glee cast hating lea michele for 5 minutes straight

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what is your opinion on this?
i think it’s really important that we shed light on celebrities who are secretly known as horrible people. i was a fan of lea michele, even payed money to buy her books, and go to one of her concerts. but now, after several confirmations of her behavior, i no longer will support her. i’m disappointed and it just goes to show, you don’t know what your idol is truly like behind the scenes.

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love, pr
love, pr:
YALL I MADE AN EDITING MISTAKE! when i put “notice how nobody said lea” it was supposed to be put where everyone was naming the sweetest cast member. i’m mad af at myself, but oh well that’s what i get for editing at 3am. my instagram is : @paytxx 💗
David Basa
David Basa:
Lea is that one girl who brings an entire friend group so much closer because they all hate her
She’s literally that annoying theater kid that everyone hates
Julianna V. Price
Julianna V. Price:
*I bet the people that threw slushies in her face really enjoyed it*
So Boreddd
So Boreddd:
Rachel made us all want to stop watching glee. Santana CARRIEDDD the show on her back

edit: omg reading the replies on this comment are better than watching glee itself
Lea is not a diva, as the queen beyonce has said, *_*A DIVA IS A FEMALE VERSION OF A HUSTLER*_* she's just mean
Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess
Hi my name Is Rec and I’m a mess:
Unpopular opinion:mike Chang was one of the best characters even though he started of as more of a side character
certified space bisexual
certified space bisexual:
Erisa Selimova
Erisa Selimova:
I can’t believe Naya passed away.. She may Rest In Peace 😢
Fran McVerry
Fran McVerry:
She sounds worse than Rachel Berry, and that’s saying something.
Bethan Louise
Bethan Louise:
She really took method acting to a whole new level
Bored Creativity
Bored Creativity:
And this is why we can't have bloopers from Glee.
Poppy S
Poppy S:
Nobody enjoyed her character in the show, and the actress herself.
DoNut sue me
DoNut sue me:
claire vanorsow
claire vanorsow:
She's pregnant right now, lord jesus help that child I swear to god.
Hollie xo
Hollie xo:
acting as rachel berry was probably the easiest thing she’s ever done bc she didn’t have to act at all!
Girl Who Comments Everywhere
Girl Who Comments Everywhere:
I think it's hilarious that Quinn still sang at regionals when she was literally going to go into labor at any moment, but Rachel quit when Mr Shue gave ONE FREAKIN LEAD to Tina
Kimbo Henry
Kimbo Henry:
So basically, she wasn't playing a character on Glee? Got it.
Laura Larrabee
Laura Larrabee:
Even Kate Hudson who is Hollywood Royalty said the Lea Michele was too much ego
Charli Damelio
Charli Damelio:
lea playing rachel berry was not acting i refuse to believe it
Aya 010
Aya 010:
I swear she isn't even an actress, she's just being herself.
Nkechinyem Oduh
Nkechinyem Oduh:
The way that Kevin, Jenna, Chris and Amber were all SUCH good friends, had so many stories of hanging out together and Lea was NEVER mentioned speaks volumes, like there's a reason she's never at any of the b-day parties, reunions, or in the audience for gigs of everyone else. Queen of being unlikeable!
Sarah Riley
Sarah Riley:
remember when she got Big Mad about not getting cast for a Latina's role, even though she's not Latina?
It’s justice that her career never took off after Glee.

Also RIP Naya Rivera. ❤️
Lea has the face of a seductive fish and it makes me uncomfortable. *shudder*
Sarah Bocht
Sarah Bocht:
She was a broadway star in her teens and probably swooned over so much that this kind of diva behavior was encouraged in her developing years. On Broadway there is always competition and some people dont know how to cope with that other than in a negative way. If all her confidence was based on her talent then anyone who also exhibited talent was a personal threat to her which made her act out. No one seems to have ever corrected this behavior and so it carried over into adulthood. She is probably super sweet to executives, directors and producers but feels like she is in constant competition with her co stars (although she landed the role) and if your whole identity and confidence is wrapped up in your talent and your achievements then you end up being a total diva. Cory probably helped with that behavior and gave her confidence but when he was gone all that grief brought her right back into her bad habits and then no one said anything bc she was grieving and thus the bad behavior continued. I feel sad for her. She never was taught right. Maybe she will learn from this but her elitist behavior seems deeply engrained and it will take a lot of effort on her part to change.
Marty M
Marty M:
I dislike that she's such a gifted singer - she doesn't deserve a gift like that. Her idol, Barbra Streisand, may have always been demanding and a perfectionist, but she NEVER put people down for not being on top. Good people don't do that.
maddi pfffguess
maddi pfffguess:
She's literally as annoying as her character on the show
Kitty Spo0ks
Kitty Spo0ks:
It's also the directors fault for treating Lea like she's better than everyone, he let her get away with it because she was like a teacher's pet to him
Chris Morales
Chris Morales:
She actually looks unpleasant to look at.
Her smile looks so fake.
She looks like an evil person pretending to be a good and perfect trophy wife.
So fake... I never liked Leah.
She’s one of the main reasons I never watched Glee.
My dislike for her was bigger than my desire to watch their musicals.
Neive Stokes
Neive Stokes:
amber sounds so mature.i watched her video and she is just the sweetest most mature person.
Rochell Barbara
Rochell Barbara:
Lea honey 👀 you cant be ugly and rude pick a struggle
Άννα Κ
Άννα Κ:
Here after Naya's accident. I hope nothing bad happens again to any cast memeber of glee.
Georgie M
Georgie M:
Newflash! Lord Tubbington made a statement about how rude she was with him.
Ari Jay
Ari Jay:
I’m sorry but Naya(Santana) CARRIED the show I missed her on the episodes she wasn’t on 😢😭🕊🤞🏾💕 RIP NAYA WE MISS YOU SO MUCH BRUH
Naomi Tatu
Naomi Tatu:
she literally got barbara’s niece fired but got her back when she realized who she was.
So basically, Rachel Berry is just a fictional version of the actress who portrayed her. Got it.
Bia Lessa
Bia Lessa:
didnt she attempt to fire an extra, only to find out she was barbra streisand's niece and change her mind?
Blood, Sweat and Smeraldo Flowers
Blood, Sweat and Smeraldo Flowers:
Does anyone remember that episode of Victorious where Beck got to be an extra on a show and the main star of the show was super rude and tried to have him fired for saying his line wrong even though it was correct and then that one guy shot an arrow into her hand and they had to re-cast her or something and all the cast and crew were super relieved because they all secretly hated her and she was awful? That's what Lea Michele seems like
Cutie Elise
Cutie Elise:
Toni Sara
Toni Sara:
She reminds me of Camilla Cabello a lot.. pretending to be the innocent victim while she's a whole racist and narcissist. They even look alike. 🤨😅
MysticSarah 2003
MysticSarah 2003:
The casting directors couldn’t have casted someone else as Rachel because Lea *is* Rachel. They even say that she acted just like Rachel in her audition so not much acting was needed to play the part.
Ayushi L
Ayushi L:
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith:
I love how Dianna was one of the sweetest cast members ❤️
Angelina Zink
Angelina Zink:
She was an annoying character and is and annoying person
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar:
She got nominated for an Emmy

for playing herself
That Random Kid
That Random Kid:
Feel like Lea wasn’t as bad as everyone said she was. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Nighty Nightshade
Nighty Nightshade:
She’s the living embodiment of envy. She can’t accept others who are talented. It’s a direct threat to her.
Rose Bud
Rose Bud:
I've ALWAYS disliked Lea Michele. She comes off like such a snob who thinks she's better than everyone.
I never got the whole obsession with her.
Lea is literally the real embodiment of Rachel.. She’s like one of those actors who feels like they have to be in character at all times even off set.
and that’s why she only does hallmark movies these days.
Pinkie Puff Plays
Pinkie Puff Plays:
Whos here when Naya Rivera has gone missing 😭 Praying for you Naya 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
they literally made rachel's personality off of lea's because of how she acted during her audition
I'm Better Than You
I'm Better Than You:
Rest in peace Naya ❤ Her and Cory are together now and will look after each other. I'll always love and miss you. All my love and support to her family, friends and especially her beautiful son Josey
And don't forget about Ryan Murphy, cause LM was his favorite. Makes you wonder what an awful person he really is, and what an irony: making a show about "outsiders" who are often bullied with a real bully on the set and let it all happen. Why isn't he being called out on her account? Disgusting. I hate them both, I wish they would be canceled for good.
Sara Bacco
Sara Bacco:
Dianna is the most kind and beautiful person I’ve ever seen
C H E T A L E X A N D E R:
Guys she didn’t play Rachel berry she IS Rachel berry.
Baylee Bluejacket
Baylee Bluejacket:
The scream laughing when they remembered Lea falling outed them😂😂
1:40 I had a flashback of that scene in glee where Rachel slips on the butter floor and she stands up saying “at least I didn’t fall and break my talent”, it wouldn’t surprise me if she did say it in the plane too lmao
Diego González
Diego González:
i'm glad that most of the cast named diana as the sweetest, i love her
Ynes Sofia
Ynes Sofia:
I never actually knew these things about Lea. Oml, she’s literally Rachel. :((
Marni Stone
Marni Stone:
Lea Michele always reminded me of Carlotta from "The Phantom of the Opera" musical.

*"Your part is silent, little toad!"*
Lucky Shaz
Lucky Shaz:
So basically Lea playing Rachel, translates to; she was playing as herself. Damn
E Johnson
E Johnson:
Imagine being the most hated person by everyone? Let's pray for her, I would hate to be alive if I were in her shoes.
Honoka From DOA
Honoka From DOA:
The fact that the whole cast complimented each other, but Lea Michele😂😂😂
Dreammyy Cookieee
Dreammyy Cookieee:
The only reason that I watched the show was for Idina Menzel. But I kinda kept watching it because of Santana.
I never never never liked her, from the start you can see how awful she is
mika k
mika k:
not them dying abt lea flying into air 😭😭
Nicole Maldonado
Nicole Maldonado:
Aren’t we going to talk about how Dianna Agron and Lea were best friends and SUDDENLY THEY STOPPED LIKING EACH OTHER? They even didn’t went to their weddings like ????
what team? wildcats
what team? wildcats:
She's that girl that cannot, for the love of her, let anyon,e and I mean anyone, live their best lives.

She's one of those girls who has been taught that for her to shine she needs to tear every other girl in her path down
She had the perfect role in Glee, a total selfish brat who wants everything to herself, my like for her went down as the casts members spoke the truth.
Alyssa Duncan
Alyssa Duncan:
Seeing Naya Rivera really upset me. RIP angel❤❤
Casey Miller
Casey Miller:
Chris Colfer deserved all the fame Lea got. Now he's a brilliant children's book author :)
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Garcia:
Lea: makes a tweet about George
Everyone: Oh hell to the nah
documentaries and education
documentaries and education:
Them laughing at her falling on the plane 😂😂
Akdjjf fjfkfj
Akdjjf fjfkfj:
Sienna Rhino
Sienna Rhino:
Nayas back must have been broken from carrying the show
Kari Lari
Kari Lari:
Chris Croffer and Amber and Jenna cracking up at Lea flying during turbulence made me spit out my water! I wasn’t prepared
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie:
I didn’t know about the Kate Hudson one. She grew up in this business that’s definitely a tell tale sign that the others are 100% correct.
I'm starting to think that maybe, she emotionally abused Cory, and we would have never noticed... She needs therapy or something, all that jealousy and hate she has is not normal.
Line Bach
Line Bach:
RIP Naya Rivera 😔❤💔
Briana B
Briana B:
Naya ❤️💔❤️💔come back
Don’t Click On My Profile Picture
Don’t Click On My Profile Picture:
it’s completely random to bring this up but just RIP Cory if he was still here today he would’ve changed her for the better it was the person he seemed to be 😔.
Le'Oni Storm
Le'Oni Storm:
R.I.P Naya Rivera 🥺❤️
cjbd djdnfb
cjbd djdnfb:
ik like almost all you hate lea buh i actually liked her character as rachel in the show, honestly in my opinion i think she brought the whole show together and it wouldnt be what it is today with out her, she brought the characters together. rachel had an impact on all the characters life and thats how they all got closer
Alicia Reynolds
Alicia Reynolds:
Naya Riviera warned us
Uniquethequeen S
Uniquethequeen S:
Well I’m glad Naya lived long enough to see Lea get exposed for her behavior. It’s interesting because Naya said they didn’t speak much during season 6 & now Naya is dead. I really hope they squash their differences 🤷🏾‍♀️ RIP Naya Rivera 💋
Farah Fadhilah
Farah Fadhilah:
yup we’ve been knew, long time ago when naya revealed what kind of person she was from her book people doesn’t believe any of shit and bashing naya for being the one who unprofessional, now y’all screams how ridiculous she is lmao.
rest in peace naya, iam glad i trust you
Silent Asmodeus
Silent Asmodeus:
She is if Sharpay Evans was a real actual person and way less fab-u-lous
Zoe Brusso
Zoe Brusso:
rip naya <3 :(
deb by
deb by:
I knew she played Rachel berry too well🙈
Lechelle Massaquoi
Lechelle Massaquoi:
that podcast clip took me out 😂😂😂 they were laughing so hard
QuantumStriker 003
QuantumStriker 003:
Now we finally know the truth: Cory Monteith overdosed himself because he couldnt stand Lea.
Saundra Waller
Saundra Waller:
I stopped watching when it became The Rachel Berry Show.
Ariel Ross
Ariel Ross:
Why did Ryan Murphy never do anything about this? That's what concerns me 🧐
Stuart Fleming
Stuart Fleming:
No wonder her album flopped hard... Nobody with any level of decency would give out their best material to someone like her. There's a reason people like Britney have excelled for example, because they're genuinely pleasant to work with, so get the best songs and opportunities.
Idk care who you are, if Lea ever did or said anything offensive to me I would have slapped her. Humble yourself Lea.