Half Stick In Slow Motion ( Happy 4th of July )

To wish everybody a 4th of July I lit a half stick that a friend of mine gave to me and filmed it with the high speed camera at 6000 frames per second slow motion.
it looked really cool to see the shockwave pass through the air and Bend the light.
let me know if there is any other fireworks that you want to see in slow motion.
stay safe and have a happy Fourth of July!!

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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !

Carbon 12

Produced By: Carbon 12

Directed By: Matt Mikka

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Randy Loop
Randy Loop:
I mean....ever see the slow motion guys cmon
True half stick would have cratered that asphalt and shake the camera with a decent shock wave.
It's hard to find actual ones unless you're out in the boonies. I live in the suburbs but close enough to several places & Indian reservations that will sell quarter, half, and full sticks under the table if you are willing to pay $100 or more.
Some kid on the street behind my house lit a half without letting anyone know a few years ago in his driveway. It shook my house, all windows, set off a handful of car alarms including mine, and left a 2 foot wide 4in deep crater in his driveway. Also blew out 2 of his house's front windows from pieces of his driveway becoming shrap.
His parents were not happy. Pissed off just about everyone too for how dangerous it was given so many people were just out in the street. Could have easily injured someone really bad.
People are dumb lol
Cool, but as noted this isn't the for real kind of "half stick" like I played around with in my misspent and crazy youth, not even a quarter stick. Velocity matters with explosions :)

In case LE is watching, my source for those went to jail for a long long time and I can't get such toys anymore. But if you've never seen a fully grown large tree jump over a meter straight up into the air you've missed out on life!
Madhevan Ramalingam
Madhevan Ramalingam:
0:32 can you guys see the shield logo in the lens flare
USN_Ret 84-05
USN_Ret 84-05:
They call that a half stick only at the fireworks stand. I had to laugh. We use to "play" with real sticks, and not the ones that just break bones.
william killingsworth
william killingsworth:
Cool. More like a half stick of black powder.
Ah man, I remember the absolute joy I had as a kid when my friend and I found his dad's stash of real 1/4 sticks. We buried one underground almost a foot, attached a long fuse to it, and threw a sheet of plywood and a cinder block on top of it. It blew an adult head sized hole clear out of the plywood. And if stuck in the crotch of a tree would blow it up and severely damage it. So needless to say I was disappointed to find these modern ones in firework stores.... Not sure where the name comes from, but like you said it sure isn't dynamite!
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill:
I don't know, I think I might have lit that thing with 10' long match, if it were me.
The Wun
The Wun:
Happy 4th! Cheers
I remember in grade school when I got a cherry bomb. I lit that puppy and started running. I was so far away at the time it blew, it was almost anti-climatic.
Have a great Fourth of July Matt! 🎆🎇🧨
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez:
"A friend of mine gave me a half-stick..." lmao!
Wonder what you could get if you *asked* for something, lol.
*Happy 4th of July Matt, from Canada*
.     🇺🇸 🤜🤛 🇨🇦  RESPECT
TK Skagen
TK Skagen:
Any damage to the Asphalt?

Happy 4th!🇺🇸🎆
Atlas WalkedAway
Atlas WalkedAway:
Thats for the vid. It's nice that it's slow enough to see the difference between the actual explosive expansion of gas and the relatively much slower phase where normal world physics takes back over after the energy is spent.
Happy Independence Day.
Happy 4th bro!!

Also 👀 that last part of vid...
Joe La Bianco
Joe La Bianco:
I have bigger LMFAO
Joe Navy veteran 🇺🇸
imagine how cool that would have looked if you buried it with several different colours of paint powder
Max Davies
Max Davies:
More of a smoke grenade than an explosive XD great slow mo shot though.
displeasing covers
displeasing covers:
Happy fourth!!
Әкежан Әлібай
Әкежан Әлібай:
Watching slow motion with lower speed)
VW Insanity
VW Insanity:
Looks as if the ends were its weak points you can see one cap floating by the camera, a stick of dynamite would have been much tighter wrapped and sealed.
💥 A friend of mine gave me this... now I’m missing a finger 💥
I just found out you get get a special permit to buy/use firecrackers in Canada! Under "reason" I'm not sure "to blow ish up" is gonna get me one but you bet I'm gonna try! :)
Happy 4th! Thanks for the video! Maybe next year (or sooner) do one of the multi-stage fountains. That would probably look wicked in super slo-mo!
Bruce Givens
Bruce Givens:
Happy 4th... This is my favorite YouTube channel... Just curious was the liquid something to protect the asphalt or something
Ryan Caskey
Ryan Caskey:
who the heck was that at the end?
Cotton Hiker
Cotton Hiker:
FUN VIDEO!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 THANK YOU!!!🙏🙏🙏
One of the best things about having a slow motion camera. Whenever you think that's something you would look cool you could film it! Lately I've been wondering what it would be like for a car heading full-speed and a basketball bounced perfectly in front of it. Maybe contact the bumper and see if the ball blows up or if the airbag on the car deploys etc etc you know what I mean?
Mistery toon
Mistery toon:
Amo esse canal
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson:
Just curious, what were the chemical components used for this demonstration?
The RC Guru
The RC Guru:
That’s a pothole maker lol
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson:
Half stick sounds a way lol
Thank you happy Fourth of July to you. I wonder what it would look like if you were hanging it from a fishing line or something and got the full satirical shape?
Can't understand why they banned fireworks in New Zealand. So much fun.
FPS Russia
FPS Russia:
I want some ... how you get them ?
Mel Christian
Mel Christian:
Have a safe happy Fourth of July🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Pitza Guy
Pitza Guy:
itd be cool to get a camera to detect the little motions in the ground so you could visually see the shockwave on camera
The Winter Freak
The Winter Freak:
Cool vid
j k
j k:
We used to get those in mexico. They were called M500's
Katalina Rodriges
Katalina Rodriges:
geiles viedeo mach weiter so
upside downdog
upside downdog:
Cool video! A half stick would have left a crater in the tarmac. Too bad the laws in the Land of Lincoln don't allow for more freedom but you seem to be doing fine in spite of them. If its fun or interesting, it's illegal in Illinois. That's why I live in Arkansas!
The Mechanical Koopa
The Mechanical Koopa:
whoa that end bit was awesome too! Keep them comin! Can't wait til I see you blow up a V8 in slow-mo That's still gonna be awesome to see lol
Caoimhe Noodle
Caoimhe Noodle:
Happy Independence Day!
can you do april and mr cool to see how fast they shake themselves dry in slow motion? (1800fps slow motion 4k) and also film mr cool the chihuahua drinking water in the same frame rate as april's drinking video.
Zsombor Kaló
Zsombor Kaló:
...and what's the asphalt look like after the explosion?
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
May the 4th be with you!
Don Shaw
Don Shaw:
And Happy Fourth of July to you and yours... Stay safe and stay healthy. Really enjoy your crazy videos.
Ketan Morajker
Ketan Morajker:
wreckless _
wreckless _:
Promise you.. that wasn’t a 1/2 stick of 🧨.. a 1/4 stick I used to get would put a hole in that asphalt and probably would’ve either knocked the camera over or shook it pretty good!!!
Camper Matt
Camper Matt:
Nice vid thanks👍
Wow coooool
they sure don't make 1/2 sticks like they used to. We used to get those and even what we called M-250's or 1/4 sticks that were better than that. Still a cool video
Peacefield Farm_MN
Peacefield Farm_MN:
I so wanted to see the crater, or lack of, in the pavement.
And then make your playback speed to 0.5..... even better
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas:
Uhhhh, did you know some stuff just sucks so much that it doesn’t deserve a spot on the internet.
i thought even M80 were banned?
Did he think that he would set the asphalt on fire?
Tony P
Tony P:
Very cool happy birthday anerica
Patrick Fawkes
Patrick Fawkes:
Helter Skelter
Daniel Slaven
Daniel Slaven:
Happy 4th buddy stay safe out there
Patches O’Houlihan
Patches O’Houlihan:
Why the water first?
Why the water? Happy 4th
Tyrone Huge
Tyrone Huge:
Who ever owns that parking will not be happy
Chuck A.
Chuck A.:
Saying Happy 4th of July is like saying Merry December 25th. Happy Independence Day! Cool video...
Dank Memes
Dank Memes:
Just remove the video if you don't have a license you can't light these