Hamilton cast performs "Alexander Hamilton" at White House

President Obama and the First Lady hosted the Broadway cast of the musical “Hamilton” at the White House Monday for a workshop and Q&A session with area students. President Obama delivered remarks on the history behind "Hamilton," and the cast performed “Alexander Hamilton," the opening song of the play, live for the attendees.

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I miss when the president could have fun without being offensive to every person on earth.
i forgot presidents could speak coherent sentences
Josefina Avila
Josefina Avila:
I miss having a president that made sense when he talked.
Peachy Luv
Peachy Luv:
Presidential jokes that don’t offend millions of people... I miss Obama.
Andrew Lovell
Andrew Lovell:
Everyone: *stands mostly still

Lin: I’m gona do a little dance
hey its yah boi chad
hey its yah boi chad:
obama was in the room where it happened
abby glenn
abby glenn:
“immigrants; we get the job done”
Ok, I’m surprised they didn’t have a mic for

*George Washington*
Jordan Duvall
Jordan Duvall:
How does a country go from Obama to Trump, that’s like owning a Bugatti and swapping it for a Mobility Scooter.
Who’s watching this in 2020 during covid??
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson:
it’s a shame i was too young to truly appreciate obama when he was president
Iris Lee
Iris Lee:
Totally not wrong that the White House didn’t have a mic for G E O R G E W A S H I N G T O N

Also did anyone else notice when Oak almost knocked his mic stand over at the beginning
agatha sturm
agatha sturm:
feels weird seeing a president who isn’t a racist/ homophobe/ transphobe/ sexist/ ableist-
Obama made joke's that didn't offended millions of ppl
It's weird watching a US President not talk about himself for almost 10 minutes.
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren:
I love how President Obama was incorporating lyrics from Hamilton into his speech.
Levina Villanueva
Levina Villanueva:
Is no one going to talk about how when Obama almost said, 'young men,' he corrected himself and said, 'people'?
I miss Obama.
Rae D Adams
Rae D Adams:
Here's the Difference:
Leslie wore a full suit to the White House
Lin wore jeans
They were bound to duel. Over what, you may ask? Fashion sense. Burr has always been classy, while Hamilton has always dressed like fake royalty....
Ava Duncan
Ava Duncan:
we stan an unproblematic president😌
Addison Lee
Addison Lee:
It’s feels weird watching a president make a non offensive joke
Jason Juarez
Jason Juarez:
Obama is about to talk for 10 minutes straight, but just you wait.
Loreley Λορελεψ
Loreley Λορελεψ:
everyone: ok, were meeting the president dress FORMAL

lin: *J E A N S*
Caroline Mohr
Caroline Mohr:
“These young me- people put on performances of their own” say what you want about Obama, but I could tell he looked down at the speech in front of him, noticed a mistake, and fixed it. I was raised to thing that president Obama was wicked from a young age, but I see things like this and it makes me sick to thing that I was raised in such a biased environment. I don’t much care for politics, but this was definitely an eye opener.
Was it really 4 years ago when Barack was president..? It feels like a lifetime ago now we’re left with an orange🍊
Grant Turner
Grant Turner:
Lin just shows up in jeans like he's not performing for the freaking President
Everyone: **Standing as still as a mannequin**

Lin: **vibin**
In 2009 they laughed at him, now they’re clapping for him.
Nichole Warren
Nichole Warren:
why is no one talking about the guy who plays mulligan almost knocking over the microphone
Sarai Balencia
Sarai Balencia:
Is he wearing jeans? While performing at the White House?
Alli Salazar
Alli Salazar:
I care here for Hamilton , but now I’m just missing Obama a lot
Bridget Whitaker
Bridget Whitaker:
Everyone: wearing clothes

Lin: wearing jeans
Arun Bangay
Arun Bangay:
I feel like Lin was being purposely weird because everyone laughed at him last time he was there
John Laurens
John Laurens:
Obama: *welcomes hamilton cast to the white house to perform and embraces the amazing cast as human beings, supporting equality for all*
Trump: mY vP wAs hArAsSeD aT tHe tHeAteR. i dEmAnD aN aPoLoGy!
Lil Kidz Bop
Lil Kidz Bop:
daveed diggs had no right being that hot
ewald Doornebal
ewald Doornebal:
Someone, please put Obama back in the room where something needs to happen during these turbulent times!
Alexis 48
Alexis 48:
Who is here in September 2020??
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren:
I miss when we had a president that didn’t call people names and not do anything.
If only Obama had a twin brother
I’m not even American and I miss Obama
Sleep Deprived Bean
Sleep Deprived Bean:
Daveed: Laughing at Oak
Oak: dropping his mic
Anthony: Laughing at anything
Pippa: Excited dancing
Chris and Leslie: Probably the only ones taking it seriously
Lin: *dancing*
whomp whomp
whomp whomp:
i miss the times when the president didn’t make offensive jokes and thinking it was okay:/
“Next to Washington they all look small”

Ohhhhh now I understand
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Tenders:

Lin Manuel Miranda: *J E A N S*
Luisa Carvalho
Luisa Carvalho:
I like how he stopped himself before finishing “young men” and changed to “young people” and was always saying Michelle and I. I miss the Obamas at the White House...
Milk And Cookies
Milk And Cookies:
I love that they did this while they were hungover-

(Oh yeah, did I mention they were hungover)
10:31 Y'all seeing Christopher smiling at Lin like a proud dad? Lmao so wholesome
Hayden Gorrell
Hayden Gorrell:
He said not everyone will be able to watch Hamilton in 2016
2020: Lets put Hamilton on Disney +
Oh Yeah?
Oh Yeah?:
Remember when a U.S. President could give a speech and not make it about himself, when he could be positive and encouraging and uplifting? Sure miss those days.
Jaymie Mason
Jaymie Mason:
I miss having a literate, articulate, intelligent president....... OBAMA COME BACK 😢😥
Jeff K
Jeff K:
God how I miss Barack.
Kinley Atwood
Kinley Atwood:
Everyone: *dances like a human being*
Lin: well I’m not doing that

9:55 nice save
wait your telling me Obama is a hamilton stan?
Olivia Blissett
Olivia Blissett:
*phillipa vibing with chris for like the last 30 seconds*
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Ushijima Wakatoshi:
The cast: Singing beautifully

Me: Singing along at home ruining the song
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson:
Everyone: *normal suits*
Lin: *plaid shirt with J E A N S*
tangh c
tangh c:
When they don’t have a mic for George Washington...
hboom19 67
hboom19 67:
That weird moment when you don't have a microphone for George Washington
Gretchen Furst
Gretchen Furst:
Let’s just take a moment to absorb the fact that Lin showed up to the White House in J E A N S and we’re all living for it.
Sophie Lents
Sophie Lents:
Anthony and Daveed getting emotional at 11.24 is the cutest thing ever. I'm so happy for all of them, I feel like a proud mom 😭
Obama: I’m a president
George Washington: allow me to introduce my self
Sonic The Nicholas Cage
Sonic The Nicholas Cage:
Everyone remember that this is what a president looks like what we have in the White House right now is not a president in should not be the standard
God I miss Obama.
Everyone: White House?! Suit tuxedos dresses
Lin: Meh jeans
America’s Pan
America’s Pan:
When Daveeds mic is louder than everyone else 💕❤️💕❤️💕
8:47 imagine being that kid that got a fist bump from Obama, presumable for jokingly bowing and getting made fun of right then and there
Lemah Othman
Lemah Othman:
When Lin goes Alexander Hamilton my name is Alexander Hamilton it feels so weird to not here the fans screaming in the background
Judi Miller
Judi Miller:
obama was in the room were it happened
General store guy
General store guy:
Can we get Obama back?!

Edit: I drew trump are you proud? 🍊👌
Bernardo Gonzalez
Bernardo Gonzalez:
Back when artists would perform for the president and not have to sue the administration for using their songs in a campaign
Love him or hate him, Obama has a nice voice
Sofa Beast
Sofa Beast:
Boi wore jeans with a suit

To the White House
Why is Leslie Odom Jr so perfect; this role was meant for him🥰
Zoe Bajar
Zoe Bajar:
George washington when he dosent have a mic: 👁💧👄💧👁
mill M
mill M:
not sure if it’s just me just the “Alex got better but his mother went quick” gives me chills every time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gk Loves JC
Gk Loves JC:
Looking at Obama & Michelle’s reaction omg. I’m this just makes me love them more!! Damn, I miss OBAMA!
* Nazli *
* Nazli *:
I refuse to believe history happened without music..
Chris Woolford
Chris Woolford:
This is Amazing that they preformed in the White House!
Eva Scargill
Eva Scargill:
everyone: let's wear formal clothes

Lin: !!!!JeAnS!!!!
India Williams
India Williams:
Bring him back! God I miss him as our President 🥺
Everyone here missing Obama
Me not even knowing how he leaded America
He seems nice

Im from The Netherlands
mmm communism
mmm communism:
Imagine Obama being your dad and you’re just like
“Pa I want Hamilton”
Obama: we have Hamilton at home
Hamilton at home:
Simp L. Tonne
Simp L. Tonne:
Oak:* Snapping * *Accidentally hits the mic *
The Mic: ↔️➡️⬅️
dude imperfect
dude imperfect:
“ At least I’ll go down as a president.” You tellem Barry!!!
Chesapeake Stripper
Chesapeake Stripper:
can we have obama back as president please?
The guy that plays Aaron Burr is really into it
Jenny Wilson
Jenny Wilson:
9:56 anyone else see him almost knock his mic down
At 9:55 he almost slapped the mic, like imagine preforming at the White House and you just yeet the mic on to the floor
Madigan Neathamer
Madigan Neathamer:
i’m glad that they put Anthony and Daveed next to each other bc then i don’t have to look across the screen for the best looking people there. and lin stands out so i just see h8m at the same time doing h
is little

➡️↘️↙️↙️⏬⬇️↖️↙️⬅️↘️↗️➡️⬅️⬆️⬆️↖️↙️⬆️ with his hands it’s so cute
Michael McClelland
Michael McClelland:
They should make a musical about him. After all he was the the first African American President.
Redna M
Redna M:
Who’s here after watching Hamilton on Disney plus yesterday?
Bella GB
Bella GB:
Everyone is back, its been 4 years😂
Candice Skow
Candice Skow:
I agree with those folks that said they are missing Obama...a man who cared...a man who tried... a man who could use humor... a man with class... a great role model for my students. Tough act to follow.
Emily Leventhal
Emily Leventhal:
did no when else see when oak almost knocked over hid mic
Maxine Serrato
Maxine Serrato:
Okay so my question is why did Lin get a mic just to say “Alexander Hamilton” but they didn’t give George Washington a mic!! They could’ve found one more mic!
Spot_conlon _is_overrated
Spot_conlon _is_overrated:
I love how formal everyone is and Lin is wearing jeans lol
Everyone in the comments :be like I rEmEmBeR wHeN We haD a pREsidEnT tHaT cOuLd sPeAk
Me: I’m just tryna listen to them singing u don’t need to bring politics in lmao
Roblox Mxkenzie_
Roblox Mxkenzie_:
now a joke that was actually funny from a president was when obama said "whos laughing now"
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe:
The 1st President of the U.S doesn't have a microphone.