Harry Roque virtual press briefing | Tuesday, June 30

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque holds a virtual press briefing on Tuesday, June 30, amid the coronavirus outbreak

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Miguel Uy
Miguel Uy:
52:32 Roque’s reaction about UP Prediction! Congrats po!
King Bernard
King Bernard:
Basurang Gobyerno HAHAHA
Cedrick Tampoc Mariano
Cedrick Tampoc Mariano:
Be proud kay Roque! Imagine hindi umabot ng 40k! What an achievement, 'di ba? Jusq.
mechel chavez
mechel chavez:
Watching from Tondo Manila Philippines I'm a massage therapist and a Christian June 30,2020
Denber Denber
Denber Denber:
There is no reason to be happy, Mr. Roque. See, Filipinos are not celebrating because the government is not successful at preventing the spread of COVID 19 disease. As president's spokesperson, Mr. Roque is happy to announce that the country has less than 40k cases to justify the government's decision to open the businesses even if it means exposing many poor Filipinos to danger. Of course, Mr. Roque cannot categorically accept the fact that the government cannot effectively protect the people. Mr. Duterte, in the past, said that he will go to the extent of selling govt property to support people because he loves the Filipinos. I don't think it isn't love for Filipinos but love for power. That is why, Mr. Roque, please don't celebrate.
Nathaniel Ang
Nathaniel Ang:
Nagring Yung phone ni roque at 6:30
Miguel Uy
Miguel Uy:
Para syang palaging galit. Parang nang aaway pag nag sasalita.
juan dela cruz
juan dela cruz:
parang yung ambisyon niyang maging Senator. "Panalo na!!!"...a few months later, balik janitor ng mga kapalpakan ni DUTAE.
Joseph Olido
Joseph Olido:
Dahil hindi umabot sa 40K ang COVID-19 cases, magpapa-party si Spokes Harry Roque sa Malacañang, Manañita Debold Sinas-style.
Xander Sembrano
Xander Sembrano:
Exciting! 52:31
Xander Sembrano
Xander Sembrano:
Panalo Na Tayo! 52:34
Jaymark Tamayo
Jaymark Tamayo:
Xander Sembrano
Xander Sembrano:
Sorpresa!! 52:30
val paringit
val paringit:
Parusa kayo sa taong bayan! Sobra na!
eduardo valenzuela
eduardo valenzuela:
Maawa naman kayo sa mga Seniors!
Amadeo Brands - ON DeFi
Amadeo Brands - ON DeFi:
Scammer goverment
Norma Dela Cerna
Norma Dela Cerna:
Habang hindi pa lumabas ang FAI nag SUOB muna ang na infect.
cherise barredo
cherise barredo:
Basura goberno basura DOH hindi nakakatuwa ang DOH president duterte ano.nangyare sa bansa to
Raymund & Jane
Raymund & Jane:
Ok naman pala ung pagkasabi ni sec roque.
armelo vejerano
armelo vejerano:
What a shame!!!
Harvey Gaming
Harvey Gaming:
Loko ka Harry Roque
Madeira Plane Spotting
Madeira Plane Spotting:
Nice video!
Dear Diary
Dear Diary:
Ahahaha Hahaha. Panalo daw po pala. How about the backlogs Sir? If I know we are at a 45k mark na if backlogs will be take into consideration. Funny ka sir.
Delavdd reaction to this crisis.....wrong data...what's this painting a rosy picture....let's be realistic please for once
DC Anime
DC Anime:
Hinahanap hanap kita
Jon Valiegal
Jon Valiegal:
Tangina mo Roque
kamal maloway
kamal maloway:
alisin na ang quarantine tapos na yan sobra na hirap taong bayan
Michael Tumaliwan
Michael Tumaliwan:
Henry D Geyser
Henry D Geyser:
To Joseph Morong: The WHO is China-centric, biased, and not known for being a reliable source of information. It is staffed by clowns and low-lives. Choosing to use information derived from the WHO as your be-all and end-all of correctness regarding matters related to COVID-19 is a dumb idea.
Seyed Navvab
Seyed Navvab:
Our government trying to protect public but the method is wrong instead paying SAP to public it was more effective to spend it to improve hospitals and transportation for the economy to move forward and protect people in my Barangay those received the SAP are those well off with big house and new model cars. Good intentions bad action 😭
Lourdes Kalk
Lourdes Kalk:
Sana i Normal nalang .
D2 akO sa Accra City... napaka init na lugAr .
Walang LOCKDOWN na . Tinanggal ng PRESIDENTE d2. Two weeks lang pO ... back tO NOrmal agAd ang mga TaO ..at pumapasOk ang mga taO d2 Lahat , at walang Curfew ... sana gumising ang PangulO natin dyAn sa Pinas .. I BALIK ANG MAHAL NA PANGULONG RODRIGO DUTERTE , ( " TATAY " ) please p0 .. LalO lang mag kakasakit ang mga matatanda pag d nakakalabas . Yes aprove parin pO akO sa sosyal destancing at maske pero sana pO hwag na makinig kay Doque..
Helma Agosto
Helma Agosto:
The virus according Dr Erickson is not deadly. For your information He is a microbiologist.He is not an ordinary Doctor.

The Corona virus is a modern term of Flu or the influenza.

Condemnation for viral video(Dr.Erickson) claiming COVID-19 no worse than the flu This is identical explaination of Dr.Fabunan

Please! let us unite and seek the guidance of God thru his words...for our President.

According to the bible isolate the sick not the healthy.

“He shall remain unclean all the days during which he has the infection; he is unclean. He shall live alone; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.”
‭‭Leviticus‬ ‭13:46‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Quarantine is restricting the movement of the ill.

Most people are not dying from this Corona virus!People are feared mongered!
Dr Shiva Ayyadurai MIT PHD

The Globalist try to convince us created fear.

Fear is the virus that’s really dangerous and contagious.

lockdown is going to do more harm longterm than virus

Collateral damage on our economy.

Acording to under Secretary Eric Domingo said that a person infected with covid 19 is more than 90% curable without drugs.wow! If that is the case we are not suppose on a lockdown at all.

Our Top leaders are not properly informed about the virus truth of Covid 19.

Restricting the movement of the healthy is tyranny”

Conspiracy theories can become lethal when stoked by influencial people, politicians including the Main Stream Media who are greedy of money,power and control.

It easier to be fooled of something we dont know much.”
in other words,if people are not well informed ,they can be easily manipulated.