Heat vs Celtics HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 5

Check out Heat vs Celtics HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 2

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In today’s game the Celtics turned the game around and beat the Heat in a thrilling overtime 121-108 and now the series is 3-2 for the Heat

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100+ komento:

Ah Fei
Ah Fei:
So many fouls, so many commercials... The NBA is hard to watch nowadays
Don D
Don D:
I've seen many bad calls this post season but the refs this game....WTF
bad calls on both sides
Offensives fouls when no foul.
Moving screens are not called

the James Harden & Manu trick, jump on your defender and get the foul should be eliminated
worst refereeing I've seen in a while
Kay Rex
Kay Rex:
I miss the 90s and early 2000s ball. This shit soft as hell....
Edz Gammad
Edz Gammad:
Lots of bad calls from neither of the two teams, but the most interesting one was theis fouling dragic from 3 lol😂
Þórarinn Snorrason
Þórarinn Snorrason:
Seems like the officials are rewriting the rules every game. Go by the rules that are in the rule book, don't invent new ones on the fly ffs.
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Pewdiepie Subscriber
Pewdiepie Subscriber:
Some Oscar worthy flopping
Troy Abadam
Troy Abadam:
every minute there was a foul call istg🤦🏽‍♂️
Wtf this guy just doesnt know how to make highlight film. He just shows final shots and not even half the play as it develops
Jacky You
Jacky You:
It will end in game 7 because NBA wants to gain more money from the views and the fan hype.
jackson tan
jackson tan:
The ref, made some bad calls against heat. Something fishy
Baller Doge
Baller Doge:
There were too many fouls on both sides (inconsistent too). I thought playoffs was hard-fought, physical basketball.
edgardo faeldonea
edgardo faeldonea:
now that's what tatum should do when his outside shots are not working -- drive and get your points from the free throw line... that's what great players or superstars like MJ, bird & Kobe did to get them into a rhythm... you should not live & die with the 3 point shot... stevens must learn to adjust his game
philosophy too.
Dani E
Dani E:
Do they even call travels anymore?
Byakus Tr
Byakus Tr:
Refs killed this game😟😠
James Park
James Park:
3:28 jvg got worse from alonzos ankle
Panzz Dazz
Panzz Dazz:
The refs were such a jookee my god i had to turn off the game in the 4th quarter
And the commentary absolute shock how big of a fan girl for Boston 1 of them is
Joke of a series
ikra birrahma trip
ikra birrahma trip:
why not playing herro since early game???
J Ernest Ramos
J Ernest Ramos:
to prolong the series the NBA helps the Celtics...too obvious
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta:
When Dragic was fouled out of the game I tuned off. Clearly something fishy going on
The officials want a Celtics-Lakers classic which pays better. Screw them.
Zach Gilbert
Zach Gilbert:
you BREATHE on someone in this game and its a foul
Rodel Ubas_tv
Rodel Ubas_tv:
There’s so many bad calls this game in two teams but mostly in second half in Miami Heat.
Noli San Pedro
Noli San Pedro:
7/36 three points shoots?
Danny Bautista
Danny Bautista:
Congratulations! Boston Celtics. Keep moving....Go for eastern conference title.
The NBA talked to the refs before this game. Rigged!
Chong Hwa Khoo
Chong Hwa Khoo:
8:00 how can this be an offensive foul?
Simple Joe
Simple Joe:
With this kind of officiating the Celtics will be the NBA CGAMPS
7:57 come on, that's a normal layup!can he hide his legs ?
temy atienza
temy atienza:
Smart might be good but everytime the ball goes in instead he run back for defence he pose at is yeah take that. Remember is playoff and you down 3_1. You don't play cute.
Suko Aji Wicaksono
Suko Aji Wicaksono:
Something fishy with the ref
zhengze liu
zhengze liu:
I like how Dragic plays since he played for the Suns
YY Yeung
YY Yeung:
Well at least one more game to show which's good for income
So imagine LeBron james going super super hard on layups - like Dragic did - Man LeBron would be fouled out- These Refs are some soft MFs that dont know how it is in the game
Alexander Bryden
Alexander Bryden:
10/10 acting from Kemba at 3:30😂
Jay Kim
Jay Kim:
3:30 lol
MCE - Pubg Mobile ➊
MCE - Pubg Mobile ➊:
Nice ❤️
Rafael Fernandez
Rafael Fernandez:
What a bad game. The players are starting to look like WWE divas
Ferlin Muhammad Fachroji
Ferlin Muhammad Fachroji:
i more love him (Iguodala) with bold hair style
Contract year for Theis. Cs need to pay him $15m next season - he deserves it 💯
Marcus Yeoh
Marcus Yeoh:
Suggestion: show the whole play. I think it's worth it to watch the extra minute rather than only seeing the ball go in
Van Gogh Syndrom
Van Gogh Syndrom:
I wanna see the classic Celtics vs Lakers finals
witt gutierrez
witt gutierrez:
Replace that referees
Ardit Demiri
Ardit Demiri:
The Longest game that i ever watched a foul every 3 possession
RenBucs TV
RenBucs TV:
give herro big time in the game!!Damn!!
Neymar: If I was on the court
Rolando Santiago
Rolando Santiago:
That's how the business goes
ian padilla
ian padilla:
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Daryl Magahis
Daryl Magahis:
Refs kinda soft out there? Calling so many fouls that were not supposed to?
eliecer arias
eliecer arias:
I would like to see a repetition of the good plays
bryano limit
bryano limit:
Sean G
Sean G:
7:59 it must hurt
Aasar Ptah
Aasar Ptah:
Celtics play out of their skin to retrieve game five staying this Eastern Conference Final against The Heat.
joseph pingol
joseph pingol:
Refs tried their best🤣
Loony Delphin
Loony Delphin:
first 🏀🏀
Tugberk Sengezer
Tugberk Sengezer:
Where do they find these blind ass refs? NBA really needs a reform in the referee department and truly go over what is and isn't a foul...
Jônatas Basilio
Jônatas Basilio:
Miami dormiu no 3 qtr
GAME 6!!🍀✊🏽
My favourite commentator moment in all of sport at the moment, is when somebody hits a crucial shot, and this commentators yells out "Baaaaaannnnggg!!!!"
Benjie Gatarin
Benjie Gatarin:
Kan Cho
Kan Cho:
Heat will win Eastern Finals...
Night shade
Night shade:
After half time, I just naturally assumed that the heat had an secured victory, I mean leading series 3-1.
What can possibly go wrong right?!

Then after half time. 😟
Pay 4 de ref....... Amazing call
Mohammad Abdelfatah
Mohammad Abdelfatah:
refs gotta understand that its their job to be involved only when it’s necessary. the game is turning more about refs calls than about the actual game we are watching. i feel like sometimes they just miss blowing the whistle or they wanna make it more about them.
Heat must finish the series in game 6
Kaylen 30
Kaylen 30:
The heat will "lose" this series,then Lebron&the lakers will beat the celtics in a game 7 just like kobe.

So yea the celtics gonna take game 6&7 watch.

Its all scripted
IloveSims Ph
IloveSims Ph:
Omg the drama
yosawin wichitakas
yosawin wichitakas:
Micheal Cheung
Micheal Cheung:
10% of salary goes into the average basketball knowledge, and the rest attributable to their compilance to the NBA's script
What a cooking show ... Tsk ..
Requino Cogasi
Requino Cogasi:
Big mistake for Butler manny torn overs.
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank:
Those Kemba Walker flops 🤦‍♂️
Sidney Storrjr
Sidney Storrjr:
Am a king James fanz so I guess we will make it easyz👑💸👌😈😴
if you play with lakers there will be more cooking show because of james😂🤣
Ref made the W happen
Refs: Heat vs Denver in nba finals??? No way!
Jomarie Jamero
Jomarie Jamero:
Damn u boaton i heat tatum. Piling pro ampt. 1 on 1 nga
J.Francis Fernandez
J.Francis Fernandez:
Bad officiating for both teams its a finals game
Scotty's Media
Scotty's Media:
Can I suggest with your highlights you give more lead up and less showing all the buckets.
Joao Santos
Joao Santos:
Embaixadores basketball Porto Alegre da Redenção
Da Fuk
Da Fuk:
Reefs to crazy
Rayno CWH
Rayno CWH:
Heat choked on this round.
Michael Truong
Michael Truong:
when you cut the highlights, you cut them too soon right before the basket. It's not fun watching your highlights because you're not given a moment to breathe, taken in the score and see how the play evolves, all i'm seeing is a jump cut to a scoring basket.
Tol Dyephoy Channel
Tol Dyephoy Channel:
Luto ampota!!
NBA refs at it again...
FaVSong Hits
FaVSong Hits:
nope...its a cooking show...
there should be a another judging panel off the court, who watches the game from every angle.
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy:
Vinko Goranovic
Vinko Goranovic:
A lot of bad calls but also way too much flopping, doesn't make the job easier for the refs.
why you mad
why you mad:
What a physical game wow hero that dude can shoot but celtics hold up a good One have to keep that momentum goin win or go home fo celtics lets see hopes up
Dragic play like a drunk
The Jo2rd3an
The Jo2rd3an:
Referees are Irish or what?
Thiago Colli
Thiago Colli:
Avanti Celtics....
marcongsuave Santilla
marcongsuave Santilla:
I can't say it's home cook
YO Katsura
YO Katsura:
another 3-1 comeback?
Romeo Dario Chiu
Romeo Dario Chiu:
Bugo ka ref kalayo ra, maau mag artista na lng.