Hardcore Monster Hunter Fan Reacts to Monster Hunter Movie Trailer

One of the most OG Monster Hunter fans REACTS to the Monster Hunter movie trailer! It's made by the same guy who did the Resident Evil movies. So I don't know what else I expected.

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ProJared Plays!
ProJared Plays!:
I've literally never made a reaction video before. Hope you all don't mind! Let me know if you wanna see more stuff like this for any other topic!
They better have someone flex after drinking a potion
“Paul W.S. Anderson”

Yep. That’s all the red flags I need.
When Monster Hunter movie looks like a Transformers movie, you've got problems.
At least they've been respectful to the monster designs.
NEET Kitten
NEET Kitten:
So we have:
-accurate monster and hunter designs
-a Monster Hunter-esque world
-weapon skills

Mixed in with
-bland, done-to-death story
-generic military main characters
-cliches out the ass
-sequel bait you know is coming before the movie is even released (and will likely go nowhere)
-probably no traps or any kind of pre-hunt prep

Looks like another shitty video game movie, but it's still trying more than most others that share the title. 4/10, 4.2/10 if a guy flexes after using a potion.
"Where are we?!"

No. I'm not...no. I'm out.

At least the monsters themselves look good.
Lukia 9Ball
Lukia 9Ball:
"Please don't get teleported to a new planet—"

Me: Don't do this to me
Cast: Where are we??
Me: Gaddammit!
This movie needs one change to be tolerable. Don't involve people from the real world. We want monsters and we want hunters. We don't want marines.
Baker Doze
Baker Doze:
“Military People and Monsters: They Just Got Isekai’d: The Movie”
Danilo Costa Viana
Danilo Costa Viana:
Is hollywood afraid of new worlds? Every fricking time they need to come up with this BS of either having the other world come to ours or have the 'heroes' from our world teleport to another world.

Why not just... Have one world that's similar to the world in the game/anime/manga? Lord of the Rings didn't need Frodo being from our world!
Lovelie Jones
Lovelie Jones:
Wait. You saw Dragonball: Evolution in THEATERS? I thought that movie magically fell out of someone's ass!
Jared: "It's being handled by the guy who did the Resident Evil movies."
Me: *panicked screaming*
"I ain't care" - ProJared

I swear to god that better be on the back of the Blu-Ray box.
So the movie is an Isekai now...
Jeffrey Privette
Jeffrey Privette:
I didn't see a single felyne. This movie is unwatchable.
Kodie Edwards
Kodie Edwards:
The energy of: "this is going to be hot garbage and I'm going to watch the shit out of it and love it" is completely respectable.
The big question: WILL THERE BE POOGIES?
Arief Daniel
Arief Daniel:
The only person allowed to hunt monsters with modern weapons is Snake.
They are making this for the casual movie goer rather than for fans. I feel like that is the downfall of most videogame movies.
The Game Cupboard
The Game Cupboard:
It feels like Paul WS Anderson thought he was writing a Dino Crisis movie, then when he handed his draft in he was told he'd adapted the wrong game, shit himself a little bit, and tried to turn a Dino Crisis treatment into a Monster Hunter script.
Bobby Sharpe
Bobby Sharpe:
They should honestly stop giving Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S Anderson projects.
Doodle Drew
Doodle Drew:
The story is probably: kill monsters-escape in sky portal- realize something went through the portal too-kill final monster-credits
Instead of looking like a movie about Monster Hunter. It looks like a movie that happens to feature Monster Hunter.
They better cart 3 times and end the movie with "quest failed"
The Greatsword looks WAY too small to be a Greatsword. Also, the teaser when released came with the comment of "The Diablos has found her prey"...
Diablos are herbivores...
And it's rumoured that Milla's character has flirtatious interactions with the Meowscular Chef. Hope to god that's not true.
T-Dawg 2099
T-Dawg 2099:
I've literally only ever played Monster Hunter: World. This looks like a terrible movie and a worse Monster Hunter anything.

Also, did that Rathalos do a freaking superhero landing?
cool dude
cool dude:
the worst thing about this movie is the fact that they put in the gore magala

Why didn’t they just make an animated monster hunter movie that would’ve made sense instead of this trash
James Lockwood
James Lockwood:
"We need a Rathian Ruby to power our teleport back home!" GOOD LUCK
Koori Ookami
Koori Ookami:
Director: “I wanna make a movie.”
Studio: “Guns.”
Director: “What?... but my movie is ab-“
Studio: “PEopLe LoVE gUNs, NO mOviE wILl NoT HaVE guNS AnD exPLOsIonS!”
Everyone else: “But why the guns?... in a movie based on a medieval fantasy world?”

I dunno, this just really pisses me off personally like... what if the LOTR movies had guns?
“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” *tdtdtdtdtdtdttdtdtdtdtdtdtdtd*
.... okay maybe Gandalf the Camo might be cool...
Nick K
Nick K:
That movie looks like generic action movie trash.
Willian Nobre
Willian Nobre:
If this stains the series like how the Resident Evil contaminated the games for years it will be a dumb betrayal.
Fire Rath
Fire Rath:
Considering how Anderson has treated stunt doubles for his movies, I have no interest in giving him a single cent, even if the movie looked good.
Wait, so they travel to a different world......yet the end of the trailer flatout shows them in the real world getting evacuated and attacked by a Rathalos.

Thanks for spoiling the end of the movie there trailer.
Michael Davaz
Michael Davaz:
The awkward-laughing-while-simultaneously-facepalming-in-frustration is this whole movie and also 2020.
Xaos Bob
Xaos Bob:
"The bigger they are...the harder to kill."

I mean, seriously? C'mon.
If they would've just had the movie set in a fantasy setting with actual Monster Hunter Lore... who does this cater to?
When you think isekai can't get any worse, they throw Milla Jovovich in it and there you have worse.
Cthulu Chan
Cthulu Chan:
This movie looks like a train wreck, but at least Gore Magala popped up.. that's... cool..
They're gonna do my boy dirty aren't they..
Candondor victor
Candondor victor:
The director i think was braging that this is the most accurate game movie ever
Monster Hunter Movie:
Good: The monsters look good, the items from the game look good, action scenes probably gonna be cool
Bad: Most likely everything else.
Bottom line appreciate the good elements and have fun laughing at the terrible elements.
Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong
Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong:
The entire trailer is just *_Groans of increasing discomfort_*
O. K.
O. K.:
I've said this before, but this seems more like a loose adaptation of GATE than Monster Hunter.
Quick note, the insects look like they are based on the Nerscylla. So no new monsters from what I can see.. but I'm not excited for this at all. I have been playing Monster Hunter since MH:FU on the psp, and imported most of the games... They could have just made a MH story in the MH world, and it would have been a cool fantasy hunt movie.. but they did this.
Tyler Beans
Tyler Beans:
My friend sent me this. The sad thing is, I think he is actually excited for it. It looks absolutely awful.
Officer Hotpants
Officer Hotpants:
Stop calling it the Monster Hunter movie. It's _not_ a Monster Hunter movie. It's a bad Monster Hunter self-insert fanfiction.
It seems Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu won't lose their place as the only three actually good videogame movies.
Joaquin DaDog
Joaquin DaDog:
I’m just looking for a high definition cooking cat grandma.
Skippity Skopity
Skippity Skopity:
Hey I would just like to say that you are the reason I started Monster hunter and is one of my favorite series of all time!
Stevie's Chayness
Stevie's Chayness:
Anyone else notice the Tencent logo at the end?
Why does everything have to be an isekai now? Every American made game movie is just an isekai except Detective Pikachu.

Monster Hunter is an isekai.
Sonic is an isekai from Sonic’s perspective.

Just make a world the audience can be captivated by, stop shoving “normal people” into these worlds for lazy exposition.
Justin Reinhart
Justin Reinhart:
Jared: Wouldn't it be fun to just look at it together?

Everyone else: No. No it would not. No one should be subjected to this.
"Hardcore monster hunter fan"
"These Bugs are new"
Yeah sure
Honestly I'll probably just watch clips of the monster fights and be satisfied with that
Thomas Lamson
Thomas Lamson:
Monster Hunter: The Magic Awakens

Monster Hunter 2: The Last Swordsman

Monster Hunter 3: The Rise of Rathalos

Not sorry
Dead Wafflez
Dead Wafflez:
Jared's guess on the ending sounds 100% right.
I think if the movie was to use Monster Hunter’s implied story and backstory, it would be amazing
Where's the Freedom?
Where's the Freedom?:
Yeah...i'm just gonna pretend this movie never happened.
Instead of having this teleport to another world BS...why not just make the movie about the people already In that world?
I don't care how Clishe it is, make that the MC is some Young Adult who had his village burnt to the ground or something By the Black Diablos or w/e, and he then trains to fight, learns how to Craft strong weapons out of other monster parts, learn how to traverse the area with great speed, and on his journey, meeting other fellow hunters who agrees to join him (or her) on their hunt for the monster that butchered the entier village.
Clishe and Anime sounding AF, but honestly? imo, that already sounds more appealing than this crap, Soldiers of Today, fighting with Swords and Grappling hooks and whatnot in what i imagine is a fairly short time-span or time shown, a more interesting idea and less need to focus on a fkn Montage of training or some or just go "and then they became Monster Hunter Masters" show the MC already being somewhat adapted to fighting, parkour and doing basic crafting of monster parts.
ofcourse this is just a Trailer...but it showed more than enough what kind of boring dumb snorefest this is going to be...and it got the Resident Evil Movies flops sitting in a corner, so that's not making me anymore optimistic.
Stephen Shidner
Stephen Shidner:
They better spend like an hours trying to kill the same monster over and over to get the materials 😤
j S
j S:
It has that metal gear: peace walker special collab mission vibe
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
Kaizo Audio
Kaizo Audio:
That ending prediction is spot on. If that doesn’t happen I’ll eat my shoes. There’s no way that that WON’T happen.
"For China and 16 year olds" the movie.
Jake Samuels
Jake Samuels:
This was fun to watch and see the range of emotions you went through. Also, I'm gonna make a prediction: In their efforts to get home, they accidentally let the monsters into OUR world, turning Earth into the Monster Hunter World.
They could've made a movie about the hunter from the intro of Freedom Unite and it would've received a lot more positive attention.
M. Cook
M. Cook:
The db were lit up before demon mode activated, so it seems she is using fire db on a monster which is resistant to it. Don’t quote me on that though.
Marco Ludema
Marco Ludema:
Well, at least we still have the Sonic movie.

Nothing can take that away from us.
The world looks so bland. I hope there are more vibrant locations
The best parts about the games were the US Army
KAMOTE Studios!
KAMOTE Studios!:
If I don't see a dude in the movie that says "Where's my Dragonator!?" I am so going to be pissed.
Looks like a lamer version of Kong: Skull Island. Shame because under the right director, the film could of been excellent.
metalgamer 817
metalgamer 817:
On another note “Sooo Tasty!” needs to come back for Rise! it was sorely missed in World
William Carpenter
William Carpenter:
I feel like this is some kind of bizzaro world that I've woken up in where, for some damn reason, they decided that Monster Hunter vs The UNITED STATES MILITARY was a good idea.
Alfredo Gaitan
Alfredo Gaitan:
As a dual swords main, I cringe at the demon mode.

I appreciate that they get teleported to MH world. But....a sandstorm?
Barcey The Zombie
Barcey The Zombie:
Never knew they were making a movie about that one time Snake fought giant monsters on an island.
There is a disturbing lack of cat-midged-people in this trailer.
Fivoe MF Crooked Comms
Fivoe MF Crooked Comms:
My only question is whats the deal with Rathalos and his “super hero” landing?
Turning up to a cosplay event dressed as a marine
" ..... monster hunter "
O-of, that was painful... And i'm not even a MH fan. Can't wait till it comes out and gets panned by fans and "meh"-ed by normies.
Jon-Robert Mahon
Jon-Robert Mahon:
Calling it right now. The bit with the plane is at the end of the movie. She goes home, get's rescued, thinks she's safe and oops! Rathalos followed her through.
Phat Kid
Phat Kid:
Don't know what the plot is? Duh Jared, they're there to "research" the monsters.
Uh No not Alice from Resident Evil "oh shit here we go again".
Sagittarius Cornwallus
Sagittarius Cornwallus:
I feel like this is going to be on the same tier as Venom: Sick design and cool moments but ultimately really dumb (but kinda better off for it?)
They just wanted to reboot Jurassic Park for modern era.
Oh, of course they pulled an opening straight out of Metal Gear Survive. I can already see lazy plotting at its finest.
Act 1, Military real world shit
Act 2, Diablos and learn about the MH world
Act 3, Rathalos
Ending monologue sequel bait, Gore Magala

I can almost guarantee they showed most of the diablos fight, if not in this trailer then in the next one whenever that comes out.
PartyWolf TheShitPoster
PartyWolf TheShitPoster:
They ride boats on the sand in one of the trailers so that shows a bit i just wish it was less focused on monster hunter world
Dnhydra 777
Dnhydra 777:
This definitely more feels like MonsterVerse movie from Legendary Entertainment (which I personally enjoy) than a Monster Hunter movie. On its own I think I’d be more excited, but not when it’s supposed to tie in a game like Monster Hunter
Louie Cruz
Louie Cruz:
Jared, I made this feel less painful after watching it. When I saw them teleported and it just clicked for me. This is the script for that anime GATE! The one thing I have to give points is that all the monsters are accurate and seeing Toho involved, I trust them to bring monsters to life on the scene.
Leevi Kukkonen
Leevi Kukkonen:
I hate how we must look for smallest crumbs we can on the floor. You know, like "at least the graphics are good!"

This is not what MH deserves...
"I dont care what those creatures are. Destroy them, bust the box office"
-Paul WS Anderson
Brian the Trainer
Brian the Trainer:
Other Joe and Milla Jovovich, OOOOOHHHH YEEEEAAAAH! So basically it's an Isekai movie 😂
Jared: "You wanna please the fans?"
Tencent Films: "Hahahaha"
Jon Julian
Jon Julian:
Can't help but notice that the whole movie appears to take place in a barren wide open field
Alex Quah
Alex Quah:
7:22 Looking closely, that is definitely Nerscylla. Happy to see her after 3 years tbh, even in this movie.
I would've loved to hear your thoughts on FFXVI in this format, but great alternative none the less :3
I'm almost done with monsters hunter 3... And this hurt me to watch 😭
Not sure if I'll see it, now that Jared spoiled the ending.