GRWM first day of high school *freshman year* (yes, in-person)

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q & a
❥ age? ~ 14
❥ birthday? ~ Oct. 19
❥ camera? ~ canon g7x mark ii
❥ editing software? ~ final cut pro

✯i do not own nor did I create any of the songs, green screens, or images used in this video, all credit goes to the rightful owners!!!

if you see this comment "wear your masks”

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I wish i wasn’t too lazy to actually count how many times she said “like...
Who’s doing both online and in person
Brisa Two
Brisa Two:
My school is doing the exact thing! Half online, Half in person.
Ashley perez
Ashley perez:
Frist can you do a moring routine and a night one ilysm
Star Charriez
Star Charriez:
Brianna: "i just thought i was gonna die before high school"

Me: " me too gurl, i thought the same in 7th grade."
Kenzie B
Kenzie B:
i go back in person on monday and i’m gonna be a freshman and i moved so idk anyone so um that’s gonna be really fun
Wania Kazmi
Wania Kazmi:
I literally thought I was the only one who couldn't imagine themselves going to high school. Also like my family was making such a big deal about me going to high school and I didn't really care so I am glad I'm not the only one.
Axtro Krownz
Axtro Krownz:
Wow u actually going to go in person😬 well just stay safe out their would ya? Also I’m also a freshman😃
jazmin vasquez
jazmin vasquez:
Nah when she said I feel like I did nothing this summer, I dead felt that
tomorrow is my first day of highschool 😭😭 wish me luck guys
how is ur voice so soft in the morning 😭
Ambar Nicole
Ambar Nicole:
my school is doing the same thing with last names
Erika Pettus
Erika Pettus:
When you did your make up of bratz dolls from ur tiktok what make up did you use make that and what the name of the brand
madison c
madison c:
This is kinda random😂...Buh your face looks so SMOOTHHH😭🤩
Sofia Maria
Sofia Maria:
Wear your masks !
Norah Ann
Norah Ann:
I start freshman year tomorrow! I’m so scared I always feel sick and anxious on the first day of school until I get there
Axtro Krownz
Axtro Krownz:
It’s a McMuffin sweetie😂😂😂 7:14
Aesthetic Pineapple - Gaming
Aesthetic Pineapple - Gaming:
Tomorrow’s my first day I may or may not be having nervous breakdown
noely tapia
noely tapia:
5:26 am in the morning FELT
percy cat
percy cat:
why’d you say nike like that lol😭
Sarah B
Sarah B:
Hi. I just stubbled across your YouTube channel. I’m in 10th grade and we’re all in person.
Ansal Guled
Ansal Guled:
I’m gonna be doing the same thing two days in person three online!!! also gonna be a freshman
vanslover 369
vanslover 369:
Your so pretty and I'm a big fan now😂❤️👑🥺
Alessay Valtine
Alessay Valtine:
hopefully ur freshman year goes well ! i'm in 10 this year <3
We’re doing the A-L thing too
Durga Girgaonkar
Durga Girgaonkar:
Well my birthday is also on 19 oct
Amberx ꈍᴗꈍ
Amberx ꈍᴗꈍ:
I am a new subscriber and like wow you are so pretty
Big fan!❤️First!
Dee ro
Dee ro:
Man you freshman be lookin older each class my god
Adriana Ellis
Adriana Ellis:
Mooood 😂
Esmeralda Martinez
Esmeralda Martinez:
Hey I am early 😊
brooke mancha
brooke mancha:
‘it is 5:26 am, in the morning’ 🥺 how cute
Marly Wisecarver
Marly Wisecarver:
i go to a wicked big school with like 3000 kids and seven sending towns and i was so worried about not knowing anyone (i still don’t know many people but it’s getting better!) my hometown makes up the smallest percent of the student body haha
Angel Rose
Angel Rose:
Today is Tuesday and my first day of school is this Thursday and I'm also gonna be a freshman but like I'm hella nervous though and idk why
liam’s camera
liam’s camera:
I’m a freshman next year
Giuliana23 cavallo
Giuliana23 cavallo:
I love how realistic this is omg
Johan Kennedy
Johan Kennedy:
I am in love with your voice videos💓💓💓
A H K E E M:
I watched the vid until she said “nik socks”
Yarelie Fajardo
Yarelie Fajardo:
Next video day ina life of online school💯!!!
Not ok vibes
Not ok vibes:
U able to cuss 😭 lucky if I did that I would get smacked
Sabrai Mark
Sabrai Mark:
So we not gon talk about how she said nike instead of nik-ee😂
I have to wake up at 7 and get to my classes before 8:30 and we’re doing online for the first 9 weeks and I have to sit in a chair, staring at a laptop for 6 hours. The only break we get is lunch which is half and hour which is ok so
Owami Stanley
Owami Stanley:
Awww I am so happy that you are going back to school in person that way you can see your friends again, I hope you have a great school year 🌃🏫💜
Alì Contreras
Alì Contreras:
Hey lover your channel just wondering are u going to do back to school clothing haul
Jan And Jar
Jan And Jar:
Wania Kazmi
Wania Kazmi:
Omgg, i just noticed that you edited the mask on your face (from your thumbnail)
Andrea Suavita
Andrea Suavita:
I literally have the same straightener lmao
beyza karahan
beyza karahan:
I've still online school:(
madeline fisher
madeline fisher:
same i went back to school too! but my school is pretty strict about the rules!

if you guys want to watch i just posted a vlog on my channel but if not thats ok
And also, I can’t find your snap chat-
The biggest youtuber at our school✌🏽as u shoulddddd!!😭👏🏽
y o o n g i
y o o n g i:
tomorrow is my first day of freshman year (in person) and i’m absolutely shitting myself 😀👍
lashanda jones
lashanda jones:
i luv your videos!
Samantha S
Samantha S:
Wait what I just remembered that we have the same birthday month. My birthday is earlier than yours though. :/
Literally Kaelyn
Literally Kaelyn:
dude I cannot wait until my 8th grade year is over I’m just waiting and waiting and waiting
Ari Perez
Ari Perez:
I loved this video and girl ur beautiful! <3
Freshman Gang💕
U and my bsf have the same bday ‼️💕
Kristian Rodriguez
Kristian Rodriguez:
I go back to school in-person Mid-October 😭😭😭
Maya Jones
Maya Jones:
My school was going to do half and half but before we started they changed it to only online for first semester and they said maybe we will go to school in person for second semester
E can’t wait 1 more school year and I’m in high school ( I’m in 7th rn )
My first day of high school is tomorrow and i don't speak the language-... haha 😃
Bri Card
Bri Card:
my first day was like 2 weeks ago and so far high school is pretty fun ;)
Carly Dorcely
Carly Dorcely:
I love the fit, simple but cute 🥺😌
classicbeauty Studio
classicbeauty Studio:
can you do a vlog of going to high school ? were you nervous i was nervous idk why but yeah im in middle school still
Doppio Vinegar
Doppio Vinegar:
Am I the only one who watches these even though I’m not even a freshman anymore (sophmore now) It just brings back memories and reminds me abt how I was nervous and how it’s okay now
Princ3ss Sukanya
Princ3ss Sukanya:
Stephanie M
Stephanie M:
I hope you had a great first day ✨i liked your outfit 💛
Trucha Foo
Trucha Foo:
All I can say is good luck in high school I’m in my junior year (11th) and I dropped out
Juan Savage
Juan Savage:
U should definitely add my snap
Isamar Baez
Isamar Baez:
Love your videos🔥 fav youtuber by now and on
F Goals
F Goals:
Your so prettttyyyyy!!💕🥺
Johanna Tsuriel
Johanna Tsuriel:
Brianna you’re so productive I am your fan number one
aaa! I didn’t even know this video was posted todayyy
Makayla Coker
Makayla Coker:
you're so pretty !! ;(
Fernanda Pinto
Fernanda Pinto:
Ily sooooo much you are such a big inspiration and you are so pretty btw❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zuha k
Zuha k:
Wow you're so lucky to go in person in the u.s for us they made it online for 9 weeks 😰😱 like prek to 5th in person and 6th to 12th online
How you just now going to school I’ve been in school for almost a month now
Wear your masks y’all 😁
kymani larae
kymani larae:
omg I had to check if this was ur channel u look sm olderrrr
Hood Barbie
Hood Barbie:
i start freshman year tmr and i’m scaredddd
how u get ur led lights to do that. for me the remote and the led lights keep devorcing and sometimes work when i spam click it
It meh cheata
It meh cheata:
What time do you sleep at night?replay me please!!💤
Adelin Todd
Adelin Todd:
Wear your masks😽
Katie’s Volg’s
Katie’s Volg’s:
Yes I needed this
-Morgan’s vlog channel-
-Morgan’s vlog channel-:
This video was so goood!!
Love you so much❤️ and your videos!
Judith Hernandez
Judith Hernandez:
Early ❤️❤️
Tyrianna Leticia
Tyrianna Leticia:
wait it wasent only me i used to think that i was gonna die or something before middle school lmao little silly me
My first day is tomorrow and I’m a sophomore 🤧
Lizzy Leon
Lizzy Leon:
what are the mom jeans from garage calleddd?? There cuteee
Rachel Agee
Rachel Agee:
5 26 am in the morning
Jakiyah Manley
Jakiyah Manley:
u look so annoyed by the mornings lmao
Life with Carol
Life with Carol:
Class of 2024 wya?
Qasayd Qsqs
Qasayd Qsqs:
Wow u said (like) A lotee😂😂😂
Dontez Bryant
Dontez Bryant:
I'm a freshman too