GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Drama Movie

GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Drama Movie
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Sam Fulford
Sam Fulford:
Forrest Gump's shrimp business has become so competitive.
maher channel قناة ماهر
maher channel قناة ماهر:
Since he voiced woody this guy can never star in a serious role for me. His voice just makes me smile.
No Way
No Way:
INSPIRED by real events, translation, the name of the ship is real.
Irán Salinas
Irán Salinas:
Special effects: How much "dinosaur" effect sound do you want in your movie?
Director: Yes!
Merendo Bereglidditz
Merendo Bereglidditz:
Inspired by actual events.
There was a war.
This takes place in 1942 and D day happens in 1944 so he still has time to stop Private Ryan from going to war and save his future self.
Eric Widder
Eric Widder:
The 7th installment to the "Don't Travel with Tom Hanks Collection" who brought you Apollo 13, Cast Away, Captain Phillips, Sully, Saving Private Ryan and The Terminal".
Edit: 07/17/2020 Tom... my boy... my favorite actor... may well be a Demon that feasts off of the adrenaline filled blood of infants in an underground satanic cult... WWG1WGA. I'll eat my hat and edit this later if it turns out not to be true. Peace and thanks for the likes. And remember.... don't travel with Tom Hanks, especially in Hollywood...
Rod MacKinnon
Rod MacKinnon:
Don't travel with Tom. His track record is awful.
slipjoint guy
slipjoint guy:
Watched this trailer on the phone. Girlfriend who heard the trailer asked me if it’s a new Godzilla movie.....
Hillary Trump
Hillary Trump:
Is there a scene in this movie where a wounded Tom Hanks pulls out his Colt .45 and starts shooting at the sub from a mile away?
Chris Oly
Chris Oly:
This must be the most incompetent captain that ever existed, first he gets his ship hijacked by pirates and now runs straight into an wolfpack
I just hope they don’t sink his boat if he doesn’t have Wilson
Johan Cha
Johan Cha:
Didnt know submarines sounded like whales and pleseriousaurus. They must communicate with sonar.
Adam Ross
Adam Ross:
Captain Philips isn’t taking any risks this time, he brought the military with him.
Boy I sure do miss practical effects. Everything now a days looks like a cartoon.
The Germans equipped their submarines with demonic whale noises to intimidate enemy ships.
- Based on real events btw
Ryan Munn
Ryan Munn:
“In theaters June 12”
I guess Jimmy Dugan did enlist after all , even without cartilage in his knee
Wayne Lynch
Wayne Lynch:
My father told me he was in a convoy to Gdansk in WWII. He told me how the German Wolfpack attacked & they could not pick up survivors from sinking ships. It was crucial that the supplies get through and if they stopped to help, they would be sitting ducks for the U-boats. I'm guessing that the images of the screaming men haunted him forever.
While some Americans whine about having to wear mask and social distancing......
Fabian Girsch
Fabian Girsch:
Trailer sounds like someone downloaded a Michael Bay sound package
And in the end the Captain is stranded on an island alone with a volleyball.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
Stallone wins the Cold War.
Hanks wins WW2.
Brady Davis
Brady Davis:
Disappointed this movie isn't about the Greyhound bus line.
The king of Joe grusts
The king of Joe grusts:
Tom Hanks in “The 800th Movie he’s been the Star of”
I’ve seen tons of movies played tons of games talking about how scary U Boats were, but had no visual to see what they we’re capable of, this finally answers those questions
Tom Hanks' only enemies: Transportation and Germans
Zach Metcalf
Zach Metcalf:
Saving Private Ryan: But From A Submarine This Time.
DJ Freez
DJ Freez:
At what point in the movie does the Indomimus rex appear,,,,I hear his sounds throu-out the whole trailer???
The Count
The Count:
Most enjoyable movie I've seen in years. 100% recommended
The Brotherhood of Sleep
The Brotherhood of Sleep:
One of the better war movies I've seen. Gets str8 to the action, and there's plenty of it!
cant wait to see this best trailer ive seen for a .long time
"Wolf Pack huntin us" so cool
Jon Vich
Jon Vich:
I watched just to listen to him say “we’ll rain hell down from on high”
This has a lot of CGI images that takes away from the realism it's trying to depict.
Jed Farley
Jed Farley:
"You go in the water...shark in the water."

"You ever see a sharks eyes chief? Black and lifeless like a dolls eyes chief"
Sucha Woda
Sucha Woda:
Submarine attacking navy destroyer with deck guns.
Hollywood : *iNsPiReD bY ActUaL eVeNt*
Strictly Cali
Strictly Cali:
Just watched this movie. In one of the scene hanks says " Good work Epstein" to a crew member. Coincidence?
Sonyc 1986
Sonyc 1986:
I seen this movie now 2 times in the row and absolutly breath taking amazing thank you US for saving our asses they lost 3500 cargo shipps and 72,200 souls to help us big thank you for this movie amazing is the right word to describe this
Greta Of The Corn
Greta Of The Corn:
Story of a guy who wants to deliver ship loads of pizzas to the Brits.
Lemon Tea - Brawl Stars
Lemon Tea - Brawl Stars:
Im kinda confused because is tom hanks in the sub or the warship
Everything looks so computer animated now compared to the battle scenes in Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, & Band of Brothers... Regardless, this looks awesome and I will gladly go see this in theaters!
Tricia Tusing
Tricia Tusing:
Thought it was A Michael Bay film
To start with, the paintings on the U-Boats' conning towers are ridiculous. A cow farting torpedoes (yes, there was one like that) would have been more historically accurate.
Noah Czar
Noah Czar:
I should go order some 🍕 and 🌭 for this movie
Biggest pile of pish I've seen in a while.
Douglas Lally
Douglas Lally:
I'm not a smart man, Jenny. But I do know what a depth charge is.
Soti T. Boy
Soti T. Boy:
Christopher Muller
Christopher Muller:
Just watched the outpost now about to watch this. Android users download a apk file called titanium tv and you can watch this movie
Flip Flat
Flip Flat:
All Seeing Eye Tom Hanks we see👀 you 😎. Love your Corona typewriter, and pretty neat you lost gin rummy game against your wife by "201" points. Your wannabe rapper son's tattoo makes me sick, have fun in hell!
просто чушь! зомбирование пушечного мяса! и пускай сначала объяснит зачем он в инстаграмм разного рода фото выкладывает!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez:
When will Tom Hanks ever learn that he's not meant to be near the ocean.
John R
John R:
forrest gump actually looks older in ww2 than he did in vietnam !!!
"inspired by real events" apart from ocean, boats and war I dont see anything else remotely close to real events.
Mr. Void King
Mr. Void King:
Me when my friends ask me how we are going to win this airsoft war against the pro airsoft players 2:23
Urdnot Wrex
Urdnot Wrex:
inspired by actual events.

Godzilla noises.
boycott the movie greyhound with tom hanks ... 2020 the year of the great awakening.
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone:
He's using Bubba Gump's shrimping boat.
Jasmine Brekalo
Jasmine Brekalo:
Watched. Thoroughly enjoyed. Had me on the edge of my couch. Closest I've felt to being in a cinema this entire lockdown.
I GottahGetit
I GottahGetit:
Actual events 😂😂😂😂
Noad MRE
Noad MRE:
Can already tell this is gonna be another "fury" gonna see German U boats surfacing to go muzzle to muzzle with conventional war ships, Jesus Christ.
If you're a torpedophile, you'll really like this movie!
Ariane Bolt
Ariane Bolt:
“How many U-boats do you want?”
So Al Capone ended up serving in WW2 it seems.
aj b
aj b:
Next role for Hanks: A can of beans.
Jesse Sorensen
Jesse Sorensen:
I hope they hired Mark Felton Productions for accuracy.
Faiza Ahmed
Faiza Ahmed:
What a marvelous movie. Makes this an amazing watch to know the REAL heroes who made this happen. 72,000 lives lost over the battle of Atlantic in just a few days....insane. Brings chills down my spine. Truly salute to all those brave heroes who fought for us. God bless their soul! ❤
Inspired by actual events
There is an Atlantic Ocean
nuff sed
nuff sed:
"Sail forest sail".
Tony Paul
Tony Paul:
Love Hanks expressions of despair, just like when Denzel 1st declined to represent him in Philadelphia.
EMT Danger
EMT Danger:
Little does he know that he’s gunna storm the beaches of Normandy 2 years later, as well as be drafted into Vietnam
Oceans Flows YT
Oceans Flows YT:
Is this the movie he was in Australia for? Didn’t he catch Corona from that too?
Akhil k
Akhil k:
Captain philips: origins.
Curtis Schoenecker
Curtis Schoenecker:
Wow I want to see that I love films like that
Ghaffar Mahmood
Ghaffar Mahmood:
If Matt Damon shows up at the end needing to be rescued I'm going to lose my shit
*"We Will Rain Hell Down From on High"*
Andreas Bengter
Andreas Bengter:
Where do they screen theatric releases this time during the pandemic? For instance in California where I am right now it is almost a full lockdown going on right now!
I didn’t know Sheriff Woody was a captain in the Navy
So many d-bags in the comments section. Just hopeless...
Something Something Something
Something Something Something:
"Inspired by actual events" - a submarine hit a ship somewhere during the war..
"greyhound... good luck surviving the night" >:)
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts:
Saving Ensign Ryan...
Turn out if you travel with Hanks in real life you also get CORONA.
Note to self: Avoid this man and all means of transportation.
Give your meat A gold ol rub
Give your meat A gold ol rub:
Some facts of The Greyhound:
She herself sank 2 Italian subs while escorting convoys.
She rescued survivors from the ocean liner SS Simon Bolivar and the cargo ship SS Torchbearer.
She captured a blockade runner, Phaedra. Afterwards, she was refitted.
She assisted in the battle of the destroyer “L’Audacieux”.
She was sunk in 22nd of May, 1941 while escorting the HMS Warspite due to enemy aircrafts.
She also sank the Italian sailing ship Romagna.
Nem a Tolvajkergetők
Nem a Tolvajkergetők:
"inspired by real events" = the ocean actually exists
Your Kommandant
Your Kommandant:
0:04 Damn, that U-boat sure wants to be seen and not remain under the surface....
Doug Macray
Doug Macray:
"That's my boat"...
Abby R
Abby R:
This messed me up emotionally. There are no other words to describe it.
Christian Hodkinson
Christian Hodkinson:
Dracula “greyhound, good luck surviving the night”
Plot Twist: He’s really out there looking for Wilson
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos:
When you've been in saving private Ryan films like this should seem trivial :/
Ryan Potter
Ryan Potter:
The driver of the helm is called Epsteen right?
Benggodo Demroy
Benggodo Demroy:
Despite the comments, it was an exciting movie haha
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat:
Looks surprisingly like a straight to dvd film
Das Boot - the greatest WW2 sub film ever made. This won't come near to it.
2:10 FYI... that was Fegelein. FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!
Just watched it! Amazing and intense movie, doesn't let you breath a second from the tension!
Борец с Расизмом
Борец с Расизмом:
Silent Hunter 4 😃
john zhang
john zhang:
i would like to see a new movie about the opposite side, the uboat side...but please not from hollywood ...
kev mat
kev mat:
This was an amazing movie.