lakers had this game. He didn't TO after heat made a little run. No adjustment and letting butler in the paint like he's LeBron. LeBron and ad didn't shoot while other trash shoots like crazy. At this point lakers need to bench green and fewer mins to kcp. More mins to Howard, rondo, Caruso, Morris or even tucker. This bad coach really TO at 1 min mark when the game was essentially over... Fire Vogel man if lakers want to win more Champs. Don't credit him too much. He got LBJ and ad that's why lakers in the finals.
Lakers will win the next two games, to go 4-1as they did throughout the series, Sorry Jimmy Butler but one man can't beat a team like the Lakers 3 times.
John Gray
John Gray:
Im sure if the Lakers had won "coach" would have been like, "There were too many whistles, ticky tac fouls, no flow to the game, the Heat couldn't get in a rhythm.... blah blah blah....
Patrick Ventura
Patrick Ventura:
Ok now do how the underdog Lakers beat the Heat next game...
Amine Williams
Amine Williams:
Wow win one game and we have to worry about legacies
Quran Watson
Quran Watson:
Jimmy had a great game but the lakers didn’t need to play the refs as well. 2nd game in a row
The Ultimate
The Ultimate:
Kd is more effecient than mj
Unpopular Observation: the Lakers played game 3 like it was a practice game.
The coach was only as active as he needed to be. He came out of game 2 happy, and told the Lakers "yall get some rest, no rough practice tomorrow, we gonna have a big game 4."

The Lakers went "what about game 3?!!"
And the coach said "yall gone play, I'm gone watch, and we gonna see what happens"

To each his own
To each his own:
Anthony Davis got that Joker n Bam treatment with those early fouls but this game was called even, congrats heat I hope Bam can keep this series interesting. Lakers still favorite in this series.
John Gray
John Gray:
Funny how "coach " doesn't complain about the refs when the Lakers lose....interesting.....
G M:
There are so many commercial breaks...Jesus! How much money u need!!
Red Diamonds
Red Diamonds:
The NBA clearly wanted Miami to win a game!
With Scott Foster and Tony Brothers officiating this game, I knew they would put either Lebron or AD in foul trouble to keep Miami in this series. Those two are most horrible referees ever!!
Wes K
Wes K:
Right now, Butler > LBJ. Butler carried the Heats like LeBron did back in the first Cavs days.