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The only thing more dangerous than the front lines was the fight to get there. Screenplay by Tom Hanks, Greyhound premieres July 10 on Apple TV+
In a thrilling story inspired by actual events from the Battle of the Atlantic, Tom Hanks stars as a first-time captain who leads a convoy of allied ships carrying thousands of soldiers across the treacherous waters of the “Black Pit” to the front lines of WW2. With no air cover protection for 5 days, the captain and his convoy must battle the surrounding enemy Nazi U-boats in order to give the allies a chance to win the war. The film is directed by Aaron Schneider from a screenplay by Hanks.

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Delfin Gamboa
Delfin Gamboa:
Note-to-self: *NEVER* travel with Tom Hanks.
Just saw this. Almost 90 minutes of non-stop action. Outstanding movie.
Mad Geo
Mad Geo:
Apparently, Tom Hanks personally took care of all the fronts in WWII.
Mihir Thacker
Mihir Thacker:
*Tom Hanks travel history:*
*1. In Plane: Landed in a river* *(Sully)*
*2. In Boat: Hijacked by Pirates* *(Captain Phillips)*
*3. FedX Plane: Stranded on an island for 4 years* *(Cast Away)*
*4. Stranded on JFK Airport* *(The Terminal)*
*5. Apollo 13: Spacecraft undergoes internal damage* *(Apollo 13)*

*MORAL: Never Travel With "TOM HANKS"*
Look at him, he's the captain now, in every movie.
Andrew the Amazing M
Andrew the Amazing M:
Fun fact: after his boat sinks, Tom Hanks takes a life raft and floats to a nearby island and befriends a volleyball
"inspired by actual events" = yes, world war 2 really happened
Sing it with me boys!
To their own shore,
came the world war
Gleaves and the Ingham leading the Bury west!
Tom Hanks’ Agent: So there is this historic mo...

Tom Hanks: I’LL DO IT
Dat Boii
Dat Boii:
i dont care how historically unrealistic it may look, but when you see Tom Hanks... you know its gonna be awesome
Kurt Lerny
Kurt Lerny:
wow, look like a game World of Warships!
Imagine how much more money they would make if it wasnt Apple TV+ only . So lame
Just watched it, it was a decent movie and pretty historically accurate... except, the Germans. It's a shame they had to ruin this with the usual portrayal of die-hard Nazi fanatics hell bent on murder. The usual nasal, over-egged 'Kraut' accents etc etc. This couldn't be further from the truth. Broadcasting on Allied frequencies, was not only technically unlikely, but would never happen as transmission sources could be pinpointed via HUFFDUFF. It was far-fetched and never happened during the war. Ditto the lurid markings on the boats. While it is true that the Germans were engaged in a ruthless war of attrition against Allied shipping, the U-Boat men fought with tenacity, bravery and as much honor as circumstances would allow. They were no more or less ruthless than US submariners engaging the Japanese in the Pacific - or Allied ships picking up German survivors. There are numerous accounts of U-Boats rendering assistance - google the Laconia Incident for one particular account. It's probably a little known fact, at the start of the war U-boats had to stop and verify national identity and allow crews to abandon ship under the standing international maritime Prize rules. The U-Boat men had a 78% attrition rate and 28,000 casualties, yet they still volunteered, even when the odds were truly stacked against them later in the war. These were also young men, who, to be fair, were not in a position to refuse service to their country. I don't condone Nazi Germany, or seek to glorify the actions of the Kreigsmarine, but it would have been far more interesting to portray the German U-Boat crews with more historical accuracy. The point being in war, there is no black and white and there are no true winners or losers. It was a missed opportunity to tell the real story.
Alex Nemo
Alex Nemo:
Loved the movie. Focused on the action and suspense. The wolf howl was bone chilling.
Ianbest Smith
Ianbest Smith:
The Director said they filmed without a single drop of water. I cant believe it
The way the submarines are shot gives me horror vibes.
Hound Lowleadgas
Hound Lowleadgas:
I thought this was about the bus line...
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell:
You’re going to win and you’re going to watch, and like, this movie.
Gian Rivas
Gian Rivas:
Poor *TOM HANKS* everytime the food is served the U-boat appears.
Mahamad Salim
Mahamad Salim:
Actually after his boat sinks , he takes a life raft and floats to Australia where he got covid 19 .
Seriously, someone put Hanks in the captain's chair in a new Star Trek film already. He loves Trek, his presence would sell the film outside of the usual fanbase and he's the perfect guy to bring back the hopeful, inspiring nature of Trek back.
1998: James Francis Ryan?
2000: WILSON?!?!?
2020: We've lost 7 ships and 50 souls.
jazker kiszps
jazker kiszps:
was it just me or did this trailer reuse multiple sounds from jurassic park including the chittering of velociraptors?
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974:
When they say inspired by real events, they mean there were ships in a war hunting u boats and this is about them, but this one didn’t exist, nor did the guy Tom Hank’s is playing and none of what you see actually happened but stuff a bit like it did.

Why not just say this work of fiction is dedicated to all those who fought in the battle of the Atlantic.
They need to do more like this. No revisionist history BS just a straight up good war movie. I can even look past the casting of hanks (who did a good job of this) who I think has big questions to answer along the lines of what Ricky Gervais was going on about at the golden globes.
The Someawesome
The Someawesome:
Tom Hanks travel history:
- by boat: got invaded by pirates
- by boat: attacked by Germans
- by boat: encountered a storm, made it to land by sailing on luggage
- by plane: crashed, had to survive in an island with nothing but a volleyball
- by plane, as the pilot: flies into flock of geese, has to land on water
- got stuck in JFK airport for nine months
03 AI
03 AI:
This movie uses too much CGI.
That's why I love Nolan and Tom Cruise movies. They don't use CGI much.
The ending was pretty lacklustre.
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks:
Inspired by actual events... There was something called World War 2 and there we're ships in it... Enough historical accuracy for today
sinkwong hang
sinkwong hang:
Everyone saying do not travel with Tom Hanks because of the incidents, how about Polar Express? he bring you to the north pole!
Bianca Murray
Bianca Murray:
This trailer doesnt do the movie was so good
St Kenno
St Kenno:
For a way more actual insight into submarine horror of Second World War , try Das Boot
Rico Mendez
Rico Mendez:
I just finished watching this movie right now, and I gotta say, that was a pretty good movie. Loved the fact that "Tommy" was in the movie(from Snatch, if you have seen it, or perhaps All Capone, if you have watched Boardwalk Empire.) I definitely recommend this movie to anyone that hasn't seen it yet.
Chawit S.
Chawit S.:
At first, I thought those dots are U-boats. And 2:00 made me feel like “Whoa! Hell! How the hell would they survive through this?”
Taylor Cowart
Taylor Cowart:
Is this a World of Warships trailer?
Garfield n00b
Garfield n00b:
Midway: WW2 in the air
Saving private Ryan: WW2 on land
Greyhound: WW2 in the sea

Garfield n00b
Garfield n00b:
Just watched it
It's even better than midway WOOOOOO
Noob Studios
Noob Studios:
Sony once I see this,you'll be my favorite movie company of all times.
Secluded Misanthrope
Secluded Misanthrope:
How is Tom Hanks one of the few actors that just never seems to take parts in movies that are awful and made as a quick cash grab. I like most if not everything he's ever starred in and I don't think I can say that about any other actor or actress... Even in Philadelphia 1993, which at that time was extremely controversial and painful to watch. Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks were amazing in that movie.
0:01 - 2:27 THIS LOOKS GREAT
Greta Of The Corn
Greta Of The Corn:
Story of a guy who wants to deliver ship loads of pizza to the Brits.
Sujith P
Sujith P:
Biographical stories?

Clint Eastwood : Ye....

Tom Hanks : Yesssss!!!!
Klaus Knuffmann
Klaus Knuffmann:
Just watch the movie "Das Boot". The best submarine/U-boat movie ever.
Austin Van Ess
Austin Van Ess:
I WAS planning on enjoying this movie. Thanks for making it an exclusive, sellouts.
“A Dangerous Day In The Neighborhood”
Lohengrin Oath
Lohengrin Oath:
Great Movie. Even with screenplay being a compilation. Heroes should never be forgotten.
arik subagyo
arik subagyo:
Not many American actors have a charism when playing movies, Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman are few of them
Brendan Clement
Brendan Clement:
If Tom Hanks is going to have his crew fight off the Bismarck, he will have a very horrible time fighting it. The reason for that is because the Bismarck was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
To lead the war machine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
Argelis Planchart
Argelis Planchart:
0:21 they literally used the Battlefield font.
Kurt the cat
Kurt the cat:
Tom Hanks should have the nickname, "The Captain."
3ds max
3ds max:
Hard right rudder!
Hard left rudder! There. Just saved you an hour and half.
Sellit Bang
Sellit Bang:
Watched this, imagine a meat pie lovely crust beautiful glaze, and you cut into it to discover very little filling, this is this movie.
Giancarlo Tubal
Giancarlo Tubal:
Just watched this yesterday tom hanks is a legend great acting ❤️
Evan Prior
Evan Prior:
Who else wishes they could watch this movie for the first time again?
Plan R
Plan R:
Is it just me or does the cgi on the ships and subs look, well sub-par?
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman:
I will wait for the 4k Blu-ray. Apple won't get a dime from me.
Boba Fett
Boba Fett:
Dang I didn’t know Forest gump joined the army again
I enjoyed this movie. There is something i love, but hey im sailor and seen those waves.
8½ of 10.
Tom Hanks: The King of Historical Dramas
Jay Constantine
Jay Constantine:
WW2 Somali submarine pirates after The Captain again
Joshua Beresford
Joshua Beresford:
The CGI looked game quality rather than latest movies quality. Surprising for such a release date. Other than that it was a good watch. Well done Tom!
lovol lovol
lovol lovol:
why after watching the trailer, it felt like enough that no need to watch the movie to spoil the trailer. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Tay E
Tay E:
I’m disappointed the movie was only about 1hr and 10min. Also, they could have made the fight with the “wolf” much better.
Don’t get me wrong the CGI is really good but great CGI is when you don’t notice there is CGI
Mohamed Razg
Mohamed Razg:
just watched it is an amazing movie ,really 90 minutes of action and hold breath , really enjoyed me
Bjorn Normalson
Bjorn Normalson:
Tom Hanks did the genre well with Saving Private Ryan. Excited he did another one.
Hanks never fails. Thats all i have to say. Loved it.
Drew Peterson
Drew Peterson:
“We’ll rain hell down from on high” hearing Tom deliver that line alone makes me wanna see this.
Damn looks like Forest Gump got on the wrong boat. This ain't shrimp fishin'.
roger cross
roger cross:
As a combat vet, I couldn't imagine what they were going through. The greatest generation by far. They'll be gone soon. Very soon. The bravery of the men in the BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC A is out of this world. Now i fought beside some brave men. But these guys were a different breed. Much love
Eddie Morales
Eddie Morales:
When you get that heartbeat in modern warfare warzone
Franklin Knight
Franklin Knight:
I thought I already told you.... "I'm the captain now"
the shuriken
the shuriken:
I'd love to travel with Tom Hanks so I could have a shrimp chain restaurants one day
amanda easley
amanda easley:
Maybe he’ll find Wilson while he’s out there.
This is my first time watching a realistic battleship movie, every scene is exciting. Here you will see how the navy works and you will be impressed by the captain's strategy.
Alex Wilding
Alex Wilding:
I wish they used that horn sound just a little bit more in the trailer.
I just realized that this was released a day after Tom Hanks birthday
tamara beinlich
tamara beinlich:
Hanks wrote this screen play. I've heard good things about this movie. Never disappointed with a Hanks movie. A friend ran into him in very rural Idaho and chatted with him in front of the general store and said he was just a regular guy and unassuming.
WW2 : Happened
Tom Hanks: It's free real estate.
shimarie ley
shimarie ley:
This I'd say one of the best movies I've ever seen! Tom Hanks will forever be one of the greatest actors! I love him truly and he made my cry at the ending. Waaaa!!!!
John Honai
John Honai:
Is it based on really happened incident in ww2
At least he's got Al Capone to help.
Just call it "Satan's Submarine"
Šime Vidas
Šime Vidas:
How much “inspired” and how much “by actual events”?
Note-to-self: Never take the greyhound bus.
Tristan Levy
Tristan Levy:
Soldier: What are we going to do
Tom Hanks: We'll bring hell-- will someone tell that Skrillex kid to keep it down?
I never knew Karl Donitz ever joined Decepticons!
Had to youtube the trailer just to hear the sirens again 😂🤗
Jesse Lewis
Jesse Lewis:
Love Tom Hanks as an actor and his movies. Just finished this one. Bridge of Spies was his last best one. This one was just ok but worth a watch. 6.5/7 out of 10.
Christian Kuchenbrod
Christian Kuchenbrod:
This movie was extremely underwhelming compared to how the trailer made it seem it would be. Still worth watching but lower your expectations.
Saw this movie yesterday. It was intense, and incredible.
"inspired by actual events" = Sea do waves
Thad Hines
Thad Hines:
When I saw the title “Greyhound” I thought it was gonna be about a bus driver
Love this amazing movie.. 🖤
this 90 minutes i lived in this 💯
That’s Bananas
That’s Bananas:
I didn’t know woody was a real person
world 0 1
world 0 1:
this film talk about the second of this! A third also gets
Alpha Tango
Alpha Tango:
I can’t look at Tom H. The same anymore
Derek Masuda
Derek Masuda:
Damn, before Tom Hanks fought the Nazis on land he was fightin' them at sea... and then of course he went on to fight pirates and land a plane in the Hudson.
Smiling Man
Smiling Man:
Just watched the movie.
Imo it was quite good minus the pretty average CGI.
The crew acting and T.Hanks acting was excellent.
Metal Junkie
Metal Junkie:
Hollywood to Tom Hanks: Hey, there, let’s reenlist you