Teachers' Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general.

The idea of celebrating Teachers' Day took root in many countries during the 20th century; in most cases, they celebrate a local educator or an important milestone in education (for example, Argentina has commemorated Domingo Faustino Sarmiento's death on 11 September since 1915,[1] while India has celebrated the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5 September) since 1962, although Hindus, Jains and Buddhists his have been honouring teachers by celebrating Guru Purnima for centuries.[2] This is the primary reason why countries celebrate this day on different dates, unlike many other International Days.

ORIGINAL SONG CREATOR-https://youtu.be/wTj7AZT1RDo

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Jhopes Sprite
Jhopes Sprite:
Everyone has to submit this song in their school lol
aanshi mehta
aanshi mehta:
today is teachers day so everyone has to do this song in the zoom class lolll
Oliver Omotto
Oliver Omotto:
We will be holding a virtual teachers' day assembly this Friday, thank you for a brilliant idea
Ark -S
Ark -S:
Happy teacher's day to all the teachers
Ishaan Sharma
Ishaan Sharma:
I was lost in this amazing song i subscribed
Itz KvoWolf099
Itz KvoWolf099:
I'm looking for a good teacher song
Sheena Aquino
Sheena Aquino:
Very nice song and video! so touched and moved with every lyrics. Permission to use your video and song in our celebration of teachers day.. thank you so much! God bless you...
Deeku Story Squad
Deeku Story Squad:
Happy Teacher's Day
Savlli Fernandes
Savlli Fernandes:
Beautiful song just took me somewhere in a beautiful place
Tamil Ram
Tamil Ram:
keroke pls i need to sing this in the class coz this is soooooooooooo beautiful
Happy teachers day 2020!
anuradha Sathguru
anuradha Sathguru:
Hi guys tomorrow is teachers day and I am very grateful to have my teachers as even though there is lock down and pandamic the teachers take so much effort to teach through online classes l give a big salute to all my teachers l love my beloved teachers
Bul Ali
Bul Ali:
This song is so beautiful. I'm going 2 sing 4 my lovely teacher's
-oStar Chan Wølfie-o
-oStar Chan Wølfie-o:
Ummm dís son vía creepy
aanshi mehta
aanshi mehta:
Happy Teachers Day
Dennis Duong Nguyen
Dennis Duong Nguyen:
Happy Teacher’s Day! On 5 September
Santosh Naik
Santosh Naik:
Jharana Mallik
Jharana Mallik:
Wow!!! So beautiful
peddodu chinnodu
peddodu chinnodu:
Can I get mp3 song of this ,plz send I nd to do a project
Mighty Bhavishya
Mighty Bhavishya:
Can u please give this song instrumental music 😁🙏🏻
Kishan Sahu
Kishan Sahu:

luv it ty so much 🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗💗
Savlli Fernandes
Savlli Fernandes:
I will surely try to sing fro oh trs day
True meaning
ivy pescadero
ivy pescadero:
Hello is this your song?....very nice song... can I use this song as background of the video I am making as tribute to my co teachers....
Cherry Sehgal
Cherry Sehgal:
very very happy teachers day
B.Naseema Begum
B.Naseema Begum:
We are going to perform this in school
Smily Face
Smily Face:
Permission to use this video for our Teacher's Day please
Lakshmi Gayathri Balapalle
Lakshmi Gayathri Balapalle:
can you pls tell the lyrcs of the last one line from 03:53
SherubGaming Leageng
SherubGaming Leageng:
To all the Teachers
I will use this song to sing on teachers day in my school 😘 😘
Puja Tripathy
Puja Tripathy:
Can u plz tell me the chords of this song? I have to perform it in school....
Yoyo Girl YT
Yoyo Girl YT:
Wow thank you for this
Kritagya Tripathi
Kritagya Tripathi:
Hello bro plz can you tell me the chords of this song plz ...........I need to perform this in school 👍👍this is amazing
Yashasvi Sharan
Yashasvi Sharan:
Happy teachers day
Ariba Firoz
Ariba Firoz:
I bet .. this song is going to get first prize 🏆 And I'm going to present this song in my school for damn sure...The way you thank your TEACHER is really amazing 😆
Can I get the lyrics for this song I need to prepare for 5 of September... THANKS AND PLEASE👋
Sarah Ikram
Sarah Ikram:
I and my group of friends are singing this song for teacher's day.. this song's soo beautiful
Trang Hoang
Trang Hoang:
happy teachers day
Maehfooj Khan
Maehfooj Khan:
good vidèo '
Savlli Fernandes
Savlli Fernandes:
Lisa Sharma15
Lisa Sharma15:
My mother is a teacher
rayan adak
rayan adak:
I an also going to sing this in school . please tell me the requirments.
Nitya K
Nitya K:
What are real lyrics
Our adviser cry...
Jj Rc
Jj Rc:
Asking permission to use this song for the teachers' day 😅
Miss NiteHawK
Miss NiteHawK:
Gg dude
Ishaan Sharma
Ishaan Sharma:
wow what a song love it 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💖💖💖💖💕💕
Rachel Ngullie
Rachel Ngullie:
What is the title of the song?and the song is nice
Rosalina Andales
Rosalina Andales:
Thank you, composer and singer, of this beautiful Teachers' Day Song. I shared this with the teachers in the school where I am helping. I'm sure the teachers will appreciate and be touched by the message.
happy teacher day
Ravikumar Sade
Ravikumar Sade:
That's awesome song I love it so much happy teachers day 2018 September 5th in advance all of the teachers in the world happy teachers day once again
Veda Venkat S
Veda Venkat S:
Hey can anyone tell me what is the background music name
Riddhi Pegerla
Riddhi Pegerla:
The song is so nice really appreciate it
Pushpa Kumari
Pushpa Kumari:
dr.anand keriyavar
dr.anand keriyavar:
Is karaoke of this song available?
Can i used this intro.thank you
Lily Mohemad
Lily Mohemad:
i love it its sooo nice
priyanka art and craft academy
priyanka art and craft academy:
Happy Teacher's Dey
Rafia Imran
Rafia Imran:
Teachers Day
Hamzath Hamzath
Hamzath Hamzath:
sam travels
sam travels:
How do i get the background music of this song
Gian Carl Caparros
Gian Carl Caparros:
can i use this? :<
Mid Long
Mid Long:
Karan Kumar
Karan Kumar:
Real nice song ❤️👌👌
Niharika pal
Niharika pal:
Teacher is a success of our life
Noshabaraja Raja
Noshabaraja Raja:
You are teacher .........😇😇
Kathryn Salim
Kathryn Salim:
What is the real song name? I think it's a nice song for teachers.
Dimple Kundu
Dimple Kundu:
Thanks.. M gonna sing it.. Its superb 💖
Ark -S
Ark -S:
Riddhi Pegerla
Riddhi Pegerla:
The song starts at 1:20
Deepa Arya
Deepa Arya:
Hey is this version has karaoke version also please let me know if yes.
Cikgu Es
Cikgu Es:
Happy teachers day
poun thai
poun thai:
SJD Cubing
SJD Cubing:
I am gonna sing this song to my teachers...gr8 song.new subscriber
Nitya K
Nitya K:
What is the song's name
Savlli Fernandes
Savlli Fernandes:
I need the music
Malsawmkim hmar
Malsawmkim hmar:
Can you plis upload this song track and instrumental plis
Supriya Sharma
Supriya Sharma:
Good very nice
sowmya v
sowmya v:
Me and my class loved this song its so good
priyanka art and craft academy
priyanka art and craft academy:
Yes nice song
Angam Ch
Angam Ch:
Can u make a karoake music for this song as soon as possible??!! Please 😊 I have to sing this song on the Teacher's day 2018..☺
Manasan Siva
Manasan Siva:
Published on 2017
Tag says 2018
Title says 2019
army forever
army forever:
Joby Eluvathigal
Joby Eluvathigal:
Nathaniel Balagan Lucas
Nathaniel Balagan Lucas:
what is the tittle of the music?
Hari Bandhu Nayak
Hari Bandhu Nayak:
Kiran Guntuku
Kiran Guntuku:
Elisa Michiles
Elisa Michiles:
my teacher love
BG Gaming
BG Gaming:
Teacher's are best creature of God.I love my teachers very much.
Balu Chavan
Balu Chavan:
This song very nice
Sneha gupta
Sneha gupta:
Beautiful song happy teachers day to all our teachers
Pauline Linog
Pauline Linog:
is thus in this moment y did u change the tone =-=
Savlli Fernandes
Savlli Fernandes:
Plz I need the background music
The Flawsome Girl
The Flawsome Girl:
Please tell where to find karaoke of this because I have to use it in my school
Sk Yadav
Sk Yadav:
Happy teacher day to all teacher
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noorjahan fatima
noorjahan fatima:
Very very very nice song
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Nice yaar
Genalyn Ferolino
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What is the title jaja
Deepa Arya
Deepa Arya:
What's the song name?