Giannis Gets Ejected After Headbutting Mo Wagner

In a random and wild sequence of events, Giannis Antetokounmpo got into it with Moritz Wagner. After headbutting Wagner, Giannis was ejected.

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Zinnat Bithi
Zinnat Bithi:
Zidane: we will watch your career with great interest
Raul Barata
Raul Barata:
Zidane: You gotta aim at the chest, kid, the chest.
JD's Variety Channel
JD's Variety Channel:
Giannis with the extra friendly corona bump.......
Cittle Ketchup
Cittle Ketchup:
Giannis taking "Goat" to a whole new level...
Diogo Inverno
Diogo Inverno:
Every American in this comment section*
"Who is Zidane"
MS1 S:
He's starting to take this wwe stuff too seriously. I thought it was just between him and Robin Lopez
Johan Falk
Johan Falk:
Zidane somewhere out there going “Hey! I got that move patented!”
Γιαννης Γαλανης
Γιαννης Γαλανης:
Giannis was about to euro step from the three point line 😂😂
The iPhone
The iPhone:
*Guess he took the Milwaukee "Bucks" too seriously*
Rishi Mistry
Rishi Mistry:
The look on the coach's face is priceless. He's like wtf did you do that for lol
Giannis is taking the phrase "fear the deer headbutt" to another level
Look like he wanted to do the "let's put our forheads on each other and talk ish like we gonna fight but not do nun" but he came in too hard lol
butti fdft
butti fdft:
Zidane: "Nice form Giannis, but a little more push off on the headbutt"
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez:
Zidane: I made my headbutting the GOAT
Giannis: Hold my Jordans.
True Talk
True Talk:
Giannis has to learn to use his head in a better way 😂😂💀💀
Zidane: It's a 9 from me.
TDot Gang
TDot Gang:
Budenholzer looking at Giannis like “Wtf did you just do”
Alejandro Jr Olaco
Alejandro Jr Olaco:
“When he’s in the game someone’s getting hurt” LMFAO
Minmin Li
Minmin Li:
When the one seperating them is a guy named Equality...
Joshua Simmons
Joshua Simmons:
Zidane: "Nice form Giannis, but a little more push off on the headbutt"
dumbo chiki
dumbo chiki:
Waiting to se how Flight reacts to this one “ come on akumpo ur 77”7 and headbuting this 5 days contract player “
Joseph Ujiadughele
Joseph Ujiadughele:
That headbutt is really bucking. He's a real bucks
Honestly that’s his fault for walking up on him like he’s gonna walk through em
Doctor Drunk
Doctor Drunk:
I like how the audience use an video call to see the basketball game lmao
He's just showing France, he's worthy of playing in the next World Cup! 🤣
Giannis has finally had enough😭😭😭
Wagner: Mission Accomplished.😂
Yunis Rajab
Yunis Rajab:
Giannis just became one of my favourite players lmao
Icebear Highlights
Icebear Highlights:
Giannis took being a GOAT literally. SMH
Vote and Equality gettin' at it. You gotta love the nba.
Bro you’re up 10, no need for that lmao
Isaiah Woods
Isaiah Woods:
Wagner: somebody’s gonna always get hurt when he plays
Giannis: Unnecessary movements
Jason Amaral
Jason Amaral:
Well when you walk up to someone face, what you except. There's only so much class for respect
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
Giannis really thinking he Kratos — GOD OF WAR ⚒
mnika voli
mnika voli:
Zidane: "Nice form Giannis, but a little more push off on the headbutt"
Are they pumping in the sound effects of a live crowd like a laugh-track?
Breaking: Zinedine Zidane signs Giannis Akumpo for Real Madrid
Perceptionist /
Perceptionist /:
A bald man in Madrid approves
Jesus Fried Christ
Jesus Fried Christ:
W h i t e 👏🏼
L i v e s 👏🏼
M a t t e r 👏🏼
1:34 Giannis how lol :D???
Ex Soldier of Midgar
Ex Soldier of Midgar:
Avengers: what did you do?
Thor: I've gone for the head!
Christian Bender
Christian Bender:
Budenholzer is like wtf is going on 😂
chris bernard
chris bernard:
He can definitely come to Toronto I love his attitude
Ser Aliser de Bastard
Ser Aliser de Bastard:
Zidine Zinedane want to know your phone number.Atukumpo to Real de Madrid!
Tyler Tyler
Tyler Tyler:
My favorite player!
Nat Bromden
Nat Bromden:
if someone comes into mans face, hes asking for it. period.
Renzo 23
Renzo 23:
This y’all mvp?
0:09 dat face got me dead lmao 🤣🤣
AKUMPO YouR literally 14’4
zachlee 91
zachlee 91:
Zidane said " Well come to my club" 💪💪.
Nathaniel Navarro
Nathaniel Navarro:
"There are going to be a whole bunch of technical fouls here"
Ref: "1 technical foul"
iHaul Azz
iHaul Azz:
Clearly they were in a different "headspace" 🤣🤣
masio masio
masio masio:
IG : @masio2x
Alexandru Farcas
Alexandru Farcas:
Poor Mo.. it's high school memories all over again 🤣
Dave richards
Dave richards:
That was smart so he could rest up for more important games
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts:
Imagine if he has PEACE written at the back of his jersey 😂
Johnny Awesome O
Johnny Awesome O:
We need full contact basketball! Their all super tall someone throw a knee😂
Yunus K
Yunus K:
Is that HHH on the commentary?
Καιρος να ξεκαβαλλησει το καλαμι
Keith Moriyama
Keith Moriyama:
Try that on Ibaka when we meet you in the finals!
That’s not a head but, it’s the new 2020 handshake 🤣🤣🤣
Giannis was just tryna have an early shower y’all. It’s the wizards 🤦🏾‍♂️
Markie D
Markie D:
Coach Bud reaction priceless as hell 🤣🤣
In wet american pussies I trust
In wet american pussies I trust:
The Equality Headbutt of the night 😂
Dinero DaDemiGod
Dinero DaDemiGod:
The man attack from the free throw line and thought that wasn’t a charge 👌
Dime10 1
Dime10 1:
I’m a Wizards fan but Giannis did not need to play in this game 😂get sum rest big fella
He didn't want smoke with Enes Kanter though lol
Tad Alex
Tad Alex:
Imagine him fighting someone 🤩
I know they didn’t just call a head but a flagrant 2...
KingsGlory 910
KingsGlory 910:
Look what “The Last Dance” did to the superstars lol (Giannis, Dame)
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson:
Akumpo really out here head butting people 😂😂😂
rocco cicoria
rocco cicoria:
He must have completely lost his mind to look for such a contact without a mask! We are pure madness!
Pat Tanner
Pat Tanner:
that headbutt might have ended the suns playoffs hopes, with memphis/milwaukee next up
Hallar Zarubin
Hallar Zarubin:
That is the softest headbutt i have seen in my life
Akumpo your literally 30ft4
Sam Gross
Sam Gross:
*Zinedine Zidane appears like Nick Fury*

I'm putting together a team
Terrence LP
Terrence LP:
Love it! Getting playoff ready
Tee Garden
Tee Garden:
Being the MVP getting on his head already!
Sim Sokheng
Sim Sokheng:
Lmao when the only thing that get u MVP is being counter xD
Seann Webb
Seann Webb:
He moved as far as Kevin Hearts hight and still did the damage.
James Francisco
James Francisco:
And to think this happens in every single play in hockey and nobody cares
Νίκος Δαμιανάκης
Νίκος Δαμιανάκης:
Zinedine zidane has left the chatt
Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers:
Giannis come on man, you had that! Keep your cool!
iikeDNA TM
iikeDNA TM:
Akumpo needs to chill out
NY Sock Exchange
NY Sock Exchange:
When Coach told Giannis to use his head this is not what he meant.
chicken legs TV
chicken legs TV:
Before clicking on this video I wondered if there's gonna be any reference to Zidane, and... literally all the top comments are about that.
Aeron P Bautista S
Aeron P Bautista S:
Wagnerity! 🔥 haha
Mo wagner has a close relative to the nba scout or he just paid the org to let him play.
Onetime for my Washington Wizards, imma have to do the 100 point challenge with Giannis though.
Tuxao Yang
Tuxao Yang:
Giannis doesn’t realize that Wagner doesn’t have antlers like his teammates! Come on that is not a flagrant, it’s nature’s calling.
God king
God king:
The soft NBA strike again 🤓🤓
The Isley brothers!
The Isley brothers!:
The Morris brothers were happy when they seen this
Who wants to watch flight react to this
James Sturdevant
James Sturdevant:
Eject the stadium announcer for how he said Antetokounmpo
Samuel Pardana
Samuel Pardana:
he was getting a double double in 10 minutes of play, imagine his stats if he kept up the pace and finished
Spooky Admiral
Spooky Admiral:
That flop from wagner doe 😂
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua:
Jaylyn Sacrez
Jaylyn Sacrez:
Damn. I cant believed giannis did that. Out of all the player, and out of all the team in the bubble? LOL
Alias Noname
Alias Noname:
Harden is laughing in his hotel knowing the refs have his back