Harry Melling on The Ballad of Buster Scruggs at premiere for London Film Festival

Harry Melling on The Ballad of Buster Scruggs at premiere for London Film Festival

Interviewer: Sarah Bradbury (@sarabradbury)
Video: Marta Starczynowska
Editor: Filippo L'Astorina

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34 komento:

His performance really blew me away. Honestly never expected that from the actor who played Dudley from Harry Potter lol. But he's incredible.
Bluegrass Train
Bluegrass Train:
Harry Melling’s performance is so good, so poignant, and is played perfectly against Liam Neeson’s character in the Ballad of Buster Scruggs chapter “Mealticket!” - and how did they do the special effects so well- wow!
thank god hes not legless armless in real life lol
Katarzyna Pracuch
Katarzyna Pracuch:
His performance is outstanding. Charismatic, magnetic, brilliant actor and such a sad story which melts my heart. Well done!!!
True Nature Blog
True Nature Blog:
This segment stopped me in my tracks - had to pause on the movie for awhile - thank you Harry for your heartbreaking heart opening role.
He's so modest, to say his performance wasn't as great as the others, it was, truly! And he actually could have a great career as an orator if he wasn't such a damn fine actor.
Rebecca Maracle
Rebecca Maracle:
He was absolutely brilliant in this film. I'm glad to see Hollywood giving him such a chance because he could very easily have been typecast and dismissed after his role in Harry Potter, as wonderful and life-changing as I'm sure the part of Dudley was to play. I was touched by this character more than any other in the film.
Busakorn W.
Busakorn W.:
His storyline really broke my heart.
Charles Drake
Charles Drake:
Great movie. Great performance. He looks a lot like Morrissey lol.
Rob Inson
Rob Inson:
He certainly did excel. It was a brilliant performance.
Fatboy S FLSTBS:
I’m glad he’s got arms and legs, I liked all of the stories but I think Meal Ticket is the best story out of all of them, still thinking about it days after watching it, Love it. I just need to get it on DVD to complete my collection of Cohen Brothers films,
Absolutely amazing performance from Harry Melling, its the best performance in the entire movie. Also this fantastic small story blew my mind.
Md. Rashed Mosharraf
Md. Rashed Mosharraf:
never in thousands years i though i would feel sorry for dudley. Amazing performance!!
Sky Gerspacher
Sky Gerspacher:
Such a sensitive performance. I totally was blown away and so shocked that the guy who was so convincing as Dudley Dursley could do this.
Horton Farms
Horton Farms:
Harry's performance is an Oscar nod!
Carlos Araujo
Carlos Araujo:
His humbleness is appalling... Such a good actor he is...
Devola Popola
Devola Popola:
i thought Harry Melling's performance was one of the most moving I have ever seen.
Талшын Чукаева
Талшын Чукаева:
When I first watched the film, I was so excited to learn about the actor that I stopped streaming and googled. I remember praying to someone or something higher, like "let the actor be all right, let him be just a normal guy with arms and legs". The story is breathtaking. It terrified and fascinated me at the same time. And that's mostly thanks to Melling's performance, which magnifies. "My name is Ozymandias!"
What surprised me is the fact that Harrison doesn't actually talk to his "owner". He expresses everything with the glances only. When his glance changed from curious to understanding... A great movie, a great story, a great performance.
Mono me
Mono me:
Amazing actor really blew me away and such a heart breaking end, portrayed so well.
That vignette was absolutely heart-wrenching........
First off he could play a 1980's Howard Jones (if there ever was a need), secondly I saw this movie once, long ago when it came out, and his story stuck with me the most. Heartbreaking in the moment and so broad when compared to life settings. Fantastic job, fantastic film, absolutely worth a watch.
i <3 you Harry! You're wonderful actor, i wish i could know you more personally, be more familiar with you....lol...day dreaming....
Dave Glo
Dave Glo:
Extraordinary performance. I had to temporarily pause the film after this vignette because it was too sad and cruel.
Dudley? More like Studley, amirite?
Beautiful film.
Fatima Mahjabin Tasnim
Fatima Mahjabin Tasnim:
Dudley grew hot huh
Ali Moyeth
Ali Moyeth:
His performance is the best in the entire film
kawaiiwolfprincess 1234
kawaiiwolfprincess 1234:
Puberty is dudley's and neville's patronus in an animal as a frog
UnKnOwN pErSoN
UnKnOwN pErSoN:
Wow Dudley Dursley changed a lot
snr kp
snr kp:
He is very good actor... 😘😘💜 love from India
azra au
azra au:
is he a vampire ?
Dman 2404
Dman 2404:
He lied its the 4th story
Keira Rickards
Keira Rickards: