Goodbye to my good friend, Brian Tenorio

My apologies for getting emotional. i couldn't contain my emotions. Brian, wherever you are, i hope you hear my message.

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Jashon Ray Fabia
Jashon Ray Fabia:
Crying and sobbing. Thank you for this 💙
Patricia Cordero
Patricia Cordero:
condolence to you and his family 😥😥 . i just recently knew him through his video on your channel together with you. very inspiring videos and thoughts and now he was gone 😔😔 😥
Social Media Soup
Social Media Soup:
Condolences bro
Serina A
Serina A:
Thank you for this! Brian was a close friend too and will miss him dearly.
Ronna Reyes Sieh
Ronna Reyes Sieh:
My heart is in pieces. Thank you for this video and for all the videos you made with Brian so we can all remember how much he loved to love.