Happy 4th of July!

God Bless America- A patriotic version of "America the Beautiful" combined with video and Scriptures to impact your heart on this day that celebrates the founding of our Country- The United States of America.

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Ken's Maple Leaf Forge & Stuff
Ken's Maple Leaf Forge & Stuff:
Thank you for the video. I am Canadian but am making a video to say Happy Birthday to our neighbours to the south....
Thanks , I think the fourth is amazing you get to see the sky light up at night. ((:
SoundWave 6
SoundWave 6:

Daniel 2:22..Keep your Hearts from turning Black ...💪🏼🇺🇸❤

Beautiful Video

We use to have a fireworks show out here in St.Paul but they were cut 😔but anyways President Trump made it so that his celebration for today is live and that's better than nothing Thank you❤ i wish for you and yours many Blessings and to enjoy this celebration..

#TRUTH..Don't let your Feelings overpower your Faith...👋🏽

Five months left until 2021 and alot has been revealed then we prayed and came together now we're starting Heal..Oh America❤

This country will never be the same but it will Stand Strong as long as we except the change Obey him and Praise his mighty name Oh America💪🏽💪🏼💪🏾💪

God Bless us Lord we need you daily and Thank you for Every Blessing and every bit of your Strength in Jesus mighty name❤

Have a 💙Beautiful Safe Night💙

🎆I LOVE ✨YOU 🎇...🥳
anıl erden
anıl erden:
Thank you so much Happy 4th July of Beautiful America, Beautiful American People and Beautiful American flag, i love being an American man.
J Cash
J Cash:
Thank you. Happy 4th 2018 USA AND our World
Thank you tons and tons. God bless you.