Grey's Anatomy Best Moments of Season 3

Grey's Anatomy Best/Funny Moments of Season 3

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Rose Riot
Rose Riot:
Aww I miss this season. Everyone was alive and nothing hurt
Melissa Heather
Melissa Heather:
Seeing Webber, Addison, Sheperd, Sloan, and Burke together in the elevator is one of the best things to happen at Seattle Grace Memorial.
MJ 899
MJ 899:
I miss when Grey’s was like this
T. AS:
"She's very little and you're hurting her" awww Izzie
Kaitlyn D
Kaitlyn D:
“Burke, you have to feed Cristina. She doesn’t cook and she will starve to death.” 😂😂😂
Abra Kadabra
Abra Kadabra:
Wow. I forgot how beautiful Meredith was back then. I mean, she's aging gracefully, but she looked stunning 12 years ago.
“You mean check with you before we cut any wires or steal any hearts”

katie cavanaugh
katie cavanaugh:
i missed when everything had a "mc" in front of it
Ren Rose
Ren Rose:
Peyton Buell
Peyton Buell:
“Do any of you even know what that’s like?
Lives with Cristina...dates the perfect twelve year old...MANWHORE” 😂😂

-Addison Montgomery
Casey Healey
Casey Healey:
“Fine, no pickle for you”
dr pill
dr pill:
I miss this greys. Everything was so lighthearted and fun. No one had died yet. Everyone was still there. Greys right now is so depressing and there’s barely any of the same characters still there. Plus all the good couples are gone now. Obviously it’s still an amazing show and I’ll continue watching it, I just really miss the old greys.
Amy Lynch
Amy Lynch:
“ I’m sorry she’s very little and your hurting her” oh my god I was dying lol😂😂
Laxus Dreyar
Laxus Dreyar:
8:35 - 8:40
Izzie: Aww that's so great. Tiny diamonds are great cause noone is ever going to try to steal it.😂😂😂
Diego Chaplin
Diego Chaplin:
"I have cereal"

-Cristina Yang
Jaleesa Greene
Jaleesa Greene:
Is anyone surprised that Bailey didn't have a heart attack sooner dealing with this bunch.
This Grey's had a good mix between fun and drama, everything, every stories or relationships were balanced & entertaining but since S12, it's like there is just drama left. No one can be happy, no one can be in love, there is no fun moment, there is just sadness and break up. Getting really boring and empty.
Lisa Kinsale
Lisa Kinsale:
When Addison said...."what am I the go to person for adultery?" I was done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂....and her facial expressions are literally everything 😂
ta s
ta s:
There’s something different about the older seasons. Is it camera quality, characters, idk.
“not the German warpath” 😭😭😭
I love how genuinely outraged Bailey is by the damn panties on her surgical floor.
Back when Grey's Anatomy was actually good lmao
Everything fell apart after Season 10.
Naturally Tina
Naturally Tina:
“Tiny diamonds are great cause you know no one will ever try to steal it.” Funniest thing Izzie ever said.
MeMe Yes me
MeMe Yes me:
Dr Addison Montgomery always be my fav. Every seasons I hope that she will back to the show..
And greys season 1-5 is gold.. miss all these..
PG - E
PG - E:
1:33 “I know it’s one of you. It’s always one of mine. Always.” XD
I gained sooooo much respect for Callie this episode XD lolol
nrqa nrqa
nrqa nrqa:
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Carolyn Lana Kate
Carolyn Lana Kate:
Chandra wilson looks like she haven’t aged!!
Caitlin níhEára
Caitlin níhEára:

Edit: OMG 12 LIKES!
Anita Opoku
Anita Opoku:
That elevator scene was looking all sheepish and Sloan laughing..
Good times
Sai Shrinithi
Sai Shrinithi:
So Derek dating Meredith was wrong but Callie dating George was ok?
Penn Sharon
Penn Sharon:
"Tiny diamonds are great cuz you know no one would ever try to steal them" Mic drop
marie laberge
marie laberge:
3:55 "first...second...and C..." XD
Zamda Abdallah
Zamda Abdallah:
9:12 scene is my all tym favorite ..still cracks me up...sloan's laughter
Tina Burton
Tina Burton:
I know that Callie is trying to become friends with Meredith and trying to part of "the family", but there is NO WAY those itty bitty black panties would fit her. Season 3!!!! The last great season!!! I was crushed when Isaiah was kicked off.
Caren Tobler
Caren Tobler:
i like how entitled they act sometimes and then they reap the consequences
Gothic Peri
Gothic Peri:
I miss old teamm :Izzy, George, Christina, Meredith, Alex, Derek, Mark😍😍😋😋
Mark and Meredith would be cute together in my opinion
Madhusmita Khakholary
Madhusmita Khakholary:
I love nurse Tyler. 😁
Husnain Ahmed
Husnain Ahmed:
If Shoda had managed to keep them all together. This would have been the best ever show... It still is a great show.. but that would have been something else
Vanessa Torres-Lopez
Vanessa Torres-Lopez:
“I know it’s one of you. It’s always one of mine. ALWAYS.”
😂 A mother knows her children.
Berry Awe
Berry Awe:
I didn’t like Callie in the early seasons, but I LOVE her now.
bleuberrii smoothii
bleuberrii smoothii:
*I don't know. you're a surgeon. how'd that happen?*
libbie heyer
libbie heyer:
‘i’m sorry but she’s very little and you’re hurting her!’ I MISS IZ SO MUCH
PG - E
PG - E:
1:35 “I don’t know. You’re a surgeon. How’d that happen?” XD
Lisa Love
Lisa Love:
15 years later this show was over 5 years ago, this was when it was great all that's left is Meredith and she's old cranky boring . It was over when Derek died.
Bárbara Nielsen
Bárbara Nielsen:
10:07 I miss Mark so much 😍😂😍😂
Kiwi Strawberries
Kiwi Strawberries:
So yeh Derek cheated on his wife with Meredith and she didn’t know he was married
Ciuvica Maria Emanuela
Ciuvica Maria Emanuela:
Callie is the best i Swear to God I miss her like crazy :(
Always Procrastinating
Always Procrastinating:
Bailey is everything
Xrvxncai Pasuquin
Xrvxncai Pasuquin:
Mark laughing cause of webber. Lmfao. He also has gray hair. 😂
Mark Suriaga
Mark Suriaga:
that was a pretty awkward stare Callie
Hunter Sinclair
Hunter Sinclair:
8:34 is my favourite part I couldn’t stop laughing.
I started watched greys around season 3 till now, never notice Bailey used to be a slim women until now I watch back XD
Ugh! I forgot how much Burke's mother drove me crazy! She's so intrusive. Also Bailey loved being called the Nazi, so there!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
I wish my greys memory will get wiped so i can rewatch without knowing what will happen next
Sophia Corso
Sophia Corso:
I want Cristina back😭😭😭
no purpose
no purpose:
rip almost all of these people
why am i crying in the club rn?
Sofia Lulla
Sofia Lulla:
What am I the go to person for adultery?😂😂😂😂😂😂
Equine grace
Equine grace:
I miss the old times on greys they looked different
Derek gets weird looking right before he dies
Whidia Shintia
Whidia Shintia:
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Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller:
What’s different
Ahem leave him be 😂😂
3 Brendan
3 Brendan:
i'm at season 9 and seeing all their haircuts from first season is so weird, especially baileys bob
Nataraj U
Nataraj U:
Me...When my teacher thinks she cracked a joke!
I miss Izzy
Sarah Badger
Sarah Badger:
“Want my pickle?”~Mark Sloan
heart in a box
heart in a box:
No one:

Mark: Want my pickle
kayla dutson
kayla dutson:
Ugh I’m half way through season 12 and I’ve been watching for almost a year and everyone’s so old and mean now😂
Faith Watkins
Faith Watkins:
Grey if you could keep your clothes on long enough lol I find this funny every time
Sarah Badger
Sarah Badger:
“Want my pickle?”-Mark Sloan
Vanesa Terry
Vanesa Terry:
One of the best seasons.
Sarah Badger
Sarah Badger:
Meredith still learned when she was a patient
Camilla Luna
Camilla Luna:
I miss Addison mark and Derek relationship
Christina Plunkett
Christina Plunkett:
Ahahah Dr. Bailey!!!! “ mhmmm ik it’s one of my interns. It’s always one of my interns!!!”
Oh how I miss these Grey's days
LalaLand H
LalaLand H:
Callie's haircut us amazing i want to but i dont have enough volume 😥
PG - E
PG - E:
“I demand to know” lmao THAT’S funny George
PETTY officer
PETTY officer:
Season 3 had the best cast.
5:52 “Dude she went all cage-fighter on you” 😂😂😂
Whidia Shintia
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Surgeons dont say um
Dharmambal Chidambaram
Dharmambal Chidambaram:
I miss the old Grey's, it was so aesthetic
I miss Izzie, Addison, Lexie, Christina ♥️
Josie Ammons
Josie Ammons:
10:17 is amazing, I miss Addison so much
Why You wanna know?
Why You wanna know?:
6:10 did bailey just giggle?!?!
grace vlogs
grace vlogs:
Addison: Mark, what are you doing?
Mark: Want my pickle.
Me: 😂😂😂
Jean van Wanrooy
Jean van Wanrooy:
1:40 I lost it lol Bailey 😂
Christine Onofre
Christine Onofre:
"number 1, second, and C" HAHAHAHAHA
Jamie Sweet
Jamie Sweet:
This show seems to funny. No wonder my friend like watching it so much. I should probably start watching it too.
Sierra McLean
Sierra McLean:
I miss this greys, when thing where lighthearted and fun.
Lightining Fox
Lightining Fox:
I miss the old times
Ima Bad Bitch You Can’t Kill Me
Ima Bad Bitch You Can’t Kill Me:
I miss Izzie and Addison dammm they slayed that show 😭
Ok I honestly miss Mark.... and Derek...and Lexie.... and George so much
"Your pretty" LMAOO
Jasmine 'Jazze-Rich' Richardson
Jasmine 'Jazze-Rich' Richardson:
Shes my friend and very little and you're hurting her 😂😂😂😂 I miss this💖
America G
America G:
wAnT mY pIcLkE

Very mature, Mark
Breanna Scott
Breanna Scott:
“It’s not Tyler’s fault your a dirty dirty stripper”
Marika Daily
Marika Daily:
Love it
Parris Horne
Parris Horne:
“da-daddy!?”- Christina Yang
Josh Grant
Josh Grant:
10:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🅱️👌👌👌👌
Kiwi Strawberries
Kiwi Strawberries: